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Extenuating Circumstances Ch. 01B

Author's Note: This is the second part of a three-part Chapter, so it is recommended you read the previous chapter to gain a better understanding of the characters, their circumstances, and their thoughts. This first chapter is a set-up for the rest of the series, which I plan as a 10 chapter series....

Extenuating Circumstances 01 -- The beginning part 2/3

Suzanne's body was a full spectrum of sensations, ranging from her skin being tingly as if her nerve endings were firing off as fast as they could, her skin prickling as if being stabbed by pins and needles to numbness, her mind in a haze and sluggish while her body was overloaded by the sensations and surroundings. Some of her feelings were undoubtedly from all the alcohol she had consumed; however, she was aware of another tingling sensation--desire, lust, arousal, call it what you will. She had been on the edge in terms of her sexual need all week. David had been busy at his new job, coming home tired and not wanting to have sex lately, and so she had once again gone too long without. Added to her natural horniness, thinking about tonight, what they had agreed upon and what she would be doing became a constant tease within her mind. Now she was like a wild animal in heat, her breasts heavy and tight, aching with the need to be touched; her nipples pressed tightly against the material of her dress as if trying to claw their way out into the open air; and then there was the notable dampness between her legs, the thin lace thong wicking her arousal fluids from her slit in a seeming endless supply and feeling drenched.

All of these thoughts filled her mind—as well as more unmentionable ones—flashing through her head as the six college men—one of them the son of her and David's next-door neighbors—walked towards her.

Or more liked stalked, she corrected mentally. There was no mistaken the look in their eyes—she was definitely the prey to their male hunter instincts, none of the young men breaking their gaze from her sitting alone at the hotel bar, dressed in the revealing black cocktail dress.

Suzanne had not bought this dress. Like most of her latest wardrobe it had been supplied by Henry Fuller, her neighbor from across the street. Her body again flushed with lust and desire, but not because of the men coming towards her or anything happening currently. Instead, her mind suddenly flashed back as she recalled the circumstances around receiving the dress—momentous not in the fact of him gifting her the outfit, but what had occurred on that occasion. That even was the second major milestone in her and her husband's newly discovered 'sexploration' and new lifestyle.

Instantly her thoughts went back to that time, almost six months ago, even as her eyes intently watched the six college men weave through the crowded hotel bar towards her.


Suzanne pulled her and David's fifteen-year-old Chevy Malibu into the driveway. The car was a piece of shit, but due to their financial situation, they could not afford anything better for the time being. David would be getting his cast off at the end of the month, but he would be undergoing several more weeks of physical therapy before he was completely healed. Hopefully by then his depression over being an 'invalid' would be gone and he would be able to take a more active role in finding a job.

Her being the only one working was a mixed blessing. Yes they needed the money, having budgeted their lives around a two-income household, but at least they did not need to share the car for work. Before his accident they had to get up extra early so David could drop her off to work and make it in to his office, and then repeat the same in the evening. As such, they had spent more time away from home than there.

Once David got a job, Suzanne hoped it would not be in an entirely different area of the city so they could carpool together reasonably close. If not, they would need to think about getting another car.

But she pushed such thoughts and the other financial worries from her mind as she opened the front door and entered their house.

Hearing raised male voices conversation, she made her way into the living room, seeing David and their neighbor Henry Fuller from across the street watching a soccer game on television.

"Heya Honey," she said as she came into the room, bending down and giving a kiss to her husband.

"Suzanne, what a pleasure to see you," Henry said, rising up and pulling Suzanne into a firm hug, his lips pressing against hers in a not-so-chaste kiss.

Suzanne was no longer startled at the intimacy from the elderly neighbor, kissing him back without hesitation; however, she still glanced at her husband after Henry broke the embrace, seeing David smiling, obviously not minding the affection Henry bestowed upon her, nor the familiarity he displayed towards her. Even now she wondered how he did not mind another man being so familiar with his own wife.

Over the past few months she and David had been spending more and more time with the gentleman, now in his late sixties. They had developed a solid friendship, their closeness due to David 'pimping' her out as Henry's partner at neighborhood events.

Henry had helped them avoid a large Home Owner's Association fine by offering his landscaping services, transforming their overgrown yard into what was now considered the most immaculate lawn second only to his own. David was out of work and confined to a wheelchair, and until his broken ankle and leg healed, Suzanne was the sole breadwinner for the household. With him being incapacitated and her working late hours and on a limited budget, they did not have the time to keep their lawn manicured like it should.

It had been a Catch-22 situation—her gone all the time and David being handicapped had caused their lawn to be unattended for months, and Suzanne's job did not pay nearly enough to pay all their bills, let alone a landscaping service, so it had remained unkempt to the point where the HOA threatened them with a large fine.

Henry had kindly offered to help, offering his landscaping company he had started upon retiring to keep their yard not only within code, but replanting and maintaining it to perfection. As the young married couple could not pay him for his company's services, he had jokingly suggested Suzanne be his companion over the summer when they attended all the neighborhood parties, as David's confined condition did not allow him to participate in many of the active games held during the events.

The elderly man had lost his wife a few years ago to cancer, and her and David had always felt sorry for him. Henry always sat on the outskirts of parties, keeping to himself, and Suzanne pairing up with him—even though David attended the parties—gave the man a sense of belonging, pulling him into the younger crowd's 'clique.' Suzanne was happy to help him out in such a way, so had agreed to the arrangement in the thought it would be a purely platonic relationship

David's 'handicap' had caused him to fall into a severe depression, his self-esteem and self-worth hitting rock bottom. It had become so severe, Suzanne had been desperate, willing to do anything to cheer him up. Making matters compound upon themselves and increasing her husband's depression was his belief of inadequacy with her, as sex between them had gone to nothing due to his cast and disability making sex next to impossible.

Even then, Suzanne had done her wifely duty in trying to please him, taking extra effort and time practicing her oral sex technique with various objects. Regardless of her intent to please her man, David took it as an affront, his inability to please her making him even more miserable.

That was until he confessed a hidden desire to see her be more 'open' to other men's attention. David had not come out and told her he wanted her to have sex with somebody else—something she had never even fantasized about—but he told her he would like her to be more receptive to other men's interests, asking her to dress more provocatively and show off more of her body than she was typically comfortable with.

Although she was willing to try and please her man to get him out of the 'funk' he was feeling, Suzanne was not comfortable with the idea. Normally she dressed conservatively—other than a few pieces of lingerie she had bought when they were dating. But they just did not have the money for a new wardrobe, and she was faced with another 'Catch-22' situation of wanting to please her husband, but they were too far behind on bills for her to go out and buy clothes.

Once again Henry had come to the rescue, offering to buy her clothes under the pretense of needing them for the parties.

Suzanne had been uncomfortable with another man buying her clothes, particularly clothes more revealing than her normal attire, but David had been ecstatic. Their first party had been a pool party, and although Henry had shown David several choices of one-piece suits, he had also thrown in a couple bikinis, one of which her husband had told him to get. As such, she had been practically naked before the entire neighborhood, dressed in what amounted to a few triangular pieces of cloth.

It was then another revelation had been discovered, her own self-realization she enjoyed other men's attention to her body, the forcing of her dressing so scantily releasing a hidden exhibitionist side to her.

For her entire life Suzanne had dressed conservatively. It was her sister Jennifer who was the outward one, actually becoming a stripper. In fact, Jen—known by her stage name Diamond—had become almost famous overnight, being selected as a spokesmodel for a company owning a series of strip clubs across the country.

Suzanne had not talked to her sister in months and made a mental note to call her as she excused herself from the two men's presence, going upstairs to change into something more comfortable.

In the months following the pool party, Henry had become a familiar visitor to their home, and as the young couple welcomed him more and more into their home, the older man had become almost part of the family. Unfortunately, he had also become more familiar and comfortable around Suzanne, and at David's quiet urgings, more 'hands on' with her. It was not uncommon for him to show intimate displays of affection with her—such as the kiss with her moments ago. And to Suzanne's discomfort, his forwardness occurred not only in private, but also in public, particularly at their neighborhood parties, much to not only her husband's, but also several other men of the neighborhood men's delight.

It was not uncommon for Henry to have his arm around her, or even his hand upon her ass. Once again she was doing it for her husband, trying to curb some of the depression he had by trying to please him. Although uncomfortable, she permitted the older man's overtures, as these were extenuating circumstances.

The downside of her dressing more provocatively was the newfound attention the other neighborhood men were giving her, stepping on a few of the neighborhood wives' proverbial toes—as they thought they were God's Gift to Men. Suzanne's sudden flirtatious attitude and dressing in sexy clothes was something new, as well as her being much younger and athletic than most of the other women. Other than her neighbor Cassie Davis—who was living with her fiancé Tim Brown—and Cheryl Price, a platinum blonde model married to one of the few African-American men in the neighborhood, James Price—Suzanne was the best of both worlds, being both young and attractive. And now she seemed to have 'come out of shell' by being more 'friendly' with all the men's passes! Several of the more bitchy female neighbors had nicknamed her 'Henry's Slut' as she was seen with Henry's arms around her more than her husband's.

Although their relationship was platonic—to her husband's chagrin, she though wryly—Henry had gradually and subtly become more bold and adventurous with her body. She had been uncomfortable with his fondling at first, but it had become so frequent she was now almost used to his random touches upon her ass, the brief kisses, even him pressing his body against hers in public, his arousal often evident through their clothes.

And despite her stating to David she was accepting their neighbor's physical contact to appease him, Suzanne harbored a deep dark secret—she too enjoyed the attention. She was a woman after all, and enjoyed being the center of attention, if not from her husband, who lately had no interest in her, then from others.

Even though she had become more accepting of not only Henry's, but other men's advances at various parties, her husband never seemed satisfied. David had become increasingly insufferable with his new-found fetish of putting her on display. Each outfit Henry bought her—at David's discretion—seemed to be sexier and sexier, while each time they had gone to a neighborhood party, her husband always suggested at the end of the night she 'thank' Henry in a more intimate fashion. It was not enough for him that she had agreed to dress increasingly more seductive—to the point where at times she felt slutty—but he wanted her to act upon it as well!

Suzanne firmly believed much of her husband's recent fetish to be the result of being confined to a wheelchair and therefore 'less of a man.' Having a beautiful wife devoted to him apparently was not enough, wanting to show his 'ownership and control' in their relationship by permitting other men grope her, validating his worth in the knowledge she always would end up back with him. Having taken several psychiatry classes in college, Suzanne believed his injury to be the root of David's issues. In fact, she was confident he would once again become the jealous husband after his cast was removed, but until then she had humored him.

Not all the fault laid with her husband though, as Suzanne was not without her own inner demons. She loved her husband without doubt, but had begun to realize she too enjoyed the attention of other men. And although she had not acted upon them, to her shame sexual thoughts had become increasingly more frequent, exacerbated by being on a several month dry spell from sex.

Her and David were still young, and had only been married a few years. She had been used to a steady supply of sex with her husband, and the abrupt absence had left her body in an ever-growing state of yearning. It was simple biology for her body to respond to other men's advances after being abstinent for so long, even if she had spent countless hours in the shower utilizing the pulsating showerhead for more than just washing.

Up until her husband's request she show off more and be more provocative, Suzanne had never even considered sex with anybody but her husband. Even her darkest fantasies always involved David. He had been her one and only, and she had been completely bewildered at his suggestions and hints on his approval of her committing an affair. David's urgings had lit an up-until-then spark of interest within her.

So although she outwardly said she was doing it for him, there was a dark hidden part of her that fed upon it as well.

Pushing such sordid thoughts from her head, Suzanne opened her dresser drawer—the one she and David had nicknamed 'Henry's drawer' filled with clothing and outfits their neighbor had gifted her. Although Henry had brought them under the pretense of wearing them to neighborhood parties, he often brought more than one outfit—or even outfits when no party was scheduled—and after this long, as she looked at all the clothes, Suzanne realized she needed to dedicate another drawer soon.

It was an odd relationship that had developed between her and the elderly man, who was almost three times her age. She suspected some neighbors thought she was sleeping with him; however, she had no interest in somebody so aged. Henry was like the uncomfortable grandfather to her. She was merely being nice to him, knowing he missed his wife, willing to suffer through some of his advances if he felt better about himself. It was killing two birds with one stone, both Henry and her husband being happy—and as she had already admitted, it made her feel better as well.

Normally Suzanne would have put on sweats after coming home from work—not exactly the sexiest thing to wear for her husband, but they were at least comfortable and relaxing. But with Henry visiting, she wanted to make him feel special and wear something he had bought, ironically now uncomfortable wearing something so conservative and modest in front of him.

Looking through the drawer full of clothes, she finally found something neither Henry nor her husband had seen her wear yet. She had once commented on not having anything decent to wear when she worked out, and her husband apparently relayed that information to Henry, as a few days later she had been gifted with several packages of active wear. Suzanne had wanted to return them, as there was a small fortune in athletic clothes, but David had intervened, telling her Henry would feel bad if she refused them. So she had unpacked them for a day such as today.

Still wanting to feel comfortable, she chose a white loose crop-top, stripping out of her white silk work blouse and skirt and taking off her bra. She contemplated wearing a sports bra beneath the loose top, particularly since it was a thin material and somewhat sheer, but she felt so good taking her bra off after the long day she realized she did not want to wear anything else confining. The cropped shirt covered everything, merely giving the illusion of being able to see her body underneath, and Suzanne smiled at the image of both men squinting and straining their eyes to 'see' through the top. Short of being caught in a sudden rainstorm or doing a headstand, the top would cover her and be comfortable, so sans bra it was.

