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Jane's Story Laid Bare

This is a steamy, real life story about a faithful, long term married woman, Jane from Bristol, England whose life was turned upside down when she and her husband experimented with a threesome with a close friend. It is a story about when you play with fire you will get burned. It is a lesson in 'be careful what you wish for.' Jane's true story is a hot, roller coaster ride through a sequence of erotic encounters that eventually spirals out of control. Everything in life has a price.

Some of the content of this story has previously been published as 'Jane's First Threesome', Chapters 1, 2 and 3 a few years ago. Many readers have requested that these be combined into a single novel for those that prefer this format. Many readers have enquired as to what has happened to Jane since. This new novel is therefore, by popular request, the result of incorporating these chapters (with a lot of editing) into a single story together with new additions and additional chapters updating you about what has happened to Jane since.


Jane's Story Laid Bare by Andy Ellis


Chapter 1. Two's Company. Three's A Crowd

Chapter 2. Let Me Introduce Myself

Chapter 3. That Fateful Night With Mark

Chapter 5. The Aftermath

Chapter 5. Behaving Badly In A Limmo

Chapter 6 Round Three

Chapter 7. No Going Back

Chapter 8. A Quickie Lunch

Chapter 9. A Full Blown Affair

Chapter 10. My Nemesis

Chapter 11. The Mourning After

Chapter 12. Moving On

***** Preface

This I fear will be a fairly tame story for some readers as this is about a real person (Jane) and you need to get to know a bit about her and her feelings along the way in order to get the most out of it. If you like fast moving stories where the sexual gymnastics start in the first paragraph before you know anything about the characters then this story will not be for you and you should move on. Her story is erotic but it is a slow burn and you need to get into the rhythm of it. What makes it erotic is that these are real events that have all happened to her. It is not an unbridled fantasy like most erotic fiction where anything and everything can happen but probably did not.

An important part of the eroticism in this story is the subtlety of human behaviour of real people that led to the events that unfolded. This was not something that Jane had ever planned or expected to do and she was as surprised and caught out by her behaviour as her husband. This story is about the feelings and emotions of real people and how one thing led to another and eventually got out of control. Threesomes can seem too exciting to resist at the time but for a loving and devoted couple will usually change their relationship for ever and be tinged with regret.

This story involves the cuckolding of Jane's husband and if you do not like such themes do not read it. You have been warned. This story contains adult content and explicit descriptions of sexual acts so please do not read it if such content might offend you. The names of the people in this story have been changed to protect their privacy.


Chapter 1. Two's Company. Three's A Crowd

I was lying face down on my lover's bed being given his magical treatment. My pussy was on fire and I was moaning uncontrollably desperately trying to not make too much noise. With each thrust I was moving gradually across Mark's king size bed until my left arm started to dangle over the edge. I was right on the edge of his bed now in danger of sliding off!. I was in heaven and losing control. Mark then took hold of my left hand and squeezed it in a loving and gentle way and then intertwined his fingers with mine. He then started to stroke and massage my left arm as it hung over the side of the bed. I lifted my head from the pillow and turned it to the left to see how on earth he was doing that given he was holding both my hips up in the air off the bed. I screamed when I realised that it was not Mark's hand at all but one of the other guys who had drunkenly crashed out on the floor of the wrong bedroom, in Mark's bedroom between the bed and the wall. In the twilight I saw that it was Pete.

Pete then sat up on the floor still holding my arm smiling. He said, "Christ you guys, can you keep the noise down. I am trying to sleep down here!"

How did I get to be in Mark, my lover's bedroom, with one of his mates in there with us? It is a long story. My story. Let me go back to the beginning and how I first had sex with Mark with the encouragement of my husband Nick.

Chapter 2. Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi I'm Jane and this is my story of what happened one night, which changed my life, when I let our good friend Mark fuck me in front of my husband Nick, and what has happened to me since. Up until that night I had not had sex with anyone else but Nick during our 25 years together. This was not something that we planned or something I ever imagined I would do. It was just a very enjoyable drunken night-a good laugh with a close friend which went too far. A night which revealed a fantasy harboured by Nick, and where one thing led to another and a wild conclusion.

I am grateful to my lifelong friend Andy for writing my story. I could never have done that, but it has its uses having an author for a friend. Actually it was Andy who suggested that my recent life had been so roller coaster and racy that it would make for a good erotic story. I was obviously concerned about everybody knowing about my personal life but he assured me that he would change the names so no one who knows me will know it is me. I hope he is right! He lent me a dictating machine so I could dump all the detail for him to use. I hope you find it enjoyable and erotic. I succumbed to temptations and indulged too much in the pleasures of the flesh. Some of the things that have happened to me have been pretty hot and exciting, but in the end I warn you that you may find my story sad. It is definitely a lesson in 'Be careful what you wish for.'

