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Doctor's Cure Ch. 04

Dr. Fred James continued working at his desk while Mrs. Daisy Blanding slept. She had endured an expertly administered super-orgasming that hovered somewhere between forced and voluntary, and was taking a well earned rest in the doctor's office.

Daisy awoke in no more than fifteen minutes, but the after effects of a gentle sleep following the deepest and longest lasting orgasm she had ever experienced left her woozy and light headed. Daisy turned her head and saw Dr. James at his desk. She blinked and asked, "How long have I been asleep?"

Dr. James finished writing a memo, then looked up at her, "You haven't been asleep long. I hated to wake you. You did a lot of work and deserved to rest."

Daisy thought it was nice of him to cover her and lower the stirrups so that she could relax. She felt her body tingle like never before, and to her surprise she felt far less tense than she had been feeling for many months.

Dr. James pushed back his chair, arose, and walked over to the reclining and beautiful Mrs. Blanding. "How are you feeling?"

She stretched her arms, looked at her doctor, and said, "It's amazing. I feel refreshed and all the tension is gone." She smiled sheepishly and said, "I guess your theory and your treatment was correct." She said that knowing full well that this man had just played with her nipples and pussy until she was on the verge of collapse, then he stopped until she lost her orgasmic momentum, then he did it again, and again, and again. This man in the white lab coat who appeared calm and professional had just fingered her to an explosive eruption that blasted her cares away.

Dr. James said, "Take your time. I have things to do while you dress. When you're done, I would like to have a word with you about further treatments."

Further treatments? Daisy's mind was spinning. Her first thought was, "Buster, you can do me any day of the week!" But her second thought was, "What have I done?" She was pretty sure that what he did to her was not something that her husband Jim could replicate. In fact, she suspected that her response to her doctor's pussy skills was partly due to his being a stranger. Familiarity with her husband, she now realized, was a roadblock to the kind of wild release she felt with this very experienced pussy professional.

Twenty minutes later, Daisy was sitting across the desk from Dr. James. She was dressed in her career attire and looking very modest, but Dr. James could look at her now with the knowledge that her public hair was indeed blonde and that her nipples were more sensitive than most women's. He also knew that he could have fucked Daisy on his exam table, and she would have loved it. But he was playing a deeper game. His own pleasure could wait. He'd had fun with her, and his cock had pulsed near to an orgasm by itself, but much greater pleasure awaited if he carefully coaxed Mrs. Blanding along.

Dr. James said, "Mrs. Blanding, I think we've isolated your stress problem. Not the cause, but the cure. No doubt your stress will still build, but now we have a way to relieve you. I am available to treat you, or you might try alternatives such as your husband or even other sources for this sort of relief."

Daisy thought to herself, "Other sources?" Her mind filled with images of men servicing her in every way possible. Her imagination was running wild, and it felt good to think about the possibilities."

Dr. James noticed her faraway look. "Mrs. Blanding, did you hear me?"

She blinked and looked at him, "Oh, yes, right now I feel so good. A little embarrassed, but very good."

"Don't feel embarrassed," Dr. James told her. "This is just how we must do things sometimes. Don't think of it as personal. I just showed you how your body works, and that's my job."

Daisy felt a little dizzy hearing that. Not personal, she thought, how can that not be personal? But it did feel funny to have him play her like a xylophone, running up and down her keyboard, and hitting just the right notes every time.

"Before you go," Dr. James said, "there is another level of treatment you might consider. If the tension returns, and I think it will, we can continue this same kind of treatment, or I do have a colleague in another city who has experimented with deep penetration techniques."

Even after what she had just been through, Daisy looked startled at the words "deep penetration." Her head was spinning, yet again, at the thought of what this might mean.

"Let me ask you first," Dr. James said, "can you tell me about your husband's penis size?"

Fred decided to just let that question lay there on the table and to say no more while Daisy squirmed trying to decide if she should be so bold as to reveal such an intimate secret.

"The reason I ask," said Dr. James, "is that most husbands have a rather inadequate penis." He continued, "To supplement the kind of release that you had today over there on that table, ideally you should have followed up immediately with copulation, and the bigger the penis the better."

"For now, I'd like you to go home, take a warm bath, enjoy a calm quiet evening, and see how you feel tomorrow and next week." The doctor said this is soothing terms that made Daisy feel comfortable. "Then," he added, "I suggest a follow up appointment in about a month."

"What would that be for?" she asked.

"I want to check your progress, and you can tell if further treatments, including deep penetration, might be desired."

