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Cheating and Rivals Pt. 17

"Frank raped you?" Mike asked with narrowed eyes, his hands tightening into fists. Jen had gotten home earlier that day. After putting Anna down to sleep, Jen told Mike what happened in Chicago.

"No baby," Jen said, soothingly rubbing her husband's chest.

"But he forced you?" Mike said, his whole body tense like he was ready to fight.

"There was some of that," Jen conceded.

"Jen he pushed you down!" Mike said angrily. "He made you suck him! That's more than some!"

"He pushed me down," Jen agreed, nodding. She hoped by staying calm Mike would calm down too. "But he didn't make me suck him." She'd had time to think about it.

"He forced you!" Mike said angrily. He was ready to seriously hurt Frank Tower. He wished he had a gun. No, not a gun. He wanted to pound Tower with his fists.

"Mike no," Jen said rubbing his arm to calm him down. "He forced me some but I didn't fight."

"But he's a man, he's bigger than you, how could you fight?" Mike said.

"I mean, I've got teeth," Jen joked, hoping to break the tension. Her cheeks turning red, she admitted "I got off on it Mike."

"It turned you on?" Mike asked shocked.

Jen nodded, her cheeks still red. "Frank was rough at first, but I never felt like I couldn't stop it if I really wanted to. He's Sophie's dad, I've known him forever. He would've stopped if I really wanted him to. He wasn't even holding me at the end." She felt hot as she added, "I mean, until he came."

"I don't know Jen," Mike said doubtfully.

"Mike, you know I have fantasies ... of being forced," Jen said in a low voice. She blushed, feeling embarrassed talking about her deepest sexual desires.

"But Frank didn't know," Mike said. "He wasn't playing, it was real."

"That's what made it so hot," Jen said, her voice hoarse with excitement. She had a major cum face on. Talking about it was getting her hot.

Mike nodded slowly. He knew his wife's rape fantasy. When he discovered it years ago, he researched it online. He was surprised when Google came up with dozens of hits. It seemed many girls had this fantasy.

But reality differed from fantasy.

Jen sensed her husband's concerns. "Baby, Frank was rough, it started out that way," she said rubbing Mike's arm again. "But he didn't hurt me. He held me, but I didn't try to get away. I could have if I wanted to."

"He made you swallow when he came," Mike pointed out.

"Mike, honey," Jen said with a smile. "That happens all the time." She gave him a crooked grin. "You do that too mister." She giggled. "I don't mind the taste. I like it actually."

That seemed to calm Mike down. Jen continued, "I pushed his buttons, he pushed mine." She giggled at the memory. "He's got a major thing for high heels."

"And stockings?" Mike said with a grin, thinking about his own fetishes. He was calming down.

"I don't think so," Jen said remembering her conversation with Frank about how hose wasn't fashionable. She shrugged. "I guess everyone's different."

Jen grabbed Mike's arm and playfully tugged him. "Let's go to bed," she said. She still had her cum face on.

In bed, Mike and Jen made out. Mike kissed down her body and got between her legs. "Yeah baby," Jen moaned, encouraging him. She closed her eyes as Mike worked his magic on her. It didn't take long. Soon Jen was clutching at the sheets and arching her back. With his wife going over the edge, Mike licked her clit faster and harder (the way she liked it) to make sure she had a complete orgasm.

Mike moved up Jen's body. Jen reached between their bodies and guided her husband into her. She was soaking wet so he pushed in easily.

"What did you think about?" Mike asked as he slowly pumped in and out.

"Frank," Jen admitted.

"The stairwell?"

"Yeah," Jen said.

"You really got off on it?" Mike asked looking into Jen's blue eyes.

"I played with myself as ..." Jen said hesitantly.

"As he fucked your face," Mike said finishing her sentence.

"Yeah," Jen said through heavy lidded eyes. Talking about it was getting her hot again. She began moving with Mike's thrusts.

"Can you cum again?"

"Maybe," Jen said. "How close are you?"

"I can last," Mike said. He'd masturbated earlier, wanting to last a long time. Nothing made him feel better than when Jen came on his cock.

"Can I get on top?" Jen asked. She could control things better from that position.

They switched so Mike was on his back, Jen straddling his hips. She slowly rocked on his cock. Through experience she found the right position and rhythm.

"Did Cap fuck you good?" Mike asked.

"Yeah but ..."

"You wanted Frank," Mike said reading his wife's thoughts.

"Yeah," Jen admitted. Mike realized that Cap was nothing more than a dildo. It was Frank who Jen wanted.

"Why didn't you go to bed with him?" Mike asked.

"I was mad at him," Jen said. "And I wanted to talk to you first."

"But if you're mad ..." Mike said, not understanding. If he didn't force her, why was she mad?

"It's like you, you have mixed feelings," Jen explained.

Mike nodded. Often when Jen fucked other men, especially if it was a boyfriend rather than some random hookup, it got Mike upset as well as excited.

"It's dangerous Jen," Mike said.

"I know," Jen said as she continued to rock back and forth. "I'm not sure I'll cum again," she told him. Jen came easily when she was as horny as this, but even her body had limits.

"I'll stop talking so you can concentrate," Mike said.

"I want to talk to you."

"Yeah but ... close your eyes," Mike suggested. "Think about Frank."

Jen looked at Mike. Then she closed her eyes. Mike watched as the passion on her face gradually got more intense. Jen rocked harder and faster on Mike's cock, her breathing getting more labored. Then suddenly she rolled her head back and arched her back as she came again.

Jen was still panting as Mike rolled her onto her back. He looked into his wife's pretty face, her beautiful eyes, as he slowly stroked in and out. Jen wrapped her arms around Mike's neck and they kissed as they made love. Soon after Mike climaxed, cumming inside his wife.

Afterwards they lay on their sides, looking at each other. Mike brushed a stray strand of blonde hair from Jen's face. "He tore off your cover-up," he said.

"That happens sometimes," Jen said. "You've done that."

"He pulled you into the stairwell," Mike reminded her.

"It scared me," Jen said. "But then I saw it was Frank."

Mike didn't respond, processing all this. If the "victim" didn't think it was rape, then was it rape?

"I was a bitch to him," Jen said. "And a tease."

"You're not saying you deserved it?" Mike asked.

"No, more like ..." Jen said hesitantly. "Maybe I wanted him to do something. Like with Biff."

Mike nodded slowly. Jen had egged Biff on so he would make a move on her. She did the same thing with Frank?

"But that doesn't make sense," Mike said. "Frank isn't a naïve kid like Biff. You didn't need to pull him out of his shell."

"Maybe I wanted Frank to pull me out of my shell," Jen said. "I don't know Mike. It's just, Frank scares me."

"You said you weren't scared."

"Not about that," Jen said. "About us."

"What?" Mike said not understanding.

"You know I said I had concerns about Frank?" Jen said. "It's just, if we start something, I think I might lose myself in him. Like how I got with Ricky and Scott."

"You feel that way about him?" Mike asked.