At the beginning of my story Nick and I were both in our mid forties and up until this evening were very happy together. I have shoulder length brownish reddish hair and blue eyes. My skin is unusually pale white and I am covered in freckles. I wear a sexy little silver ankle chain I am about 5' 3 "and what you might describe as a little chubby but my Nick likes me like that and says I am cuddly. Nick says that no men that he knows likes the skinny stick insect women that you see all the time in magazines, preferring instead real women with curves and 'something to hold onto'. Nick says that real women and girls with tummy and hip bulges under skin tight T shirts are far sexier than really thin women. Nick's favourite bit is my soft fleshy inner thighs which he regularly gives a carpet of kisses before proceeding to my pussy. I am always up for a laugh and do a lot of giggling and try to see the funny side if life.

I want to try to explain the events that could and did lead to me, who had previously been faithful to my husband for 25 years, having sex with a close friend while my husband watched. Often people say that when they have done such a thing whilst they enjoyed it at the time they have regretted it afterwards. It was not like that for me-more the opposite really. Emotionally I did not enjoy it at the time although the sex itself with Mark was amazing. For me it was that, once the dust has settled and I had got used to the idea, my only regret was that we had not done it before! It was a truly amazing and exciting experience for me and it definitely revealed a side to my husband where he openly acknowledged that he enjoyed seeing me screwed by another man and being cuckolded and wanted to repeat the experience.

I work in an estate agents office and I am the only woman in an otherwise all male office. Nick had this regular fantasy where he asked me to make up stories about what the men do to me at the office. When we were making love he would fantasise about me being gang banged by the men in my office but it was only a game -we had never intended in reality to involve someone else in our sex life. When we were making love he would say things like, "Do you they lay you out on the meeting room table? Do they hold you down? How often do they gang bang you?" And I would egg him on by making up all sorts of outrageous responses. But it was all a complete fantasy and nothing more.

The other sexy thing that we used to do which was a bit on the wild side is that occasionally Nick persuaded me to go out without any underwear. I only ever did this with at least a knee length skirt so it was not that daring but it is still felt very sexy to sit in a pub full of blokes knowing that your pussy was open to the fresh air. I would always be very careful that no one would ever see though. But somehow when you are doing that you just seem to look sexier anyway-you wear a sort of sign on your forehead that you are not wearing any underwear, and although there is no logical explanation you seem to attract lots of attention from men anyway.

Actually there is one other thing that we did that kind of led to what happened on this night with Mark. Sometimes I did a sort of special dance -a slow sexy strip tease where I danced around the bedroom brushing up against Nick's cock but facing away from him, throwing the clothes I removed at him, -well you know the sort of thing. This routine got gradually more elaborate over the years and normally ended with us making love. It got Nick very aroused and usually as soon as I was naked he jumped on me and gave me a good seeing to as he could not resist any longer. But the last time it happened it ended with me stretching out on the bed facing Nick sitting in a chair in such a way that he could see my entire outstretched body and my open pussy. I then started pushing my hips up at him and playing with myself. I know it is hard to believe in this day and age but I had never brought myself off in front of my husband with him just watching. But on this occasion I was feeling so horny that I closed my eyes and was really rubbing hard. I could feel an orgasm starting to build and I just wanted to cum so badly. I opened my eyes to see Nick standing over me looking adoringly and saying how beautiful I looked playing with myself. That just set me off and I just started cumming with my eyes wide open staring at Nick, who had a smile from ear to ear. Displaying myself and performing like that seemed such an erotic thing to do in front of Nick. After I had finished cumming Nick sat on the side of the bed and kissed me and held me tight and said he loved me and how sexy I was. Nick and I were so happy then.

Chapter 3. That Fateful Night With Mark

Anyway on the night my story begins we were having our long standing and close friend Mark over for a few drinks. Mark used to be married when we first knew him but his wife was a real odd ball, very difficult to get on with and a bit snooty. Certainly from the hints that Mark gave us their sex life was rubbish too and we were glad when they eventually spilt up. By this time this evening happened Mark had been on his own for about five years. He had had a number of relationships since his divorce but none have ever become permanent.

We had just walked down to our local pub that night and had a nice time actually; a really good laugh. Nothing exceptional happened but we did stay too long and we all had a lot to drink. I suppose I was flirting with Mark a bit and I was on good form that night. Both the boys were habitually putting their hands on my thighs and I was not removing them. Inevitably the conversation got around to sex and we told Mark about how on our recent holiday in the Maldives we had discretely watched our neighbours in the villa next to ours having full sex out on a sun bed on their decking when they thought no one could see them.

To get back to our house from the pub you have to walk along a quiet dark country lane. All three of us were very merry and the worse for drink and I walked in the middle with Nick on my left and Mark on my right and they both had an arm around my waist. We were incapable of walking in a straight line and meandered from side to side of the lane laughing. After a while Nick saw fit to put his hand into the back of my skirt under my panties. I tried to pull it out, and as a result Mark knew it was happening, but I couldn't. Mark took this as in invitation to move his hand further round my side until I swear he was holding his palm over my left breast. I thought this was very inappropriate but at the same time was too happy and enjoying the closeness with the two of them too much that I did nothing about it. As I staggered down the lane I knew for sure that whilst Mark was holding me up he was taking advantage of me at the same time by squeezing my left breast every time I needed stabilising! And Nick's fingers kept working their way into more and more naughty places down in my panties.

