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A Halloween Surprise

"Hey Zai, have you seen my trenchcoat? I need it for my costume on Friday!" Said Will.

"No, Love. But why? I thought you were going to be Harry Potter, and I was going to be Hermione?" Zaya replied.

"Oh... nah. This is Tim's party, and he wants to be the brothers from Boondock Saints."

"But, where does that leave me? I wanted to do a couples thing." Zaya said, disappointed.

"Well... I don't know babe. You're sexy as hell, just go as a sexy... whatever." Said Will, as he bolted out the door with his friends.

Zaya slumped, staring at her Hermione costume. She didn't just buy the outfit, she had altered it to make the skirt shorter. She had planned some other surprises for Will, as well.

Will and Zaya were... a mismatched couple. Will was a very nice young man. At 34 years old, he was 9 years than Zaya. He was very smart, and had a VERY high paying job as a junior parter at his father's firm. A father that guaranteed money for his school, his future... and for Zaya. While she wasn't very physically attracted to Will, she was attracted to his worshipping of her, and the fact that he could pay for her school. She wanted to be a Psychiatrist since she was in high school, and didn't have the money to go a top school. Will helped with that. She could see past the early on-set balding and slight pot belly, if he could help her achieve her goals. Will, of course, was living the rich dude's dream, in terms of Zaya. She stood a slim 5'6" with thick Raven locks. Her piercing blue eyes suggested her Icelandic heritage, but her outrageous body removed all doubt. Even at her height, she only pushed 120 lbs. soaking wet. Her supple B's looked great in anything from an evening gown to a flannel shirt. Her ass was slim, but most definitely shaped well.

And she had legs that looked like they were golden bridges to heaven, which they were. On their wedding night, Will learned that Zaya wasn't fond of shaving her pussy. When he asked her to do it, she was insulted. She was willing to give her cherry to someone, and they have the audacity to ask her to shave? While he still got to fuck her that night, it would be a lie to call it intimate. She forced him to stand there, while she turned her back, removed her bra and thong, and laid down. He brought his dick to her mouth, and received what can only be described as an unenthusiastic blow job. No bobbing, barely any sucking, just enough to wet it. He lumbered between her legs and found her hairy pussy. He pushed in, and started pumping... ignoring her signs of pain. After 2 boring minutes, he blew his load in the condom, rolled over, tossed the rubber and started snoring. Zaya could only fight back tears thinking "This is my sex life? I thought it was supposed to blow my mind."

Over the next 4 years, Zaya and Will had a lackluster sex life. Many aspects had come into the struggle. Will got bumped to full partner, and was dealing with more pressure from clients, AND resentment from other junior partners that felt that daddy's boy got the big office. On-top of that, what looks he had were almost gone. He went from balding to bald, and from pudgy to just fat. He had an average, if not unimpressive 5-inch dick to start with, and the weight added gave him a frump. Zaya still looked like she did when they got married. But, now that she has graduated and had dealt with her residency so fast, she was full time. The stress from work, and the birth control had made her moods swing, but no mood included horny. On top of it all, Zaya always insisted on condoms, as she wanted to be established in her field before getting pregnant. They had the schedule of sex... a death sentence for a good sex life. They would fuck once or twice a week. Usually in missionary, but when she was feeling adventurous, she would ride him. They tried doggy a few times, but his shrinking dick made is harder. Zaya tried spicing things up. She wore lingerie, bought toys, and even let Will play with her backdoor during cowgirl sex. But nothing broke them of their boring sex life.

"Well, at least I get to go to a party on Friday! I haven't been to a Halloween party since college. And this time, I get to slut it up... even if Will ditched our costume."

Zaya Bennett had been looking forward to Friday evening, since 8 a.m. on Monday. Lately, her job had been so stressful, that the thought of going to work made her sick to her stomach. She toughed through, though. Even though it had been a rough stretch, she still felt she was doing good. As the newest and most driven of the Psychiatry team, she felt that she could actually help some of the people at North Legion Mental Health Facility. But lately, that drive has been... tested. Three months ago, Zaya was assigned prisoner duty at a neighboring penitentiary. She had to help with inmates that were too far past what prison Psych's could help with. It was a right of passage at her clinic. Every patient was sicker than the last. From Rapists to killers to woman beaters, each one made her skin crawl. She always felt like she was just there for her hazing from the other doctors at her work. She detested every patient, and saw no redeemable inmates... Until she met one.

