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In a Far Far Away Place Pt. 01

Life is supposed to be great when you're near the top. I don't think I am abnormally gifted, but I always thought being in my early 20's had its advantages? I am close to finishing what was to be my year off from studies. I finished high school and decided to get a job before going to college. My choice has left me with mixed emotions because half way through the year I felt boredom and a sense of loss. Most of my friends have already moved for college, and my devoted ex-girlfriend left me for someone in her co-op dorm. Meanwhile I have been working a full time minimum wage job, and trying to live life up to my expectations. I live in a very small town, and I didn't realize how few opportunities for a new romance existed until I found myself single. I was athletic and the type of guy that had no problems with legible women, but with the few local women up to my standards it didn't stand for much.

It was Thursday night, and for me it was just another night. It was something completely different for my friends away at college. My regular routine didn't allow for the activities my friends were describing in there social media tweets as they prepared for a college night out. I could only feel comfort in the fact I was already approved for the college of my choice next year, and that maybe the money I am saving will provide me an economic advantage with the ladies.

I was settling in for another late night session with a varied flavor of porn to help me sleep. When scanning through my options of porn I decided to mix things up. I decided to search for mature women, and found a series of galleries to my liking. I had my cock in one hand, and my mouse in the other. My eyes scanned over each picture as I pleasured myself. I flipped back and forth from gallery to gallery, and as I flipped I found that one picture was continuously being blocked by an advertisement. It was advertising a website to find local women; which I did not believe was possible by the look of the model in the picture. I clicked the website anyway because I was curious. I attempted to search its registry for local users, but found there were no users in the surrounding area. I looked farther away from my home town, and people seeking companionship appeared. Most of the pictures were not fit for minors as it was an adult website, and looking at the pictures led me to believe most of these people weren't looking for love.

I had never used online dating, and as a result of living in a small town my pride wouldn't allow it. I decided to be deceptive and create an account that had me living in the city I was moving to for college. The city was only a few hours away, and it felt much more real considering I could drive there if I wanted too. I entered all my information required, and listed my intent to find someone for a no strings attached engagement. After completing my registration I breezed through the member's home page. I scanned over dozens of local profiles, and eliminated people I had no interest in. I found messaging people was impossible without paying for a subscription, and I instantly felt like I was had. I wasn't prepared to pay for this service. I was about to shut the window on my quick experiment when I noticed the chat option. I clicked the option to see if it was going to be as uncooperative as the email, but I found a screen of other online members opening before me.

I searched the list of members; the person closest to me was at the top of the list. They were also listed as living in the same city of my future college. They were the only online member close to me, and they were a couple. She was nearly 15 years older than me, and he was nearly 20. They had a picture of her in their profile, and regardless of age she was my kind of hot. She was wearing black lingerie, and was showing a very cheeky rear profile. Her face was missing from the picture, but nearly all the pictures on the website had missing faces. I read there profile description and it appeared that they were looking for men interested in voyeurism. It detailed how the husband enjoyed watching her get excited with other men. I paused and looked over their profile and picture several times. I questioned if this couple was for real.

I was considering messaging them, and how I should introduce myself if I did when my speakers began to chime. I looked at my screen and found that I had an incoming message from the same couple. The couple opened with an innocent message of, "Hello." I fumbled looking for a way to message them back, but eventually opened the correct window. My heart was pounding as I wrote, "Hello and how are you guys tonight?"

They answered after a short pause, "We are doing really good and just looking around to see who is available." After asking them what they were looking for they explained that they are a couple considering experimenting, but were not sure how far they are willing to go. They explained that the husband liked the idea of other men flirting with his wife, and she liked how it turned him on when she was naughty. They explained they weren't planning on going beyond online flirting, but liked the temptation.

I was willing and ready to see more of this woman, but it was obvious I would have to play their game if I wanted to see more than a profile picture. "You can tell your husband that if he wants another guy to tell his wife she has a hot ass, then I am his man," I wrote laughing out loud. I then asked if she had other pictures, and what kind of pictures she was willing to allow me to see.

She then proceeded to post several other pictures with her face missing, but with her body in various erotic poses. Every picture had her in erotic lingerie that had me instantly envying her husband's fortune. Her body was perfect; it was soft and feminine. She was mature, but had all of her curves in all of the right places. I could recall my own ex-girlfriends trying to pose erotically in the past, and how awkward they all looked. This women screamed confidence, and every outfit fit her like a glove. After opening a couple of her pictures I realized in my captivation that I was communicating with only one hand; my second hand was now firmly caressing my rock hard cock.

