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Cheating and Rivals Pt. 15

[This chapter continues Book 2: Rivals]

Jen sat across from Biff in her office. All afternoon she'd recited status updates and action items as her intern Biff frantically took notes. As evening descended they were finally done. "Thanks for coming in on a Sunday," she said giving Biff a grateful smile. She motioned to all the client files strewn around her office. "I got behind working on Jasmine's campaign. Today's been great to catch up."

"It must be great working for Jasmine Kelly," Biff gushed.

"Not really," Jen said with a sour look. "She's not like on TV. She's not a nice person."

"Oh," Biff said surprised. "Do you trust her?"

Jen frowned. That was a complicated question. The bottle blonde bitch around her husband? Definitely not. But as a reporter, a politician? Jasmine had helped Mike. She was a liberal Democrat but was open to traditional conservative positions like defense and tax reform. She was passionate about things she cared about. "I guess," Jen reluctantly admitted with a shrug.

Wanting to change the subject, Jen smiled and said "You have to let me buy you a drink. For helping today."

"Oh okay," Biff said, surprised but definitely up to spend time with his beautiful boss.

"Awesome," Jen said giving Biff another brilliant smile. "How about Death & Co? We can taxi over."

Jen purposefully stood in front of Biff as they waited for a cab. She could feel his eyes on her ass. She'd noticed him looking at her throughout his semester internship. She'd done some looking too (although she was more subtle about it). Bill was smart and shy. He reminded her a little of Mike. And Biff was sooo cute with his curly brown hair, bright blue eyes and boyish grin.

Once at Death & Co Jen sat with Biff at the bar. She noticed him watching as she crossed her legs. While her outfit appeared casual, she'd spent extra time thinking about what to wear for her young intern. She wore skinny jeans with cute black ankle boots that made her long legs seem even longer.

Jen also had on a casual peasant top. The top was loose so it didn't hug her body. But the top had a swoop neckline that afforded peaks of the swell of her bosom. Also, when she leaned over you could see right down to her belly button. Underneath the top she wore a silk, unlined lacy bra that molded itself around her small perky tits.

"You know, I'm only 19," Biff said looking anxious as the bartender approached.

"Oh, like you don't have a fake ID," Jen teased with a laugh.

"Yeah but, I'm not sure it'll work here," Biff said glancing nervously around the crowded bar. He was used to flashing his fake ID at dive bars around campus, not uber trendy "Sex In the City" type bars like Death & Co.

"Be confident and you'll be fine," Jen whispered to Biff as the bartender approached. She squeezed his thigh encouragingly.

"What can I get you guys?" the friendly bartender asked moments later.

"A Cosmo for me," Jen said.

"I, ah, I guess I'll have a Corona," Biff said nervously.

The bartender eyed him suspiciously. "Got an ID?" he said.

"He's with me," Jen said before Biff could say anything. She gave the bartender a mischievous, dazzling smile. "I'll make sure he gets home okay." Jen gave Biff a motherly pat on his leg.

The bartender looked at Jen's beautiful face, her sexy smile. "Okay, whatever," he said with a chuckle. He'd bartended for years, seen a lot. So a hot older chick wanted to get laid by a teenager? So what? He had no problem with that. In fact, he was envious of the kid.

Biff frowned. On the one hand he was ecstatic to be out alone with his boss. He so admired Jen, she was a marketing genius. On top of that, she was drop dead gorgeous. She had it all, and she intimidated the hell out of him. The fact she was 10 years older made it even worse. But still, he was a guy and she was a girl. He didn't like the fact she covered for him.

"I am confident you know," Biff said. "I'm just getting used to this bar's vibe."

"I know that Biff," Jen assured him, giving his thigh another reassuring squeeze.

Biff's cock jerked when Jen touched him. She'd touched his leg three times now. WTF? Then it occurred to him. Was it possible his boss was hitting on him? No, no way. He was a nub college sophomore. She was Jen-FUCKING-Andrews, the marketing god, the conqueror of Google and Memphis, the political consultant of Jasmine Kelly, the gorgeous hottie with legs that didn't quit. No way Jennifer Andrews was interested in him.

Then again ... there were those rumors about Jen. About the wild parties in Vegas and Penn State. About hooking up with Scott and other guys in the office. About how she lusted over big cocks and getting fucked hard from behind.

"What are you thinking?" Jen asked.

Biff blushed, realizing he was staring at Jen. Fortunately he was saved when the bartender delivered their drinks. "Lime?" the bartender asked.

"Uh, no thanks," Biff said.

"Here's to your internship," Jen said clinking Biff's limeless Corona with her martini glass. "It's almost over right?"

"Yeah, 3 more weeks, I'm gonna miss it," Biff said honestly. He loved working for Jen, her clients were incredibly exciting. Getting to be in her company on a daily basis was a big bonus of course.

"You let me know if you ever need a recommendation," Jen told him.

"Thanks Ms. Andrews," Biff said.

"Oh god, will you stop calling me that?" Jen said with a laugh. Squeezing his leg again, she said "You make me feel so old."

Biff's cock jerked again. "She's touched me 4 times!" he thought to himself.

"Call me Jen," Jen continued smiling at him. "So what's the story with Biff?"

"It's my dad's name," Biff said.

"You're Biff Jr.?" Jen said with a grin. "You know how preppy that is right? I bet you're on the squash team at NYU."

"Crew," Biff said grinning back.

"That's just as bad," Jen said with a laugh, squeezing Biff's thigh again.

Biff's cock jerked again at Jen's hand on his leg. He was starting to get hard. He didn't know what was going on. Jen seemed to be flirting with him. Then again, maybe she was just being friendly. Biff had an aunt who was about Jen's age (his dad's youngest sister). Because they were only about 10 years apart, his aunt treated Biff more like a friend than a nephew. Was that what was going on now? Jen was treating him like a friend instead of her intern, since his internship was ending?

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Jen asked as she sipped her Cosmo.

"No, Mandy and I broke up," Biff said. "We've been going together since high school. We needed a break."

"Oh I'm sorry," Jen said, rubbing Biff's leg again. Biff was seriously starting to get hard. He hoped Jen didn't look down at his crotch and see his erection, that would be too embarrassing. "Do you think you'll get back together?" Jen asked.

"I don't know, probably," Biff said with a shrug. "I thought we should see other people."

"You mean you want to see other girls," Jen said with a "I get it" teasing smile. The bartender came back and they ordered another round. There was a break in their conversation as the bartender served up another Cosmo for Jen and Corona for Biff.