Jen nodded. "Guys like Jamie and Alec ... even Tom ... they're fun, I like them. But I never had an emotional connection, not really."

"Not like Ricky and Scott," Mike said. Then he added "And Drums."

"Yeah," Jen conceded with a shrug. She said "God we have the strangest marriage." Jen said it with a laugh, but there was no humor there.

"This is what we both want," Mike said squeezing his wife's hand.

"Yeah," Jen said. She laughed again. "I guess we're in The Lifestyle."

Mike grinned. "It's our hobby," he joked.

"Yeah right," Jen said with another laugh. Then she looked seriously at her husband. "What do you think?"

"Baby that's what we want," Mike said. "The game's more exciting when you get infatuated with a guy."

"But ... do we really want that again?" Jen asked.

Mike hesitated a moment. He had concerns, but his cock was throbbing. He kissed his wife softly on the lips. "Yeah, we really want that," he said and kissed her again.

"Frank has an edge to him," Jen said.

"You like aggressive guys," Mike pointed out.

"Yeah but, he's different from other guys I've been with," Jen said. "If it was another Colin or Scott, I'd know what would happen, how it would end. I don't know with Frank, he's different."

"That's what makes it exciting," Mike said encouragingly.

"Yeah but, baby, if we do this, you have to tell me if I go too far," Jen said. "You have to tell me when to stop."

"Why are you so worried?"

"Frank's different," Jen said again, struggling to explain her concerns. "Think about what happened. No guy's ever done that to me before."

"He's a lot older, more experienced," Mike pointed out. "Maybe he read you, knew what would turn you on."

"Or maybe that's just the way he is," Jen said. She shivered, a thrill running through her. "Either way it's hot," she said with a laugh.

Mike grinned and said "Maybe I'll pull you into a stairway sometime."

"No baby," Jen said immediately, taking Mike's hands in hers. "That's not you. That's not us."

Mike smiled at his wife. He wasn't an aggressive alpha guy but that was a big reason why she loved him. She might be attracted to men like Frank Tower, but she would always come back to him. Thinking of that, he said "The fact Frank's older, that makes it easier for me. You're not going to run off with him."

"I'm not going to run off with anyone," Jen told her husband. "Except you mister." They smiled at each other. Then Jen got serious again. She rubbed Mike's chest. "I worry about you baby. I don't want you to get hurt."

"That's part of it for me," Mike reminded her.

"I don't want you to get bad hurt," Jen said.

"If I do, I'll tell you, like always," Mike said.


"Frank's having a party next weekend?" Mike said.


"We're going right?" Mike asked eagerly.

Jen hesitated, then said "Yeah." There it was. Their decision.

"Let's get a hotel room," Mike said hopefully. He preferred not staying with her parents. Jen's mom was lovely but he always felt awkward around her father.

"We can't Mike, if we're in Belmont we have to stay with my parents," Jen said with a half laugh. Mike was so predictable. He hated staying with her parents. Truth was, Jen would rather stay in a hotel too. But that wasn't an option, her mom would be so offended and hurt. "This way, mom can babysit Anna."

"You don't think Frank invited your mom and dad?" Mike asked.

"Um, I didn't think of that," Jen said. Nothing would happen if her mom and dad were at the party. "I guess we'll have to see," she said, feeling disappointed.


Frank drove his BMW 7 Series to the cute Cape Cod house. He walked up to the door and knocked.

"Oh my god, Frank," Paige said when she opened the door, shocked to see Frank Tower. (Author's note: If you don't remember who Paige is, you might want to re-read the start of this story.)

Frank smiled. "Can I come in?" he asked.

"Ah, yes, sure," Paige sputtered. She quickly added, "Bob will be home soon." Bob was her husband.

"No, he's working late tonight," Frank said. "I checked the schedule."

"Oh," Paige said warily. She stepped aside as Frank walked into her home.

"Alisa will be home soon," Paige said. Alisa was her daughter, she was in first grade.

"I won't be long Paige," Frank assured her. "I just want to talk."

"Okay," Paige said nervously. They sat in the living room, facing each other.

Frank gave Paige an up and down look. "You look good Paige," he said approvingly. At 30 years old Paige was still a cute girl. She wore her brown hair shorter now (Frank approved of the change, as he preferred the classic off-the-shoulder look). Her tits were as big as ever, maybe bigger now since having Alisa. She looked slimmer though, not as heavy in the ass and hips. A nice improvement.

"With Alisa in school I have more time to work out," Paige explained.

"I'm sure Bob appreciates that," Frank joked with a grin.

"Ah, yeah," Paige said awkwardly, looking away.

"Well, you look wonderful," Frank said grinning at her.

"Oh ah, thanks Frank," Paige said nervously.

Frank's eyes moved to Paige's stomach. As a stay-at-home mom she was dressed casually, and her top had risen enough to show her lower stomach. "You still have your belly ring I see," he said. As he looked at the diamond belly ring he felt his cock coming to life. He had a thing for body jewelry.

"Um, ah, yeah," Paige said, tugging her top down to cover her stomach.

"Have you told Bob who gave you the diamond?" Frank joked with a not-so-innocent smile.

"Frank, god, no," Paige sputtered.

Paige's affair with Frank Tower had continued into her college years. She got the belly ring at Frank's urging; he was into that type of thing. Honestly, it hadn't been hard to persuade Paige, especially after Frank bought her the diamond belly ring. That ring was still the most expensive jewelry she owned, even more than the diamond engagement ring Bob gave her.

Paige owed Frank a lot. He helped with her tuition when her parents divorced. Also, Frank hired her husband Bob when he got laid off from his job. If not for Frank they wouldn't have this house. Of course, Bob didn't know about her earlier relationship with Frank.

Paige's affair with Frank ended when she graduated from college. Because of Frank, Paige had to admit. He stopped coming around, calling her. Paige wasn't certain, but she suspected Frank lost interest when there was no longer the excitement of fucking a college girl.

Then Paige met Bob, a man her age. It was love at first sight. She did her best to forget Frank.

Paige and Bob married 7 years ago when she got pregnant with Alisa (about 2 years after graduating from college). Paige had been concerned Frank might hit on her after she got married, especially after Bob got laid off and had to take a job with one of Frank's companies. She knew enough about Frank Tower to know he would get off on that type of thing. Bedding not just another man's wife, but an employee's wife. But Frank never tried to contact her. Until now.

"You wanted to talk?" Paige asked nervously.

"It's about Jenny Johnson," Frank said. "I'm working with her on Jasmine Kelly's campaign."

"Jenny?" Paige asked surprised. "God I haven't seen her forever. Since her wedding. She's Jen Andrews now right?"

"I still call her Jenny," Frank said with a grin and a shrug. "I guess I still see you girls as high school girls."

"Yeah ..." Paige said, her voice trailing off. She had mixed feelings about her affair with Frank. She'd been young when it started, barely 18. Part of her felt Frank took advantage of her. Another part felt Frank didn't do enough.