As she was conceding to comfort with the top, she decided to forgo it with the other half of her ensemble, selecting a pair of tight bright purple booty shorts with pockets. The shorts hugged her body like a second skin, having a tendency to ride up and show off the bottom cheeks of her ass, but it was nothing either man had not seen before—her bikini had revealed more of her ass than the shorts.

Unfortunately, due to how tightly the shorts clung to her body, her lace panties were completely visible, so with grudging acceptance she swapped them out for a white thong.

Looking in the mirror, she was impressed with how her ass looked, smiling as she thought about the men's reactions before finally slipping into her pair of Air Jordan Grape 5 sneakers.

Once changed she went back to the living room, inwardly smiling as both men complimented her on her outfit, their eyes like bouncing rubber balls in their heads as they attempted to look at the swells of her breasts and her legs and then her ass simultaneously. Suzanne felt a flush of heat run through her at both the men's attention, smiling at their compliments.

Bending down to give her husband another kiss, she let out a startled yell into his mouth as she felt him reach beneath the blouse and grasp both her bare breasts!

"David, not in front of Henry," she told him with admonishment, standing up quickly as both men laughed.

"Nonsense," David said in reply. "Henry's like family," he reasoned to her. "Besides, he's already seen you topless," he told her with a knowing smirk.

She could not dispute the statement, as she had gone topless for a brief amount of time at the pool party in an attempt at 'one-upping' Cheryl Price. Cheryl had tried piss off Suzanne and draw attention to herself by intentionally going topless at one point. Her antics worked, as Suzanne, in a jealous fit of anger, had done the same. Cheryl's plan had backfired on her, Suzanne giddy with delight when the attention of all the men at the party had turned immediately to her 35C breasts, not the model's 32A chest, Cheryl actually stomping out of the party and going home in a fit of anger.
But that was definitely a moment of poor judgement, having no intentions of parading topless before her neighbor.

"Anyways," David continued, "that shirt just screams out to reach beneath it and feel your tits," he laughed to Henry's agreement.

Blushing at the men's salacious attention, Suzanne wondered if she had made a mistake wearing the shirt without a bra, even though she felt a thrill as they continued looking at her.

Deciding to leave them to the men to their own devices and their soccer game, she quickly changed the subject by asking her husband what he wanted for dinner, receiving a noncommittal reply.

Turning to Henry, she asked, "Henry, would you like to stay for dinner? I'm afraid all we can offer are some cold cut sandwiches, chips, and beer, but you are welcomed to stay," she told the older man.

"Why yes, thank you very much," he answered. "Sandwiches are all I'd be eating tonight alone anyways," he told them, "so the company would be most welcomed," he said.

Once again Suzanne felt sorry for the man and his loss and loneliness, glad she had picked clothes Henry had bought, even though they might be a bit more provocative than she had intended. But wearing something he bought was a simple concession to show her appreciation.

Leaving the men alone to watch the soccer game, she made her way into the kitchen to make dinner.

Left to her own devices while preparing their meal, Suzanne's mind wandered. She could not believe how much, in such a short time, she had changed. She had actually dressed to impress another man, in front of her own husband. Forsaking her usual attire of frumpy sweats and socks which would have covered up everything but her heard, she was now completely at ease in front of their neighbor with her ass hanging out of a pair of tight short shorts, wearing a sheer cropped top without a bra—both items having been bought by a man other than her husband. And her husband was completely fine with the idea, as even now they were both were sitting and chatting amicably in their living room.

Even more troubling was her own attitude, not about dressing so provocatively—although that was concern enough—but when David had felt her up. Suzanne's protests were not due to embarrassment or the raunchy way her husband was acting. No, she had instead felt sorry for Henry, that he was denied the same liberties!

What the hell was wrong with her? Less than three months ago she would have gone back to their bedroom in shame, admonishing her husband for being so forward in front of somebody.

She thought about some of the other neighborhood parties—some outdoors, some indoors—accompanied by both men, at times feeling like she was shared property between them. The problem was she enjoyed the sensation. Having the two men take care of her and paying such close attention to her had actually been exhilarating.

Henry had remained a perfect gentlemen and had never imposed upon David's time with her, and never once seemed possessive. At parties where they were sitting and simply chatting with other guests he often left her and David alone, sometimes going off to talk to other groups, or other times simply hanging out with everybody else. And the times he was with her, particularly during party games or dancing, he was the perfect partner.

Granted his hands occasionally wandered, holding her ass or stroking less intimate parts of her body, even holding her against him in more intimate embraces, her body pressed against him where, at times, his erection was evident as it pressed against her; however, he never went too far or made her feel uncomfortable, and Suzanne was actually flattered the old man found her attractive.

The only time things had almost gotten out of hand was the infamous pool party, where the mixture of alcohol, her husband's revelation at wanting her to show herself off to other men, and her own newfound exhibitionistic tendencies had collided in what almost became a Perfect Storm.

She had come close to actually having sex with Henry. While playing a game of 'Break the Balloon," she had been grinding herself into Henry's lap in an attempt to break a partially inflated balloon. Henry had become aroused during the game and she as she repeatedly slammed down upon his erection, she was practically humping him in her attempts to break the balloon. At one point the tip of his penis had pressed directly against her slit, and were it not for both their bathing suits blocking him passage, she would have inadvertently granted David his wish of another man fucking her. As it was, her motions were so vigorous the tip of Henry's penis had pushed against their suits so much had had in essence penetrated her.

Lost in her thoughts while slicing some tomatoes for their sandwiches, she suddenly gasped in a mouthful of air as David's hands reached from behind, once again going beneath her loose blouse and cupping her bare breasts underneath.

"David, what did I tell you about that when Henry was here?" she started to say, suddenly realizing being confined to his wheelchair, her husband would not be able to reach so high!

Turning her head in surprise, she confirmed her suspicion seeing Henry behind her, smiling at her sheepishly.

"David was right, the temptation was too much to pass up," he said to her as his hands gently glided over her yielding flesh.

To her shame, Suzanne said nothing as their neighbor's hands glided across the under curves of her breasts, actually enjoying the contact of his skin against hers. Without realizing it, she leaned back, resting her head upon his shoulders as his hands became more adventurous, moving up and encompassing her breasts, each in one hand.

Suzanne let out an involuntary moan when Henry took her hardened nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, clamping down and giving each one a tight squeeze. A flash of heat suddenly ignited deep within her lower abdomen, and Suzanne groaned again at the intimate sensation.

She did not know how long she would have stood there, letting her elderly neighbor feel up her twenty-three-year-old breasts, had not the squeak of her husband's wheelchair broken the silence.

Abruptly Suzanne straightened up, stepping away from Henry—but not before her husband had gotten a good look at Henry's hands beneath her shirt, obviously feeling her up.

"Sorry David, I couldn't resist," the elderly man immediately apologized.

Suzanne's face flushed red in embarrassment and shame, but to her surprise—or maybe not she reconsidered, given her husband's recent confession of his fetish for her to be more open to other men—David told their neighbor it was alright!

"No need to apologize," David laughed. "They are TOO tempting to resist, especially in that top," he told the elderly man who smiled back.

Suzanne could only stare at the two men in astonishment. Only a few months ago her husband would have decked anybody making such a move on her, and yet now, he not actually allowed it!

But regardless of her husband's actions and comments, what was more frightening had been her own reaction to the intimate contact, not pulling away and even enjoying the other man's touch.

Suzanne was uncertain whether the heat and blush covering her body was due to embarrassment and humiliation, or excitement and arousal, but to her chagrin she believed it to be the latter, looking down and seeing her nipples now completely obvious through the thin material of her shirt, almost attempting to break through the sheer top she was wearing.


Just like they are now, Suzanne thought as the college men finally made it through the hotel lounge and reached her place at the bar.

The dress being so tight, It was impossible to hide her perked swollen tips beneath the material, and being backless, it was obvious she was not wearing a bra.

Glancing down to see how bad her body was betraying her, Suzanne felt a flush of embarrassment course through her as she noted the slash in her dress had shifted, exposing the tops of her aureoles! She immediately forgot about her hardened nipples showing through the dress when part of her breast was hanging out.

Unfortunately, Suzanne believed any attempt to adjust herself would belay a weakness and lack of self-consciousness to these men—something she knew deep in her soul she could not afford—so she left her dress as it was.

Her only hope was the boys would think her pebbled nubs were due to the cool air of the bar, not the fact she was horny as hell.

Yes one look at the leering gazes of the men now circling her like Indians attacking a wagon train, she realized such rationalities were beyond them. Then again, what did she expect sitting in this bar dressed seductively, her body on display?

As the men blatantly appreciated her figure, Suzanne knew they would not bat an eye of surprise if she confessed she was waiting to let some stranger fuck her—or strangers, she suddenly thought, her pulse thready as she again wondered if these boys were her proposed liaison. The thought of actually sleeping with more than one man caused her crotch to seep warmly.

"So what's a pretty thing like you doing in a place like this," the good-looking leader said lamely to her.

This was the one to watch, Suzanne knew, as the good-looking guy boldly placed his arm around her, his hand resting upon the bare skin of her back.

Suzanne pretended not to notice the man's touch as goose-bumps rose across her body at the skin-upon-skin contect, instead focusing on the other guys.

"You come here often?" another one asked, adding, "If not, would you like to?" as the snickers of the other guys surrounded her.

But it was Chad who surprised his fellow companions, who were not aware they knew each other as he said, "Hello Suzanne. You're looking good tonight, you waiting for Mr. Carter?" he asked with knowing a smile.

Suzanne and David had been friends with Chad's parents—Tammy and Robert Mitchell—since the day the young couple had moved in. Although Chad was closer to her age, Suzanne and David had immediately 'clicked' with the older couple, routinely having each other for dinners and the like. Suzanne knew Chad attended one of the local colleges, but had been unaware it was this close. She had specifically chosen this hotel to avoid meeting anybody they knew.

Suzanne looked at her neighbor's college man in surprise and humiliation, as the tone of his question and mocking smile clearly indicated he did not believe her to be there for David.

She was also surprise the nineteen-year-old had called her by her first name. Even though there were only a few years between them he had always referred to her as 'Mrs. Carter' or 'Ma'am.' Tonight his confidence was obviously bolstered by inebriation and the association with his friends. Also, dressed as she was and the knowledge she was probably not here for her husband, his respect for the slight age difference she had over him were gone—her social standing within his mind now placed him above her, so taking the liberty of calling her by her first name was a psychological manifestation of his superiority over her.

Sometimes she regretted her Psych minor, she thought as she once more attempted to recover her composure.

Attempting nonchalance, Suzanne greeted him back.

"Hello Chad. No, I am waiting to meet up with an old business acquaintance," she told him, making up a story on the spot to explain her husband's absence—even though he was sitting almost ten yards away from them intently watching her exchange with the group of college guys.

Her story backfired on her as the head of the group smiled and asked, "Oh? So what's the going rate these days for a night in your business?"

The guys chuckled and Suzanne saw Chad smile as his eyes lowered down to her breasts. It was impossible to ignore the heat of his gaze as he took in her partially exposed breasts, Suzanne doing everything within her power to not look down or adjust her dress in front of them. His eyes moved downwards to her legs, taking special note of the tops of her stockings and garters before moving back up to smile openly at her.

Suzanne's heart fluttered. She had always thought of Chad as an asexual person. He had simply the son of their neighbors, somebody on the periphery, and she had always considered him 'a boy.' Not now she thought, feeling a flush of heat course through her body as he and the other guys looked at her with a hunger that spoke in volumes as to their interest in her being beyond academic or social.

Her body seemed to react tenfold in front of her neighbors' son, possibly because subconsciously she knew him. She had been the object of the entire bar's attention, and although excited at their at their scrutiny, she had responded this intensely in front of somebody she knew, who actually lived next door to her and now seeing her dressed as she was, alone in a hotel bar. For some reason, having some familiarity with Chad caused her body to explode in desire, her body becoming a solar flare of lust.

"Mind if we keep you company," the good-looking guy asked.

Suzanne's skin again flared up with goose-bumps as she felt his thumb slowly stroked her soft skin. She was completely stunned and did not know what to do. Frighteningly, a deep dark part of her wanted to hook up with these guys—even Chad, who was the 'boy next door.'

Forcing such thoughts from her mind, she finally swallowed her heart from her throat and once again finding the courage to speak, said, "Actually, I've been here for a while and need to use the little girls' room. If you'll excuse me," she told them, sliding off her bar stool.

Turning her back to them, feeling as if she were about to be pounced upon at any second, Suzanne made her way through the bar while every man's eyes watched her. As she walked away she heard the bartender address the guys, but did not turn around, instead making a beeline to the restrooms.

Ducking into the stall, and pulling down her lace thong to relieve herself, Suzanne was mortified at how wet the scant material had become—she could practically wring out the syrupy juices soaking in from her slit. Thankfully the women's restroom was empty—her being the only woman in the lounge—so she quickly took them off and rinsed her panties out in the sink, using the heated hand dryer to dry them out. Being lace and such small amount of material, the thong dried quickly before she pulled them back on over her garters.

Readjusting her dress and touching up her make-up, she exited the bathroom, once again making her way back to the bar.

Suzanne was startled when the men's bathroom door suddenly opened and Chad's friend, the 'alpha leader' of their group step out.

Immediately his face broke into a smile, his eyes once again roaming across her body and giving her the sensation of being devoured.

Unbidden, Suzanne's body once again flush in arousal.

"Why Suzie," the young man, moving up to her and trapping her against the wall as his arms caged her in. She realized he had gotten her name from Chad, and the the shortening of it to her childhood nickname made her feel small and insignificant as he leered at her, saying "We weren't properly introduced before that bartender told us to leave you alone," he told her. "My name's Eric," he said.