I confessed to them, "Your husband is one lucky man, and if I had my chance you would be one lucky woman." I then admitted to them that my cock was out and ready for any chance to see more of her. I had never been with a woman older than myself, but at that moment she was the object of my every desire.

They then asked if I had a picture of myself to share. They wanted something I could provide that could allow them to know I was someone they wanted to communicate with.

I told them that I would be attending the local college in their city, and I named the school and program I was interested in. I told them that I didn't have any pictures prepared, but I could have some prepared for next time.

"Do you have a web cam," they asked? Then suddenly on my screen appeared an image. They had turned on their web cam. She was sitting in a computer chair in front of a camera with him behind her. Their faces were not in view as the camera was pointing at chest height. They were dressed normally, but it was clear her husband's hands were wandering over her body as she was typing.

I again scrambled to accept their offer, and found my web cam button. I positioned my camera so that it never viewed higher than my chest, and then turned it on. As my image came into view for them they paused and clearly looked startled. I could see her husband's hands slide across her body, and it looked like a hand slipped between her legs briefly. His prompting must have encouraged her next question, "Can you lower the camera I want to see what you're holding there."

I felt a bit shy as it was the first time using my camera for this, but felt secure knowing it wasn't my face they wanted to see. I lowered the camera under the desk so that it focused on my cock. I slowly stroked my rod so that they could see it stand rigid from my body. This was clearly to their liking as I seen her apprehensions melt on the screen. Her hands dropped from the keyboard and gripped the arm rest of her chair. Her husband's hands went from her neck area to breast, and then back between her legs.

I loved what I was seeing. This women was being seduced with her husband's hands, but was clearly fixated with the image of my manhood. I released my cock, but in the heat of the moment it remained standing straight up. I wrote to them, "Tell your husband to undress you. I want to see more of you, and I want to see you pleasured as you look at me."

She never wrote back, but it was clear they could read what I said. Her legs widened as his hands went to undo her pants. As her pants opened her arms raised to the ceilings, he quickly lifted and tore away her shirt.

It was the image of her breasts that had me realize that I was enjoying this far too much to rush it. I quickly wrote, "Her pants next. I want you to face her and slide her pants off as you look her in the eye."

They read my request while still trying to figure out what they had planned to remove for me next, but instead followed directions. She stood and turned to face him. From the way they were standing it was clear they must have been kissing, but then to my approval I saw his hands slide down her body and clench the sides of her open pants. He then slowly lowered her pants so that the waist line collapsed over the curve of her perfectly shaped ass. Her thong came into view and her body seemed to tighten after being exposed, but no apprehension was visible as she allowed him to drop her pants to the floor.

Her back was still to me, but I could see that she was twisting to read the screen. "Tell him to remove your thong with his teeth. I want him to smell how horny you are right now. Then while he is removing your thong I want you to remove your bra so that I can see you agree with what's happening," I wrote. My writing was with two hands, but even to my own surprise my cock remained pointing straight at the ceiling.

I saw his hands again slide down her sides as he remained largely out of view. He dropped to his knees on the other side of her, and I was in a perfect position to see the back of her thong slowly lower towards the floor. At first I thought the thong would drop out of sight immediately, but then I saw her raise a leg so that he had to dig deeper with his teeth to tear away at it. If her arousal was obvious he would have been witness to it now. He then began to win the war between her lingerie and her curves, and she started to remove her bra. The two garments hit the floor at the same time.

He returned to his feet before she turned to face the camera again, and then she returned to her seat. I now saw her body in completion. Her tits were larger than anything I had held on a young tart, but still full and perky. Her vagina was shaved, and now exposed with her still wide legs in view of the camera. Her experienced pussy lips were so plush and inviting; I could see her ecstasy glisten from her wanting canal.

As she sat her husband's hands returned to her body. I saw his fingers begin to rub her clit, and again her legs widened as she attempted to invite him deeper. I imagined her focused on the screen as he touched her and her being taunted with the view of my stiff rod. "Does the sight of me turn you on? Tell him you want my cock inside you. Tell him as he pleases you for me." Then again I returned my hand to my own cock and moved it in flattering way towards the camera.