"So how's that working for ya?" Jen asked when they were alone again (to the extent you can be alone when shoulder-to-shoulder in a crowded bar).

"Seeing other girls?" Biff asked.

"No, drinking Coronas without a lime," Jen teased. "Yes, seeing other girls," she added with a laugh.

Biff took a moment to answer. He felt way off-balance. Jen was older, successful, and incredibly beautiful. He felt like she was a supernova and he just a meaningless thing lost in her stunning brightness. What the heck was he doing here drinking with Jennifer-FUCKING-Andrews? He felt so out of his league.

Still, Biff didn't want to come across as a wimp. The fact was, he held his own with the girls.

"I do okay," Biff said modestly.

"Okay, details please," Jen said with a laugh, taking a gulp of her Cosmo.

"Like what?" he asked.

"Like, when did you break up with Mandy?" Jen asked. "How many girls have you been with since then?"

"Been with?"

"You don't know what I mean?" Jen teased challengingly.

"I know what you mean," Biff said defensively.

Jen heard the defensiveness in the 19 year old's voice. She smiled at him and said "Don't get upset Biff we're just talking." As she said that she squeezed his thigh again. Jen knew she was egging Biff on but that's what girls did to boys.

"Okay," Biff said uncertainly. He still felt off-balanced but he definitely liked when Jen touched his leg.

"So ...?" Jen prompted with a sly smile.

"We broke up in February," Biff said. He proudly added "I've been with 8 girls since then."

"You broke up with Mandy on Valentine's day?" Jen said. "You're a real heartbreaker Biff."

Alarmed, Biff hurriedly said "No I -."

"I'm just teasing Biff," Jen said with a laugh. "There are more breakups around Valentine's day than any other time. I think I read that in Cosmo."

"Yeah," Biff said uncertainly, looking relieved that Jen didn't think harshly of him.

"Hmmm, 8 girls in 4 months," Jen said, looking off into the distant as if contemplating Biff's score ratio. As she did Jen trailed her fingertips down the edge of her swoop top. Just as she reached the soft swell of her breasts, she trailed her fingers back up. She pretended to do this absentmindedly, but she noticed Biff's eyes glued on her fingers. She'd already noticed his hard-on, and saw the tent in his pants getting even bigger.

"Did you say something?" Jen abruptly asked, her fingertips finally stopping their up and down movement and resting on the gold chain around her elegant neck.

"Uh, no," Biff said, jerking his eyes from Jen's chest back to her face.

Jen smiled. She said "8 girls in 4 months, you're a real player Biff."

Biff was starting to get when Jen was serious and when she was teasing. He could tell she was teasing now. "I guess," he said with a grin back.

Jen's smile widened, pleased. She leaned closer until her lips almost touched his ear. Biff's breath caught, both because Jen was so close now he could smell her perfume and the vanilla strawberry scent of her shampoo, but mostly because now he could see right down her front! He had a clear view of her bra! It was pink and lacy and sheer. He could see her nipples!

"I'm not surprised," Jen whispered into Biff's ear. "You're a cutie Biff."

Jen slowly leaned back, taking her time to give the 19 year old a good look down her blouse.

Biff didn't say anything, he didn't know what to say. His heart pounded in his chest and he felt flushed. His cock was fully hard now, in fact it was the hardest it'd ever been.

"Cat got your tongue?" Jen teased with a knowing smile. "Are you okay?" she asked, putting her hand on Biff's leg again. This time though, instead of giving him a quick squeeze, she ran her hand up his thigh. She stopped just before the outline of his erection in his pants. She kept her hand there as she asked again "Are you okay honey?"

Biff's eyes grew wide. "She called me honey. Jen Andrews called me honey! And her hand's practically on my cock!" The 19 year old's head was spinning, he felt like he was going to pass out.

At that moment Jen glanced across the bar. There he was! Mike! Her heart did a flip when she saw her husband. She made eye contact with him, a silent message passing between them. Then she got off the stool. "I'll be back," she told Biff. "Little girl's room."

Jen and Mike met in the darkened corridor leaning to the bathrooms. She immediately pulled Mike deeper into the corridor to a darkened alcove.

Jen felt out of control! Flirting so brazenly with her young intern made her feel wild! She was in full nympho mode now!

"God I missed you!" Jen told Mike as she wrapped her arms around his neck and smashed her lips against his. The married couple kissed urgently, their hands all over each other.

"Did you fuck Frank last night?" Mike asked between kisses.

"No but I wanted to," Jen said honestly. "God I'm so hot baby. If I don't get fucked soon I'm going to explode."

"Who is that?" Mike asked, still urgently kissing his wife.

"My intern, Biff," Jen said kissing her husband back. Giggling delightedly, she added "He's only 19, a college sophomore at NYU. Isn't he cute?"

"He looks like he's crushing on you," Mike said. He'd arrived about 15 minutes ago and immediately saw that Biff was enamored with his wife.

"Really?" Jen asked with another giggle. She liked the idea of a 19 year old crushing on her, it definitely boosted her self-esteem. "Does that bother you?"

"No," Mike said with just a moment's hesitation. Their game was always more intense when there were emotions between his wife and her lover, not just great sex. "Are you crushing on Biff?" he asked excitedly.

"Oh you'd like that right?" Jen asked with a laugh. She reached down and squeezed his cock, noticing he was rock hard. Playing into her husband's fantasies, she gushed "Biff's adorably cute, he's got the bluish eyes, and god what an ass. Yeah, I could definitely see myself with that boy."

"For just a while though right?" Mike asked, his insecurities flaring. It was the never ending cuckold conflict.

"Of course baby," Jen said rubbing her husband's chest reassuringly. She smiled inside. She knew she was pushing Mike's buttons, but she liked when he was jealous. It showed that he loved her, even though he was willing to share her body (and her affections) with other men. In some ways, Jen was more insecure than Mike. So she needed that emotional reassurance from Mike to have fun playing their game.

"How should we do this?" Jen asked her husband.

"Maggie's with Anna?" Mike asked. When Jen nodded, he suggested "Hotel room?"

"Maggie can't stay much longer," Jen said nixing that idea.

"I'll go home and let Maggie go," Mike said.

"Okay but ... it'd probably be better if Biff didn't know you were there," Jen said, knowing the college sophomore might get freaked if her husband watched as they fucked.

"I'll stay in Anna's room," Mike said, knowing their daughter was a sound sleeper. "He won't know I'm there."

"Okay but ..." Jen said uncertain, playing with the buttons on Mike's shirt.

"What?" Mike asked seeing his wife's apprehension.