Paige fell in love with Frank. A teenager's love, but still love. She probably still had feelings for him. During their affair she often day dreamed about Frank leaving his wife and marrying her. When Mrs. Tower died 2 years ago, she wistfully imagined what life would be like as the new Mrs. Frank Tower. But by then she was married to Bob and they had their daughter Alisa. Being with Frank was no longer possible. But she still thought about him, even after 7 years of marriage and a first grade daughter.

"So about Jenny," Frank said. "You haven't kept in touch?"

"No I haven't seen her since she married Mike," Paige said looking curiously at Frak. Then she got it. "You're interested in Jenny?" she asked. She couldn't help feeling jealous and envious.

"You know me Paige," Frank said with a grin.

"Yeah, I know you Frank," Paige said bitterly. She felt resentful. She felt like he was casting her away. Again. She knew that made no sense, since she was with Bob now. But still. Also – how dare he talk to her about Jenny? About his next conquest.

"What do you know about her husband Mike?" Frank asked, ignoring the frown on Paige's face.

"I don't know him, not really," Paige said. "I met him just that one time, at their wedding. He seems nice. I heard about that Sapphire thing. He's rich."

"Not anymore," Frank told her. "The government took away his money. Took away his career too." Frank chuckled. "He's a high school teacher now."

"Oh, I didn't know," Paige said. "I heard he was in jail." She paused as if wondering whether to say the next part. Then her gossipy side got the better of her. "I wonder if Anna is his baby," she mused. Anyone could count months.

"She's not," Frank said confidently. He had spent resources looking into this. His private investigator had compared Anna's birth records to the time Mike was in jail. There was no way Mike was Anna's father. The private investigator had also found out about Drums. "Jenny was with another man while Mike was in jail," Frank said. "A musician."

"Jenny always loved music," Paige joked with an awkward laugh. She felt uncomfortable talking to Frank about her high school friend, especially suspecting his intentions. Getting more serious, Paige said "It doesn't surprise me Jenny was with someone. She always hated being alone. She stayed with Colin a long time, even though he cheated on her."

"Jenny's a complex girl," Frank said.

"I guess," Paige said with a shrug. Knowing Frank, she added "Don't fuck them up Frank."

Frank gave Paige a long look, an amused smile on his face. "Is that what you think Paige? I fucked you up?"

"No Frank," Paige said, meekly looking down at her feet.

"I paid your tuition. I gave Bob a job," Frank pointed out. "A good job. I've promoted him twice."

"I know Frank," Paige said in a small voice. She resented Frank. But she wanted him too. Even after all this time. Even after being married for years and having a baby. Desperately wanted him. "You've been good to me," she said, her voice shaking. "To my husband too."

Frank inwardly smiled, seeing the power he still had over Paige. It got him hard.

"Come here Paige," he said reaching his hand to her.

"Frank ...."

"Come here," Frank said more forcefully.

As if in an out of body experience, Paige found herself walking over to Frank. She stood in front of him.

"Good girl," Frank said smiling her. "Let me see your belly ring again."

Paige wasn't able to resist Frank. She found herself tugging up her top to expose her belly button.

"Nice," Frank admired looking at the diamond in Paige's belly button. Paige didn't have the flattest stomach. In fact she had rolls. Nothing like Jenny's. He imagined Jenny with a belly ring. Getting her tight toned stomach pierced. Thinking about Jenny got him rock hard. He needed release. Jenny wasn't here. But Paige was.

"Do me a favor Paige," Frank said, taking Paige's hand and pulling her down to her knees.

"Frank please," Paige implored.

Frank leaned back on his elbows. "Come on Paige honey," he said looking at her. "You know what to do."

"Alisha will be home soon," Paige said nervously.

"Then you better be fast," Frank said with a grin.

It only took a moment for Paige to decide. With shaking hands she reached out and unzipped Frank's pants. She took him out. For a moment she looked at his cock. Her eyes were filled with lust. He was so big, way bigger than her husband Bob. Paige wasn't a size queen (unlike Jen). But Frank's large penis represented more than a sexual organ. It represented his power. His money, his influence, his status as a power broker. It was only fitting a man like Frank Tower should have such an impressive manhood.
Paige took Frank into her mouth. She felt flush with his cock in her mouth again. She bobbed on his cock, herself getting more and more excited even as his cock got harder in her mouth.

Out of control now, Paige hurriedly pulled off her yoga pants and panties. She got on the sofa with Frank and straddled his hips. She took his cock and lowered herself on him.

"Oh god," Paige groaned, feeling Frank's cock in her again after so long. 7 years!

"That's it Paige honey, take it all," Frank said encouragingly, grasping Paige's fleshy hips and pulling her down on his cock.

"God I missed this," Paige moaned as she took all of Frank into her. As she bottomed out she glanced over Frank's shoulder, at the pictures on the shelf. A picture of her and Bob at their wedding. A picture of her, Bob and Alisha at Disney World last year. A tear came to her eye as she realized she was cheating on Bob, on Alisha too, the 2 people she loved more than life. She was no longer a faithful wife.

Frank glanced over his shoulder, following Paige's eyes. He saw the wedding and family pictures. It made him smile, made him burn with lust!

Frank rolled Paige onto her back. He began fucking her hard. He asked "When did Bob fuck you last?"

"Please don't talk about Bob," Paige pleaded.

"Tell me," Frank demanded.

Paige hesitated, then said "Last night."

"Does Bob fuck you as good?" Frank asked as he rolled his hips with each stroke, adjusting his angle to hit Paige's clit and g-spot.

"Oh god," Paige moaned as she felt herself getting close. God Frank fucked so good!

"Tell me Paige," Frank said looking into her eyes. "Do you miss my cock?"

"Oh god yes!" Paige moaned, raising her hips to meet Frank's thrusts. He felt so fucking good!

"Who fucks you better Paige?" Frank asked again. "Me or your husband?"

"Oh god! You do Frank! You do!" Paige yelled as her orgasm hit. She arched her back and curled her toes as pleasure flooded her body.

Frank slow stroked Paige as she recovered from her orgasm. Now he was almost gentle, like he was making love to her. "I'm going to cum inside you," Frank said as he tenderly kissed her. He was close.

"Please don't," Paige said with pleading eyes.

"You're not on the pill?" Frank asked with a raised eye brow.

"I am," Paige said. After a moment's hesitation she said "I might not have a chance to shower before Bill gets home."

Frank got even more excited at Paige's words. The prospect of sending Paige to her husband with a cream pie got him even hotter. "You know I don't pull out Paige," he said as he fucked her harder.

"Frank please," Paige whined, her eyes imploring him. "At least put a condom on." She pushed on his chest with her hands.

Frank took her hands and held them above her head. "Paige honey, you know that's not going to happen," he said, kissing her again as he pounded her pussy. Moments later his body tensed. He pushed deep into her. He moved his hands to her hips, tightly gripping her to keep them coupled that way. Then he came, groaning as he ejaculated into her. After shooting 2 jets of cum into her womb, he pulled out and shot the last load of his sperm over her pussy lips and trimmed pubic hair. Now she looked completely used, her pussy lips puffy and gaping open and covered with his sperm.