When we got back in the house I started to feel tired and flopped on the sofa. Nick was enjoying the sexually charged atmosphere and wanted to keep it going so he went and opened a bottle of wine and poured us all a glass. The boys sat down each side of me on the sofa. I let out a big yawn and Nick said, "Don't be a party pooper-the night is young." Once again they both placed a hand on one of my thighs.

I said, "I am absolutely exhausted. I'm having this glass then I'm going to leave you boys to it."

But we were soon laughing and joking again at this and that, and then Nick said, "Hey-we haven't told you the story about when Jane got locked out of the villa stark naked in the Maldives yet have we?"

I did not want Nick to tell Mark that story. It was very embarrassing and private. I glared at Nick. Nick saw my reaction and put his arms around me and said, "Oh come on-don't be a spoil sport. It's really funny and we know Mark well enough."

I could see there was no stopping Nick.

Mark chimed in, "Yes, well this sounds interesting. I definitely want to hear this."

Nick carried on, "Yes well it was so funny. We had this fantastic Jacuzzi on the decking and Jane had been in there ages. I had had a few beers at lunch and was fast asleep on the bed with my IPod headphones on, so I could not hear anything. Anyway Jane hears her phone ringing and gets out of the Jacuzzi to find it and looks around but then realises it is outside our front door. So Jane opened the front door a fraction and sees that we have left her handbag on the seat outside with her phone in it. So anyway she does not want to lose the bag and our money is in it as well so she pops open the front door stark naked to grab it."

By now Mark is starting to laugh. I think I may as well tell the rest myself. I did not want to look too stupid. I jumped in, "Yes well the villas were out over the water on stilts and a long way apart so I figured the chances of anyone seeing me were miniscule so I thought I would just pop the door open for a second, grab my bag and close it again. I did not think I had time to grab a towel else I might lose the call. Anyway what happened was I had wet feet and slipped just enough to let the front door shut behind me on the latch."

"I couldn't believe it. There I am standing outside our front door stark naked with the door locked. I started banging on the door but just could not get Nick to hear it. The next thing is that a Japanese couple come walking down the spine access pontoon between the villas, so I sat down quick on the seat and try to look normal. They gave me a double take but they were far too polite to stare. I did not know what I was going to do."

By now Mark was rolling about laughing.

Mark asked, "So how did you get in the villa again?"

I answered, "Well I must have sat there for 15 minutes or so, banging the bloody door from time to time but there was no waking Nick up, and then our room Indian chamber boy came walking by down the spine pontoon pushing his service trolley full of all his stuff."

"I waved at him and called him over and he walked down the arm pontoon to our villa. As he got nearer he gradually realised my predicament and his smile got broader. He was very sweet and tried to open our door with his master key without staring at me too much. Can you believe it though but that evening we found he doubled up as our table waiter so can you imagine his cheeky knowing smirk when he was pouring our wine!" It said, 'I know exactly what you look like under your dress -in every detail!'

Nick then ploughed on and said, "Anyway Darling, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You have a beautiful body."

Then Mark confirmed a little too rapidly, "That's right Jane-you do have a beautiful body. I wished I'd been there to see this. Tell me where you are staying next year and I'll book next door!"

I knew that Nick would not let that pass. He had a gleam in his eye. He said, "She does a lovely little strip tease for me Mark. Why don't you ask her if she's in the mood? I'm sure she wouldn't mind showing you her assets if you ask her nicely."

I was shocked. This was a private thing between Nick and me. But I could tell from the look on Nick's face that he was serious and Mark just looked open mouthed at the prospect.

For a second I was excited by the idea and my pulse was racing but then I started to get cold feet and said, "I don't think Mark has ever even seen me in a bikini let alone starkers."

Nick said, "Don't be shy of Mark-he's told me before that he thinks you're fantastic."

I said, "Has he indeed."

I was at this great fork in my life. Should I follow the left fork and strip off in front of these two guys which seemed just about most exciting and erotic prospect that had ever happened to me. Or do I take the right fork and do the sensible thing as a staid married woman and laugh it off and retire to bed -on my own!

I needed to stall for a few moments while I decided. I said, "I am not dressed to do a striptease. I'm only wearing an old top and skirt."

Nick said, "I think you're missing the point Darling. A strip tease is about what you will not be wearing-not what you are wearing!"