Suzanne felt a flood of relief realizing the bartender had come to her aid, obviously recognizing her discomfort around the college guys and telling them to leave her alone.

Of course that did not help her now, trapped in the small hallway of the restrooms as he moved in closer, invading her personal space.

"How do you do, Eric," she said quietly in the hopes he would let her go.

"How about a warmer greeting?" the boy leered at her. "We can go into one of the bathroom stalls," he suggested with a leering smile. "I'm sure a working girl like you knows how to properly greet a guy," he said.

Suzanne knew she should be offended at his assumption of her being a prostitute; however, her mind quickly shattered her own self-esteem knowing he was not far from the mark. Was she not here to have sex with a stranger for money? Granted these were extenuating circumstances and she was attempting to stop the foreclosure of their house, but in the end, a spade was a spade.

So instead of giving him some pretense he was mistaken, she said the first thing that popped into her head.

"You couldn't afford me," she told him.

Immediately Suzanne regretted her words.

She had just told this stranger she was a hooker! She did not even need to look into his eyes to know his pleasure at her answer.

"That's probably true, a fine piece of ass like you probably doesn't come cheap," the man chuckled.

To her shame, she actually smiled at the compliment, as she felt her body heated up at the man's proximity.

To her dismay, her previous attempt at cleaning her thong had been for naught, as her crotch suddenly flooded at the man's compliment and the feeling of helplessness being boxed in by the man.

Earlier last summer she had an epiphany, her mind practically imploded with the recognition of discovering her inner exhibitionist. Like her sister, Diamond the stripper, Suzanne had become aroused at exposing her body to the men in the neighborhood, even going topless before them to pull their attention away from another woman.

Now, in the back hallway of a hotel bar, she had another revelation. Suzanne was enjoying being humiliated and feeling vulnerable. To her horror, she realized in somehow she was becoming a submissive, getting aroused at her helplessness as images of the man overpowering her and forcing her to please him flooded her mind.

Suzanne had always considered herself an independent, strong woman; however, now as her body responded to her current circumstances, Suzanne wondered if she could very well be a closet submissive as well, the heat between her legs a damp confirmation to her revelation.

Her thoughts were broken as the man leaned against her, his proximity causing her breath to hitch as her breasts pressed against his chest. Moving his hips against her, Suzanne felt the unmistakable presence of an erection against her thigh.

She jerked as if slapped when he whispered into her ear, his hot breath sending goose pimples down her neck.

"So how much would a night with you cost?" he asked. "No holds barred," he added as he slowly stepped away from her.

Immediately Suzanne felt naked, the loss of his proximity leaving a void. She was at a loss of words how to answer him, confused and shocked at his proposition to her.

This was not the type of man who could be discouraged by any denial from her, so once again, before any filter within her brain could stop her mouth, she decided it would be better to simply put him off by stating some outrageous figure.

"Five thousand," she told him quietly.

Her mind reeled in shock. Had she just set a price for her body? To sleep with a stranger—or even more than one person if his 'no holds barred' comment meant as much—for a set amount of money?

Suzanne knew that was exactly what she had done, regretting her words as the man whistled.

"That's steep," he said, and Suzanne sighed in relief.

She was thankful she had not given him an amount he could actually afford.

"But worth it I'm sure," he added.

Suzanne felt her heart stop at his words, her eyes opening wide. Was he going to offer her such an amount?

She finally began breathing again when he backed away further, letting her go.

"Have a nice time with associate," he laughed as he turned away and left to join his friends.

Suzanne stood in the hallway alone for several minutes, her heart and pulse racing. She could not believe what had just happened, and almost grudgingly she made her way back into the crowded lounge, even as every bone in her body wanted to run away and bury herself in a pit.
Surprisingly, her barstool was still empty, and she quietly sat down, thanking the bartender when he brought her another glass of chilled white wine.

Drinking down half the glass instantly, he looked at her and asked if she was alright, to which she quickly nodded.

"You sure?" he asked again. "You were taking so long in the restroom I was about to have one of the waitresses check on you," he said.

Suzanne thanked him again for his concern, telling him she was fine, asking for another drink as she guzzled down the rest of her glass. Bringing her a second glass of wine, she thanking him as he told her there was again no charge.

Her encounter in the back hallway had left Suzanne in a state of shock, a bag of nerves, and she tried to push the thoughts of what happened from her mind. Turning and looking through the bar, she saw the college guys were seated on the other end of the lounge, plenty of distance between them and her, but all their eyes still focused upon her. She quickly turned away as Chad met her gaze, his intense lecherous gaze causing her breath to hitch and her heart to flutter once again.

David was where he was earlier, taking up a booth by himself. Seeing several empty glasses on his table she knew as long as he kept drinking, they would let him have the table to himself as she turned to look at herself in the mirror behind the bar. She once again did not see the care-free, happily married twenty-three-year-old she was used to, but instead a woman dressed for sex, her long wavy 'bronde' hair cascading over her shoulders to rest upon the tanned swell of her breasts, which were once again practically hanging out of her cocktail dress.

She wondered if she was losing weight, not remembering the dress shifting so much or being this revealing as she again thought back to the first time she had acquired it—and the more momentous events which followed...


Suzanne, David, and Henry had sat down and eaten their sandwiches while watching television. The soccer game had ended and they were watching some Nature show as they chatted, Suzanne attempting to push the ghost sensations of her neighbor's intimate groping from her mind.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Henry mentioned he was planning on going out of town to a convention soon.

Being neighbors, Suzanne and David offered to watch his house as Henry shook his head.

"It's only for a day, so I don't really need to have anybody watch the house," he told them. "It's not like I have pets or any indoor plants," he laughed. "I plan on driving down Friday, see the exhibits, and come back Saturday," he said with almost a sigh of sadness.

David told him, "Well, the offer's good anytime. We would ask the same of you if we went anywhere," he said to the old man's thanks. "But you don't sound too thrilled," David added, as Suzanne nodded in agreement.

"Oh, the convention is interesting enough," Henry explained to them. "It's all landscaping stuff and whatnot, so it's good to keep up on the latest trends," he said. "It's just that in the evening there is always this fancy cocktail party dinner thing," he said. "I always feel out of place. It's like the neighborhood parties, where I'm more on the outskirts. Marge used to love that part of the conventions, and we would dance all night until the band left. Now it's more of a reminder of what I have lost than any fun," he told them. "I usually eat and end up going to bed early."

Suzanne' heart went out to the older man. He had obviously loved his wife immensely for him to still think of her after all these years, as David echoed her sentiments to the old man.

Then her eyes opened wide as her husband finished by saying, "How about you take Suzanne with you?"

"What?" Suzanne and Henry said at the same time.

David smiled as he repeated his comment, adding, "You said yourself it's like the neighborhood parties, consider this an extension to that. There's no reason for you to have to sit alone all the time. Suzanne can go with you and be your dance partner!" he said, pleased with himself for thinking of the idea.

Henry smiled as he said, "Although I appreciate the offer, I'm sure Suzanne has no interest in landscaping products, let alone keeping an old man company."

Suzanne could only stare at her husband as David said, "Nonsense. She enjoys hanging out in the garden section at Wal-Mart and Home Depot, so this would be like that, only on steroids," he said eagerly. "And as you said, there's the party afterwards," he told them.

There was an unusual hitch to David's voice as he said that last part, and Suzanne looked at him questioningly as David smiled at her.

"You've been griping about us not going out much since I got this cast," her husband told her. "Here's the perfect opportunity for you to dress up, dance, and have a nice dinner," he said, as if he had completely rationalized it all in his head.

"I'm sure Henry has better things to do than have me tag along behind him," Suzanne told them.

"Well, on that point you're mistaken," Henry said. "I thoroughly enjoy your company," he told her.

Suzanne glanced back at Henry. Did he also have a change in voice as he answered? She wondered if she were hearing things when David clapping his hands startled her, turning her head back to him.

"See, it's settled," David said happily, as if he had just solved the world's food shortage.

Suzanne tried to think of any excuse to argue against her husband's idea to resolve Henry's predicament.

"I couldn't leave you alone," she finally—and somewhat lamely—told her husband.

As soon as she said it, she regretted the words. Since being confined to a wheelchair—even if only temporarily—David had felt less of a man. It rankled him she had to help him in and out of bed or to get dressed, or to do almost anything. Lately he had adamantly refused her help, even as he struggled to perform the simplest things, but demanding his own independence. Her using the excuse of helping him only reinforced his weakness compared to her.

"Fuck that," her husband said, the ire in his voice readily apparent. "It's only one night, and I think I can manage to put myself to bed and wipe my ass without your assistance," he told her angrily.

"That's not what I meant," Suzanne told him in defense, but the damage was already done. Looking to Henry, she saw him looking at her expectantly as she asked, "So when is this convention."

David's face immediately lit up at her words, as did Henry's as the older man answered, "It's in three weeks, the last Friday of the month," he told them.

Looking at David, Suzanne realized she had another excuse as she told him, "Honey, that's when you get your cast off. I can't go. I need to drive you to the doctor's," she told him.

Again her husband looked at her in anger as he finally said, "I'll take a cab."

Suzanne looked at David, her eyes silently pleading with him. Although she enjoyed Henry's company, going to a neighborhood outing, where her husband was also accompanying her, was one thing; going to an out-of-town party with another man seemed wrong.

Scouring her mind for any excuse, she said weakly, "But I don't have anything to wear to a fancy dinner."

She knew it was a poor argument when David's face once again lit up, hearing him say, "Well, I'm sure Henry can pick something out," he told her to her surprise. "It's not like he hasn't bought you clothes before," he laughed, as Suzanne at him, reluctantly agreeing. "He's been to this, so he knows exactly what to pick for you to wear, isn't that right Henry?" he asked.

Suzanne realized she had lost the argument as Henry nodded, saying "It would be my pleasure to find you something and take you," he told her. "And it's still not too late to add you to the reservation," he told them, "as well as enough time to book an extra room. That is, if you want to go Suzanne," he said, looking at her.

Looking at the two men—one looking like a dejected puppy at the prospect of going to another event alone and the other looking at her like he had won a lottery—Suzanne knew she had no ground to stand upon as she reluctantly shrugged her shoulders.

"Fine, if it's not too much trouble Henry, I'd be happy to go," she told him with a wan smile.

Suzanne again saw her husband smile, wondering what he was thinking. Actually, after the last couple months, she decided she knew exactly what he was thinking—he was excited she was going to go out in a public area and showing off her body. Hell, for all she knew could be fantasizing about her actually sleeping with Henry—something he suggested almost at the end of every party they had attended. Even having separate hotel rooms, she did not put it past him to fantasize that one night away would make her spread her legs for somebody who was almost a stranger or something even more incredible.

"It's no trouble at all," Henry was saying to them. "In fact, I'll go and call them now to change the reservations," he said. "And don't worry about the cost, my company can cover this easily," he told them before Suzanne could say anything else.

Finishing his beer, he stood up and let himself out.

Once the front door clicked closed Suzanne turned to her husband.

"What the fuck was that about?" she asked angrily.

"What?" her husband asked innocently. "I thought it was a nice gesture. You heard how lonely he sounded talking about missing his wife, so why not help him out?" her husband asked.

Although his statement and reasoning were solid, Suzanne knew him too well to let things remain quiet as she stated, "I'm not going to sleep with him if that's what you're thinking."

David laughed.

"No, that is not what I was thinking," he told her as she looked at him skeptically. "Not that I would," he admitted to her surprised face. "What? I think it's fucking exciting as hell to think about you with somebody else, sue me," he told her with a shrug. "Heck, if not Henry then somebody else. You can have your pick at a convention," he said to her with a smile.

Suzanne suddenly felt sad as she asked, "Why do you want me to be with another man?" she asked quietly. "Are you not interested in me any longer? Do you not love me?" she asked, bringing herself almost to the point of tears.

David pulled her into his arms sitting on the couch.

"Of course I love you," he told her. "And I know you love me. It's a sign of how much I love you that makes me comfortable with this. I know how much you've been aching for sex," he told her bluntly. "All those hours in the shower weren't because you are a cleaning addict," he grinned at her.

Suzanne's face heated up crimson as her husband's revelation on what she had been doing in the shower.

Seeing her expression, he smiled.

"Nothing to be ashamed about," he told her. "I completely understand, and once we get this fucking cast off, I'm going to fuck you all day to catch up for lost time," he laughed. "I just want you to enjoy life, and each man is a different experience, and I want you to feel that," he told her.

"And do you want another woman?" she asked, not knowing what to think at her husband's words.

"No," he told her adamantly. "I am completely satisfied with you, but I know your libido is a lot more than mine," he said with a grin. "The very fact you masturbated after we've made love for hours has shown me that," he said as Suzanne again blushed. "All I am saying is think about it," he finally told her. "If you're uncomfortable about it, fine, don't do it. I can't help it that I fantasize about you with another man, and hearing it from you firsthand would be hot as hell, but I am happy where we are now. And you wearing clothes like around the neighbors is more than gratifying," he told her.

They did not talk any more about it, but Suzanne was left confused at her husband's comments, as she had the entire summer.

Over the weeks following that evening they did not discuss her being more provocative anymore, and things went back to normal, her working her ass off while David moped around the house feeling sorry for himself.

Early in the week before the convention Henry brought over a printed copy of her reservation, reiterating how thankful he was for her agreeing to come with him, even if she was going to be bored with an old fart like him.

Suzanne had to smile as she told him, "Nonsense Henry, you know I enjoy your company. This will be fun," she told him. "I'm just sorry for the way David assumed things, he sometimes doesn't think before speaking," she added to Henry's smile.