"I might be with Biff a while," Jen said hesitantly. She remembered how Mike got upset when she lost control with Scott (and other men), ignoring Mike as she enjoyed the bodies of her lovers (and they enjoyed hers).

Mike's cock pulsed at the thought of his wife spending all night with Biff. Jen had a major cum face on, it would take a lot to satisfy her. Biff was young, he probably had the stamina to go multiple times. How many times would Jen cum on his cock? How much time would the sophomore spend in her exquisite pussy? Over the course of a night, would it be measured in minutes or hours? What shape would his wife's pussy be in when she finally came back to him. Mike was small, below average. Would Biff ruin her for him?

Mike felt the lust of cuckold angst as he said "I'm good with that. But he has to be gone before Anna wakes up."

Jen looked relieved. "Of course baby," she said rubbing his chest again. "He'll be gone way before that." Then she stroked Mike's erection again. "Anyway, I want some of this tonight too mister."

Mike smiled weakly at Jen. He knew she would barely feel him inside her after a night with Biff. It occurred to him that they didn't know if Biff was well endowed. At least, he didn't. Jen probably did, she always seemed able to pick the well-hung guys. Voicing his thoughts, Mike grinned and asked "So does Biff pass your hands and toilet roll test?"

Jen grinned at the memory of her high school test for measuring a man's endowment. "I'm pretty sure," she answered, having checked out Biff from afar for the last 6 months. "That turns you on right?" she asked wrapping her arms around Mike's neck and giving him a kiss.

"Yeah, that he's bigger than me," Mike admitted.

Jen giggled. It never ceased to amaze her that, because of his C-fantasies, her husband seemed to relish having a small penis.

"You better get going," Jen told Mike, rubbing his chest again.

"You want to get back to Biff," Mike said stating the obvious.

"Yeah I do," Jen said with a giggle. "I want you to tell me all about your trip."

"Okay, later," Mike said.

"Yeah, later," Jen agreed.

Jen walked back to Biff. "You didn't pick up another girl while I was away?" she said teasingly as she sat on the stool and crossed her long legs. "You're not as much a player as I thought."

Biff grinned uncertainly. He'd thought hard while Jen was away but still couldn't figure out what was going on. Was she really hitting on him? Maybe she was just being friendly, her flirting due to the Cosmopolitans (she seemed to be tipsy from the alcohol). Yeah she was superhot and he'd love to get into her pants, but he couldn't risk making a move on her. If he was reading things wrong it could mean the end of his career before it even started.

Jen knew her lipstick was smudged due to kissing Mike. She took out a small round container of pink lip gloss from her purse. She dabbed a bit on her finger, then used her finger to apply the gloss to her lips. Biff couldn't help watching of course, and Jen took her time so as to give the 19 year old a good show. After she was done, she wiped her finger on a napkin and dropped it next to her martini glass. Biff found himself staring at the sexy pink smudges of the lipstick on the napkin.

Somewhere in his brain Biff registered that Jen was talking to him. "What?" he said stupidly, finally pulling his eyes from the napkin. Not able to help himself, his eyes focused on Jen's lips. The pink lipstick fit Jen with her long blonde hair, blue eyes and angelic face. Jen didn't have super full lips (nothing like Angelina Jolie), but the lip gloss emphasized what she had, and it gave her lips a wet sexy look. Biff couldn't stop from staring at Jen's lips and mouth.

"Hello, Earth to Biff," Jen said with a smile in her voice.

"What?" Biff said again, finally tearing his eyes from Jen's mouth.

"Can I give you some advice?" Jen said with a laugh. "When you're talking to a girl, look at her eyes, not her mouth."

"Oh uh ...," Biff stammered, his cheeks turning deep red.

"Unless you're hitting on her," Jen said.

"What?" Biff said confused.

Jen gave Biff a sly smile. "Are you hitting on me Biff?" she asked in a half serious voice.

"No, god, Ms. Andrews, I mean Jen, I'm not," Biff stammered, completely off balance now.

"It's okay Biff," Jen said with another laugh. Squeezing his leg again, she said "If you call me Ms. Andrews again I'm going to have to hurt you."

Biff gave Jen a weak embarrassed smile. He didn't fail to notice that Jen touched his leg again. Again!

"But you know ...," Jen said as if thinking. Coming to a decision, she crossed her arms and said "Okay, go ahead, hit on me."

"What?" Biff said, really confused now.

"Make a move on me," Jen said with a grin. "You're a player right? Scored with 8 girls. I want to see what you've got."

Biff looked bewildered at Jen. Was she serious?

As if reading his mind, Jen said "I'm serious, I want to see your moves. Wait." She gulped down the rest of her Cosmo and ordered another one from the bartender. "Okay, go ahead," she said. She was slurring her words now, and only part of it was pretend. Jen was petite, so she couldn't help getting tipsy from 2 Cosmos.

Biff looked at the girl sitting across from him. Jennifer Andrews was gorgeous, probably the prettiest girl he ever met. She was incredible sexy with those long legs and tight ass (and her tits in that pink bra looked really good too).

Jen was definitely halfway drunk, and had just ordered another Cosmo. Biff knew the advantages of alcohol. Four of those 8 girls - maybe 5 - had been drunk when he got into their pants. It wasn't rape, no one was complaining - but the alcohol clearly lowered the chicks' inhibitions.
Now here was Jen, a super hottie, flirting with him and tipsy on vodka. This might be his only chance in his life to get inside Jennifer Andrews' pants. He should go for it! Even if he was reading things wrong, Jen wouldn't say anything, she had more to lose than him.

"Okay, so you want me to show you my moves," Biff said as he mustered up his courage.

"Ah yeah, I've said that like 3 times," Jen said with a sarcastic "hello!" tone of voice.

Biff frown at Jen. Her bitchy, challenging attitude was getting to him. But he was getting used to it so he found himself not as intimidated as before.

"So, I'd start by buying you a drink," Biff said.

"I've already got a drink," Jen said dismissively as her new Cosmo (her 3rd) arrived.

Biff frowned again. More of that bitchy attitude. "Okay, I'd tell you how hot you are," Biff said.

"Not bad, girls like compliments," Jen said, but her tone was still dismissive. "But words only go so far."

"I've only started," Biff said sounding miffed.

"Well hurry up," Jen said taking another big gulp of the Cosmo. She leaned in close to Biff and said "Here's the thing Biff," she said slurring her words. "I AM hot. I can have any man I want. Trust me, I know. If you want me, you have to take me. Are you man enough for that?"