We all chuckled and then I have to admit that I was thinking that if I did end up stripping at least I had some very nice sexy lacy underwear on. I have long ago purged my knickers drawer of what Nick calls 'industrial underwear' at his insistence. And then I thought I cannot possibly do a strip because I like to keep myself shaved and I cannot possibly let another man see my pussy if it is all shaved. I only really shave my pussy because Nick likes it so much: in fact he shaves me most of the time. In fact it was only about 2 days previously that Nick had done it and I have to say when he shaves me he is very thorough! And then I was puzzling that Nick would obviously know that I am freshly shaved so why would he think that it was OK for me to expose myself like that to Mark? I decided the answer was to just strip down to my undies for a bit of erotic fun , maybe even take my bra off depending on how I felt. But then I thought I was desperate for a pee anyway.

I said, "I will think about it. You'll have to ask me nicely and make it worth my while when I get back because I am desperate for the loo."

I was absolutely bursting and hot footed it off to the downstairs cloakroom and locked the door. I slid my panties down and felt huge relief as I released the torrent. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and grinned. I could not recall ever being more high or excited. The prospect of doing a partial striptease before my two boys just seemed intoxicating. But then I had that feeling of sobering up and a feeling of cold feet washed over me. I thought 'Don't be ridiculous. You are drunk and will regret it so much tomorrow.' And I gathered up my resolve to go back and give the boys the bad news that there would be no show from me tonight.
When I went back in the room just as I entered it Nick turned on the music quite loud. He had obviously been fiddling with his IPOD while I had been away. It was Tina Turner -Simply the Best actually. The beat of that always gets me going and the boys were both looking at me expectantly so I instinctively started bopping in front of them laughing. I had no idea where I wanted this to go or how far I would go. As soon as I started dancing they both began cheering me on enthusiastically. I felt so appreciated.

I laughed and said, "Don't get too excited. I am not stripping off for you weirdos."

But it wasn't long before Nick started chanting, "Off, Off, Off," in the traditional manner.

Mark came up to me with my glass refilled with red wine. He said, "Here you are Jane; have another drink. Dutch courage!"

I stood and glugged it down in one go, a bit breathless, and handed the wine glass back to Mark.

Not wanting to be a party pooper I now thought I would at least take my top off and began struggling out of it. I had to pull it over my head but it sort of got stuck and we were all laughing at my lack of finesse. I should have undone more buttons before I attempted to get it over my head! When I had finally wrenched it free, I suddenly felt a little silly standing there in my bra and skirt and Nick immediately realised and went back to encouraging me chanting, "More, More!"

In the background Tina Turner was still doing her stuff urging me on with a sexy beat.

Mark joined him in support and I think that was when I thought, 'I'd better give them a little more to cheer about.' As I said I was wearing some lovely lacy cream underwear and my bra was sufficiently flimsy that you it gave them a good view of my erect nipples through the lace.

I smiled at them, nervously I admit, and said, "Right then here goes, you pervs. Settle back and enjoy the show! I hope you like what you see." They were now both sitting in their own easy chairs at opposite ends of the sitting room leaving the sofa empty.

By now Tina Turner had moved on to 'Steamy Windows' which gets me going just as much. I was more in the mood now and was unbuttoning the side of my cotton skirt and seductively allowing it to slip slowly down to the floor. The boys loved it. I stepped out of it and danced around provocatively whilst licking my lips. My panties were matching and equally brief and revealing so Mark could now see most of me now and he was lapping it up. He could see all the more due to the definite and unmistakable wet patch over my vagina.

Mark was mesmerised and looked like the cat that had got the cream and Nick was just looking lovingly and adoringly. The atmosphere was electric-like anything could happen and would. The boys were still chanting over and over, "More, More."

I felt very naughty and danced over to Mark and squatted down facing away from him and said, "Could you be so kind as to unhook me kind Sir?" I would love to have seen the look on his face!

Nick looked like he couldn't stand the excitement. His eyes were coming out of their sockets. I could see he was sporting a full erection.

Mark replied, "Certainly my lady. It would be a pleasure."

I felt Mark's fingers struggling urgently with the clasp and then my liberated white breasts fell free. I wrapped my bra around Mark's neck and then skipped away with my hands over my breasts laughing. I said, "Right that's your lot you randy bastards! Show's over!" I really did intend to stop then. I had gone far enough.

Nick said, "Isn't she beautiful Mark? Aren't those breasts just gorgeous?"

Mark said, "Yes they are but I so wish she'd let me see them uncovered so I can really appreciate them."

I had already gone further than I intended but I dropped my hands away anyway so Mark could really see me in just my panties. He said, "Jesus Nick you're right. They're magnificent!"

I felt so good with all the admiration.

Nick could not just let it go. He started chanting again, "More, More!"

I skipped back over to Mark, and was very naughty. I faced him and jiggled my breasts right in his face. He just could not resist raising his hands and cupping them one in each palm. I felt absolutely outrageous. He leant forward and planted a kiss on my forehead.

Nick started stamping his feet and continued the chanting. He was so loving my wanton behaviour. I said, "Jesus Christ. You guys are never satisfied. I am not going to take my panties off unless you dim the lights."

Before I had finished speaking Nick was up like a jack in the box and turning the lights down to their lowest setting. Then he changed his mind and turned them off completely and said, "There you are-we can hardly see you! Nothing to worry about now!"