She then reached forward for her mouse. I saw her make the difficult decision to focus for a second, and then drop the mouse again. "Do you hear me," she asked as her voice shot out across my speakers. She had turned off her mute, and was now speaking to me over her web cam. I answered yes to her question.

"My husband thought you might want to hear me tell you how big your cock is," she returned. She was moaning and clearly in the height of her pleasure as she spoke. "We don't normally chat with guys, but dammit I am horny tonight and your body looks so good. Would you really want to meet with a woman my age for sex," she panted.

I typed back, "You never did what I told you yet. I told you to tell him if you actually wanted my cock. If you answer yes I want you to ask him if you could be with me; then I will answer your question." I saw her straining to read the screen, and being seduced by what she read. Her husband was quiet and possibly couldn't see the screen, but with his vigor to please her he was in complete compliance.

"Oh god this is turning me on," she moaned as a foreign hand gyrated over her clit. "Honey he wants me to tell you how bad I would like to be with him, and I am so horny right now I actually want to," she said. The husband's body then shifted behind her and moved so he could read the screen.

"He does have a huge cock, and I we wanted someone that could get you horny. I am enjoying the moment so tell him what he wants if you feel ok with it," he said in such a low voice I couldn't be sure if I made out everything he said correctly.

"Yes I want to be fucked by a younger guy. If you were here right now I would wrap my legs around you and pull you inside me bare," she panted. "Would you want to be with an older married woman, or would I only be a conquest to tell your friends about," she whispered while feeling the pleasure of her husband's hands.

"I would fuck you, and I wouldn't care if your husband knew or not. You're hot and it's you that wants to be my conquest. I think you want me to tell my friends about you, and not leave out that your married," I wrote holding back no punches. This woman was so curious if someone like me could want her that she forgot it was possible I was completely taken with her. I felt like this woman was beautiful in every way, but I knew I still had to play hard to get. "Why does a couple like your selves need a young buck like me," I finally questioned.

"My husband likes the idea, and lately I like it too," she said. She then started touching herself as her husband's hands moved away.

In the back ground I could see her husband moving in a way that looked like he was undressing. I wasn't sure what was going to happen next, but I was shocked with what I seen. As he approached her from the side with his pants off. His hard dick was pointing straight out towards her as his hand stroked his cock. She looked straight towards it; my view of his member was nearly gone as his hand covered it completely. He wasn't exactly small, but not well endowed.

"She wants something bigger," he said. This was the first time I heard his voice clearly, and it sounded oddly familiar. He then admitted to wanting her to be with another guy as long as it was for pleasure, but had to have it kept very private. He then continued to stroke while stepping behind her again, and leaving her to stair ahead at the screen alone.

I understood there initial attraction to me now. I was a younger hung guy, and for some reason they were both turned on by her being with someone like me. She was nervous, but he looked like he was willing to help with that. I was going to use this opportunity while the iron was red hot. "I see she is interested in other guys. Tell her why you think she is interested in looking at me, and tell her what you would allow her to do," I wrote.

She read my comments to him, and he paused before answering from the background. "We are a married couple and she is the hottest woman in the world to me. I want to see her seduced and pleasured by a man with a body like yours. We are not swingers and we don't meet with other couples, but we are turned on by the thought of her with other lovers," he said while picking up the pace rubbing his cock. His confessions were turning him on, but he was still holding back something.

"I want her to tell you which of us has the larger cock," I wrote while holding my unit towards the camera.

"Oh fuck," she moaned. She had been rubbing herself the entire time, and was getting closer to coming. The words were on the tip of her tongue, but only her pressing orgasm was able to push them out. Her submission to the truth made her feel dirty, but gave her the strength to release her from her marital restraints. "I want to feel you inside me. It's so beautiful and hard. I want your cock to have me anytime it wants, and I don't care who knows...arhhhh", as she started to slouch in her chair with her fading orgasmic release.

I was still stroking my cock, but with no guarantee I would ever meet this couple I wasn't done with them yet. "I want to see your husband fuck you now. Bend over and let him fuck you as you watch me stroke myself to your beauty," I wrote.

She placed both hands on her computer desk and bent over for him to take her from behind. As he began to fuck her I could see her tits begin to swing with his thrusts. Her moans at first were out of discomfort, but shortly afterwards her pleasured breathing returned.

"His cock would feel so much bigger in me right now," she said. "I might not want to stop seeing him if you let me be with a guy like that. Do you want that," she asked.