Frank was still panting as they heard motion outside the house. "Oh my god it's the school bus!" Paige said horrified. She looked imploringly at Frank. "Alisha's home. Frank please ...."

Frank got off Paige. He calmly fixed his pants as Paige frantically yanked on her panties and yoga pants. She managed to brush her hair with her hands just as Alisha walked in the door.

"Hi mommy," the 6 year old said as she bounced into the house.

"Hi honey," Paige said as she smoothed her hands over her top and yoga pants. She looked awkwardly at Frank and said "Alisha, this is Mr. Tower. He works with daddy."

"Oh hi," Alisha said, barely glancing at Frank. She didn't notice the way her mother was out of breath, the way her face looked flushed (in other words, the 6 year old didn't notice that her mother looked freshly fucked).

Frank moved to the door to leave. Then he remembered something. He asked "Do you still have ...?"

Paige looked questioning at Frank, not understand what he was referring to. Then she got it. "No, not for years," she said.

"I thought you liked them" Frank said.

"I met Bill," Paige said with a shrug.

Frank nodded. Yeah, a straight-laced guy like Bill probably wouldn't be into that. "Nice seeing you again Paige," Frank said. Then he left.

Frank drove away. After he was a few miles away, he stopped in an empty parking lot. His hands were trembling. He gripped the steering wheel to stop the shakes.

"I'm sorry Sally," he said to himself. Since her death 2 years ago, he'd repressed his dark desires. He wasn't a good man. He knew that. He cheated on his wife, and did worse things. Much worse. But he'd been good since her death. Like a penance. He'd lived a Christian life. For Sally.

But now, he was going down the dark side again. Giving in to his desires. Like fucking Paige while her husband was at work.

Why? Why was he doing this?

He knew why. It was because of Jenny.

Why did he find her so captivating? Yes she was beautiful. But he liked brunettes and she was a blonde. He liked busty girls and Jenny was practically flat chested. But since seeing her again, Frank couldn't stop thinking about Jenny Johnson.

Frank felt his dark side reemerging. What was the saying? Power corrupts. It was true. Frank was a Master of the Universe. For 2 years he'd suppressed his desires. But no more. He would take what he wanted.

"I'm sorry Sally," Frank said again, feeling defeated. "I can't help it. It's how I am."

Paige found herself breathing hard long after Frank was gone. She considered warning Jen. But if she talked to Jen she'd have to admit her affair with Frank, which was unthinkable. Also, she wasn't close to Jenny anymore, and this wasn't any of her business. Still, she feared for her old high school friend. And her husband Mike. At the same time though, she felt envious.


"Abraham wants your help on the quantum computer project," Colonel Banks told Mike over the phone. Abraham was the leader of the CATF's "brain trust."

"It's not something I'm interested in," Mike said.

Banks frowned. "You're not a free agent Andrews," he said. "You work for me. I'm not asking, I'm telling you."

"I'm not military, I'm not going to blindly follow your orders," Mike said. "The deal was, I work on projects that interest me."

"This is about money right?" Banks said. "You want the restrictions lifted."

"No, this is about right and wrong," Mike said. "If you develop a quantum computer, you're going to use it to hurt people."

"I'm going to use it to protect our country!" Banks insisted, exasperated. "Protect your wife, your daughter!"

"We can't be that way Colonel," Mike said. "We can't hurt others to save ourselves. Whatever the solution is, it's got to be ... more nuanced. We can't take the approach the result justifies the means."

"And you don't think we do that?" Banks insisted. "Mike, you have to trust the government to do the right thing."

"Do you think I just forget Colonel?" Mike said with an incredulous laugh. He bitterly said, "You put me in jail for a year. You torture me. You take my money, ruin my career." Mike shook his head. "I'll work for you Colonel, I'll help protect the country. But don't think I'll ever trust you or the government."


There were 3 things Willy loved. Beer and Taco Bell (he considered the 2 practically a food group). And porn.

Willy was 36, overweight, balding and unkempt. He didn't care about personal hygiene. Willy was too busy with his porn business for things like that.

It started in college. Willy had a huge collection of X-rated DVDs. Wanting cash to expand his collection, he began renting the DVDs to other students for a dollar a day. When the money began pouring in he quit college and went full time with his porn business.

He developed an internet porn site. His specialty was celebrities. That was his thing, videos of female celebs either nude or (better yet) getting fucked. Yeah, he had clips from movies just like all the other celeb porn sites. But what made Willy's site special were his "hidden cam" videos.

Maybe the best example of a hidden cam video was the video of Erin Andrews getting dressed. But the idiot who did that one filmed the slut through the key hole so you couldn't see much and the quality wasn't good. And the dumb fuck got caught because he was stalking the bitch.

Willy was smarter than that. He moved around a lot, both in and outside the USA, so the Feds couldn't catch him. And he didn't record actresses through fucking keyholes. No, he hid tiny wireless cameras in their hotel rooms. That gave him great video and sound, perfect for distribution on his website.

How did he plant the cameras? It was actually really easy. Hotel cleaning people don't make much. Many are illegal immigrants. Flash hundred dollar bills in their face and they'll do almost anything.

Willy didn't have many "hidden cam" videos. Less than 10. Okay, only 4. They weren't easy to get because celebs were careful people and it was hard to find out their schedules. But it was worth the trouble because the videos were extremely lucrative. The last time his subscriptions more than doubled. He made a ton of money off that one (which he didn't really understand because Jennifer Aniston isn't that hot anymore, but go figure). The money made it possible for him to live like a king (and also move from place to place).

If Willy could pick anyone, his next hidden cam would be of Angelina Jolie. He wanted to see what she looked like after the breast surgery. Yeah, there was a lot of political correctness going on about that, but Willy knew he'd make a killing if he got that one. (As far as Willy was concerned, the Angelina bitch was a has been without those tits of hers – did Brad Pitt even fuck her anymore? -- but seeing as he was a professional he wanted to see to make sure.)

But the Angelina cunt was too well protected. Willy had a good second choice though. He salivated thinking about her. Jasmine Kelly. Yeah, she'd be perfect. The fact she used to be on ESPN kind of made it fitting (seeing as how the Erin Andrews slut used to be on ESPN too). The fact Jasmine was running for the New York Senate seat made it even better. If he got a vid of Jasmine fucking a guy, he'd make a fortune.

It was more than the money though. Celebs were Willy's thing. If he had a video of that hottie Jasmine getting her brains fucked out, he'd rub his cock raw.


Mike, Jen and Anna took the Amtrak to Belmont (actually to Boston, and then a commuter train to Belmont via Cambridge). While Jen's mom fussed over Anna, Mike holed up with Jen in her old bedroom.

Jen's room was almost as she left it when she went to college. Mike loved being in her old bedroom, looking through her stuff. If Jen was his goddess, then her old bedroom was his temple.