******************** "And sometimes he acts without thinking too," Suzanne quietly whispered to herself as she took another long pull from her chilled wine glass.

Looking back over David, she saw him look heatedly at her. Then again, she realized, so were all the other men in the lounge. For some reason her gaze kept getting drawn to Chad and his fraternity brothers, their loud boisterous conversation overheard by everybody.

At one point her heart began racing as Chad and his other friend, Eric—who had confronted her in the back hallway—caught her looking at them and both smiled. She felt blood rush to her face as she quickly turned away, hearing the men laugh. To her shame, blood was also rushing to other, more intimate, places.

From then on she looked at them only through the bar mirror, her gaze still drawn to them, almost as a moth to a flame.

To keep her mind off them, she thought again about the convention, although it did nothing to cool down the fire within her loins, and in fact, kept her arousal burning as she once again became lost in her reverie.


When Friday morning came Suzanne packed her bag before Henry arrived. He had told her to dress casually for the convention, telling her the top and shorts she had worn the evening he had been over were more than adequate. Although she was now comfortable dressing like that around their neighbor, she was not about to have her ass hanging out all day in public. Besides, men had no fashion sense—if it showed off boobs or ass, they were happy.

As she would be seen with Henry, she wanted to look decent, knowing even if they were not a 'couple' her appearance reflected upon him, and Henry attended the convention every year, so she had no doubt they would meet up with acquaintances of his. Even if she was only wearing active wear, she wanted the outfit to match and compliment him.

They would be in the car for several hours, so Suzanne still wore something comfortable, selecting another of her workout outfits—a matching pink set consisting of a cropped zippered hoodie top and a pair of tight pink yoga capris leggings. Beneath the top she wore a bandeau sports bra, as much for support as functionality in case the cropped top was too hot, and beneath the pants she put on a pink thong, the pants hugging her ass too tightly to wear anything else—one of Suzanne's biggest pet peeves were panty lines.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she was happy with the results, the pants showing off her ass and legs, but not as blatantly as the shorts Henry had suggested.

She packed light, planning to wear the same outfit when they came home, although she did pack a matching pink tennis skirt in case something spilled on the pants—her mother had always told her and Jen to never leave home without a spare change of clothes—as she tossed another white cropped t-shirt into the bag. Finally she added a pair of fleece short pajamas.

Although she typically slept nude with David—or only wore panties on occasion—when traveling she always had the fear of a fire alarm going off and having to run outside.

The only thing else she packed was her make-up bag. Henry had bought her a cocktail dress earlier in the week, and although she had not seen it, David had approved.

It was almost embarrassing the older neighbor knew her measurements when her husband could not even remember a t-shirt size, but as the full drawer of clothes attested, he had put the knowledge to good use.

"Ready?" David asked behind her, startling her as she turned and nodded.

Her husband had not said anything more about the trip since the night she had accepted to go to the convention, but Suzanne knew her husband's mind had not been idle wondering some perverse thought about her when she was gone.

Her thoughts were broken when the doorbell rang, announcing Henry's arrival.

"Can you get that?" David asked. "I need to go to pee," he said.

Suzanne shrugged and reached for her bag, but David stopped her, saying, "No, you get the door, I'll bring it when I'm done," he told her.

Once again she shrugged, chalking his offer up to another of his needs to feel useful, so left the bedroom to answer the door.

"Wow, you look fabulous," Henry greeted her, giving her a kiss on the cheek as she invited him in.

"I hope this is alright," she told him. "You did say casual."

"It is perfect," Henry told her enthusiastically. "I will be the envy of everybody at the convention with you by my side," the old man beamed.

Suzanne smiled genuinely for the compliment as David joined them, her overnight bag in his lap. Bidding her husband goodbye, she took the bag and gave him one last kiss before going outside and getting in Henry's car.

Although Henry was exceptional company, it was not long until the low monotonous tone of the car engine and wheels on the rode caused her to nod off, not waking until they had arrived at the hotel.

It took her a moment to take stock of her surroundings, embarrassed to find she had fallen towards Henry, her head on his shoulder, his arm wrapped around her. Apologizing for the inconvenience, Henry told her it was perfectly fine as he pulled into the hotel lot where they were staying, as well as where the convention was hosted.

Suzanne was amazed seeing all the activity going on. There were hundreds of people, her never realizing landscaping was a big event.

Getting out of the car, she was immediately aware of those hundreds of people seeming to all look at her. Feeling conscientious, Suzanne realized there were few women attending the event, and none of them as young or attractive as her. Mentally she was pleased with what she had chosen to wear, as her appearance, as she had thought, caused everybody to look at Henry in a new light.

Henry was beaming like he had just won a major award, slinging both his and her bags over his shoulders with an energy unusual for somebody his age as he also reached around Suzanne's waist, escorting her into the hotel.

Suzanne knew he was showing off—or more to the point, showing her off. She let him hold her possessively, knowing it was all harmless fun. Just as she was his companion during the neighborhood parties to help him achieve respect from the other men in the neighborhood, she did the same thing here. With her mind still fuzzy from the three-hour nap, she also did not want to go through the effort of apologizing to Henry if she moved away, deciding to let him have his fun as he escorted her to the hotel counter.

Handing the copy of her printed reservation and driver's license to the clerk, she and Henry waited to check in.

Meanwhile she looked around, surprised to see as many younger men as older, commenting her observation to Henry.

"Yes, landscaping is not simply an old man's pastime," he smiled at her, holding up his hand as she opened her mouth to apologize. "No, I'm just pulling your leg Suzanne. I would say the average age of most of the people here will be closer to your age. A lot of companies send their younger protégés to scout out all the new stuff, preferring to just do the bookkeeping and other managerial stuff. I, however, prefer to keep an active hand in things," he told her as the clerk came back to them.

"I'm sorry ma'am," the clerk said to Suzanne, "but there is no reservation in your name," she said.
Looking at Henry in surprise, she was grateful when he stepped up and spoke to the clerk.

"Try checking under the last name Fuller," he told the clerk.

"Ah yes, here it is," the clerk told them, Suzanne immediately feeling relieved. "Mr. Henry Fuller, non-smoking with a king-sized bed," she said.

Henry's brow wrinkle in confusion as Suzanne looked at him as he said, "That's two rooms with king-sized beds," he corrected.

The clerk looked up from her computer saying, "I'm sorry sir. I only have one on the reservation."

Henry leaned over the desk in concern as he said, "No, check it again. I made one reservation about four weeks ago and the other about three weeks ago. You have the paper with the second confirmation number in your h and," he told her.

"I'm sorry sir," the clerk said politely, "but the second reservation was apparently canceled," she told him.

"Canceled?" Henry exclaimed, "By whom?" he asked.

"I'm sorry sir, we do not have that information. It would have been somebody with access to the confirmation number and reservation information to do so if that helps," she said.

Suzanne could see Henry's concern and aggravation, and not wanting to make a scene, she put her hand on his arm and said, "It's alright Henry. We'll just get another room," she told the man, who was clearly upset. "Just give us whatever you have available," Suzanne told the young clerk.

"I'm sorry ma'am," the told them, "but we're completely booked due to the convention—there are no more rooms available."

"What!" Henry exclaimed. "This is unacceptable, please call your manager," he told her.

"Sir, I'll be happy to get my manger, but he will tell you the same thing. There are no vacancies left due to the convention," she said.

Henry looked back and forth between the clerk and Suzanne with obvious exasperation. Finally in exasperation he said, "Fine, we'll just find another hotel," he said.

"Sir, you are welcomed to try," the young clerk told him, "but I'm afraid you are going to find the same thing at every hotel. The convention has pretty much filled up every hotel within miles," she told him.

The older man's anxiety was almost palpable, and Suzanne was afraid the elderly gentleman would have an aneurism or heart attack as she placed her hand on his arm to calm him down.

"It's alright Henry," she told him. "We'll just get a roll-away bed," she told him, looking at the clerk with a smile.

"I'm sorry ma'am," the clerk once again told them, "but those are all reserved as well," she said. Seeing Henry's face turn red in anger, the clerk quickly added, "How about I check you into the one room and flag your name for another room, as well as a possible roller bed. I am sure there should be some last-minute cancellations, and we can reserve you immediately when it happens," she told them.

Although Henry had been the calm one at first, his aggravation was obvious, so Suzanne took over, her neighbor obviously too upset to even think straight. Her husband was the same way when it came to small emergencies like this, so she simply smiled and told the clerk her suggestion would be fine.

Finally checked in, Henry calmed down as then entered the elevator, completely apologetic. The man was genuinely upset, and Suzanne simply told him it was alright.

"I am so sorry about this," he told her for what probably was the fortieth time.

Again she smiled at him, telling him it was no big deal, but Henry was insistent.

"Yes, it is a big deal," he told her. "I know you did not want to come to this convention in the first place. No, don't argue, David manipulated us both. I just don't want you to think I'm some sleaze-bag trying to get you into my room," he told her, his nerves so fraught with anger, he was visibly shaking.

Attempting to take his mind off the room situation, Suzanne did what she usually did to her husband in such situations.

Putting her arms around him and leaning against him, she said, "Hey, don't worry about it. It's out of our control and I don't blame you for this," she smiled, giving him a hug. "Let's just check in and enjoy the convention and we can check with the front desk later for any cancellations," she said.

If was not her words, then the physical contact had its effect, as Henry noticeably calmed down, putting his arm around her in return, although he still apologized.

Suzanne looked over to the bellhop who had watched the whole exchange as he carried their bags. She had seen him staring at her ass in the polished walls of the elevator and as she turned towards him, he quickly turned away in embarrassment, causing her to smile.

She felt a small thrill run through her at the inadvertent compliment, feeling another thrill run through her when Henry's arm lowered and came into contact with her bare waist, his hand lightly caressing her skin as the elevator doors opened to their floor.


Suzanne smiled at her reflection in the hotel bar mirror, recalling how uptight Henry had been. She had been worried the man was going to have a coronary right there in the elevator at being so wound up, but eventually he had calmed down by the time they had dropped off their bags and went to the convention.

Suddenly her phone went off, and reaching for the small handbag she had brought, Suzanne felt her heart flutter seeing a text message from Raimon:

Client running late, B there 1 hour. U still up 4 this?

To which she replied back:

Am here, a deal is a deal, just remember your side of the bargain!

While her phone was out, she texted David, seeing him grab his phone as she told him what was going on.

Was she really going to do this, she thought? Had she sunk so low as to offer her body up to save her house and prevent it from foreclosure?

The answer was staring back at her through the mirror, dressed and primped up like a high-priced call girl. And that was exactly what she was tonight, Suzanne thought. Hell, she had actually given a price for her 'services' to Chad's friend!

At the thought of the intimidating college man, Suzanne looked over her shoulder at their booth. All of the guys were joking around except Eric, who was staring straight at her. Suzanne felt her panties practically melt at the almost electrifying gaze the young man gave her, wondering if he had been staring at her the whole time.

Feeing self-conscious, she turned back around, trying to act nonchalant as her heart continued to flutter erratically.

Again she tried to calm herself by reminiscing, thinking back to the convention and that momentous day...


Surprisingly, Suzanne had a fun time at the expo, learning all sorts of things about gardening, agriculture, and lawn care in general. Henry was a wealth of knowledge, not surprising since he owned a landscaping company, but up until now, she had never talked to him about it.

She also felt a guilty pleasure at being Henry's arm-candy. There had not been one man at the convention center who had not taken third, if not fourth looks at her, giving Henry surprised, yet envious looks.

And Henry was aware of the attention they were both getting, actually walking straighter, his head held higher, while all the time keeping his arm around her or hooked into her own as they moved from display to display.

Due to all the people, the temperature in the convention center steadily rose, and finally she unzipped her cropped hoodie, revealing her sports bra and cleavage, drawing even more looks from the people at the convention. Although she had unzipped it due to the heat, Suzanne also felt empowered at the attention she received.

She had so much fun in fact, she was surprised when the intercom system announced the convention center closing, reminding everybody to join the cocktail party and dinner in an hour.

Henry escorted her out of the convention center, and they stopped by the front desk of the hotel. Unfortunately they were told there still had not been any cancellations, but the man behind the desk told them not to worry, as 'no-show' reservations were not cancelled until nine o'clock, and they were at the top of the list for available rooms and roller beds.

Once again Henry was more upset than Suzanne, and she once again had to calm him, the elderly man taking it as a personal affront for only one room being available. She continued to lean upon him, trying to take his mind off of the subject as she again assured him she placed no blame on him whatsoever.

"If anything, it's the hotels fault," she told him, as they entered the room. "Let's just get ready and go to the cocktail party," she told him jovially. "We can check the desk afterwards. I'm sure there will be something by then," she once more comforted him.

Henry was still grumbling and apologizing until she asked to see the dress he got her, his thoughts suddenly diverted. Immediately a smile came back to his face as he told her the shoes and dress he gotten her were in the bathroom.

Suzanne's eyes opened wide, realizing she had totally forgotten about shoes, thankful for her neighbor's thorough mind.

She was somewhat dreading what Henry—and undoubtedly her husband—had selected; however, every girl loves clothes, so it was almost with a Christmas-like anticipation she pulled out her make-up case from her suitcase and went into the bathroom, Henry telling her he would change in the room.

Closing the door, Suzanne found a garment bag hanging on the bathroom door, slowly unzipped it with a mixture of excitement and trepidation.

The first thing she noticed was the material, a soft satiny texture that rippled like water as she unzipped the rest of the bag.