"His name is Harrison Taylor. He was convicted of murder. He was originally slated for twenty-five to life, but after 2 years in Davenport Fed, he has shown some disturbing mental trends." Said C.O. Psych Erin Burns. She continued "When he arrived, you could tell he was tough as nails. But usually, you need YEARS in prison to establish a rep. He was the top man within days. I'd talk to him, and he almost seemed proud of his standing. Then the fights started. Every time a new batch came in, Harrison was the target for some other guy to make his mark. In 2 years, he's been in 15 fights. Of those 15, he's sent every one of them to the infirmary, except for two. They went to the morgue. He's only been hurt once. And each time, our investigation showed that he didn't initiate. If he wasn't a convict, he'd be a victim."

"Erin, I noticed you called him by his first name. That's not just irregular by your standards, but breaks the prison protocol. Why?" Inquired Zaya.

"Truth be told. I don't think he did it. Harrison was represented by the worst lawyer in the state, and went up against an Assistant D.A. that is campaigning for a judgeship. They didn't prove Harrison did it, they proved he was in the same city, and the bumbling idiot representing him got him to plea to save the death sentence."

"So... what's his issue? He seems like he can take care of himself, and you obviously are in his corner. Why did you request outside help?"

"Zaya, I hate to say I can't do something... but he's past my help. He hates it here, he hates fighting, and what makes it worse is his cling to innocence. I'm honestly hoping you can work with him for a couple sessions, see some light in him, and request he be moved to your secure wing." Said Erin.

"Oh, Erin. That's a tall order. But I'll talk to him, and see what's what."

As Erin walked to the prison mental health office, she had to admit... she was interested in the case. She had yet to meet one inmate that seemed either remorseful, or actually innocent.

She walked in looking at the report, and clearly stated, "Hello Mr. Taylor, I am Dr. Bennett. I am here to talk to you about your recent struggles wi—" She stopped mid-sentence, as a truly Herculean man stood to greet her. She read the report of a 6'6" 260 lbs. But didn't figure any extra weight would go anywhere, but where her husband's weight lives. This report had to be old, Harrison Taylor looked like he hadn't eaten a piece of junk food in his life. His forearms were the size of her thigh's and his biceps didn't allow his t-shirt sleeves to cover them. He was wearing a shirt, but the build was obvious. He was built everywhere. Zaya took a second, reminded herself that she was not just a professional, but a happily married woman. She continued " -- your struggles with day to day prison life. Can you please tell me about yourself?"

"Yes, ma'am. My name is Harrison Taylor. I'm in here for the foreseeable future, and I've done nothing wrong. Every day, I wake up, and prepare for war. Even though I've told everyone that I'd prefer to just read in the courtyard, I have a target on my back. Everyone, in every clique wants to fight the big black guy. Now, I can take care of myself... for now. But with every fight, it gets harder. I know that one day... maybe not too far from now, I'll no longer be that guy. But at what cost? Will I die in this horrible place? A place that I haven't earned?"

Zaya was pretty stunned. Based on appearance, and sadly, stereotypes, Zaya thought she was going to get a thug talking with scandalous language that she wouldn't understand. Harrison was well-spoken, articulate, and most important... sincere. She knew she was interested. She refused to admit it was because of Harrison, but that night, and for the next three nights, Will made out like a bandit. Blow jobs, sex, teasing, the whole bit. What he didn't know is that while he was getting it once a day, Zaya was masterbating consistently.

After a month of meetings, Zaya cashed in her biggest I.O.U chip with the judge. She had agreed to work with his nephew, in order to get him out of serving time for a 4th DUI. Harrison spent all of October in her care at North Legion. Over that time, she had built a relationship with Harrison that showed her that he wasn't crazy, and she believed the same as Erin... he didn't do it. After dozens of sessions with him, she felt he had some causes for appeal. But, knowing little of the law, she asked Will to take a look.

"You want me to take a pro-bono case on some con you are working with? Are you out of your mind? I'm still new to being the big dog. If I bring in cases that DON'T bring money, they'll laugh me out of the partner chair." Said Will.

"Honey, don't you want justice? Isn't that why you got into law? Harrison didn't do it. And if you help him, it would mean a lot to me."

"Zaya... no. Just, no. Harrison isn't the... image that the firm is looking to rep."

"Why? Because he's black? That's pretty fucked up, Will. Even for you." Yelled Zaya.

"Jesus, here we go again. Little Zaya calling me a racist. Zaya, I'm a realist. Maybe you don't see crime stats like I do. But these... coons kill, rape, and steal anything and everyone they encounter... at least more than whites!" Retorted Will.