Biff was taken aback by Jen's words. He'd been drinking too, matching Jen's Cosmos with his Coronas. With his inhibitions and good sense lowered by alcohol, he said angrily "God you're a bitch."

Jen smiled. "That's better," she said.

Her words made Biff even angrier. "You want to know what I'd do if you weren't my boss?" he said challengingly.

"Yeah I want to know," Jen said with the same challenging voice.

"I'd do this," Biff said as he grabbed Jen's stool and pulled her close to him.

Jen giggled delightedly like she was on an amusement park ride. Then she said tauntingly "That's all?"

"I'd do this," Biff said roughly pulling her into his arm.

Now their faces were so close their lips almost touched. Serious now, Jen said "That's all?"

Biff pulled Jen's face to his and kissed her. She let him. In fact, she kissed Biff back. They made out. Finally Jen pulled away. They were both panting.

"That's all?" Jen whispered, looking into Biff's eyes.

Emboldened, Biff reached up and put a hand on Jen's breast. He fondled her through her blouse and bra. Jen's eyelids got heavy and her lips part as he thumbed her nipple.

"Folks, come on," the bartender said disapprovingly, noticing how the couple was drawing the attention of the people at the bar and adjacent restaurant.

Biff continued to fondle Jen, ignoring the bartender. Jen made no move to push Biff's hand off her breast. Breathing hard, she whispered hoarsely "That's all?"

Biff moved his other hand to Jen's thigh. He pushed his fingers between her crossed legs, towards her pussy.

Finally Jen stopped him. She abruptly stood up, pushing his hands away. She moved closer and pressed her body against his. As she did she cupped his erection. She needed to check.

It only took a moment. Yeah, he was big enough. He had the manhood to satisfy her.

Jen threw bills on the bar, flashing the bartender a brief thank you (and apologetic) smile. She grabbed Biff's hand and led him out of the bar.

Jen noticed all the people staring as they made their way to the exit. She didn't see anyone she knew, which was a good thing since her intentions would've been clear to even a blind man. She was going to fuck a guy who was clearly younger, too young to be her husband.

But even if people she knew had been there, Jen didn't care (at least at that moment). She was too out of control, too horny! God she needed fucked! And the fact she was about to ravage a 19 year old sooo turned her on! She felt like such a cougar and it was sooo exciting!

In the taxi Jen was all over Biff. She pulled his hair hard and looked into his eyes. "I like fucked rough, can you do that?" she asked challenging.

"Yeah, yeah," Biff promised, his hands exploring Jen's body over her clothes.

"Don't ask, take what you want," she said pulling even harder on his hair. "Can you do that? Can you give me that?"

"Yeah," Biff said. He pushed her hands away and pulled her to him, covering her lips with his and forcing his tongue down her throat. "Yeah, like that, like that," Jen thought as she let Biff kiss and fondle her.

At the loft apartment Jen led Biff into the master bedroom she shared with Mike. "What about your husband?" Biff asked warily.

"Don't worry, he's away," Jen said going with their story. "Stay here, I have to tell the babysitter she can go home."

Jen closed the door to the master bedroom and went into Anna's room. Mike was there with Anna. The baby was sound asleep.

"What took so long?" Mike asked. He looked bothered and impatient, but excited too.

"You always think it's so easy," Jen said with an exasperated laugh. She softly stroked Mike's cheek to take the sting out of her words. Then she walked over to their daughter. "How's Anna?"

"She's good," Mike said. "I gave her a bath after Maggie left. We read books until she fell asleep."

"You're such a good father," Jen said stroking Mike's cheek again.

"Biff's in the bedroom?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, I should go back," Jen said. "I'll crack the door open."

"Okay," Mike said eagerly.

"I feel wild Mike," Jen confessed, rubbing his chest again. "It might get wild tonight."

"You know I like you out of control," Mike said honestly.

Jen looked again at her husband, giving him a weak smile. Then she went back to her 19 year old intern and soon to be lover.

In the master bedroom, Biff looked unsure how to start. Jen sat on the edge of the bed as Biff stood. She gave him a sexy smile as she curled a finger into his belt and pulled him towards her. "Take off your shirt," she told him.

Biff smiled, clearly relieved that Jen (his boss) was taking control. Jen eagerly watched as Biff unbuttoned his shirt and his chest came into view. Jen liked what she saw. Being on the crew team definitely made his body lean and hard. She ran her hands up his chest, tracing along the ridges of his six pack and outline of his well-defined pectorals. Jen had a thing for athletes and his young strong body was getting her so hot!

Not able to control herself, Jen abruptly pulled Biff onto the bed, onto his back (his feet were still on the floor). She excitedly ran her hands up and down his muscular chest as she kissed him. "You've got a nice body Biff," she told him between kisses.

"You haven't seen the best part yet," Biff joked (but he was serious).

"I'm getting to that," Jen said with a laugh.

Jen slid onto the floor. She got on her knees, between his legs. She ran her palms up his legs, moving past his knees and up his thighs towards his manhood outlined in his pants. She grinned at him and said "I bet you never thought you'd see me here."

"Yeah," Biff said, getting up on his elbows and looking at his beautiful boss on her knees between his legs. "It's hot though."

"Yeah, it's hot," Jen agreed, dizzy with lust. She was 29 years old, married and a mother, the boss at work. Yet here she was, submissively on her knees between the legs of her young, 19 year old intern. This scene was so freaking hot she could barely breathe!

Jen put her hands on Biff's crotch. He felt big. "Nice Biff," she said approvingly. All Biff could do was nod.

Jen reached up and unbuckled his belt. She undid the snap, then pulled down his zipper. Gripping the waistband of his jeans she pulled down. Biff helped by raising his butt.

Jen pulled Biff's jeans down, pulling his shorts down at the same time. She stopped when his cock popped into view.

Jen's eyes focused on his manhood. Biff definitely passed the hands/toilet roll test, but he wasn't huge. Jen smiled inside, thinking that seemed right. No one named Biff should have a huge cock.

Jen took his cock into her hands, feeling his hardness, the heat of his passion. "Nice Biff," she said to her young intern.

Jen took her hands off his cock. She spit on her palms, then she wrapped her fingers around his shaft again. She slowly stroked him up and down. Biff moaned and rolled his head back.

As Jen stroked her young lover she thought of her husband. Was he watching? She looked over her shoulder at the door. The crack in the door was dark but she thought she saw a person there. Mike. He was watching. Well, of course he was. He got off on this.