"Are you ever going to wear this for me?" Mike asked with a grin, looking in the box containing her old cheerleader uniform. The box actually contained a few cheerleader outfits (tops, skirts, briefs, socks, shoes, hair bands and bows, poms). Mike was into the "barely legal" thing, another reason why Jen was his perfect girl because her blue eyes, blonde hair, innocent face and small breasts gave her a youthful almost high school look (even though she was almost 30). He'd love to fuck Jen in her old high school cheerleader outfit. But in all their years together she'd never let him. In fact, she'd never worn any of her cheer outfits for him.

"You know how I feel about that," Jen said gently, taking the box from him. They'd had this conversation millions of times. Cheerleading had been a big part of Jen's life. It'd been her sport, along with dance and gymnastics. But most people didn't think of cheerleading as a sport. They thought of it as a bunch of silly girls cheering for boys. Colin certainly looked at it that way.

Because Jen had a sentimental nature, she kept all her cheerleading paraphilia. But looking back she regretted ever getting into cheerleading. Anna would never be a cheerleader if she had anything to do about it.

Despite all that, Jen would gladly let Mike make love to her in her old cheerleader outfits. What else were they good for? But she cringed at even the idea of Mike seeing her wearing one of the outfits.

"Remember I told you I wore padded bras for Colin in high school?" Jen said taking Mike's hand. (Author's note: see Cheating and Rivals – Part 2.) She'd told Mike this before, but it seemed like she had to repeat the story whenever they were at her parents' house. "He wanted me bigger. The bras made me like a C cup. All my old cheerleader outfits are sized for that. They'd look terrible on me." Jen's breasts were a little bigger after having Anna, but still probably shy of a B cup.

"I don't want you to see me like that honey," Jen said.

"I get it," Mike said. He knew his wife was insecure about her small breasts. He liked her that way though, so he'd never suggested breast enhancement. While he'd still love to see Jen in her old cheer outfit (he knew she'd still look super hot), he didn't want to hurt her self-esteem.

"I promise I'll buy a cheerleader outfit and wear it for you," Jen said giving him a mischievous grin. "With stockings and high heels."

"I'd rather you wore ankle socks and saddle shoes," Mike said with a grin. He wanted her to look exactly as she looked in high school.

"God you're so kinky," Jen said with a laugh.

At that moment Jen's mom knocked on the door. "Jenny, honey, Paige is on the phone," mom said.

"What, Paige?" Jen said surprised. She looked at Mike. "You remember Paige, at our wedding? I haven't talked to her in forever."

Jen went downstairs to take the call. She returned a few minutes later. "Paige wants to get together," Jen said, a quizzical look on her face. "She says she needs to tell me something."

"What?" Mike asked.

"She didn't want to say over the phone," Jen said. "Is it okay if I meet her? I'd like to see her again. I don't think I've seen her since our wedding."

"Of course baby," Mike said. "Maybe I'll go see a movie. Ant Man maybe." Mom – the proud grandmother -- was planning to take Anna around to her friends. The last thing Mike wanted was to hang in the house with Jen's dad.

"I'm sure dad will go with you," Jen said reading his mind.

"Uh ...."

"I'm just teasing," Jen said with a giggle.

Mike grinned. "So, are your parents going to Frank's party tomorrow?" he asked.

"I told Mom it's for Jasmine's campaign," Jen said.

"Is it?" Mike asked.

"I'm not sure," Jen said with a shrug. "But it gives Mom an excuse not to go. Dad always drinks too much at Frank's parties."

"What will your dad say?" Mike asked.

"At not being invited?" Jen said. She gave an uncaring shrug. She did not have a good relationship with her father. He'd ignored her while growing up (he still mostly ignored her) and repeatedly cheated on her mother. For the life of Jen she didn't know why her mother was still with him. She said with some bitterness "I don't care what Dad thinks."

Mike decided not to go there, well aware of the issues Jen had with her father (Mike thought he was a creep too, although he was always respectful to his father-in-law). He had better things to think about anyway. "So, all's go with Frank tomorrow?" Mike asked with an eager glint in his eye.

"Well, I guess," Jen said with a laugh. Her husband was so predictable. "I don't know what's going to happen. They'll be other people there. But we won't have to worry about Mom or Dad there."

"That's good honey," Mike said. He pulled his wife to him and raised her top a little. He kissed his wife's flat tummy.

"I think Frank's into belly rings," Jen said.

"How do you know?" Mike asked suddenly intrigued.

"Just his reaction, when I told him I want to get one someday," Jen said.

"Maybe you should get one then," Mike said kissing his wife's belly button.

"You don't like piercings," Jen reminded him.

"I don't like tattoos, but I like yours," Mike said, running his fingers over Jen's lower back. "You'd look sexy with a belly ring. You can get it for Frank."

"For Frank huh?" Jen said with a knowing, lopsided grin. "Not for you?"

Mike grinned back at her.

"Maybe I will," Jen said, seizing on the opportunity. Whether or not something happened with Frank, this was her chance to get a belly ring! "Do you want to be there?"

Mike thought about it a moment. "Let's see how it goes with Frank," he said.

"Okay," Jen said with a laugh. They had the strangest conversations!

"When do you need to go?" Mike said pulling her closer. Their talk (about Frank, the belly ring and earlier about her cheerleader uniform) had got him hot.

"I need to go now honey," Jen said, giggling as she squirmed away from his grasp. "Later mister," she told him with a grin.

"Can you do something for me?" Mike asked.

"What?" Jen said with a wary laugh.

"Wear these," Mike said pulling delicate ankle socks and black and white saddle shoes from Jen's cheer box.

"Are you serious?" Jen said with another laugh. But she was already tossing off her flats and putting on the socks and saddle shoes. "Paige is going to give me so much shit when she sees me wearing this." Always the fashion plate, Jen rolled the skinny jeans up a couple issues to draw attention to the ankle socks and saddle shoes.

"You look hot baby," Mike admired. She did too. Jen was wearing a casual top and skinny jeans. The saddle shoes gave a sexy "barely legal high school" vibe to the outfit.

"You think so huh?" Jen said with a teasing grin. She raised her leg and pressed the toe of the shoe into Mike's chest. "Does this turn you on?"

"Yeah," Mike said. He was quickly losing control. He moved Jen's foot up to his face.

Knowing what her husband wanted, Jen's pushed the toe of the worn saddle shoe into his mouth. Like a cock in his mouth. She said "Suck it Mike."

It was only a moment, then she pulled back. She giggled seeing the look of uncontrolled lust on her husband's face. Mike was so much fun to torture! "I've got to go baby," she said. She took a red brief from the cheerleader box and stuffed it in his mouth. "You can think about this while I'm gone," she said with more giggles. "But no playing with yourself mister," she playfully warned. "If I have to wear these shoes then you have to wait until I get home."


As it turned out, Paige didn't notice Jen's shoes. She had more important things to talk about.