"... William Bennett, mark my words, if you EVER use that language around our future children, you'll never see them again. And you keep those ugly thoughts away from me." Replied Zaya.

After screaming from Will about how it's his house, and his rules, they agreed to disagree.

Monday, Zaya went to work, just waiting for Friday. She also wanted to get home to patch things up with Will. She walked in, and told her receptionist to bring Harrison in for his Monday morning.

"Oh, no need, Mrs. Bennett. Harrison is gone."

"Gone? What do you mean?"

"His lawyer was being investigated for throwing cases for that A.D.A. They found everything on Friday, and the D.A. released everyone on Saturday. He was innocent. Who knew?"

"Oh... well... good for him," said Zaya, while pushing a dim smile.

"Wow, he's gone." She thought. She knew she liked Harrison, and believed him. But until know, she didn't know how much she'd miss him if he ever got released. She had no contact with him, and figured he was just gone. For the next four days, she went through the motions. She did her prisoner time, and worked with her usual patients, but her mind was absent. It was on Harrison. In his last sessions, they had run out of things to cover for him, and she was mentioning how excited she was for Tim's Halloween party, and Harrison had mentioned how much he missed Halloween. How much he loved handing out candy to the little ones, and hoping to see some pretty moms. Zaya blushed, and Harrison made fun of her about it. She'll miss his teasing. But that wasn't the only thing distracting her.

As Friday approached, Zaya was getting really excited... and her horniness was building. Will had been pestering her about when he could fuck her without a condom, as she wanted to wait until she was established before getting pregnant. They had agreed it was almost time to start trying, but hadn't set a date. She decided to surprise him at the Halloween party. No condom, and she wasn't on birth control... oh... and for the first time in their marriage, she shaved her pussy. Well, to be more accurate, she had it waxed at a parlor. She didn't want razor burn, and wanted it to look perfect for Will. She had it done Monday after work. On Tuesday, she felt so worked up by the feeling of her bald pussy on her panties that she had to remove them at lunch. On Wednesday, she could barely get home before she ran to the shower and used the pulsing head to push her over the edge. She finished just before Will got home, and she had to fight of his pleas to fuck her. She wanted Friday to be a surprise. He agreed to a blow job, and got one. Over the last few years, she's gotten markedly better.

Zaya grabbed his dick through his slacks and whispered some dirty talk.

"Will, how much do you want me to suck your dick?"

"Oh Zai, do it, baby!"

She unzipped him, and dropped to her knees. She pushed him back onto the bed, and pulled his boxer briefs down. As he was sitting, it was basically just his head and balls. But she did her best. She looked up at him, and took everything he had to offer. She held it there for a while, then stuck her tongue out, and started licking his balls. Will moaned, and Zaya kept working. She sucked on the head, and took her left and lightly massaged Will's balls. She knew she was doing well, and if she wanted, she could push this for a while longer. But she wanted to end it. She did her favorite move. She looked at Will, and started sucking the very tip, while tonguing the hole... then, as quick as possible, she sucked the thing down as far as she could, while pressing her tongue against the bottom. Will lurched back, and within seconds was pumping his little load into her mouth. Zaya knew what made him happy, and swallowed.

Thursday, she did better. She was still horny, and wore a long skirt with no panties to avoid sexual rubbing. Although the underwear thing backfired, and she was hornier than if she would have just worn them, she got through the work day, and used her secret vibrator when she got home.

Friday was finally here. All day at work, she rushed through her paperwork. Her meetings with patients went great, as she felt she owed them her best, but the rest of the day was a blur. When she got home, she wanted to change before Will could see her naked. She put on her sexy little black skirt that she had taken almost 4 inches off. It went to just below her ass. She put on a white blouse with no bra. The blouse was see-through, but no matter, she had her Gryffindor cardigan. Her hard nipples stuck through the shirt, but the jacket covered it up. She found some calf length white stockings, and through them on. After she found her Red and Gold tie, she went on the search for panties. After a long search, she settled on the thong from her Wedding night. Will never got to pull it down her panties to the bald pussy he was desperate for.

Will got home, put on his too tight black tee shirt, and his black trenchcoat. As Zaya came downstairs, Will barely even noticed. He said she looked pretty, but nothing more. Zaya didn't expect him to rip her clothes off and fuck her over the couch, but she wanted to be known that she was wanted. She fought back tears, and got into their car.