Daisy nodded, rose from her chair, and left Dr. James' office. On her drive home, she kept feeling a little buzz between her legs, and at home she felt better than she had in a long time.

The month passed, and hardly a day went by when Daisy didn't think of her doctor and his treatment. After the first week, she yearned for another visit and a repeat of his skills. And every day, she thought about deep penetration. The way he said it to her, so matter-of-fact, made it sound so natural.

Daisy called to make the follow-up appointment. The receptionist had been notified to send the call directly to Dr. James if Mrs. Blanding should call. She told him, "I'm calling to make another appointment, like you said."

Dr. James told her, "Yes, of course, how's next Wednesday at 4:00?" She agreed, and he added, "Did you want the deeper treatment?"

Daisy did want it, but she was afraid to say so. All that came out was, "What do you think? I'm not sure."

Fred had thought all this through and was ready with a reply, "I'll contact my colleague and see if we can arrange something. Good day."

Now, with just a few days before her Wednesday appointment, Daisy was frantically thinking back through her old boyfriends who she'd let get to second and third base and a few who got to home plate. There were a couple with larger cocks, but she wasn't sure what Dr. James meant by "deeper."

On Wednesday, Daisy arrived in Dr. James' office. He greeted her and brought her into his office. Just looking at his exam table made her tremble a little bit.

"It's so nice to see you again, Mrs. Blanding," he said. I did check with my associate, and he will join us as soon as he arrives. Meanwhile, I would like you to consider adding a very thick and long cock to our treatment."

He said, "cock!" Daisy was taken aback.

Dr. James pulled out his photo notebook. He sat next to her on the sofa and asked her to look through the photos. Daisy was wide eyed as she turned each page to see women on that very same exam table, posed with an enormous dick pointing at their pussy or resting gently at the opening of their pussy lips. There were no photos of actual penetration. But the male involved looked trim and ready as a billy goat.

"Did you tell your husband about your last treatment?" Dr. James asked her.

"Well, I just told him that you were very effective and solved my problem. He didn't ask for details," she told him.

The doctor continued, "Well, at some point, I'd like him to join you during an appointment."

Daisy was very surprised. How would she respond if her husband were watching? Just the suggestion made her tremble with naughty anticipation.

Just then there was a knock on the doctor's door. It was his colleague who had driven to town from another city. "Mrs. Blanding, may I introduce Dr. Perryman? He is a specialist whose theories are innovative and who will assist us in today's treatment."

Daisy smiled and nodded her head. Dr. Perryman was tall and handsome, and she wondered if he were the mysterious man in the photos she had just seen.

The two men left the office while Daisy undressed down to her lingerie. When the doctors returned, they saw the beautiful Mrs. Blanding standing like a model in perfect white lacy bra and panties. Once again, she had left on her heels, making her legs look longer and more shapely.

Dr. James led Daisy to a small platform, about a foot high, and helped her step up. The two doctors made visual inspection of her, noting her posture and her beauty. Dr. James asked Daisy, "And how have we been since I last saw you?"

She felt a little embarrassed at first in front of the two men, but she soon lost that feeling. "I felt wonderful for a few days, then slowly the tension returned. That's why I called for this follow- up appointment."

Dr. Perryman examined Daisy's file and asked her, "It says here that last time the treatment you received was effective for release of tension and that Dr. James recommended repeating the treatment and expanding it. Did he explain the expansion?"

Daisy looked at the two men whose eyes were feasting on her charms. She wondered how crude they had been in describing her. Was Dr. Perryman only here because he had a particular liking for blonde pussies like mine? Even though her treatment had been effective, were these two men perverts who got their jollies by making women have violent orgasms on their exam tables? Then she looked down at Dr. Perryman's trousers, searching to see if they contained that enormous penis in the photos.

Finally, Daisy answered, "Yes, he explained that this session would involve something called deep penetration."

"And you know what that means?" asked Perryman.

She hated to answer his question, but she said, "I wasn't going to come back for another treatment, not at first, but my stress and tension returned, so I wanted to try anything to help me. My last appointment gave me the first release I have felt in months, so I can only trust that Dr. James knows what he is doing."

Dr. Perryman looked at Dr. James and said, "I think we can proceed."

With that, Dr. James walked behind Daisy and released her bra, immediately exposing her breasts and those excellent nipples. He explained to his colleague, "The last time this patient was here, I found that an application of standard manipulation techniques produced a strong response. As you can see, her nipples are already tight and hard and ready for us to begin."