But actually there was a low level of light coming in through the doorway and then Nick turned on a small table lamp in the corner.

I faced away from them, and Tina Turner was still spurring me on, and then Nick did a sort of fanfare. I was slowly working my panties down over my hips, and over my knees, and then I stepped out of them. I felt fantastically sexy. I put my hands over my pussy and turned to face the boys. I did a little bow.

Nick said, "That was fantastic love. "

Mark just said, "Wow!" He started mock fanning himself like he was overheating -which he was!

And then I came over completely exhausted and collapsed down onto the sofa. I think all the drink I had had caught up with me and I just flopped down, swung my legs up and lay flat out on my back. It was late and I had even been to work all day that day. I gave up trying to cover myself up and my arms flopped down either side of me. My freshly shaven pussy was now completely on display.

I felt like the Queen of Sheba lying out flat on our sofa with my legs spread shamelessly. Our sofa is dark brown and it accentuated the contrast with my freckly pale white skin. The two boys just stood over me adoring me and I just smiled back at them obediently and compliantly like I was available to them in any way for their pleasure. I think the more I gave them the 'little girl lost' look the more it aroused them . My husband stared down at me and said, "Darling I don't think you've ever looked sexier and more a vision of beauty than you do at this moment."

I smiled and shut my eyes. I just wanted to go to sleep now. Then I felt my nipples being kissed and I opened my eyes again and it was Nick. Then he was kissing me on the mouth and I could not resist responding. His tongue was down my throat .Then he said, "Aren't you going to finish the dance routine."

I could not think what he meant at first and then it dawned on me-he was talking about the last time I did it when I brought myself off in front of him. I couldn't believe he would want me to go that far in front of Mark. That was supposed to be a very private thing between Nick and me. And then Nick sat down on the edge of the sofa and started stroking my inner thighs. I kept my eyes closed and purred. I found behaving like a slut easier if I had my eyes closed and did not look them in the eyes. And that was when Nick inserted a finger into my soaking wet pussy.

I could not believe he was doing this. He knew what the effect on me would be. It felt gorgeous -too nice actually to resist. I felt shivers going through me. I said in my serious voice, "Don't do that -you won't be able to control me." I was not laughing now.

Nick said, "Don't mind Mark. It's just a bit of fun. You look so fabulous when you are doing it. Don't be shy."

He played with me for a couple of minutes and my orgasm started to build, and then he placed my own hand over my pussy and pressed my fingers into the lips. And then the bastard got up and walked back over to his arm chair and sat down to watch me. At that moment I hated him. But I had to rub myself, slowly at first, to try to relieve my frustration. I wanted to cum so bad. I started heaving up and down, rolling from side to side, moaning like a crazy woman and frantically rubbing my clitty as fast as I could. I was beyond the point where I could stop. I just had to cum. I ached so much between my legs. I had my eyes closed tight and then I opened them to see Mark standing over me looking very concerned. He said, "Are you alright Jane?"

I pleaded with my husband, "Please Nick, I beg you. Take me to bed and finish what you have started. This should be private"

But Nick just sat in the arm chair smiling enjoying his handiwork. He had lit the blue touch paper and now had settled back down to watch the firework display. He was sipping a glass of wine cool and relaxed as you like.

I was desperate and came to terms with the inevitable.

I said to Mark, "Please fuck me Mark. My husband won't do it. He just wants to watch."

It was Mark's turn to sit on the edge of the sofa next to me. At first he just looked a mixture of puzzled and pleasantly surprised. He looked at me heaving up and down like a mad woman, and then looked over towards Nick and said, "Nick?".

That was it. That was all he said.

My husband was equally succinct. He just said in a matter of fact way, "You heard the lady. Be my guest."

And that was it. The deal was done. The genie was well and truly out of the bottle and galloping down the road. It was unbelievable how quickly the evening had taken this astonishing turn. We had been paying with fire and were about to get very burnt.

It was then Mark that was kissing my nipples, and then passionately on the mouth. He then plunged his fingers into my sopping wet pussy as if I was not already aroused enough. I clamped my legs around his hand. By then I would have allowed anyone to screw me-it wouldn't have mattered.

I said, "For Christ's sake just fuck me Mark. I need one of you bastards to fuck me now. I don't need any more warming up for fuck's sake!"

Mark was red in the face and panting. He started undressing as fast as he could. I was crying by then at the situation. Not just sexy crying but emotionally distraught crying. I hated the situation really. I screamed at Nick, "Are you really sure this is what you want? Do you really want me to be screwed by another man?"

But he still would not reply. He was just smiling. And then he nodded and whispered, "I love you so much."

What the hell did that mean? Does he want me to watch me being fucked by Mark or not?

I hated him getting me into this situation. I just said, "You're a bastard doing this to me."

And I really did hate him at that moment. I was sobering up fast. At an emotional level I was terrified. I just thought, 'What the hell are we doing? What have we got ourselves into?'