When the couple arrived, Zaya thought they could at least go in together, but apparently, Tim asked Will to pick up some beer, so he dropped Zaya at the front door, and took off. Zaya entered the house to see it already packed with around 40 people. She saw some good costumes on the guys. A few Alan's from the "Hangover", One guy as the Hulk that thought he was much buffer than he was, and a convincing Jack Sparrow. The girls, as expected, slutted the place up. How many sexy Anna's can be in one place? The sluttiest one was a girl that pulled the sexy nurse... but it was two red cross pasties and nurses skirt. Zaya was miserable. These were Will's friends, not hers. This was his party, not hers. And she, once again felt like an outsider. She grabbed a Cosmo, and stood in the corner. As she stood there, she heard someone hell, "Are you John Coffey, from the Green Mile?" And a familiar voice say "Why, yes I am." She turned to see Harrison looking around. She stood there in awe, until he saw her. He walked up, and embarrassingly said "Hello, Dr. Bennett... er, Zaya. I know I don't have to be formal with you, you've said that."

She laughed and said "Why are you here?"

Harrison shyly said "You and the prison Dr. were the only people that believed me. You said you'd be here, and I have nothing else going on, and overalls are a cheap costume."

"How did you know where?"

"Easy, you said some guy named Tim was having the party. Well, my cousin helped me find your husband on-line. Through his facebook, we found Tim, and the party info. Pretty easy."

"But... I don't know what you would like me to do."

"Listen, Zaya. Just because I'm innocent of that murder doesn't mean I've never done anything wrong. And some of the most wrong stuff I've done is because I don't have someone I love in my life. Now, I know I missed on you, and you're married. And even if I didn't, you'd never be with me. But I need good people around me. Can I count on you as a friend?"

Zaya didn't know what to say. Until then, she had fought any feelings about Harrison. She knew what she had to feel. But seeing him like this, with no prison uniform or standard clothes from work, but in a costume made her realize she had feelings for him. He was soft, he was nice, he was handsome, and she wanted nothing more than to feel him lift her and carry her to a bad... any bed. But she knew better.

"Harrison, I don't know. I'm not blind to how I feel either. But I'm married. And no matter how I feel right now. I can't do that to Will."

Harrison looked at her... with anger and confusion. "Zaya, for a shrink, you sure are good at ignoring signs."

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"For months, at the end of our sessions, we'd talk about you. And at the very end, you would always look like you were excited for what was planned on the weekend, and how big of a failure it was on Monday. You would dress so pretty, and I'd see him visit you, and barely look at you. Hell, I bet tonight, he didn't even tell you how stunning you look. If you would have shown that to me, and I was with you, we'd still be at home."

She looked at him and said "What are you saying, Harrison?"

"Zaya, he's either cheating on you, or he's gay. I read a bunch of books on the inside, and they had a study that when one partner is markedly more attractive than the other, the less attractive one is more likely to stray, because they feel inferior."

Zaya almost yelled at him. But instead, she ran to the back yard. Almost in tears, she sat on a bench, silently. She was thinking about all the things that Harrison said, and decided to start a small investigation on Monday... just to make sure. As she got up to go find Harrison and figure out what he wants to do in terms of his future, she heard a thud on the shed door. She walk over, and peaked through the window.

Will was fucking his Tim's little sister... she must have been the "beer" he went to get. She watched for a few seconds, as a familiar pumping happened to this 20 year old tart. It didn't take long form Zaya to see what Will wanted. Tim's had a look of lust on her face. Zaya wondered if she was somehow conditioned for smaller dicks, but she looked more than content on her back on a work bench. As Zaya watched, she was watching more than a scumbag husband, more than her marriage ending, she was seeing a future. A future that didn't include a need for financial help from Will. She was going to yell and make a scene. But instead, she calmly walked back inside, found Harrison on the steps of the front door, and ushered him outside. They got into the car that Harrison came in, and went to Zaya's home.
"You... were... right. He was cheating on me. I don't mean to sound callous, but how? He's a fucking cow!"

"Like I said, the less attractive one is the one to watch."

As they got here, Harrison was trying to be gentleman. He asked her if she would like him to walk her to her door. She accepted... slyly letting him think that the trip to the door was it.

Harrison said nervously "Well, call me at my mom's house. I called your office today and left it. I'm there until I can figure out what's going on. I guess I can get a little money from suing the state, but I just want to be done with all this. Well, have a good night, Zaya." And he started walking away.

"Harrison, for a month, I've been fighting my feelings about you, and I didn't even know it. Then, when I try to be good for my Husband, he can't return the favor. Now, I don't know how feel about me, but judging by your comment of 'never be with me' you feel that you don't deserve me. But that's wrong. You're the best man I've ever met, and I want to be with someone for the right reasons. So... if you'll have me, you can have me."