At that moment Jen felt like a vamp, a dominating cougar. She was in control, not Biff and certainly not Mike. Jen had a submissive streak - it was more than a streak actually - but at that moment she was the alpha in the room. She said to the door, to Mike, "Don't touch yourself."

"What?" Biff asked not understanding.

"Nothing," Jen said turning back to him from the door. She lowered her head and took Biff's cock into her mouth.


Mike was slowly stroking himself when he heard Jen say "Don't touch yourself."

It surprised him. Jen had never said that before. Was she worried he'd cum too fast? But why would she care, she had Biff?

The fact was, Mike enjoyed stroking himself as he watched Jen with another man. He knew the right pace and pressure to keep himself on the edge without cumming. So he enjoyed playing with himself as he watched, it increased his pleasure. If he couldn't touch himself it wasn't as enjoyable for him, it was like denying him pleasure.

But Jen had clearly told him not to touch himself. She must have something in mind. A new angle on their game? Mike was intrigued, but he wanted to cum too. He knew he could cum now and still be ready for Jen later.

Reluctantly, Mike put his cock back into his pants.


"Fuck, fuck!" Biff moaned as Jen bopped her head on his cock. He warned Jen "I'm gonna fucking cum!"

Jen took him out of her mouth and said "Go ahead and cum. Cum on my face." She pointed his cock at her open mouth as she rapidly stroked him.

Hearing his beautiful boss say "cum on my face" jolted Biff over the edge. He clawed at the sheets as his body jerked upwards. "Oh fuck!" he screamed as he had a massive orgasm.

Milky sperm exploded from Biff's cock. Jen took the first spurt into her mouth, but the second and third splashed across her lips, nose and cheeks, even some in her eye and her hair.

"Oh god you cum a lot," Jen said with an astonished smile on her face. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was covered with Biff's cum. "Not exactly suitable for the office," she joked.

"No," Biff agreed. He had a stupid smile on his face. His boss, Jennifer Andrews, just blew him! And his jizz was all over her pretty face! He couldn't stop smiling, he felt so full of himself.

"Let me clean up," Jen said getting to her feet. Biff was surprised when Jen opened the bedroom door instead of the bathroom door. "I'll be right back. Stay here, I don't want my baby to see you."

Jen closed the door behind her. She found Mike a few feet away. She took his hand and pulled him into the kitchen. Then she wrapped her arms around his neck and smashed her lips against his.

Mike recoiled at the wetness of Biff's sperm on Jen's lips and face. He pushed away but Jen held him tight. After a few moments Mike gave into it and made out with his wife. He tasted the male muskiness of Biff's seed on Jen's lips and inside her mouth.

Jen finally pulled away from Mike, panting. She looked at her husband's face. Now, like hers, his face was wet with Biff's cum. She almost came at the sight, a moan escaping her lips as she looked at Biff's sperm on her husband's face.

"You're messy like me now," she whispered, her voice hoarse with excitement. With her finger she scooped cum off Mike's cheeks. She licked her finger, then cleaned Mike again. Jen did this repeatedly until her husband's face was clean.

"Now you clean me," Jen told Mike. As she had done, Mike used his finger to scoop Biff's cum off her cheek. He offered his finger to Jen, to lick it.

"No Mike, like how I did you," Jen said excitedly. She had a major cum face on. "Do it baby," her pretty face aglow with eager anticipation. "Do it for me."

Mike wasn't surprised by Jen's request. He didn't want to do it, creampies weren't part of his fantasy. But he'd done things before for Jen, worse things. With a resigned look on his face, he reluctantly licked Biff's cum off his finger.

"That's it baby," Jen said eagerly, a delighted sparkle in her eyes. "Do it again, clean me." She moaned as Mike scooped another dollop of Biff's cum off her face and swallowed it.

"God honey," she moaned. "Wait." She unbuttoned and unzipped her skinny jeans, then pushed Mike's hand into her panties. "Do it again, and touch me."

Jen's blue eyes were excitedly locked on Mike's reluctant face as he scooped more of Biff's sperm onto his finger then licked it off. At the same time, with his other hand, he fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit.

Suddenly Jen groaned and her body shuddered. She arched up on her tiptoes and frantically hugged Mike's arm as she came all over his hand. Her body convulsed as her massive orgasm seemed to go on and on.

"Oh god, oh god," Jen panted as she collapsed into her husband's chest. "Thank you, thank you," she gushed.

When she recovered, she got a wet towel and lovingly cleaned her face and Mike's. Then she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. "You're the best lover ever," she gushed.

Jen snaked her hand between their bodies to his crotch. "You're not playing with yourself right?" she said with a crooked grin.

"No," Mike said, feeling a mix of emotions.

Jen sensed his conflict, his hurt. "It's okay baby," she assured him. "You're so freaking awesome." She kissed him again before moving back to Biff. "I'll be back soon. I'm almost done with him."

Mike doubted that. Jen had barely started with Biff, she even still had her clothes on. He knew from experience she would be with Biff for hours, maybe all night long (but before Anna woke up he hoped). But Mike nodded, knowing when Jen got so sexed up like this he had little influence over her. After all, he DID like seeing her out of control.

Jen found Biff on the bed, fully nude, stroking himself. He was already hard again. "I'm ready for round 2" he said with a silly smile on his face.

Jen smiled weakly at him as she sat on the edge of the bed. She suddenly wished Biff was gone. Yes, seducing a 19 year old - her intern! - was exciting in a taboo sort of way. Biff was cute and had a nice body, and it was fun being the dominating cougar.

But all this wasn't really her. She'd had to taunt Biff so he would make a move on her, but she didn't like being the aggressor. She liked being the one pursued, being taken, being forced to submit to a confident, aggressive man.

Jen had been with younger guys before of course. Jamie (and his then-virgin brother), barista boy ... Those times had been fun but, like Biff, they weren't so appealing now. Maybe it was because Jen was approaching the big 3-oh. A college sophomore like Biff just didn't do it for her like before.

A big reason she picked Biff was she thought it would excite Mike if she seduced someone so young (and someone she worked with). Now she wished she set things up differently. If Mike was in bed with them it would be more exciting. She grinned inside. Way more exciting. But she suspected the young, still naive Biff would freak if Mike was there.

She wrapped her hand around Biff's cock and stroked him. While not huge, it was impressive. He certainly had enough to take care of the ache in her pussy. So Jen decided to make the most of tonight. Also, she wanted to give her husband a good show. It was THEIR game after all.

Biff hesitantly reached up and cupped Jen's tits. "Are you going to take this off?" he asked timidly.