But my body was just aching and burning up. My body was having no second thoughts at all. My pussy was absolutely desperate to be penetrated. Mark now had everything off except his socks and had a huge erection. I was pushing my wet pussy up at him with my legs apart. It was like my body had been taken over and I no longer had any control over it. I seemed to have become this shameless insatiable whore. He was starting to lay down on top of me and I just cried real tears as I opened my legs wider and felt his hard prick at the entrance to my pussy. I could see immediately that his cock was wider and longer than Nick's and wondered whether I could take it and whether it would hurt. I could not believe that this was happening and wanted to turn the clock back and not be in this situation but I had no resistance or self control left. I submitted completely. Mark took hold of his prick and rubbed it up and down my wetness several times before he started to push it in. As his rigid cock started to enter me I knew absolutely this was a mistake. I screamed, "Oh God, Oh God, Oh No! -What the hell are we doing Nick?"

But Nick looked like he was in a trance playing with his own cock. There was to be no eleventh hour last minute reprieve. He was not engaging with me at all. He was just totally absorbed in enjoying the show. I was on my own. He had cast me loose. I just thought, 'Well fuck you then Nick. If you don't care then neither do I. I am just going to let Mark do whatever he wants with me and I hope you bloody enjoy watching me giving him whatever he wants. Let's see if you like that.'

My lust had taken me over and I spread my legs as far as I could and pulled him into me as deep as I could get him. I was so wet I enveloped his tool with no difficulty at all. The relief was total. I was emotionally hysterical really at that point. Mark was now fully in position, his cock in me up to the hilt, and then he looked into my eyes and kissed me and said, "Enjoy."

He was sufficiently confident about his own sexual prowess that he felt able to formally introduce himself as if it was a privilege for me to be fucked by him and I should make sure I fully appreciated the opportunity. I thought, ' "Enjoy"- arrogant sod-it's him who should be enjoying it. This isn't going to be happening again'. I don't know what he must have thought of me though as all I was doing was crying really.

He started to fuck me and I had my arms and legs wrapped around him and was thrusting up my hips in time with him like a wild animal. I was shouting, "Fuck me, Fuck me", and crying at the same time. The sound of his balls slapping against my ass, and the slopping sound of our sweaty bodies coming together was disgusting. As Mark pounded away at me, I looked across at Nick with my eyes open wide, panting and crying and moaning with pleasure all at the same time. It must have taken no more than thirty seconds before I was coming like the whole street was going to hear me. I thought I was going to die. I was acting so out of control and so upset that Mark said, "Are you sure you are alright? Do you want me to stop?"

I snivelled, "No I do not want you to stop Mark. I do not want you to stop until you have finished. I want you to teach my bloody husband a lesson. Takes as long as you want. I am all yours. My bloody husband is quite happy apparently for you to fuck me for as long as you like."

I just closed my eyes then and let him do his worst. He was quite rough and I was already satisfied so I was just groaning and grunting from the onslaught. He wasn't being nasty or violent, but he was treating me as a piece of meat. He seemed to go on forever like this, pounding me with strong deliberate thrusts that were actually pushing me along the sofa. With each plunge I uttered a submissive grunt. Eventually he rose up a bit higher than before and thrust deep into me with a massive groan and gushed into me. His face was contorted and I had that feeling that he could have been fucking anybody and I had given myself to someone to whom I meant nothing. There was no eye contact from him anymore. He kept thrusting and pouring his cum into me and I wondered if he would ever stop.

"Oh God", I screamed as the cum poured into my belly, "Oh God!"

He was tired as well now and his sweaty body collapsed down onto mine with a disgusting squelch, and his head settled into my breasts. I could feel his cum leaking out of my pussy and ever the practical I did not want it staining our sofa! We both lied perfectly still, panting loudly. I was so overwhelmed and confused by the experience I had given up looking at Nick and no longer cared how he looked or was reacting to the proceedings.

I closed my eyes; I was completely exhausted, and I think I did actually pass out very quickly after Mark had cum. Nick told me later that they carried me up to bed and I was just unconscious.

I woke really early in the morning and had that horrible sensation where you remember that something awful has happened the night before and I was overcome with fear and regret at what had happened. I woke Nick up and said, "What the fuck have you done? Why did you let Mark fuck me? I thought I was precious to you."

But Nick was lovely as ever and comforted and cuddled me. He said, "It's alright darling. I love you so much and I enjoyed it, and so did you."

With that Nick rolled over on top of me and just slid his cock into me. I was still wet with juices and cum from Mark. Nick gently fucked me and constantly stroked my forehead, kissed me and told me he would always love me so much. I think he had probably been waiting politely to have his turn all night!

Chapter 5. The Aftermath

This is a story about real life and I am not proud of what has happened to me and wish I could put the clock back. Many of you will be very critical about my subsequent behaviour and I probably deserve it. Believe me I am critical of myself, but I also hope some of you will be sympathetic towards me and how hard it can be to resist temptation and the complexities of being a woman.