"What's wrong Paige?" Jen asked after a few minutes of catching up. Paige was clearly distracted and bothered by something.

"You can never tell Bob, or anyone," Paige warned. She looked frazzled.

"Of course not honey," Jen assured her.

Paige hesitated as if mustering up her courage. Then she said in a low voice, "In high school, I had an affair with Frank Tower."

Jen's eyes grew wide. "You did?" she said shocked.

"It started the summer before our senior year," Paige said. "We were at a sleepover at Sophie's. You and Sophie were asleep. I woke up, went to the kitchen for water. Mr. Tower – Frank -- was there."

"I was there?" Jen asked.

Paige nodded. Her cheeks got red. "So was Mrs. Tower," she continued. "It must've been 2 or 3, everyone was asleep. I went with Mr. Tower to the basement."

"Just like that?" Jen said looking incredulously at Paige.
"Not just like that," Paige said. "He seduced me I guess. I had a crush on him. All the girls did, remember Jenny?"

Jen nodded. Sophie used to joke about it, how all her friends had crushes on her dad. Jen probably would've had a crush on Mr. Tower too if she hadn't been so involved with Colin.

"He said he wanted to show me something," Paige continued. She laughed trying to remember. "I can't remember what. That's when it happened."

"Where you a virgin?" Jen asked.

"No, remember, Mark?" Paige said.

"Oh yeah," Jen said thinking back. Paige had lost her virginity to her then boyfriend Mark during her junior year.

"I felt like a virgin though, with Frank," Paige said with a giggle.

Jen gave a brief smile. Then, remember her own recent experience, she asked "Did he force you?"

Paige gave Jen a knowing look, the 2 old friends sharing a silent message. She said "Not so much forced. More like, he's used to getting what he wants." After a moment she added in a low whispered "It was the best sex of my life Jenny. He didn't force me." Paige's cheeks were red with embarrassment.

Jen nodded slowly. She asked "So what happened?"

"It lasted all through college," Paige said. "Mostly holidays and summers at home. But sometimes Frank visited me at college."

Jen nodded again, processing all this. Frank had told her he cheated on Mrs. Tower. He seemed regretful about that. Now Jen knew Paige was the girl he cheated with. Were there others? Jen knew that was a stupid question. Of course there were others.

Paige seemed to read Jen's thoughts. "You probably think I'm terrible," she said looking embarrassed and sheepish.

Jen knew she had more than a few skeletons in her closet. Deciding to come clean, she whispered "I had an affair with Mr. Hayden."

Paige's jaw dropped. "When?" she asked wanting to know all the details.

"Remember Mr. Hayden directed Chicago our senior year?" Jen whispered. "Around then." With a grim expression she added "When Colin cheated on me."

"Oh yeah, I'm sorry Jenny honey," Paige said, remembering how devastated Jen had been. Still curious though, she whispered "How long did it last?"

"Just that semester," Jen said. "I think we both felt guilty about cheating on his wife. And I got back together with Colin."

"Wow, Mr. Hayden," Paige said amazed. She suddenly felt a lot better. She said with a giggle "God Jenny I think that tops me."

"I don't know about that," Jen said with a giggle back. "I guess you never told Sophie?"

"Ya think?" Paige said sarcastically. They both laughed.

"Have you talked to Sophie?" Jen asked.

"No, not since her mom died," Paige said. "She didn't invite me to her wedding."

"Me either," Jen said. "Frank says she took her mom's death really hard."

Paige nodded. "You're working with him now?" she asked.

"How'd you know?"

"He stopped by the other day," Paige said. "Then I heard you were in town."

"What'd he want?" Jen asked.

"He wanted to talk about you," Paige said. "And Mike."

"What'd you say?"

"I didn't say anything," Paige said. "God Jenny, we haven't talk for forever."

Jen nodded, knowing that was true. "So ... what did Frank say about me?" she asked hesitantly, although she already knew the answer.

Paige was embarrassed again. "Jenny ... you're thinking about hooking up with Frank?" she asked feeling awkward to ask such a private question.

"What did Frank say?"

"He kind of said you were hooking up," Paige said. "Listen Jenny, I don't care what you do. I'm not judging you."

"I'm not cheating on Mike," Jen said defensively. "I tell him everything."

Paige nodded slowly, processing this. "So you guys are swingers?"

Jen inwardly sighed. It seemed she was always having to tell people about their "secret" game. "Mike likes to watch me with other guys," Jen whispered. She giggled and said "He's kind of kinky. Please don't tell anyone."

"Wow," Paige said. "Does he hook up with other girls?"

"No, Mike only wants me," Jen said definitively.

"Oh, okay," Paige said, giving Jen a doubtful look. "So, ah, you and Frank have a thing?"

"Not yet," Jen said, not thinking a blow job in a hotel stairwell rated a "thing." "But Frank's having a party tomorrow."

"Yeah, Bob and I are going," Paige said. Seeing Jen's questioning look, she added "Bob works for Frank."

"Oh," Jen said, taking that factoid in.

"Jenny you can never say anything to Bob," Paige said.

"He doesn't know?" Jen asked.

"God no," Paige said. "Bob is so jealous, I don't tell him about any of my old boyfriends. He thinks of me as his virgin bride."

"Seriously?" Jen said with a skeptical look.

"He knows I wasn't a virgin, he just doesn't like thinking about it," Paige said.

"Okay," Jen said. Bob was so different than Mike. But then, Bob was probably closer to normal and Mike the strange one.

"I just want to tell you, if you're going to get involved with Frank, you have to be careful," Paige said.

"What do you mean?" Jen asked.

"Just be careful," Paige said. "Don't fall in love with him."

"I'm not going to fall in love," Jen said with a laugh. "This is just play, a game."

"You say that, but ..."

Jen looked at her old high school friend. "Paige, do you love Frank?"

Paige shrugged and didn't answer for a long time. Finally she said "I'm not jealous of you, if that's what you're asking. I always knew Frank had other girls. That's how he is."

"I'm not looking for anything exclusive," Jen said. "God Paige I'm married." She laughed. "I know that sounds weird. Mike and I play, it's our game, that's all."

"It's just ... Frank can really get inside you," Paige said. She laughed thinking about what she just said. "Not just physically. I mean in your head. He's like that. Pretty soon, you'll be thinking about him all the time."

"I mean ... yeah, I get infatuated with my boyfriends," Jen whispered to Paige. "That's part of it for us. It's part of the thrill. But I get over it."

"That's what I'm saying Jenny," Paige said. "Frank might not let you get over it. He's kind of, a force of nature. If he wants you ... it's hard to say no. You won't want to say no."

Jen stared at Paige. Finally she asked "Paige, are you still seeing Frank?"

Paige was silent for long moments. Then she said "The other day ... I hadn't seen him for years. Bob works for him. They see each other all the time. But Frank never did anything, never tried to see me, until this week."

"You slept with him?" Jen whispered.

"Yeah," Paige whispered back, red faced again.