Jen gave Biff another weak smile. He was getting a little bolder, but his question had come out like "May I have another cookie ma'am?" Biff might eventually grow up to be a confident man, but he certainly wasn't there yet.

"Hey listen, we need to talk about something," Jen said as she continued to lightly stroke Biff's shaft. "Don't talk about this at work okay?"

"I won't," Biff said immediately.

"It's just, I know there are rumors about me," Jen said. "A lot of them are true," she admitted with a laugh. "But if you tell people we hooked up it'll be a hassle for me."

"I won't say anything Ms. Andrews - um, Jen," Biff sputtered.

"I said I'd hurt you," Jen teased, smiling and squeezing his shaft (hard but not too hard). Biff gave an embarrassed smile back.

"Can I ask you something?" Biff said, his curiosity overcoming his nervousness.

"Go ahead," Jen said with a laugh. She knew this was probably not good.

"Did you have a thing with Scott?" Biff asked.

Jen frowned. "Is that what Scott says?" she asked.

"You know, guys talking in the break room," Biff said evasively, not wanting to rat on Scott. Biff admired Scott a lot, in some ways even more than Jen. He was curious but didn't want to get Scott in trouble.

Jen gave Biff a look. Then she said (just as evasively), "Things happen in advertising."

She was annoyed at Scott. She knew her affairs were well known secrets at work, and she didn't really care what people said about her. She was pretty much bullet proof at work and if anything the rumors enhanced her standing (this was advertising after all). But Scott shouldn't openly talk about it. Was he so immature he had to brag to college interns?

Jen had been head over heels with Scott once, and he'd been the focal point of their game a few times since then. But at that moment Jen knew she would never do anything with Scott again.

Then a thought occurred to her. A way to get back at Scott. Glancing at the crack in the door, she knew it would excite Mike too.

"Wait here," she told Biff. Jen went into her walk-in closet. She striped off her clothes. She put on stockings, a g-string and high heels. Then she searched in her lingerie drawer. She found it and pulled it out.

It was a pink bustier. Scott's bustier. Well, not Scott's anymore. Tonight it was Biff's.

Biff's eyes went wide when Jen came out of the closet. "God," he groaned at the sight of her. She looked like the hottest Victoria Secrets model imaginable!

Jen moved close to Biff. "Scott gave me this," she said, taking his hands and putting them on the bustier.

Biff's head spun with lust as he felt the silky material and hard ribbing underneath. "God you're so sexy," he gushed looking at Jen in awe.

"You can tell Scott I wore this for you," Jen told him as she pulled his hands up to her breasts. "But just Scott okay?"

"Okay," Biff promised. He was practically salivating at the sight of Jen.

Jen pulled the bustier down, exposing her breasts to Biff's eyes. "You like?" she asked with a sly smile.

"God," Biff moaned as he looked at his boss's small yet perfect breasts for the first time, her incredible body reducing his vocabulary to one syllable words.

"Come here honey," she said taking Biff's head in her hands. She pulled his lips to her nipples.

Jen rolled her head back as Biff sucked her ultra-sensitive nipples. She glanced over her shoulder at the crack in the door, knowing Mike was watching. She mouthed "I love you" at her husband as Biff worked on the part of her body most sensitive next to her clit.

Biff ran his hands all over the bustier as he licked and sucked Jen's nipples. He had seen movies and pictures of girls dressed in lingerie and high heels of course, but he'd never actually been with a girl dressed that way. Up to that point in his life he'd only been with girls his age, and they mostly wore jeans and plain cotton bras all the time (although most nowadays wore thongs). He'd never been with any girl as sexy as Jen, not even close.
Jen had a major cum face on as Biff practically worshipped her breasts and nipples. She needed him inside her! She crawled on the bed, onto her hands and knees. With heavy lidded eyes she looked over her shoulder at Biff. "Fuck me like a dog," she told him. "You can do that, right Biff?"

"Yeah, yeah," Biff said eagerly. He hurriedly got on his knees behind Jen.

"Condom Biff," Jen told him.

"Okay, yeah," Biff said. He reached for his pants and pulled a condom from his wallet. He frantically rolled the sheath on his shaft. As he did Jen reached behind and pulled the g-string down to her knees.

Biff positioned himself behind Jen again. That's when he saw the tribal tattoo on Jen's lower back just above the crack of her tight ass. "God" he moaned as he looked at the sexy tattoo.

"What's taking so long?" Jen asked impatiently. "Do it Biff."

"Okay okay," Biff said. He worriedly added "I might not be able to last long."

"Just do it Biff."

Biff took his cock in his hand. He adjusted so his cockhead touched Jen's pussy lips. Then he pushed into Jen's body.

"Oh god," Biff groaned as his shaft penetrated his boss's body. Jen wasn't super tight like the almost virgins at NYU, but her pussy felt amazing, so silky and smooth around his cock. He'd never felt anything so good!

Jen pushed back against him. "Come on," she said, the words coming out like an irritated whine, wanting fucked so bad.

"Okay okay," Biff said. He took Jen's slim hips in his hands and began moving back and forth. "God I'm really doing it, I'm fucking my boss" the 19 year old thought incredulously to himself.

But Biff couldn't last. Jen was too sexy and her pussy felt too good. After fucking less than a minute Biff lurched and came into the condom.

"Oh god I'm sorry," Biff lamented as he softened.

"That's okay," Jen said. She smiled at Biff but inside she was dying. God she so needed fucked long and hard! She needed an orgasm!

Biff pulled out. Feeling self-conscious, he took off the cum soaked condom and rolled it in a tissue. "Did you cum?" the 19 year old asked hopefully.

"Seriously?" Jen thought to herself. But she didn't say that of course. She gave Biff an encouragingly smile and took the condom from him. "You have another one right?"

"Uh ... yeah," Biff said surprised.

Giving Biff a sly smile, Jen pulled her hair back then went down on her young intern. She used all her oral tricks and after a few minutes Biff was hard again. "Thank god for teenagers," Jen thought to herself.

This time Jen mounted him on top. She could control things better this way. She pulled Biff's hands up to her breasts as she moved up and down his shaft. "Squeeze my nipples Biff," she told him as she rode him hard. "Harder Biff, harder."

"Yeah, yeah," Jen panted as she felt an orgasm build. "Please don't cum," she silently pleaded. Just a little longer ...

"Ugh god!" Jen groaned as her orgasm hit. Her head rolled back and her back arched as orgasmic pleasure flooded her body.

The amazing beauty of Jen's face as she came pushed Biff over the edge (her convulsing pussy helped too). Jen collapsed onto Biff's muscular chest as she came down from her orgasm.