The next thing she noticed was the length—or lack thereof! Wondering what size of dress Henry had bought, she pulled it out of the bag and turned it around to look at the tag, realizing the entire dress was backless.

"So much for wearing a bra," she muttered, holding the soft dress in front of her.

Suzanne had to admit the dress was beautiful, even if it was a bit on the skimpy side. It was a 'slash' dress, common for clubbing and such where the front panel had an opened 'slash' going across the chest, and Suzanne wondered how much her breasts would be exposed.

No time to figure it out than the present, she thought, as she got undressed.

She again noticed how short the dress was, guessing it would barely go a quarter way down her thighs, showing considerably amounts of her legs, as well as probably hugging her body like a second skin—which mean regular panties were out.

For who knows how many times, Suzanne reached into her purse and gave a silent thanks to her sister as she pulled out a black thong. Jennifer had always told her, "You never knew when you needed a change of underwear!"

For a stripper, that was probably more true than anything, and Suzanne smiled to herself at her sister's words, as she set up her make-up on the counter.

Although she regretted not bringing any pantyhose along, she was thankful for at least shaving her legs that morning. She was tanned enough to not need them, but the thought of only the thin satiny material and a thong separating her from a convention hall of predominately men was both disconcerting and thrilling at the same time.

Also within the garment bag was a shoebox containing a black pair of high-heeled leather strappy platform sandals. The shoes were higher than she normally wore, but Suzanne had practice wearing her sister's stripper shoes every once. At the very least she would not be clunking around like a draft horse.

Between the short skirt and heels, her legs looked phenomenal, and she also applied another secret tip from her sister, rubbing in a healthy coating of leg and body oil.

When she was done and stepped out of the bathroom, she though Henry's eyes would pop out of his head, smiling in thanks to his silent approval of her look. Suzanne had been impressed with the outfit, which showed off her curves to perfection, glad for the thong she had brought.

Her only concern was the lack of bra. The dress already exposed more of her breasts than normal, and the completely opened back mean wearing a bra was impossible. She only wished she had some body tape or Band-Aids to cover her nipples, which would stand out like spotlights if she got cold, the dress hugging her like a second skin.

All wardrobe malfunction worries aside, Suzanne found to her delight she had fun at the cocktail party and dinner. Not only was the event itself well executed—even being a 'convention' type affair it had a formal flair to it—but also from Henry's, who truly was an old-schooled gentleman. Although his hands often strayed to her bare back and even her ass, it was something she was used to, and even though he did it in full view of people, it was done in a way that never made her feel cheap or sleazy. Most of the time his touches were only fleeting grazes, enough to appear accidental, although she was not fooled for a second.

Even being fondled by a dirty old man, it was fun to have the attention. In addition, every set of male eyes watched her all evening as she danced and socialized, never leaving Henry's side—although that did not stop several men from being bold enough to ask her to dance.

But she always declined, to Henry's pleasure.

All-in-all it was a wonderful evening, and Suzanne was glad her husband had suggested it, as she did need the time out.

The only 'bad apple' ruining the evening had been at its conclusion, when she and Henry— both buzzed from the continuous steady flow of drinks they had—had stumbled to the front desk and discovered there had been no cancelations.

Henry was ready to create a scene—the alcohol making him even louder than before—and it took all she could for Suzanne to calm him.

The clerk offered them a free 'platinum breakfast' delivered by room service for the morning, which Suzanne told her was fine as she steered her angry neighbor away.

"Look, it's a big enough room and it's only one night," she told him, leading him to the elevator. "We can share the room," she reasoned with him. With a grin she added, "Hell, it's what David would want anyways," she laughed drunkenly along with Henry.

As they entered the elevator Henry looked at her, his eyes growing wide as he said, "You don't think HE cancelled the reservation, do you?"

Suzanne looked at the elderly man in surprise and sudden comprehension, immediately sobering up as a sinking suspicion formed in her mind.

"That is exactly what that bastard would do!" she exclaimed.

Although not having any proof, Suzanne was suddenly pissed off at David. He had joked about her sharing a room with Henry, not to mention continuously telling Suzanne to 'thank' Henry after each party. This was exactly the bullshit type of stunt he would pull.

Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do about it until she got home tomorrow, wanting nothing more now than to crawl into bed and sleep off the effects of the alcohol.

Entering the room, Henry offered to sleep on the floor, but Suzanne would have none of it.

"Look, it's a huge bed and we are grown adults. I'm not going to have you sleep on the hard floor, so don't even think about it," she told him.

Although she had no innate desire to sleep in the same bed as her neighbor, these were extenuating circumstances, and she was not about to let somebody almost three times her age sleep on the floor!

They were two mature adults, they could share a bed for one night she knew.

Henry reluctantly agreed, and she let him have the bathroom first, as she kicked off her shoes and turned on the television, propping her feet onto the coffee table.

Suzanne smiled when she caught Henry staring at her long legs before going into the bathroom, feeling a flush of excitement run through her body from the older man's admiration before he closed the door.

Several minutes later he came out wearing nothing but a pair of black and white plaid boxer shorts and a t-shirt, apologizing for not having pajamas.

"I don't normally sleep in anything," he told her shyly, "and I wasn't expecting to share a room," he told her in way of apology.

Suzanne simply smiled at the old man's uneasiness, having a suspicion he normally did not wear boxers or a t-shirt either, touched by the man's chivalry.

She was now grateful for her own idiosyncrasy of always packing pajamas when staying in a hotel as she grabbed her overnight back and went into the bathroom, telling Henry she would be out in a few minutes.

At first she considered removing her make-up, but then remembered who was in the outer room. She did NOT want their neighbor seeing her like that, without make-up! They may be friends, but there were some vanities even she could not stoop to, she thought with a smile. Thankfully she was wearing extended wear make-up, and knew even overnight it would not smear, resigning herself to wearing it until she got home.

It was then she opened her suitcase to pull out her pajamas, staring in the bag for several moments before her anger got the best of her.

"Mother fucker!" she yelled.

"Is everything alright?" Henry asked from outside in the room, her exclamation heard through the door.

"Yeah, everything is fine," Suzanne said to him through the door, "other than I have a fucking asshole for a husband," she finished.

Looking back at her overnight bag, she was now positive of Henry's comment concerning it having been David who had purposely cancelled her room.

The proof was in her bad—or not within it as the case may be. Suzanne vividly remembered packing her fleeced short pajamas. Although they were not necessarily something she wanted to parade around in front of Henry, they were at least modest enough for her to have been comfortable putting them on and wearing in front of him.

However, there was no sign of her pajamas whatsoever in the small bag. Instead, the only clothing items packed was a white mid-length sheer top with puffy sleeves and pink ribbons on the front and a pair of skimpy lace trimmed panties and a lace ruffle with pink bows. The outfit was practically transparent, and definitely not something she would ever be caught wearing in front of their neighbor, being more appropriate for a kinky evening with her husband!

"I'm going to kill him!" Suzanne spat, angered at her husband for putting her in such a predicament.

Her only other choice was to wear the capris pants and top she had worn that day, but as comfortable as they were, they were not something she wanted to sleep in, particularly since she had already worn them on the trip up and was planning on wearing them on the trip back.

She stared at the tiny pieces of lingerie for several minutes, silently cussing her husband every which way possible.

Finally, completely exasperated, she whispered, "Fuck it. He wants me to show off my body to the neighbors? Then fine, I'll fucking show my body off," she said, completely fed up and livid at her husband as she put on the sexy lingerie.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she knew she looked good; however, that was not the point. Her body was clearly visible beneath the sheer outfit.

But again she had little choice, other than to go naked as she cracked open the door and asked Henry if he would mind turning out the lights.

"Is there a problem?" he asked, having already crawled under the covers on his side of the bed.

Suzanne smiled around the corner at the man as she said, "No, but like you, I wasn't planning on anybody seeing me in my sleeping attire," she lied, not wanting to tell him her husband had repacked her bag, or what a complete imbecile he was for doing it.

"Aw, I showed you mine, you should show me yours," Henry teased, but seeing she was in no mood, he said, "Fine, I'll turn off everything but your side of the nightstand," he said, getting up and turning off everything.
Knowing that was as good as she would get, Suzanne waited until the lights were turned off before turning off the bathroom light and taking a deep breath, stepped out of the bathroom. Henry had seen her topless, as well as most of her ass, so there was little more revealed now; however, when he had seen her body before it was in a bikini, which was meant to be seen. The outfit she had on now was meant for only one purpose, seducing a lover, not for wearing in front of your sixty-something neighbor.

"Wow,'re gorgeous Suzanne!" Henry said, drawing her eyes to him on the left-hand side of the bed.

Suzanne immediately felt her body flush with embarrassment. Finally looking at her neighbor, she once again blushed, freezing in place as Henry stared at her, his eyes taking in every inch of skin—both uncovered and partially covered—on her body, every curve and crevice, every blemish. She could was frozen in place as his eyes moved systematically up and down, as if memorizing every inch of her.

His look was so intense, once again Suzanne felt her body heat up—only this time not in embarrassment, but in arousal, her nipples immediately beading up into painful nubs. It was a normal physiological response, she told herself, not having any interest in the almost-seventy-year-old neighbor. It had been way too long since she had sex—David having broken his ankle and leg months ago—and her body had been a tightly wound ball of sexual energy all summer.

Now, dressed in nothing but slinky lingerie and crawling into bed with a stranger, her abstinence was taking its toll.

Moving to turn off the nightlight next to her bed, Suzanne knew she was giving Henry a full view of her ass, as well as a side view of her breasts, and once again felt her body heat up.

She attempted to reason with herself there was nothing he had not seen before, but context was everything, and dressed in skimpy lingerie in a hotel, alone with another man definitely did not lend itself to a casual view as she quietly turned off the light and crawled into bed.

It felt odd being in a strange bed with somebody else, but after saying her goodnight to Henry, she closed her eyes, the alcohol making sleep come quickly.

Suzanne woke abruptly, disoriented and taking a few moments for her to remember where she was as her eyes adjusted to the dimly lit hotel room.

What had woken her up?

Then she gasped as her breast was once more squeezed, her nipple caught firmly between two fingers!

In shock, Suzanne realized she was on her side in the middle of the bed, Henry spooned up behind her with his arm reached around and—

She gasped again as he once again kneaded her flesh, realizing his hand was beneath her loose top!

Suzanne was about to quickly move out of bed and yell at him when she suddenly heard him say in a soft voice, "Oh Margie, I've missed you so much."


Suddenly comprehension came to her. Henry was still asleep, apparently dreaming about his deceased wife.

It had been over ten years since she had passed away, and in his sleep, finding a woman in bed, his subconscious mistook her for his wife.

Suzanne sucked in a sharp intake of breath as Henry's hand glided alluringly across her skin, moving down to her lower left breast, taking the soft tissue into his palm and kneading it like the other.

His touch was gentle, not rough; the touch of a man who cared for his partner, who loved her. His actions in no means caused her discomfort—on the contrary, she was reveling in the intimate sensations. Suzanne sighed quietly as his palm glided across her sensitive mammary tissue as he again whispered sweet pillow talk to her.

What should she do? Waking him up would be embarrassing, but she could not let him fondle her all night!

As Henry stroked her breasts, Suzanne felt her own body respond, flaring up in arousal. Like a tidal wave, heat built between her legs as her breasts tightened from the gentle caresses.

She made an attempt to gently move away, but Henry's voice caught her off guard as he said once more, "I missed you so much."

"Ohhh," Suzanne groaned as Henry took her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, clamping his fingers down upon the hardened nub.

Delicious sweet pain flooded her, her body heating up further in desire.

Suzanne's breasts were her most sensitive areas, and Henry's attention to them—both while she had been asleep as well as awake—caused her earlier arousal to return a hundred-fold, her crotch becoming instantly damp from her body's long-term need.

Once again Suzanne tried to move away, this time rolling forward, but even in his sleep Henry sensed her movements. Rolling with her, his body pinned her beneath him on her stomach, the older man on top of her.

It was at that moment she became aware of two critical things. First, Henry was naked, his bare chest pressing against her back, not to mention the not inconspicuous firm tube of flesh from his erection nestling between the cheeks of her ass.

The second thing she was aware of, and even more disconcerting, was the startling fact her thong was gone!

In shock she realized both of them were essentially naked. Granted her top was still on, as was the short micro mini dress, but those were not what mattered.

She did not know what to do, trapped and virtually naked, while her neighbor nestled on top of her, definitively aroused yet asleep. The revelation was both frightening and stimulating, and Suzanne knew she needed to wake her neighbor up immediately before something happened.

Just as she was about to say something she felt Henry's hips hitch up.

Before she could utter a single sound, she felt him push forward.

Abruptly Suzanne's mind went blank, her own body betraying her as every muscle within her went flaccid as Henry's cock slid between the folds of her slit, the head of his cock wedging into her vagina! It was as if her labia opened upon their own accord, spreading apart as Henry's cock slid between her folds, her own arousal washing across the head of his cock, covering it with her desire and lubricating it as he entered her.

Suzanne gasped, a sharp intake of air mixed with a partial groan as Henry slowly pull back. Without thinking she clamped down with her Kegel muscles, her pussy attempting to prevent his manhood from pulling out—and then he thrusted forward again, his manhood sinking even further into her neglected married pussy in exquisite pleasure.

Suzanne let out a moan, a mixture of 'Unh' and 'Oh'—or maybe it was 'No'-- at the same time as her core twitched, accommodating the invading member. Without thinking her hips pushed back, sinking the hard tube of flesh deeper inside her.

She no longer cared this was her neighbor, hell, she did not care if it was a complete stranger, her body had been neglected for so long she now welcomed the sexual transgression.