Thinking about it, Jen mused (to herself as much as Paige), "Do you think Frank hired Bob, to keep in touch with you?"

Paige didn't answer for a long time. Then she said "I don't know, but I think so. I don't want to cheat on Bob. But if Frank comes over again ..."

"You can say no," Jen said.

"Jenny, he controls Bob's schedule," Paige said. "He knows when I'm alone."

"So say no," Jen said again.

"Jenny, that's what I'm saying," Paige said, trying to make Jen understand. "With Frank Tower, it's hard to say no. You won't want to say no." Ominously she added "You'll see. It'll be the best sex of your life. But it's more than that. He gets inside your head."

"What do you mean?" Jen asked, doubting the "best sex of your life" part. She didn't doubt Frank was good. But after years of playing the game, she'd had a lot of incredible lovers and awesome sex. As an after-thought, Jen thought "Mike's awesome too of course."

Paige had thought about it for years. She said "There's a reason Frank's so good at business. He looks at you and it's like he's reading your soul. He's manipulative. But he's so good at it, it's like you want to be manipulated."

Jen noticed how Paige gushed unconditionally over Frank. She asked again, "Paige, do you still love Frank?"

Paige shrugged. "It doesn't matter, Frank doesn't want me," she said with more than a little bitterness.

"But --."

"I know what you're asking," Paige snapped. She was silent for long moments. Finally she said "I love Bob and Alisha," she said. "But honestly? Yeah, sometimes I daydream about being Frank's wife."

"God Paige," Jen lamented.

"I know I'm terrible," Paige admitted. She laughed but it was without any humor. "I know he'd cheat on me. But I'd live with that, to be his wife. Sometimes I wonder if Mrs. Tower was like that. She knew about his cheating, but she stayed with him because she loved him so much."

Jen nodded. Probably Paige was right. That was exactly the reason why her mom stayed with her dad.

"You're lucky, you know," Paige said. "You can have both. Frank, and your family."

"Yeah," Jen said.

"Just be careful Jenny," Paige warned. "Frank is really competitive."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm not sure," Paige said honestly. "It just ... I'm not sure how Frank will deal with another man involved. Mike I mean." Paige laughed (again without any humor). "I can't believe we haven't seen each other for years, and we're talking about this."

"Paige, you're a really good friend for telling me all this," Jen said smiling at Paige and squeezing her hands.

Paige smiled back. Then she got serious again. "I guess I should tell you one more thing," she said hesitantly.


"This isn't coming from me, it's Frank," Paige said.

"Okay ... what?" Jen asked warily.

"Frank doesn't think Mike is Anna's father," Paige said hesitantly. She hurriedly added "That's what Frank thinks, not me."

"Why does he think that?" Jen asked, her expression going cold.

"I don't know," Paige said evasively. Of course, she suspected the same thing as Frank. She said cautiously "Maybe he counted months?"

"Mike is definitely Anna's father," Jen said sternly, her tone making it clear that was the final word on the topic.

"Oh okay," Paige said, looking away to escape Jen's glare. Their conversation ending, she said "You won't say anything to Bob, right?"

"Never," Jen promised. They hugged goodbye soon after that, knowing they would see each other the next night at Frank's party.


Mike got a drink after the movie. He didn't want to get home before Jen (not wanting to be in the house alone with Jen's father).

When Mike got home the house was dark and quiet. He went up to Jen's bedroom.

Jen was there in a long robe. Mike looked down and saw she still wore the socks and saddle shoes.

"Anna?" he asked.

"She's asleep next door in Emma's room," Jen said as she walked up to her husband. Emma was her older sister. Emma was married and lived in Belmont too. "Mom's asleep. Dad's out somewhere. How was the movie?"

"Ant man wasn't playing," Mike said. "I watched the Fantastic Four. It was weird seeing the Human Torch as a black guy."

Jen nodded, not knowing what Mike was talking about. "I missed you," she said hugging him. She smelled alcohol. "You got a drink?" She kissed him and ran her tongue across his. "Highland Park?"

"I got a scotch," Mike said evasively. He no longer drank Highland Park. It was too pricey for his limited income.

"I'm so hot baby," Jen said, kissing Mike again. As she kissed her husband she ran her foot up and down his leg.

"What are you wearing under this robe?" Mike asked rubbing her back.

Jen stepped back. "This," she said as she untied the robe and let it fall to her feet.

Jen was completely nude, except for the socks and shoes. Mike's breath caught. He would never tire of seeing his wife's naked body.

Mike looked up and down Jen's body. Her perky tiny tits. Her flat stomach. Her long gorgeous legs. Jen was still a work out freak. Her slim body was tight and toned, yet soft in all the right places. She kept a tiny landing strip above her clit; otherwise, she was completely bare except for her blonde hair. She wore her blonde hair long. Mike often told her he liked her hair "a few inches passed your bra strap."

Mike gazed at Jen's feet. The lace edged ankle socks and white and black saddle shoes made Jen look so young. So wickedly young. Like a ripe Lolita. "What did Paige want to talk about?" he asked, cupping his wife's small yet perfect breasts.

"I'll tell you in a minute," she said. She quickly took off Mike's clothes. "Are you hot for me baby?" she asked.

"Yeah," Mike said with a hoarse, excited voice.

Jen sat Mike on the edge of the bed. She got down on her knees between his legs. Pulling her long hair to the side, she went down on him. She wanted to get Mike off so he would last longer when they fucked later. As she suspected, Mike didn't last long. He was so hot he came more than usual. Still, Jen easily swallowed all of it.

Jen stood up and leaned into Mike. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Then she ran her fingertip along his lips. "Baby," she said with a desperate look on her face.

Mike knew what his wife wanted. He laid her on the bed and they made out. Then Mike moved down her body, spending time fondling her tits and licking her nipples. He got between her long shapely legs and worked his magic on her pussy and clit. Soon Jen was grabbing at the sheets, writhing under his tongue. As she came, she bit into a pillow to stifle her moans (not wanting her mom to hear or Anna to wake up).

Afterwards they lay in bed, on their sides looking at each other. Mike pulled a blanket over them as Jen's was cold (it got cold in Belmont at night, even in the summer). Mike positioned his legs so his calves pressed against the saddle shoes. Jen knew her husband had a major leg and foot fetish. As they talked she moved her foot up and down, softly caressing Mike's calf and foot with the saddle shoe from her high school cheerleading.

"Paige had an affair with Frank in high school," Jen whispered to him in the near darkness.

"Really?" Mike said his eyes going wide.

"Yeah," Jen said. "All through college."

"Why'd she tell you, after all this time?" Mike asked.

"She knows about me and Frank."


"Frank told her."

Mike frowned. "I thought he'd be discreet," he said.

"Yeah, I'll have to talk to him about that," Jen said. She ran her manicured nail up Mike's chest. "Paige told me things."

"We're still going to the party tomorrow?" Mike asked. "You're not pissed at Frank for telling Paige without asking you first?"