Harrison stopped in his tracks, and turned around... he couldn't tell if she was joking. She waved her finger for him to come get her, and walked inside. He followed, and closed the door. She took his hand and led him to the bedroom. Once inside, she sat him on the bed to give him a show.

She undid her jacket, and took it off. Leaving the blouse on. The look on Harrison's face was enough to to flood her panties for the first time in her life. She found the zipper on her skirt and let it drop to the ground. As Harrison looked at her white thong, his eyes got big... not as big as Zaya's when she saw what was growing between his legs. She had gotten so romantically aroused, that she forgot to even think about Harrison's dick. She had planned on a full strip, but now she had to see the monster she was about to attack. She stood Harrison up, and undid the buckles on his overalls. As they fell, she realized her undressing wouldn't take long. It's the only thing he ever had on, besides shoes. She didn't look down quite yet, she wanted to feel it, first. She started kissing Harrison, and reached down. As she felt his dick, she realized that she couldn't reach around the thing. It had to be the width of a soda can. She was now both horny and scared. She was used to taking a little dick, but this was insane. She sank to her knees, and saw the length. A wide, meaty, 7 inches staring her back in the eye. With no hesitation, she started on her move. She wanted him to cum early, so she could get a round 2 with him. She stuck her tongue in the hole, looked him in the eye... and sucked the whole thing down... she didn't even know she could deepthroat that monster. But... no cum. She looked up at him, and he laughed and said "Baby... I'm not that easy." Harrison pulled her up tossed her on the bed. She took off her blouse releasing her beautiful tits. Harrison stared and smiled. He wasted no time and putting his thick thumbs in the waistline of her thong and pulling down. Zaya coyly smiled and spread her legs.

"Shaved... you like it?"

"Oh baby... yeah. It's so sexy. But I'd just be happy with you, no matter the hair. But yeah, that looks damn fine."

As if she could swoon anymore, he just said something that made her love him more.

Harrison positioned himself above her, and put the head at her opening.

"I'll go slow, so you can get used to it."

"No... I've had slow. I want it hard."

Harrison pulled back and slammed it home. Zaya saw stars, almost immediately. Harrison had fast, long, hard strokes for the better part of 5 minutes. Zaya started convulsing, it was more pleasure in that time than the rest of her sex life, combined. She finally got her head and pushed on his chest. He stood, as did she. She said "The wall!" He grabbed her by the waist, and lifted her. She spread her legs and was lowered back onto his shaft. She felt the cool of the wall, and wrapped her arms around his neck. Harrison once against pummeled her for all he was worth. After what seemed like another 5 minutes, Harrison moaned that he was ready to pop. As he started to pull out, Zaya wrapped her legs around his waist and held tight, as he pumped her with what felt like 2 years of cum. Just as he finished pulsing, they heard the bedroom door open.

Will stood in shock and started turning red. Zaya stepped forward and said something before he did.

"Will, I saw you and that girl tonight. I want you know that I was mad, but not anymore. It's obvious that we want different things, and I'm alright with a divorce if you are. This is Harrison, the man I love, and he's the one you were too good to represent."

Will wasted no time in yelling "What the fuck? I come home to see you fucking some convict in MY BED? You decide to divorce me, after I paid for everything for you?... AND YOU SHAVED YOUR PUSSY FOR HIM?"

"No, I shaved my pussy for you... to surprise you. But since you already have that, I gave it to Harrison. And yes, you did pay for my lifestyle, but I don't need that, anymore. I'm sorry. What I need is happiness. I hope you can find it."

Will stood there... contemplating whether to attack Zaya. But I'm sure the black tank behind her helped sway his decision to leave in shame. Once he had left, Zaya and Harrison talked for a long while about their future. Harrison was well on his way to a law degree, now. And hell, Zaya can help pay for it. Just before sun up, Harrison said "Ready to go to sleep?" And Zaya said "One more round?" And got on her hands and knees. Harrison got behind her, and grabbed her hips and entered. After half an hour, he unloaded his second load in his beautiful woman, and held her until she slept.

Harrison went on to become a lawyer for the state, and aimed to never let what happened to him, happen again. It doesn't pay much, but Zaya's pay more than makes up for it. 9 months after Halloween, a cute little baby boy was born. They got married a year later. Harrison and Zaya Taylor were as happy as could be, and couldn't keep their hands off of each other. They got caught in the coat room, and forced into the honeymoon suite to continue.

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