Jen looked at Biff as she panted into his face. Normally after cumming she liked snuggling and kissing her lover. But - now satiated - it felt awkward to do that with her young intern.

Jen pulled off Biff's softening cock, being careful not to pull off the condom. Biff took off the condom and added it to the tissue on the side table.

Biff felt more confident now. He made Jen cum! Also, he got off 3 times! He felt like a fucking machine!

Biff gave Jen a confident grin and reached for her. He hoped to get more of his boss's sexy body. He was already getting hard again, what with Jen still in the pink bustier, stockings and high heels.

Jen gave Biff a polite smile and pulled away from his hands. She originally intended to spend more time with Biff, maybe most of the night. But now, having cum twice, she lost interest in Biff. Yeah he was good looking and had a nice body. But he was too young and too timid. Also, frankly, he was at best an average lover.

"You better get going," Jen said. "Mike will be home soon."

"I thought he was traveling," Biff said.

"Yeah but ah, sometimes he comes home early," Jen said thinking fast. She added with a whisper "I don't want my daughter to wake up and see you here."

"Okay," Biff said clearly disappointed. He got dressed.

"You'll keep quiet right?" Jen asked as she walked him to the door.

"Yeah," Biff said. "As long as I can tell Scott ..." he thought to himself.

"Here, a souvenir," Jen said with a giggle. She put her g-string in his hand.

"Can I kiss you?" Biff asked with puppy dog eyes. He was clearly crushing on his boss.

"You better not, my daughter," Jen said whispering again. Wanting to throw the poor boy a bone, she pecked him on the cheek. "We'll talk tomorrow, okay?" she said. She pressed her finger against his lips. "Remember your promise."

After closing the door behind Biff, Jen whispered into the seemingly empty apartment "Mike?"

Mike appeared from their coat closet. He walked up to his wife and stroked the pink bustier. "You wore this for him?" he asked, clearly turned on.

"Yeah," Jen said with a giggle. "You like that?"

"What will Scott say?" Mike asked as he stroked the pink satin.

"I don't care," Jen said dismissively. She clutched Mike's hands. "What do you say?"

Mike pulled his wife into his arms and kissed her open mouth. He pushed his tongue down her throat. "I can taste his cum in your mouth," he said, the words coming out like a moan.

"I can taste his cum in your mouth too," Jen said giggling. She laughed seeing Mike's immediate frown. "I know you like it," she said reaching down and cupping his erection. He was so hard!

"I don't know," Mike said doubtfully.

"Mike baby, you can't fool me, I know what you like," Jen said confidently.

Mike frowned and was about to respond when they heard Anna crying. "I'll get her," Jen said. She playfully poked a finger in her husband's chest. "Don't try to fool me mister," she said.

Jen pulled on a robe and went to comfort her daughter. She sat on the bed and snuggled Anna. "It's alright honey, just a bad dream," she said soothingly to her toddler.

Anna played with Jen's robe. "Pretty mommy," Anna said when she saw the pink bustier. She touched the satin. "Soft," she said.

"I like wearing pretty things for daddy," Jen said giving Anna a soft kiss on the cheek.

"Fancy shoes too?" Anna asked looking at her mother's feet. Anna called high heels "fancy shoes."

"Yeah, daddy likes when mommy wears fancy shoes," Jen said.

"Oh," Anna said, as if her mother's words were the key to the universe. But the meaning wasn't important to Anna. All that mattered was mommy was doing nice things for daddy. For a baby like Anna, all that mattered was mommy and daddy were happy and together.

Jen rocked Anna until she fell back asleep. Then she went back to Mike, dropping the robe along the way.

She found him on the bed. She undressed him, then straddled his hips. "You're saying you didn't like it?" she asked continuing their conversation. She touched his erection. "It looks like you liked it."

"I haven't cum yet," Mike said.

"Poor baby," Jen teased with a giggle, clearly pleased he did as she said and didn't play with himself.

Mike frowned. He had so many questions and sometimes their conversations seemed to go around in circles. "Why do you like it so much?" he asked.

"You know I like making you do things," Jen said.

"But why?" Mike asked. She'd said that before but never explained it.

"I don't know," Jen said honestly. She leaned over and kissed his chest. "Why do you like seeing me with other guys?"

That shut Mike up. He was obsessed with their game, but couldn't really explain why it excited him so much.

Starting to feel bad, Jen kissed Mike's chest again. "Do you really hate it? I didn't go too far tonight." She was talking about times she'd manipulated Mike to lick another man's cock, to even suck another man. Compared to that tonight had been tame.

Thinking of those times, Mike's cock jerked.

Jen felt the movement and gave Mike a smile. "See?" she told him.

"That doesn't mean anything," Mike insisted. He said again "I haven't cum yet."

Jen sighed. "I know you're not gay," she assured him. "It's just ... I don't know ... taboo. Like girls making out. You like seeing that right?"

"Yeah," Mike was forced to admit.

"So what's the difference?" Jen asked.

"You like it," Mike said.

"Oh you think so?" Jen said with a laugh. Such a typical male answer. "I do it to turn guys on. To turn you on. I don't really like it."

"You fucked Keri," Mike pointed out.

"I kinda had to, I was trying to win Google," Jen reminded him.

"But you liked it," Mike said.

"Yeah, but ..." Jen began with an embarrassed laugh. Then she repeated "I kinda had to."

Then Mike got it. It was the situation. Jen wanted the Google account. She fucked Keri to get it. Being forced - forced to fuck, forced into submissiveness - that turned Jen on.

"If you really hate it I won't do it again," Jen said. Then she added "But I think you like it."

"I don't," Mike said with an embarrassed laugh.

"Baby, I get you don't like it," Jen said stroking his chest. "If you liked it, it wouldn't be as exciting."

Mike frowned at the paradox. Before he could respond Jen added "But it doesn't suck right?"

Mike couldn't help laughing at the double entendre. Jen realized what she said and laughed too. She leaned over and kissed him again. "You got off on it," she whispered to him. Mike knew she was talking about that time with Mal. "I fantasize about that all the time."

"You do?" Mike asked.

"Yeah," Jen said, an excited sparkle in her eye. She stroked his cheek. "When he came on your face."

Mike jerked his face away from her hand. He cock was throbbing.

"I get you hated it," Jen whispered. "You did it for me. Because you love me. Right?"

Mike didn't say anything. He was so close to cumming. If Jen flicked her finger across his shaft he'd explode, but then he'd get no pleasure out of it (it would be like a ruined orgasm).