"Yes I do," is all he said because her words were torturing him in a way that was drawing out his forbidden temptations. Was it possible she was saying these things to turn him on?

"I want to see your face," I wrote quickly between my strokes.

"He wants to see my face ahhrr," she moaned. "Not during sex, but should we send him a picture," she asked?

"Yes," he said with a deep controlled breath. He was trying hard to control himself.

I then quickly wrote my email address to the message window. I could see him picking up the pace and fucking her faster than he was before. I was getting closer to coming myself with the mystery of who I had been looking at nearly revealed.

"What pictures should I send," she pleaded. She sounded enthralled, and willing to do anything he might have asked.

"Send him your favorite naughty pictures with your face," he said with a grunt. He was about to cum, but was still fighting to maintain control. At first I could hear her ask him if the pictures she was choosing were acceptable, and each time he agreed. She seemed to add several more pictures after losing herself to the moment.

The message was sent and in the process of being delivered. She feel victim of her own lust as she reached down behind her and touched herself. She struggled to keep her face up with only one hand on the table, but her husband's thrusts from behind slowly drove her down onto the desk. She was looking straight down, and her face was still not clear on camera. She began to ask him to fuck her harder as with each thrust she was moved in and out of view of the screen, and my image. He fucked her with force, but with a slow rhythmic motion. There could be no mistake that both of us men were waiting for unison to cum with her growing eruption. As we all began to cum at the same time her husband must have wanted her to see my progress. To her pleasure he reached ahead and grabbed the back of her curly black hair and pulled it back so that her raptured face was in full view of the camera. She didn't look in pain, and he didn't have to pull hard because her eyes were again locked on my display.

As we spent the next few seconds succumbing to our euphoric needs I could see her face clearly. I knew this woman, and I knew her well. Her first name was Rachel and was the sister of one of my best friends. My orgasm never felt so strong; I spent many evening dreaming about being with this woman. She had been one of my first crushes as a child. She was a local business owner, and someone I worked for in previous summers. Her husband Colin was a local teacher, and I was his previous student. They had to be lying about where they lived just like I did.
After they were done sexually he pulled away from her, and she stood back up and out of view of the camera. They both laughed and made comments on how they didn't expect to be doing that tonight. Neither of them paid attention to the camera, and both their lustful urges looked quenched. They both stopped and froze when one of them eventually looked back at the screen. She made a movement to cover herself with her hand, but it could have been to caress her own breast. He dove towards the screen, and then our communication was terminated.

My last message was, "Hello Rachel. You can tell Colin I would love to show you a good time." It might have been my evil sense of humor, but each passing second had me wanting to be serious about having her for myself. I looked down and seen my spent cock still rock hard with anticipation with what I was about to see. I opened my email and found a message with several pictures of my newly acquired friends. They were all with her nude, or in lingerie. Each picture clearly had her face, and she looked like she had spent time on her makeup and smile.

As I scanned her pictures and returned to pleasuring myself to her images I thought about how I would use the email address they used to write me. I wondered if I should contact them first and remind them about how they had opposing opinions on what my discretion should be. I was fixated on one of her best photos as my orgasm was building, at that moment I was certain I wanted to pursue this women. I was marveled at my good fate that I would find someone so close, and someone I always though was attractive. She had always been someone I thought was unattainable, but now she was my minds desire. I was edging and ready to explode when a new email appeared.

It was from the same email address. I stopped stroking my throbbing cock, and lived in the sweet agony of my pleasurable delay. I opened the email and read its contents. It wasn't exactly to my liking. It was asking for us all to be adults, and for me to honor their discretion. It was asking for me to delete the pictures sent, and for me to understand this was all part of a fantasy they like to play. Every sentence was asking for me to understand that they didn't want to pursue anything with me other than a cyber-sexual relationship.

I felt my pulse beat in my throat, and my ego was deflating with my manhood. This letter was going to enforce my desire to be a good person, and I wasn't sure if I could do anything unwanted towards these nice people. I did want her, but I did understand that it was possible this was just a game for them. I would respect them and not write them back, but I wasn't going to delete the pictures either I mused. "I guess I could always try to meet them online another time and try my luck again," I thought.

A second new email arrived as I was still adjusting to the first one. It was from a different email address, and had Rachel in its name. I opened the email and read the single sentenced question, "Do you secretly still want to be with a married woman knowing it's me?"

"Yes", I whispered.

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