And then Henry pushed one more time, filling her as completely as David, her mind not even remotely thinking of her husband, only the exquisite feeling of finally having sex.

She held her breath, waiting for the man on top of her to start pumping when her eyes opened wide.

"Oh God," she gasped as another three inches of hard cock slid into her, going far beyond the point her husband ever had!

And then he pushed again, another couple inches sliding even deeper!

Once more Henry thrusted forward, and Suzanne realized the older man was at least twice the length of her husband, and in disbelief she comprehended at least ten inches of another man's cock was inside her, their neighbor hitting places within her even her gynecologist had never been before.

Suzanne made a guttural moan as Henry pulled back, the head of his cock rasping across hitherto uncharted territory as his cock seemingly took forever to slide down her canal. And then he slammed forward again, his hips hitting her ass cheeks so hard the room echoed with a loud 'slap' as Suzanne again moaned, her body completely overcome with lust as he began thrusting in and out of her in a steady rhythm, the room continuing to echo with the steady 'slap-slap-slap' of him plunging against her ass.

"Oh Suzanne, you are so fucking tight," Henry gasped in her ear as she realized he was no longer asleep. "David told me you had the tightest pussy I would ever feel," he said, reminding her she had a stranger's cock inside her married pussy.

But at this point she did not care, her body having been neglected for so long she needed to be fucked, and she wanted to be fucked.

"Oh God, you're so big," she gasped as he continued plunging into her, her abdomen tightening up in an imminent release.

"Bigger than your husband?" Henry panted in her ear.

"Yes!" she cried out. "Yes!" as his cock plunged into her.

"I'm going to fuck you all night, you realize that?" he gasped.

Whether it was his words, the long interval since she had sex, Henry's cock sliding across areas of her vagina she had never had a man touch before, but Suzanne suddenly came. She cried out as she felt like a supernova had gone off in her lower abdomen, her body flooding in a wave of heat and passion.

And still Henry thrusted into her, giving her no relief as yet another orgasm swept through her when his cock continued to impale her over and over, her pussy clamping down upon the man's dick plunging in and out of her.

Suzanne felt sweat beading on her body as the long cock filled her completely, filled her more than any man had ever done, continuing to cry out and moan as release after release coursed through her body, unable to tell where one orgasm ended and another began.

Henry's cock was rock hard now, feeling like a foot-long shaft of steel was pistoning through her core like a steam engine while Suzanne floated in space on wave after wave of release, even though physically she was pinned beneath the older man and the bed.

Suddenly Henry let out a loud grunt, slamming completely into her.

"Urrgggga!" he shouted.

Immediately Suzanne felt the deep insides of her abdomen heat up as her neighbor began emptying his cock deep within her.

"Aiiieeee!" she screamed as once again another orgasm flooded her senses, this one larger than before, triggered by the man's hot release inside her.

Suzanne's pussy spasmed uncontrollably around the hard tube of flesh, even as Henry made small pumping motions, sending spurt after spurt of semen deep into her.

His chest pressed upon her back, and Suzanne could feel their sweat mingling, their skin slick and wet as Henry moved slightly to the side, his cock still inside of her.

She looked at Henry's flushed face and she smiled.

Then her eyes opened wide when he told her, "Let me know when you are ready for more," he said.

He gave a small hitch to his hips and Suzanne realized he was still hard!

She looked at him in surprise saying, "You can't be ready already!" she exclaimed, knowing David needed at least a half-hour before they could have sex again.

Henry's reply was to slide off to the side, startling her as he rolled her over onto her back. Without a though Suzanne's legs spread, groaning at the loss of his cock sliding out of her, still hard.

To her surprise he moved between her legs, and lifting her thighs up, positioned himself between her legs, draping her legs over her shoulders. Suzanne groaned as he then leaned forward, his cock slowly sliding into her as he moved closer to her inch by agonizing inch with her legs over his shoulders.

Suzanne could not believe his cock could be so long and so hard as it continued to slide into her incessantly, as she was slowly bent in half. It was not until her knees were pressed against her shoulders, Henry completely over her that he plunged the final few inches into her.

"Oh fuck!" Suzanne screamed, Henry's cock going so deeply inside her she felt the head slam against her cervix, a mixture of pain and exquisite pleasure coursing through her.

Henry stopped, concern on his face as he looked at her as he asked, "Am I hurting you?"

Although Suzanne was deeply touched by his concern, it was the last thing she wanted as she cried out, "No, now fuck me. Fuck me!" she yelled at him.

And he did just that.

Suzanne was completely overwhelmed as Henry's cock plunged deeply into her core, slamming into her cervix over and over, her breasts swaying wildly from his rough lunges, his body slamming into hers. She was completely bent in half, the man's body once again pinning her to the bed and she was in heaven. This was what she needed, to be completely dominated by a man, a man using her for his own perverted pleasure, not caring whether she got off or not.

Henry fucked her wildly, her body cumming over and over until her were eyes rolling into the back of her head, her back arched. He fucked her so violently her head repeatedly hit the headboard with each thrust, the room echoing not only with the slaps of their bodies slamming together, but the steady 'thump-thump-thump' of her head hitting the headboard.

Henry fucked her wildly, beyond his years, as if he were an eighteen-year-old with unlimited energy, and all Suzanne could do was take it, her body flooded by orgasms as she screamed out mixtures of "Aiiiee! Unh! Unh! Unh!" and other gibberish almost like a baby, her cries of "Gna, gna, gna, gna!" filling he room.

At one point Suzanne had grabbed her calves, holding herself bent in half as Henry literally bounced upon her, his cock driving into her like a construction tamper, each thrust slamming into her cervix and sending her over the edge, again and again.

They were completely covered in sweat, their slick bodies seemingly only held together by Henry's hard cock merging them together.

He was fucking her wildly now, no rhythm to his motions as sweat poured down his face, dripping off his chin and nose on to her breasts and face like a perverted rain shower.

And still he fucked her.

Suzanne lost all track of time and even of her surroundings, only aware of the cock driving into her and the multitude of orgasms that continuously flooded her body.

Suddenly Henry's body slammed into hers, folding her in half even further as his hips thrusted forward. Suzanne let out a grunt as the head of his cock slammed once more into her cervix, this time remaining. Immediately she felt an inferno erupt deep inside her as Henry came, another orgasm immediately coursing through her, his hot cum splashing directly against her cervix.

"Oh God, that's it," Suzanne moaned as her body shook uncontrollable. "Oh God, that's it, shoot your cum into my womb," she cried almost incoherently. "Fill my married pussy with your jiz," she begged him crudely.

And Henry did not disappoint, Suzanne feeling each pulse of his cock as he squirt and spurt deep inside her.

Once more she lost track of time, bent in half, her neighbor's cock firmly embedded within her.

To her surprise he was still hard, even after cumming twice.

Finally Henry slowly pulled out of her, her squealing with loss as the long shaft left her. She felt like a sword trick, the blade being pulled out inexplicably slow.

Finally he was gone, much to her dismay, as he slowly eased her body back, gently setting down her legs before lying beside her. She was touched by his gentleness, even after the hard fucking he had given her.

In the dim light Suzanne could see beads of sweat rolling down his face and his chest. His hair wet, and she grinned at him.

"Got a workout did we?" she asked.

Henry smiled at her, her eyes opening wide in surprise as he said, "That was just round two," he told her.

"Are you superman?" she asked, as they both chuckled in post-coital bliss.

"Hardly," Henry told her, "but I do confess I took a little blue pill before going to bed—just in case mind you," he said.

Suzanne looked at him, wondering if he had planned sex with her the whole time, but it was a moot point now, the deed had been done. And to her shame, she wanted it to continue.

She looked down his body and in the dim hotel light saw his cock sticking straight up, looking almost unnatural in its length.

Seeing her gaze, Henry said, "Go ahead, it won't bite," he grinned as she slapped him on the arm.

But her eyes were once again drawn to the lengthy cock, mesmerized. It was almost like she was in a trance as she slowly moved down the bed towards it.

Gingerly she reached out, Henry's hips bucking as she grasped the shaft, apologizing.

"No, it feels great. Don't let me stop you," Henry said, his head propped on a pillow and watching her intently.

Looking back to the man's member, Suzanne was amazed how small her hand looked as she held the base. Even using two hands she would not cover it completely, and she moved closer to it as if a moth drawn to a flame.

Suddenly the intrusive thought popped into her head wondering if she could take the long cock completely into her mouth, a wave of saliva suddenly washing over her tongue in anticipation.

Slowly she began stroking the long shaft, amazed at how she had to use her whole forearm instead of her wrist, like she did jerking off her husband.

The thought was not meant to be derogatory towards David. She loved him, and she loved the sex they had, it was simply a comparison, like enjoying both steak and hamburger—one a staple, the other a specialty.

As her hand slid up and down the slick, slippery member, she leaned forward, barely aware of her actions as she slowly took the head into her mouth, her lips clamping around the top of Henry's shaft.

She heard Henry groan and could not stop a smile, her lips stretching across the firm fleshy member as she began slowly swirling her tongue around the head, Henry's hips jerking involuntarily in response.

Suzanne had practiced giving blowjobs when David had broken his leg, attempting to offer him something to make him feel better while confined to the wheelchair; however, David's depression had grown to the point where she could barely get him hard. But she still practiced, in the hopes when he was fully recovered she could please him. As such, she had taken longer and longer things into her mouth, training herself to squelch her gag reflex. It was not that David was long—unlike Henry's long-assed cock in her hand and mouth—but she had wanted to test her limits, practicing until she could easily take a carrot, then a cucumber, into her throat.

Now she wanted to put her practice to the test, lowering her head further as Henry's cock slide past her lips and into her mouth. She began moving her head up and down, sliding the top portion of his cock in and out of her mouth as she built up enough spit to lubricate the long cock. She knew she needed a good amount of saliva to slide past her larynx as she lowered her head further and further upon Henry's cock.

"Oh my God, Suzanne, that feels incredible," Henry was panting as she continued working on his cock.

Finally she moved her head down to the point where Henry's cock pressed against the back of her throat. Getting on her knees to stretch out her neck, Suzanne then sank forward, Henry's cock sliding into her throat.

Suzanne kept leaning forward, Henry's balls her target as his cock slid into her esophagus, her chin finally resting against Henry's balls.

"Fuck!" Henry cried out, his hands grasping the back of her head and holding it there.

Suzanne tried not to smile, keeping her concentration, and held herself in position until she needed air, finally pulling out, Henry's cock making a gargling 'Gnachtuchun' noise as it cleared her throat.

"Fuck me, I've never had anybody take the whole thing before!" the man exclaimed and Suzanne smiled.

"Care for more?" she asked playfully, almost laughing at the man's vigorous nod.

It was like asking a kid if he wanted more candy as she once more lowered her head onto the wet shaft.
The second time was easier, her throat already prepared, and Henry once again cursed as her face pressed against his groin, the entire cock now in her mouth and throat. Then she started moving up and down, sliding the cock in and out of her throat until he was face fucking her, the gurgles and gargles from her mouth echoing the room.

Amazingly Suzanne could feel Henry's cock become harder, knowing he was getting close to cumming, surprised at his turnaround time.

The third time she took his full length into her throat—her having to come up for air again—was his undoing. As Suzanne's moved her body up and down on Henry's cock she began playing with his balls, as the head of his cock moved in and out of her throat. Even though she needed air, she began moving faster, her head almost slamming up and down on Henry's cock.

Then she heard him grunt, his hips lifting off the bed. Pulling back so she could breath, Suzanne's mouth was suddenly flooded with warm salty fluid as he came. She was momentarily startled by the copious amount of fluid from his cock on this third ejaculate, but she quickly took control, swallowing load after load as he came, her hand squeezing and milking him until he was finished.

But Suzanne was now worked up agan, her pussy throbbing for more cock.

Before Henry even recovered she rose up, straddling her neighbor's lap and lowered herself, impaling herself upon his hard rod.

Both of them moaned simultaneously as Henry's cock entered Suzanne's pussy until she was completely impaled by the long rod. Leaning forward and placing her hands on Henry's shoulders, she began moving her hips back and forth, Henry's cock sliding in and out, in and out, rubbing on the walls of her pussy.

Suzanne moaned loudly as she began fucking Henry, forceful puffs of air coming out of her nose like a horse during a race.

When she and David made love like this, she inevitably became too vigorous and David's cock would pop out of her, often slamming against her pelvis. From his reactions, it was obviously painful and so she always held back.

But not with Henry. There was no way his ten-inched cock was going to slide out of her as she began moving back and forth frantically, her body tightening as she felt an oncoming orgasm. And still she rode him, her body fervidly moving across Henry's groin.

Sweat was now pouring down her face, rivulets rolling down between her breasts and to her stomach, even as drops splashed down upon Henry's hair chest.

Feeling as if her pussy were about to implode, Suzanne suddenly rose up and down on her knees, slamming Henry's cock into her over and over.

Suzanne could feel her orgasm approaching, her quiet grunts of "Fuck...Fuck...Fuck....Fuck" getting louder and louder.

And then Henry reached up and grasped her bouncing tits, his fingers immediately clamping down upon her nipples.

It was as if he flipped a switch, Suzanne cumming even more powerful than before, her body continuously rising and falling upon Henry's cock, the loud 'clomp-clomp-clomp-clomp' of their bodies slamming together sounding almost like a car driving down a cobblestone road.

Her body continued to cum, even as she continued to vigorously ride Henry's cock, unable to stop as the long member impaled her over and over, triggering orgasm after orgasm.

Suddenly Suzanne's world turned topsy-turvy as she was abruptly and unexpectedly flipped over.