Daisy looked down and was mortified that her nipples were so pointed and obviously aroused. But suddenly, she was taken by surprise when Dr. James lowered her panties, exposing her blonde pubic hair.

Dr. Perryman looked at Dr. James and said, "You were right, old boy. This is a rare sight." Then he spoke to Daisy, "You are very lucky, madam, to have such golden locks."

But her pussy was still concealed, her panties resting just above the cleft of her pussy lips. Dr. James lowered her panties another few inches. She watched Dr. Perryman standing directly in front of her as her pussy came into his view. Definitely, she saw movement in his trousers as he gazed at her pouting pussy lips.

Her panties fluttered to the floor, and Daisy stepped out of them, finally kicking off her heels. Even though neither doctor had touched her, she began to anticipate the treatment and feel her body craving a repeat of Dr. James excellent skills.

Dr. James led Mrs. Blanding to his exam table and positioned her with her back flat on the table and legs straight and pressed together. Her blonde puff of hair almost concealed the entry to her vagina, but a small line between her lips was clearly in view.

Both doctors were beside her, looking down, as Dr. James began to apply lotion to her breasts and oil to her nipples. Dr. James began the treatment as before, with gentle touches, then long pulling movements on her nipples. Dr. Perryman watched for a few moments, then he took a position on the opposite side of the table and repeated the same movements on her other breast and nipple. Daisy felt herself starting to slide again into a zone of pleasure that she hoped would be a powerful as before.

The doctors took their time on her nipples, alternating between gentle touches and almost cruel pinches and pulls. Then, without any warning, both men bent down and licked her nipples the sucked them, drawing them upward until the popped out of their mouths. Over and over they did this. She thought, "They had to have practiced this before!"

While Dr. Perryman continued on her breasts, Dr. James positioned Daisy's legs in the stirrups, spread her legs wide apart and securing them with restraints. He cranked up her back so she could again see her mirror and her pussy in the mirror.

As before, Dr. James began a well skilled probe of her vaginal tissues, touching her in exact places to maximize her shivers of pleasure. Then both men rhythmically found a pattern of touching, one on each side, expertly alternating, first Dr. James, then Dr. Perryman taking turns approaching close, but then avoiding contact with her clitoris. Daisy squirmed and thought she would die if they didn't go ahead and touch her clit soon. But they continued to avoid her most precious secret spot.

Then Dr. Perryman disappeared. Dr. James kept up his teasing of her pussy, then stopped, looked Daisy in the eyes, and asked, "Do you want Dr. Perryman to lick your pussy?"

Daisy was breathing too hard to speak. She could only nod, "Yes!" And as soon as she did, she felt a warm large tongue begin to expertly lick her vaginal lips, closer and closer to her clit.

After a few minutes, Dr. Perryman stopped and walked to her side. She looked over and could see that Dr. Perryman had taken off his clothes, and there dangling down between his legs was the largest penis she had ever seen. Daisy couldn't guess its size, but it was at least twice as large as her husband's, and it had to be around eight inches in length and extraordinarily thick.

Dr. James explained to Mrs. Blanding, "This is our deep penetration tool. If you still agree, we will begin the process momentarily."

Daisy noticed that the doctors did not wait for her answer before Dr. Perryman positioned himself for entry. He stood at the foot of the exam table between Daisy's spread apart legs and gazed down at her very exposed pussy. Dr. James used his tube of lubricant to drip a long line of fluid on Dr. Perryman's dick and a few drops onto Daisy's pussy lips.

Daisy watched in the mirror as Perryman rested the large head of his cock against her lips, finding the opening to her canal, then pushed himself an inch into her. Daisy flinched.

Perryman applied steady pressure to stuff his big dick deeper and deeper. At about four inches, he nodded to Dr. James and said, "This is about where her husband can penetrate. I'm starting to feel greater resistance beyond this point."

Dr. James nodded, and looked at Daisy, "It that right?"

Daisy was breathing hard and could only say, "Yes, yes, yes, I've never seen a dick this big!"

Perryman took that as a compliment, and it inspired him to piston his cock back and forth as he drilled deeper. Five, six, seven inches were inserted by steady rocking and by taking his time. By this time Daisy's clit was being dragged in and out against the movement of Dr. Perryman's shaft, and she could feel the buzz of orgasms about to start.

With just one more inch to go, Daisy began to shudder and shake. Dr. James resumed toying with her nipples while Dr. Perryman worked hard to push that one last inch into Mrs. Blanding. When he finally achieved total insertion, Perryman began to slowly slide his cock out then back in, back and forth, very slowly. The rubbing of her clit produced little shock waves as he moved that big cock in and out of Mrs. Blanding.