As the result of putting my hands in the fire I had been changed forever and similarly my marriage to Nick was different. Threesomes and group sex can seem too exciting to resist at the time but for a loving and devoted couple will usually change their relationship for ever and be tinged with regret.

Naturally at first I felt guilty. I did not want to ever sleep with another man or be unfaithful to Nick but in the cold light of day I felt he pushed me into it and coerced me to do something I did not want to do. But at the same time it was without doubt the most exciting and awesome sexual experience of my life. I had tasted the forbidden fruit and craved a repeat experience of some sort. Normal straight sex with Nick was not going to be enough for me from now on. That is the trouble with getting into threesomes and the like-it makes you numb to plain vanilla sex. It is a drug. It becomes an obsession that I think about all the time. And Nick was changed forever too-I know that he also lusted after another extreme sexual experience to match what we did. We both knew that it was inevitable that sooner or later we would have another sexual experience involving other men, or maybe even Mark again.

I kept day dreaming about my first time with Mark, Nick wanting me to do it, and how beautiful it was and I was instantly in ecstasy and delirious with anticipation.

For the next month after the experience with Mark I was operating on two levels. There was the me going through the motions of my previous life, but all the time in the background, there was the me that had had wild sex with Mark and loved it. I could not get Mark out of my head; his technique, his endurance and Jesus that off the scale orgasm the like of which I had never experienced. I could not help but feel what have I been missing? Nick and I did not discuss what happened again and I wanted to get it out in the open so much but I was equally frightened that Nick would see just how much I had enjoyed it and that it had been much more seismic and life changing for me than I suspect it had been for him. I feared that nice cuddly Nick naively saw it as just an innocuous new hobby of watching me with another man from time to time . It had the effect on me of fearing in my late forties that I had not had enough adventurous sex, and certainly not had enough partners. I was in danger of life passing me by.

I had lost a lot of my respect for Nick pushing me outside my comfort zone where only we belonged and now I had seen and felt the outside - it was bloody marvellous - and yes, I thought I do want to have sex again with Mark. Nick and I had made love only once during that month and yes it was loving but we both knew really that it was 'same old, same old'.

Chapter 5. Behaving Badly In A Limmo

As I say I was day dreaming about a repeat experience in some form or other most of the time. I did not know when or where or who with but I just felt open and game for doing something else naughty. I wondered if the next time we saw Mark was going to be the opportunity but then I could not see how, as all we were doing was going up to a concert together in Birmingham. This had been a very long standing arrangement as Mark had booked the tickets about a year earlier. Mark had originally suggested that the four of us go to this concert; The Killers actually, at the big arena in Birmingham . When I say the four of us we never knew who Mark would come with as a partner.
Anyway in the event, he actually came with a young guy called Paul who worked for him in his motor garage. Mark owned a second hand car business which specialised in premium, prestige and luxury cars so was always turning up in amazing sports cars and luxury cars like Jags and stuff. Anyway on this famous occasion he really came home with the bacon as he turned up outside our house in this humongous black Bentley that was as long as a bus. You could have got my car into the boot. And for a laugh he had his guy Paul driving us in a chauffer's cap. I wondered if he had told Paul about what had happened at our house. I hoped not but it would not have surprised me if he had. Paul seemed to have a knowing glint in his eye when we were introduced or was I imagining that?

It was a brilliant evening from the off as Mark had a bottle of Champers chilling in the car and the first thing he did was pour out three glasses for the road. It had been a rush for all of us as this was a mid week concert; a Wednesday I think, and we had all been to work in the morning.

You can imagine not having seen Mark since the eventful evening that I was worried that it might be awkward but I need not have worried. Mark relaxed us straight away with his usual carefree easy going manner and of course the Champagne helped. We had quite a long drive to Birmingham from Bristol; about two hours, and so there was time for Mark to produce a second bottle of shampoo en route. We felt like celebrities in this posh car wafting up the M5 motorway. I remember the smell of the leather in that car was wonderful, and I loved the feel of it on my bare legs. There was all this beautiful walnut wood on the doors. I had chucked on a simple above the knee length denim dress that buttoned all the way up the front. I have been honest with you that during this period I was imagining all sorts of experiences that might happen as sequels to what had happened with Mark at our home. I was constantly hoping, that our naughty games resume in some way, and I suspect Mark and Nick were as well. Since that first night I was obsessed with thinking about doing something like it again. It had ruined me really. So on the drive up to Birmingham there was this sense of erotic tension and anticipation in the air between us. But that was all.

The only thing out of the ordinary was that Mark sat in the back with Nick and me. I had Mark on one side and Nick on the other. As I settled back and sunk into the super comfortable leather seat my dress was riding higher and higher up my legs exposing more and more of my thighs. Whenever either of them cracked a joke or when there was any other excuse they kept patting my bare thighs. But that was as far as things progressed on the way to the concert.