"I'm annoyed at him," Jen said. "But you have to let me tell you what Paige told me."

There was excitement in Jen's voice and Mike heard it. He looked closer at Jen's pretty face. Even in the moonlight it was easy to see. Jen had a major cum face on.

"What baby?" Mike asked, moving his hand up and thumbing her nipple. Her nipple was rock hard.

Jen moaned as Mike touched her nipple. Her nipples were really sensitive. In truth, like a lot of moms, she lost some sensitivity after breast feeding Anna. It used to be, she could almost cum from just a guy playing with her nipples (in fact, she'd cum a few times that way). To her regret, though, her nipples weren't as sensitive anymore after having Anna. In her quiet moments she worried what might happen if she had another baby, or a third. She never told Mike this though. She didn't want him to think she was somehow "damaged." It was like how she told his brother Joe one time. Her greatest fear was the day men (and especially Mike) no longer thought she was hot. (Author's note: See Consequences - Part 20)

But still, her nipples were still the 2nd most sensitive part of her body (after her clit of course). "Stop, I can't concentrate," Jen giggled, taking Mike's hand off her breast. She kissed his hand and said "I think Frank might be the guy."

"Your next lover?" Mike asked excitedly.

"More than that."

"Your next boyfriend?" Mike asked even more excited.

"No Mike," Jen said with another giggle. She was kind of nervous and embarrassed. "I mean, maybe, but that's not what I mean." She kissed his hand again.

"What baby?" Mike asked.

Jen reached down and cupped her husband's penis. She was happy to see he was hard. "You know how I want to find a man who'll control me?" she asked as she slowly stroked him. She leaned down and whispered in Mike's ear, "And control you too?"

"Yeah," Mike said breathing hard.

Jen got on top of Mike and guided him inside her. "I think Frank might be that guy," she said as she lowered herself on her husband's manhood.

"What did Paige say?" Mike asked, his eyes rolling back in his head and Jen rode him up and down.

"Just look what Frank did in Chicago," Jen said excitedly.

"I need to talk to him about that," Mike said with a frown.

"Okay baby, you can talk to him tomorrow," Jen said, wrapping her arms around Mike's neck and kissing him. "But I'm okay with what he did. That matters, right?"

"Yeah," Mike agreed. He began moving his hips up to fuck harder.

Jen stopped him with a soft hand on his stomach. "Let me control it Mike. I don't want you to cum too fast." Not wanting her words to come across as scolding or criticism, she quickly kissed Mike and said "Is that okay baby?"

"Yeah," Mike said, laying back flat on the bed and letting Jen ride him.

As she rocked back and forth, she leaned over and kissed Mike. "What do you think of that idea?" she asked.

"I'm not sure," he said with an uncertain laugh.

"You need to trust me baby," Jen said looking into her husband's eyes. "I get you. You'll love it."

"I know you'll love it," Mike said, emphasizing the word "you'll."

Jen stopped moving on Mike's cock. "Is that what you think?" she said looking upset.

Mike hated when Jen wasn't happy. He said "I guess I don't get it. Why it turns you on so much."

"It's because I love you," Jen said.

"Seriously?" Mike asked with a laugh.

Jen asked "If you didn't love me, would you still be into seeing me with other men?"

"I guess not," Mike conceded.

"See?" Jen said.

"Not really," Mike said with another laugh.

"You have to trust me baby," Jen said, starting to move up and down on Mike again. "Do you trust me?"

"Yeah," Mike said honestly. How could he not trust her? She was his goddess.

"Just, if I go too far," she said. "Or if Frank goes too far. Just tell me. I'll take care of you baby."

"Who'll take care of you?" Mike asked.

"You will Mike," Jen said. "You always take care of me. Right?"

"Yeah," Mike said.

"Does this feel good?" Jen asked, adjusting her legs so the toes of the saddle shoes dug into the sides of Mike's knees.

"Yeah," Mike said again. This time the "yeah" sounded like a moan.

"See?" Jen said. "I know what you like."

"Jen?" Mike said.

"Yeah baby?"

"I need to talk to Frank tomorrow before anything happens," Mike said.

"You will baby," Jen assured him, kissing her husband. "I promise."

Mike managed to hold off until Jen came. Afterwards they spooned in bed.

"Jen?" Mike said to the back of her head, her soft blonde hair tickling his nose.

"Yeah?" Jen said. She was awake too, looking into the darkness, thinking about Frank and her conversation with Paige.

"You think Sophie found out about Paige and her father?" Mike asked.

Jen had the same thoughts. Nodding in the darkness, she said "Or maybe another girl. I think Sophie blames Frank for her mother's death."

"She had cancer," Mike pointed out.

"Yeah but ... I don't know all the details," Jen said. She thought about Anna. She couldn't imagine a life where they were alienated. It must be terrible for Frank. She said "Maybe I can help bring them back together." Jen thought about Frankie, how she helped him. Of course, she didn't bring Frankie up to Mike, just like she tried not to mention any of her past boyfriends unless Mike brought them up (usually only when he was feeling frisky). Maybe she could help Frank reconcile with Sophie.
"But, if Sophie finds out about you and her father," Mike said. That would be a bad thing, probably kill their friendship and cause problems for Frank in his relationship with his daughter.

"Yeah but, this is way after Mrs. Tower died," Jen said having already thought of this. "Anyway, she won't find out."

Mike was doubtful of that. Look how quickly Paige found out. Thinking of that, he asked "Did you tell Paige about our game?"

Jen turned around so she was facing her husband. "I kind of had to baby," she said. She rubbed his chest. "Are you okay with that?"

"I guess so," Mike said. "I guess everyone knows I'm a cuck."

"That's not true," Jen assured him. "They might suspect we play, but they don't know. Anyway, it's on me, not you. Everyone thinks you're the best husband and father."

"Yeah right," Mike said sarcastically. Actually they thought he was so pathetic in bed his wife needed other men to satisfy her needs.

"Are you really upset by this?" Jen asked. She moved her hand down Mike's body to his cock. It was half hard and stirring back to life.

"I guess it's a turn on," Mike admitted.

"I thought so," Jen said with a giggle. She began stroking him. "Can you cum again?"

"Yeah but, your parents ..." Mike said. He didn't want to leave cum stains on the sheets.

Jen read his mind. "I'll wash the sheets before we leave," she assured him.

"Okay," Mike said. Breathing harder, he said "Tell me again what Frank did."

"I teased him, he has a thing for high heels," Jen said with an excited, delighted look in her eyes. "I teased him with Cap at the pool. When I went to my room he pulled me into the stairwell. I was scared but then I saw it was him."

"You weren't scared?" Mike asked.

"I was, but I knew I was safe," Jen said. "Does that make sense?"

"Yeah, I think so," Mike said. "That turned you on?"

"Yeah," Jen said. She was getting hot from recounting the story. As she stroked Mike, she pushed her other hand into her panties and rubbed herself. "He pushed me down on my knees. He forced his cock into my mouth. He's really big. God I was so turned on baby ...."

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