Reaching out to stop her fall, she realized she was on her hands and knees, Henry's hands grasping her hips as he moved behind her, him now fucking her.

"Fuck!" she screamed out as Henry's cock slammed into her from behind, his hands firmly locked upon her hips as he impaled her with his cock.

Henry fucked her incessantly, her head handing forward as sweat poured from her face onto the bed, her body rocking forcefully back and forth.

Suzanne had never been fucked so vigorously or intensely, and her mind exploded as she came, her releases almost continuous. Henry was fucking her so zealously she actually expected the head of his cock to burst out of her mouth, her body completely impaled by the long member.

"Jesus Christ, don't stop!" she screamed out, dropping to her elbows to give her arms relief, her head diving into the bed and muffling her moans.

And still Henry fucked her, his cock moving so fast she could not discern whether he was pulling out or pushing in, the sensation just one continuous buzz across her vaginal walls.

She came, and came, and came, screaming into the bed like a banshee as Henry the machine drilled her.

She did not even realize when Henry had slammed her to the bed, lying upon her like the night had first started, his cock buried deep into her pussy as he came yet again inside her, her body too lost to even comprehend his cum shooting inside her, the walls of her vagina numbed and barely able to feel his cock throbbing inside her.

And yet she came again, screaming into the bed as she was once again filled by her neighbor's liquid seed, her womb infused by his sperm.

She felt her body rolled to the side, Henry spooning her as his cock remained inside her.

If there were any advantages to length, this was it, she thought. Being able to move into different positions without him leaving her core was a novel experience.

After such a vigorous session, they were both too far gone, each of them literally passing out into blissful sleep.


Suzanne realized she was breathing erratically as she gulped down the rest of her chilled wine in an attempt at calming herself. Every time she thought of that particular night she became inexplicably aroused. It had been like she had lost her virginity—which she had in a sense, having never thought of being with another man beyond David. Thinking about that night now left her entire body aching for attention.

If there was ever a time for her to be ready for her unknown rendezvous, now was it, she thought with dry amusement. But as of yet, there was still no sign of her intended companion.

That had been the first time she had 'stepped out' on her husband, another Perfect Storm of incidents—some caused by him, some by her, others by Henry—but once the proverbial ball began rolling, she had merely gone the path of least resistance, behaving like a wanton hussy, but by then she no longer cared.

Looking across the bar at her husband, she knew this was what he wanted. Even after getting his cast off his 'fetish' desires had not ceased, and to Suzanne's surprise, she also began to enjoy it.

As the bartender once again refilled her glass of wine, Suzanne's mind again roamed to the rest of that weekend...


Suzanne woke slowly to the sounds of dishes and pans clanking.

Her body felt like it had run miles, and yet she was strangely invigorated. Her groin was tender from all the sex they had last night, but it was a 'good pain,' like working out. She felt alive and strangely uninhibited. Now that the act had been done, she her mind seemed to have less to worry about.

She stretched out in the bed luxuriously, feeling the cool air of the room against her breasts, aware of being completely naked, having taken off the rest of her lingerie sometime in the evening. From the cool breeze, she could tell she was covered by nothing but the thin sheet of the bed, pulled down to her hips and leaving herself partially exposed to the room.

She smiled behind her closed eyelids as she knowing she was giving Henry a show.

Finally opening her eyes, she sat up on her elbows and saw Henry standing on the side of the bed looking down at her with a smile, and she smiled back.

"Good morning," she said as he greeted her as well.

It was then Suzanne realized the dishes and pan sounds were still going on, and looking at the foot of the bed, saw the bellhop that had checked them in arranging a cart of dishes!

The delightful odors of waffles and pancakes, bacon, eggs, and other items came to her, but Suzanne's mind was too shocked at realizing there was another person in the room and she was completely naked, her breasts fully exposed!

Immediately reaching down to pull the sheet up, Henry's voice broke through the room.


Both she and the bellhop looked up at him.

Henry looked at the bellhop and said, "Not you, please continue," as he looked down at her.

Suzanne felt her body flush twenty shades of crimson being openly exposed to the bellhop, who kept looking at her naked body.

To Suzanne's surprise her nipples hardened—and not due to the cool air across them—feeling her core heat up as the bellhop stared longingly at her naked body.

It was both with relief and disappointment when he finished. Henry handed him a tip as the bellhop left, Suzanne having remained half naked before him.

"Can I get dressed now?" she asked, both excited and ashamed at what had just occurred.

"No need," Henry said. "It only will make things harder for me to strip you again," he smiled, a thrill running through Suzanne's body at his comment. "Besides, I had forgotten how wonderful it is to see a freshly fucked woman in my bed before me," he added.

Suzanne felt another flush through her body, suddenly gasping as Henry reached out nonchalantly and pinched her nipple.

Letting out a squeal of surprise, Suzanne looked at the man, who seemed different somehow. This morning he seemed surer of himself, his voice taking a tone of authority, as evident from his earlier command for her not to cover herself.

In addition, his language was much cruder, and as she wondered at the change.

"Come. Sit down and eat, I'm sure you're hungry," he told her, pulling out a chair from the wheeled cart.

Getting up and leaving the sheet on the bed, she walked over to him completely naked, and Suzanne felt her body thrum with excitement as Henry looked at her hungrily, intently, as if memorizing every curve, crevice, and expanse of her skin. This was the first time he had not only seen her completely naked, but after they had fucked more than half the night like wild pigs in heat.

But with that particular social stigma gone, having slept with the man and shared the most intimate act two people could have between each other, Suzanne no longer felt conscientious exposing herself to him.

To her surprise and delight, Henry fed her, not letting her touch a single utensil other than to allow her to use her own coffee cup, explaining to her he did not want to burn her lips by tilting it too much. But the rest he did himself, feeding her whatever she asked, a bite of waffle laden with warm maple syrup, some eggs—of which there were both scrambled and over easy to choose from—fruit, cereal, and yogurt. The cart was amazing, and it was not long before she was full.

A part of her also felt very defenseless at the man feeding her. Yes he was following her commands by feeding her what she wanted, but it was a false sense of power. Henry at the moment held the true power, and her pulse fluttered in her stomach feeling helpless before him.

It also did not help that Henry was completely dressed, while she was completely bare before him. She wondered how long he had been up. His clothing made her feel vulnerable, his clothed body seeming to place him above her, and as she ate, Suzanne could not suppress the feeling of being a subordinate.

It was only after she was finished did Henry sit down and eat himself, while she sat off to his side. Even eating, his eyes never moved away from her body, and she felt her body flush with desire as he watched her sip her coffee, completely naked, as he fed himself.

Her body seemed to hum, both with content from the rigorous fucking she had received, as well as anticipation, wondering if she had more awaiting her.

Other than when she stated what she wanted to eat, they did not talk, Suzanne lost in her own little world as Henry watched her and ate.

Finally he finished eating and getting up, motioned for her to come near him.

"You know, I'm finding the need to feel those luscious lips around my cock again," he told her as he began unbuckling his belt. "Why don't' you kneel down and give Henry a smile," he said to her.

Suzanne felt a rush through her body at the vulgar request, and although she felt cheapened, slowly lowered herself to her knees, reaching up and began undoing the man's trousers.

She was not surprised to see his cock hard, marveling at its length now that she could see it in full light. It was easily ten inches, and her vaginal muscles clench involuntarily remembering how that huge member felt insider, even as she yearned to feel it inside her again.

Looking up at Henry and seeing him watching her intently, she kept her eyes locked on him as she held onto his cock, slowly moving forward and sliding it up her tongue and into her mouth, slowly encircling her lips around it—her eyes locked upon his the entire time.

Henry broke eye contact first, closing his eyes as he sighed, letting out a long whispered, "Ohhhhh yes!" as she began sucking him, moving her arm up and down his shaft.

In this position it was impossible to deep throat him, so Suzanne took in only enough of his cock to hit the back of her throat, still leaving more than half of it outside her mouth, which her hands worked vigorously up and down, leaving no part of his cock unattended.

Sucking his cock, Suzanne kept one hand moving up and down his shaft while she lowered her other hand to her crotch, gently sliding her finger across her clit. The stimulation sent shivers through her body as she brought both herself and Henry to a frenzy, her finger almost instantly flooded by her arousal leaking out of her core.

Suzanne began sucking harder, feeling Henry's cock become even firmer as the room echoed with nothing but sounds of her slurping up and down the man's large cock.

Suddenly she felt Henry's hands on her head, stopping her motions as he said, "OK, that's enough," Henry told her, pulling her to her feet. "We don't have much time before we need to check out," he said, "and I need to fuck you once more before then," he said.

Although his comment was crude and demanding, Suzanne's body was too wound up to make much issue with him as she turned to go to the bed, but Henry placed his arm on her shoulder stopping her.

"No, the breakfast cart will do," he suddenly said.

Suzanne turned around looking at him questioningly.

"What?" she asked.

"The breakfast cart," he told her, "just lean over it."

Suzanne looked at the cart, covered with the remains of their breakfast—plates covered with the remains of leftovers of eggs, waffles, pancakes, fruit, and everything in between.

"What about the dishes?" she asked, still confused.

"Fuck the plates," Henry said, obviously becoming angry. "After the shoddy service this hotel gave us, they'll be lucky if we ever come back," he told her. "Now bend over," he ordered her, pushing her shoulders forward until she was bent over the cart.

"All the way," Henry said.

Suddenly Suzanne felt Henry's hand between her shoulder blades, pushing her forcibly down upon the breakfast cart. Immediately her breasts were covered with syrup, her stomach lying in the still-warm remains of runny eggs.

Henry pushed her forward again and her elbow landed into a bowl of jelly, her other arm suddenly covered with yogurt as Suzanne was practically sprawled across the cart, her body covered with slimy, sticky—and everything in between—food stuffs.

The feeling or the dirty cool plates on her body, as well as the food upon them, was both disgusting and thrilling as she heard Henry's belt buckle jingle as he moved behind her.

Suzanne felt him spread her upper thighs apart and instinctively hitched up her hips to give him a better angle.

Suddenly she let out a scream of both pleasure and pain as Henry thrusted into her, his cock boring into her pussy as her body was slammed forward into the dirty plates. Suzanne reached forward, holding herself by the end of the cart with her hands as Henry pulled back, slamming into her again as his entire cock sheathed itself into her.

"Aiieee!" she cried out, "Oh fuck. Fuck me!" she yelled out, all her inhibitions gone.

Unlike the previous evening, Henry was not tender, did not treat her body as if his first priority was pleasing her. This morning, it was all about him, and he continued plunging his cock into her, heedless of her gasps and comments.

She felt Henry grasped her hips, using the extra leverage to slam his cock into her even more forcibly, over and over, unconcerned with Suzanne's grunts and moans of passion.

"You like this strange cock in your married pussy," Henry suddenly asked, thrusting into her unceasingly, over and over. "Don't you?"

"Oh God, yes!" Suzanne cried in abandon as her body was thrusted repeatedly into the dirty dishes.

"Yes what?" Henry asked, continuing to slam his cock into her again and again.

"Yes I love your cock in my married pussy," she moaned truthfully, her body thrusted forward.

The room was filled with the clanking of the plates and the smacking sounds of Henry's body slamming into her ass and thighs. Suzanne would have admitted anything at this point, her body and mind in a complete sexual frenzy.

"Not just my cock though, right Suzanne?" Henry grunted as he continued fucking her from behind. "I bet you'd enjoy any strange cock in your pussy—your married pussy. Isn't that right you slut?" Henry said crudely.

Suzanne's lust was overwhelming as she repeated Henry's statement in the affirmative.

"Yes, I want strange cock in my married pussy!" she screamed out as an orgasm overwhelmed her, her body quivering uncontrollably as her pussy clamped down upon Henry's cock.

A loud slap echoed in the room as Suzanne screamed out in surprise, Henry slapping her sharply on the ass.

"Say it again," he told her, slapping her butt cheek again.

"Ungh," Suzanne groaned as Henry's long cock continued to impale her, back and forth, in and out. "I want strange cock in my married pussy," she moaned. "I want strange cock in my married pussy," she repeated, over and over as Henry's cock continued to plunge into her.

It was a mantra her dazed and orgasmic body reiterated over and over as she came, Henry's cock moving faster and faster. Through it all, her vulgar chant continued—"I want strange cock in my married pussy! I want strange cock in my married pussy! I want strange cock in my married pussy!"

She lost all track of time as she laid across the breakfast table, unconcerned with the food now covering her body as she focused solely upon Henry fucking her, not even aware of her continued chant. As with last night, she did not even know which direction he was moving inside her, it all blurring into a single vibrating sensation.

"You're the neighborhood slut, aren't you Suzie," Henry said, calling her by her childhood name.

"Ungh," she groaned again. "Yes, I'm the neighborhood slut, so fuck my married pussy! Fuck me!" she yelled. "Fuck me!"

Henry's strokes got even faster, Suzanne in a sexual bliss where she was blind to her surroundings, focused only upon the incessant violation of her core. As if in a dream, she became aware of Henry reaching in front of her, his hand going between her legs, and suddenly her mind exploded as he pinched her clit, her entire body collapsing upon the breakfast cart in defeat as she was completely overcome with the biggest orgasm she had ever felt.

Suzanne let out a scream as the orgasm literally knocked her off her feet, overwhelming her entire body and functional motor skills, barley able to clutch the table, holding on as if for dear life while her neighbor completely and utterly dominated her, fucking her like a rag doll.