That's when Daisy got the biggest surprise of the day. While Perryman was doing his duty and helping Mrs. Blanding with her stress problems, Dr. James had undressed. Daisy looked to her side and saw him standing there with a cock even larger than Dr. Perryman's. She was alarmed.

His cock had to be ten inches and even thicker than the one that was now filling her to capacity. She knew instantly that Dr. James had the cock in those photographs.

The two good doctors exchanged pleasantries as Dr. Perryman withdrew his cock from Daisy's pussy and Dr. James got ready to take his turn. Perryman stood beside Daisy, his hard cock resting on her chest. He used his own pre-cum to lubricate her nipples as he explained, "Dr. James and I have teamed on this treatment method and find it works best if I first try to expand the patient before he does. Don't worry, we're both fixed, so there'll be no complications."

Just then, Dr. James started to enter Daisy. She reacted by unconsciously grabbing Dr. Perryman's cock. She squeezed his dick as her other doctor deepened his entry, stretching her wider than ever. Mindlessly, Daisy pumped Perryman's cock as he toyed with her nipples and as Dr. James gained depth. Beyond four inches, Dr. James also commented on the difference in tightness.

Daisy had a small break in the stimulation while the two men changed places, but now the pleasures returned, and they came back stronger than ever. It took twenty minutes for Dr. James to bury his peter all the way into Mrs. Blanding, and frankly he was surprised that he could get all the way into her. The tip of his cock could feel her cervix, and he was careful not to cause any damage. He was, after all, a doctor.

Dr. James long smooth strokes alternated in speed like the bow across the strings of a cello, some slow and deep, others fast and quick, and each stroke of varied length and depth was intended to rub against her clitoris with long slow pressure or quick short flicks.

Nipple stimulation continued throughout her entire appointment time. She had pumped Dr. Perryman to ejaculation and beyond before Daisy herself reached her final climax. After multiple shivers of delight, and with Dr. James thunderously thrusting his massive cock in and out of her while his balls bumped against her, Daisy felt she was exhausted.

Just then Dr. Perryman disappeared from her view. Dr. James entirely withdrew his cock, and She lay there thinking that her treatment was over. But after just a few seconds she felt Dr. James' dick start to inch back into her, and at the same moment, she felt Dr. Perryman's finger playing with the pucker of her ass. This was a new sensation for Mrs. Blanding.

In seconds, a huge cock was finding its way deep into her pussy while a lubricated finger inches into her ass. She had no idea she could feel such sensations. Once both were inserted fully, both began to diddle her. The cock fully inserted and withdrawing only an inch back and forth. The finger fully inserted and moving in and out.

Daisy's dam burst. The combined skills of her doctors brought Mrs. Blanding to another even more massive finale than the last time. She fought to squirm on the table and try to get away, but the restraints forced her to stay in place and complete her pleasure. There was no escape from these doctors finishing her treatment.

Finally, Daisy lay there exhausted but she had definitely left any stress far behind. She lay there looking up at the ceiling as Dr. James stood still, his cock still totally buried in her, and Dr. Perryman kept his finger in her ass. They let her enjoy the feeling of no movement for a few minutes. Blessed rest and relaxation.
Then, both men began to slowly resume their movements, and Daisy was surprised to discover that she was about to launch into yet another orgasm. This one was much more subtle and not so wild. It was just pure waves of pleasure flowing over her as the two gentlemen did their work on her behalf. Dr. James told her later it was called afterglow orgasm. For that, she was grateful that these two well qualified professionals knew how to show their patient the secrets and possibilities that she never suspected.

The lovely afterglow orgasm seemed to last as long as the boys could last. Finally, she felt Dr. James' cock expand and contract rapidly and so she knew that he was emptying his load into her. The sound of his stokes became different as the immense amount of cum lubricated her, and she could hear a sloshing sound as he continued to treat her to a longer and longer finale.

The men finally withdrew and lowered her legs to a resting pose. This time she wasn't sleepy, but Dr. James advised her to remain on her back until her head was clear. Daisy was vaguely aware of feeling dreamy and zoned out.

She could hear the two doctors talking as the dressed. As he was leaving, Dr. Perryman approached Daisy on the table, still naked to the world. He told her, "Good luck, Mrs. Blanding. You are in excellent hands with Dr. James." Then he looked at his friend, Dr. James, and said, "Thanks Fred, I thought that went well. There'll be no charges for my services."

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