"I do things for you I don't like, like ..." Jen thought about it. Then she saw the tissue on the side table. She opened the tissue and showed Mike the 2 spent condoms. One held more cum than the other. She picked that one up, holding it from the open side so the cum didn't spill out. "Like, I'd swallow Biff's cum if you wanted. I wouldn't like it, but I'd do it if you wanted. Do you?"

Mike couldn't answer. He could barely breathe.

"If you want I'll pour his cum on my face," Jen offered. "Do you want that?"

"Jen ..." Mike croaked out.

Jen lightly dragged the closed end of the semen-filling condom across Mike's chest. "If you want I'll push this into my pussy," she said. "I'll squeeze it so Biff's sperm gets inside me. Would that turn you on baby?"

"God Jen," Mike groaned. He was seconds from cumming.

Jen knew it too. She got off her husband and squeezed the base of his shaft. "Not so fast mister," she told him. Mike was still at the brink, but the painful constriction so close to his balls prevented him from cumming. "I do a lot of things to turn you on. I don't always like them. So sometimes you have to do things for me."

Mike nodded, still unsure.

Jen smiled at him. She saw the uncertainty in his face. But that was okay, it was part of the fantasy. Now that they were playing the game again, now that her nympho switch was back on, her fantasies from before were coming back ... of a dominant alpha man doing things to Mike. And to her. Making them both do things, pushing their boundaries.

"Sometimes I feel out of control," Jen said, just as excited as Mike now, practically dizzy with lust. "You need to stop me if I go too far."

Mike finally broke his silence. "I like when you're out of control," he said giving her an encouraging smile.

Jen smiled at him. He always made her feel good about herself, no matter what she did. "You need to cum huh?" she asked. She was hot again, she wanted Mike's tongue on her clit. But it was his turn.

"Yeah," Mike said. "Why did you tell me not to play with myself?"

"I don't know," Jen said honestly. The idea just popped in her head and she went with it. She thought of Stacy putting Jim in a cage. Was that it? To control Mike's orgasms? But she'd never put her husband in a cage. Never ever.

"It's time to take care of you mister," Jen told him with a sly smile. "Remember, I do things for you I don't really like."

"Like what?" Mike asked.

"Like this," Jen said. She moved down until her pretty face was under Mike's balls. Then she licked his asshole as she stroked his cock. Mike groaned at the exquisite feel of his wife's soft tongue probing and rimming his tender ass. Moments later he erupted in a glorious orgasm.

The next morning as they dressed Jen said "Remember I'm going on a fund raiser this week."

"You're going with Frank?" Mike asked giving her an excited mischievous smile. "Any potential there?"

"He's hot," Jen admitted with a giggle. "But too complicated. He's still friends with my parents, too risky."

Mike shrugged noncommittally. He thought it was doable. Just get Frank to agree not to say anything, why was that so hard? He said "You had fun at the party?"

"Yeah, his apartment's amazing," Jen gushed. "He has an amazing view of Central Park. He showed me his art collection."

"How was it?"

"Freaking awesome," Jen gushed, her blue eyes sparkling from the memory.

"I'm surprised he didn't hit on you."

"He kind of did," Jen admitted with a grin.

"You didn't go for it?" Mike asked.

"I'm not that much a slut," Jen said with a laugh. "There were people there ..."

"But you would have otherwise?" Mike said, pressing.

"I don't know," Jen said evasively. She frowned at her husband. "Stop pressuring me Mike," she snapped.

"Okay, sorry," Mike said, giving Jen a frown back.

Jen felt bad. Especially after last night when they talked about exploring new things. Frank was definitely hot. He had the confident alpha guy thing going. Her school girl crush kind of made it taboo which added to the excitement. Frank was a widower so no moral issues there. She clearly had the green light from Mike. So why was she holding back?

"So you'd be okay with it, if something happened?" Jen asked kind of shyly.

"Definitely," Mike said, his eyes lighting up. He added encouragingly, "Your parents are workable. Frank spends most of his time here right? And you're not close to Sophie anymore."

"Yeah," Jen agreed, although she was still unsure. It was like Mike was ticking off the potential issues, offering solutions to them all. But for some reason the prospect of Frank Tower concerned her.

"Do you have condoms?" Mike asked, his eagerness apparent.

"Uh, yeah, I think so," Jen said with an awkward laugh. As a married couple they had the strangest conversations!

"How are you going to handle Biff?" Mike asked.

"What?" Jen said, confused at the abrupt change in subject (and men!).

"He has a big crush on you," Mike pointed out.

"Don't worry, I can handle Biff," Jen assured him. If she could handle a man like Frank Tower, she certainly could handle the 19 year old intern. She already had an idea for handling Biff. A win-win. Or a win-win-win, Jen thought to herself with a giggle.

A little later, as they fed Anna, Mike said "I might see Jim while you're away."

"Oh," Jen said surprised. "You've worked out -."

"We're still friends," Mike told her. They had to be careful what they said with Anna right there.

"Oh, that's good," Jen said. Glancing at Anna and being careful with her words, she asked hesitantly "Will you, ah, see Stacy too?" She didn't want Mike to watch Stacy with her black lover. But how could she deny Mike from watching (it was just watching), given what he let her do?

Mike read her mind. "Not without you there," he assured her.

Jen smiled at Mike, clearly relieved. The fact was, she didn't like the idea of her husband getting turned on by another women. Even if it was just watching.

"I'm actually rethinking Jim's idea," Mike told her.

"Oh," Jen said. She was surprised but not excited by the idea.

Mike sensed her ambivalence. "You don't like the idea?" he asked.

Jen shrugged. She'd had a brief liaison with Jim - he came on to her and, thinking she had Mike's permission, she went down on Jim and he fingered her. But Jim's cuckold mannerisms had been a turn off. Mike had C fantasies too but, unlike with Jim, they didn't bother her. In fact they were a turn on, with his fantasies becoming hers. Of course, Jen loved Mike, whereas Jim was just a casual friend.

"I guess I'm okay with it," she said.

Still somewhat conflicted about the idea and remembering their conversation from last night, Mike grinned and said "It's easier for me you're not thrilled with the idea."

Jen grinned back. She moved to Mike's side and sat on his lap. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she smiled into his eyes and said "See, we do things for each other."

Mike wrapped his arms around Jen's waist. "Yeah, as long as it doesn't suck," he joked. They laughed at their inside joke.

Anna laughed too and bounced in her chair. She didn't understand what they were talking about. She just liked seeing her parents hugging and happy.

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