Finally he slammed into her one more time, the deep heat in her abdomen triggering another series of orgasms as he came inside her, filling her with his seed.
In some altered sense of reality Suzanne felt like she was having an out-of-body experience, imagining what she looked like, lying naked upon a breakfast cart, the remains of their breakfast smeared all over her body, her legs spread wide open as her neighbor, a man old enough to be her grandfather, emptied his balls deep inside her core.

And she loved it.

Suzanne had never had any interest in being with another man. Even the last couple months with her husband incapacitated and forced to abstain from sex, she had remained faithful both in her mind and body.

But her husband had finally pushed her over the edge. If this was truly what he wanted, then he would be ecstatic, if not, she wondered if their marriage was over.

She began whimpering as Henry slowly pulled his cock out of her, and almost never-ending withdrawal. Suzanne thought of those magician acts when they pull a handkerchief out of their sleeve, it going on and on—such was the feeling of Henry's long cock sliding out of her.

As he finally slipped out of her body, Suzanne moaned as the air conditioned air abruptly blew across her crotch, her pussy gaping open as her muscles spasm again. Then she felt the warm feeling of Henry's cum beginning to seep out of her and down the inside of her left legs.

"OK Suzie, turn around and clean me off like a proper married slut," Henry ordered her, his voice broking no denial.

Her legs wobbly from the vigorous fucking and intense orgasms she had just gotten, Suzanne raised herself off the breakfast cart, dishes clattering as they stuck to her body before finally falling off with a clang. She was a mess, the top of her chest and breasts covered with butter, syrup, and the crumbled remains of pancakes and waffles. Her right arm was covered in jelly and butter, while her left arm was slick with the spilt remains of a bowl of yogurt. At some point the milk and orange juice had also tipped over mixing with everything and coating her body which was both wet and sticky.

Turning around she faced Henry, dropping unquestioningly to her knees as the fluids upon her body ran down her, coating her legs and splattering on to the hotel rug.

But her attention was focused upon the glistening long cock hanging before her.

Reaching up, she took it into her mouth as Henry grabbed the back of her head, his hips moving forward, feeding the entire fleshy member into her mouth. Suzanne was glad he was partially flaccid—although still longer than her husband fully erect—as he would have choked her, but she obediently began to move her tongue around the cock, the taste of her vaginal fluids and Henry's cum filling her mouth.

"That's a good girl," Henry said, as Suzanne felt a thrill of satisfaction run through her. "You are so beautiful with a cock in your mouth, do you know that?" he asked.

Suzanne obviously could not answer with six or seven inches of malleable cock flesh in her mouth, so she merely moaned in response.

"What would the rest of the neighborhood think knowing you had such a penchant for your neighbors' cocks?" he asked as Suzanne again groaned in response.

She could feel Henry's cock beginning to stir within her mouth, the flesh slowly become firm and Suzanne again moaned, wanting to again feel the entire shaft sliding into her throat.

Abruptly Henry's hands pulled her head back, telling her, "OK, that's enough for now," he chuckled as her lips clamped tighter around his shaft, sucking him even more fervently.

Henry's cock left her mouth with a loud 'smooch,' sounding like some grotesque wet kiss as he looked down at her with a smile.

"You are beautiful, you know that," he said to her.

Suzanne rolled her eyes, knowing she was covered with the remains of their breakfast, had a bad case of head hair, and otherwise looked anything but beautiful.

"I need a shower," she told him.

Then her heart began to race as Henry said, "We don't have time. Checkout is in fifteen minutes so hurry up," he told her as she looked at him in surprise. "I've already packed your stuff up—I left your clothes on the bathroom counter," he said, while pulling up his pants and stuffing his again flaccid cock into his drawers. Suzanne looked at him in shock as he said, "I am going to take our bags downstairs and check out and get the car, meet me at the front in the next fifteen minutes or else the maids will be kicking you out," he said.

Suzanne stared at him flabbergasted. Fifteen minutes! Her mind screamed at the lack of time to get ready as Henry closed the hotel door behind him.

The clicking shut of the door spurred her into action as she ran into the bathroom and turned on the shower, stepping into it before it even warmed up. The shock of cool water upon her skin snapped her completely out of her sexual haze as she hurriedly washed off the food slathered over her body.

To her shame, she was so wound up even scrubbing the syrup off her breasts aroused her, her nipples standing up rock hard.

It was the fastest shower she had ever taken, not feeling a hundred percent clean, but at least no longer sticky or greasy from her breakfast christening. Unfortunately she had no time to wash her hair, thankful the food had not gotten into it.

Hurriedly toweling herself dry, Suzanne realized Henry had taken her make-up bag, including her brush. Attempting to finger brush her hair, she finally decided to wet it down in the tub before tying it into a loose knot and ponytail.

Her heart skipped when she looked at the clock in the bathroom and saw ten minutes had passed, knowing she needed to hurry and get out of the room—she did not think Henry was lying about housecleaning kicking her out.

Turning to the pile of clothes on the counter, she lifted the items up her eyes opening wide.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me," she said to herself, feeling a moment of déjà vu from when she had discovered David had repacked her bag.

Henry had left her clothes alright, in her right hand she held her cropped pink hoodie, while in her left hand was her matching pink tennis skirt. And sitting before her were her tennis shoes. What was conspicuously absent was any type of underwear, not even her sports bra or thong.

Suzanne went out to the room to see if even her lingerie was somewhere in the room, as anything would be better than wearing the skirt commando, but as she feared, Henry had packed those up as well.

Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door, a muffled voice stating, "Maid service!"

Shit, Suzanne thought, she was out of time.

Quickly yelling "Five more minutes!" through the door, she ran back into the bathroom, slipping on her skirt and top before finally putting on her sneakers.

Looking into the mirror, she did not think she looked too bad, although she did pull up her hoodie to hide her hair before finally leaving the hotel room, waving to the maids by their cart in the next room.


Suzanne took another sip of her chilled wine as she felt the heat of her arousal flood between her legs. She remembered how flustered and anxious she had been, going down the elevator and into the hotel lobby feeling practically naked with her crotch and ass bare, hidden only by the short tennis skirt.

And look at her now, her body sheathed by the dress and hiding nothing, her ass practically hanging out of the very same dress she had worn that weekend. But this time she wore stockings and garters, the tops of each visible to the entire lounge as she sat at her barstool, her legs crossed.

Even then she had felt a small thrill at the possibility of somebody discovering her secret, although she had avoided any sudden movements which would have caused her skirt to flare up and expose herself.

Looking at the time, she saw forty minutes had passed since Raimon had texted her, wondering how much longer she had to wait. Any reservations she had when she had arrived were gone, banished as her mind recalled the past events leading to this night and she drank glass after glass of white wine.

Back then she had been naïve, 'new' to extramarital sex, as well as uncertain about her unveiled submissive nature, but Henry had somehow known. He treated her as his plaything, which was his right, she thought with a thrill, recalling the rest of that day in her mind as she waited in the hotel bar...


Getting into the car, Suzanne had gasped as the cold air conditioned leather hit her bare ass.

"You're late," Henry said.

She apologized as Henry grunted, pulling out of the hotel drive and getting on the highway.

Although she was expecting it, even anticipating, she still jerked involuntarily when Henry's hand moved to rest upon her upper thigh, his fingers slowly caressing her soft tanned flesh.

Suzanne felt her breasts tighten in response, a heat building deep within her stomach as Henry's hand touched her intimately. She could not believe how aroused she was getting. Much of it was due to already having had sex, her body already 'primed' for lust. She had always been more easily turned on after her and David having sex, but this time it was almost a deluge of lust. In addition, Henry's demeanor was more confident, familiarly stroking her flesh.

Of course, why would he not touch her familiarly? They had just participated in one of the most intimate acts between two people, the elderly man pleasuring her more than she had been in a long time, giving and taking, both their bodies locked in an intimate embrace.

Even now she felt a thrill knowing some of him was inside her, his cum deep within her womb, coating her deep within.

She felt her heart begin to race and a heat build deep within her as Henry's hand slowly moved upwards, sliding to the inside of her thigh.

Barely realizing it, Suzanne slowly spread her legs, giving Henry complete access to her bare crotch, which he took complete advantage of, moving his hand up and gently stroking her mons.

"I love that you're completely shaved," he told her over the dull hum of the car on the highway. "Your cunt is so smooth and soft," he said to her.

Although crude, his words ironically made her feel sexy and at east as warmth suffused her body.

Suzanne gasped as Henry's finger ran up and down her slit, the tip quickly becoming slick and moist from her desire.

For the next hour Henry teased her, his hand gliding relentlessly across her skin, but never invasive, taunting and tormenting her to the point where she was undulating her hips in an attempt to have his fingers enter her before he pulled back, letting her calm down.

She was a wound up bundle of sexual energy, aching for a release, but denied.

Her crotch was wet and glistening, Henry smearing her juices all over her, her pussy seemingly to have an endless supply of moisture for him to tap into and spread across her groin.

Other than commenting on her shaved crotch, Henry said nothing else, the car quiet except for her heavy breathing and the hum of the wheels upon the road.

Suzanne had never felt more alive, her body a tightly wound spring, at the mercy of a man who was not only much older, but almost a stranger.

"Why don't you unzip that top," Henry said quietly.

Although he whispered the suggestion, it came loud to her ears.

Without any hesitation or question, Suzanne reached up and unzipped the hoodie, the front spreading open to expose the curves of her breasts as she sat back in the seat.

Henry lifted his hand, Suzanne's Kegel muscles clenching in response as he slid his hand across her breasts, opening the folds of the hoodie to completely expose her breasts in the car. Then he gently squeezed first her right, then her left breast, her yielding flesh bulging between his spread fingers.

Suzanne gasped as the man, his eyes continuing to focus upon the road while driving, tweaked one, then her other nipple, the heat within her flaring even hotter.

And then he moved his hands back between her legs, the halves of her top fallen to her sides, her breasts exposed directly to the air conditioned car—as well as any passing car.

But Suzanne did not mind as she let out a gasp of pleasure, Henry's finger finally sliding into her moist slit, her hips undulating as Henry slowly moved his finger in and out, up and down. Her hips hitched in surprise as Henry's finger stroked her clit, wanting him to both continue stroking the sensitive nub while still yearning to have him deeper inside her.

Henry was a master of female sexual anatomy and physiology, keeping her hovering on the brink of release for the remaining hour of their trip home. His finger would slide across her clit over and over, only to pull away before she could cum, his hand moving to play with her breasts, her nipples.

Suzanne lost complete track of time, her mind completely focused upon Henry's hand where he touched her, her release so close, and yet denied. It was with complete surprise when the car stopped, having pulled into Henry's driveway.

As the engine turned off she looked at Henry, who turned towards her with a smile.

"You now have a choice dear Suzie," he told her, again using her childhood name.

She knew his choice of nickname was both to demean her, as well as stress his superiority over her; and it succeeded. Uncharacteristically, she welcomed the degradation, the humility and shame she felt fueling her arousal and lust even further.

"I had a wonderful time, and I will talk to you and David later," he told her, the car doors unlocking. "Right now you can leave and go across the street where I'm sure your husband is anxiously awaiting you," he smiled as she looked at him. "Or you can follow me into my house where I plan to fuck you until you can barely walk, driving my hard cock into your married pussy while your husband sits less than a hundred yards away waiting for you," he told her.

With that he got out of his car and walked down the front sidewalk, entering his house—leaving his front door wide open.

Suzanne did not even bother zipping up her top as got out of the car and followed her neighbor into his house, surprised when he told her to leave the front door open.


Suzanne's Kegel muscles clenched as she tried to remain outwardly calm in the hotel bar, remembering Henry doing exactly as promised—her bent over his dining room table, her gaze directly upon her house through his wide opened door as he fed his ten-inch cock into her, fucking her as incessantly and vigorously as he had in the hotel.

And the whole time Suzanne's eyes were glued to her house where her husband was waiting for her.

She turned and looked at her husband in the hotel bar, remembering how she had gone home afterwards—on her promised wobbly legs—to find him in the bedroom, naked, his cast removed, waiting for her.

He did not deny canceling the room reservation, asking if it had been 'fruitful.' Even as he had lain there naked, his cock sticking straight up and available for the first time in months, Suzanne had gotten pissed at him for his scheming and deceit. And so she had told him about the night, as well as Henry fucking her just moments ago.

And then to her complete amazement, David had thrown her to the bed, entering her as wildly as Henry had, fucking her as vigorously as their honeymoon—as she came over and over.

Once more she clenched her crotch, remembering her and David fucking all night. Although his smaller size was obvious after Henry's long member inside her, the love they shared and the emotional bonds between them more than made up for Henry's length. With Henry the sex had been purely physical, while with her husband, it was much more.

Henry had fucked Suzanne many more times since then, all to David's urging and knowledge. It was a completely physical release, satisfying a deep dark side of her she never had wanted to reveal to herself, let alone her husband. His presence here tonight was the closest he had come to 'participating' in her affairs, but that had been at her insistence. David had suggested a threesome between them and Henry, but she had held him off, not wanting to contaminate their marriage by their lovemaking and her and Henry's pure fucking, David becoming less than the loving husband he was.

Her fucking Henry was due to the extenuating circumstances brought upon by David, their financial situation, and her own—then unknown—wicked desires, just as she was here tonight due to similar extenuating circumstances.

Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted by a deep baritone voice behind her, somehow familiar. Turning around, Suzanne felt her entire body flush in anticipation as she looked into the eyes of her old high school coach, Douglas Rhode.

"Why hello Suzie, it has been a while," he said to her. "I can't believe how beautiful you have become," he said as she smiled at the compliment.

She was about to thank him, surprised at the chance meeting in the bar, when her heart stopped cold as the next words left his mouth, "I am so glad you waited for me."

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