The concert itself was fantastic. The Killers were amazing. At the venue we could only really get bottled beers so the three of us had several of those but Paul did the decent thing and stayed sober. After the concert Paul went off to retrieve the car and the three of us hung around shivering outside in the cool late Autumn night air. When Paul returned with the car we all fell into the back seat giggling. Before we set off Mark opened up his last bottle of champagne and filled up our glasses. I thought, 'You can't say he doesn't do things in style!' Mark got Paul to play a Killer's CD on the sound system and kept playing that one about 'are we human or are we dancers' which I absolutely adore and makes me go all soppy and emotional.

I have to confess that it felt really intimate and cosy being sat snug between the two of them in the back seat. And also it was now late and very dark on the motorway so I felt there was now much more chance and opportunity for them to maybe play with me a little and give me some attention in the anonymity of the darkness. I raised the odds a little by leaning into Mark with my head against his shoulder and closed my eyes to see what might happen. My dress rode up high on my thighs just as it had on the way up. I actually lifted my dress out from under my bottom so that I could feel the smooth sexy cool leather on the back of my thighs. Occasionally I would snatch a peek and there were only the flashes of light from the odd motorway sign or an overtaking car. Sure enough Mark felt bold enough to put his hand flat on my exposed thigh quite high up my leg. I suppose he felt that having had me a month earlier he now had the rights to do that. He was right, of course, he did.

It soon became clear that Nick was just as keen to move the situation along a bit as I was. He decided to just lean over and give me a full on tongues kiss. Bit unsubtle I thought but he had laid his cards on the table. He was obviously hoping for me to be publicly disgraced again I thought. He was hoping for another explicit depraved show from me I suspected to pass the journey. I would not disappoint. I responded to him with gay abandon. Nick placed his hand on the bare cool flesh of my other thigh. I needed to encourage them in some way to make sure their approaches did not fizzle out. I emitted a faint moan of appreciation still with my eyes closed. When Nick had stopped for air I turned towards Mark and he immediately also gave me another long passionate kiss.

So there it was. They both knew then that I was up for some more fooling around. I have to say I was just so impressed by being in this fabulous car wafting down the motorway in the dark, and after all the champagne, and being the centre of attention of two guys, that I just found the situation totally intoxicating.

Having met no resistance from me, I felt them both stroking and massaging my thighs more vigorously in the dark. All I had to do was emit the occasional, "Ooh", and "Mmmm" for them to be sure it was OK. Soon under the cloak of darkness I felt sure that one of them was very carefully unbuttoning my dress on top of my lap. I did not want to let on that I had realised. But when I felt their hands sliding over my bare tummy and panties I had to call them out. With a hint of laughter in my voice I said quietly, "Hey guys. What do you think you are up to? We're on a public road here. I am a respectable married woman! "

They both knew by now, of course, that I was not. I had lost the right to call myself that big time. I was whispering as I did not want Paul to know what was going on the back seat. My dress was now unbuttoned from the bottom to well above the waist. Then Mark began kissing me again full on and I put my arms around his neck and held him close. But whilst we were doing this I realised that with his hands he was fumbling around with my remaining buttons. I was enjoying it though, of course, and loving the outrageousness of it all. When he finished kissing me he blatantly stopped to examine his handiwork, and seeing there was still one remaining button he undid it bold as brass. He knew I would not stop him. He then pulled the dress down over my shoulders and then helped by Nick they pulled it out from under my bottom, bundled it up, and tossed it on the back shelf.

So I was sitting there in just my lacy dark blue underwear.

I said, "You will get me arrested. Indecent exposure!"

Paul realised something was going on and asked, "Oy! What's going on back there?"

Mark just laughed and said, "Nothing. Jane's just feeling a bit warm that's all!"

In these situations with blokes it becomes just a question of time. I thought it was inevitable that sooner or later, I was going to lose what little modesty I had left. It is never enough with blokes.

But they weren't sure how to proceed from where they had got to. I thought I would make it easy for them. I said, "I am a bit squashed here and tired. Do you think I could lie down across you guys and make myself comfortable?"

Of course, they both welcomed this request. Nick said, "I am sure that can be arranged."

So I leaned forward and turned away from Mark, laid my head down on Nick's lap, lifted my legs onto Mark's lap and generally wriggled around a bit getting comfortable.

I closed my eyes and said, "Right you guys. No funny business. This is not an excuse for you to take advantage of me." Of course, the opposite was true.

It was delicious though lying there like that in my sexy undies wantonly displaying myself. I hope you female readers can imagine what a treat and a turn on that was. We still had at least an hour to go to Bristol so I felt hopeful that that was plenty of time for them to get me completely starkers again. The idea of being naked in a car across their laps steaming down a motorway was a pretty exciting possibility I can tell you. I knew that both of them found me to be attractive and sexy and could not resist me so I suppose it was all going to my head. It will end in tears I hear you say.

Nick began stroking my hair and forehead, and then of course my breasts over my bra. Mark began caressing my tummy and thighs. Before long Mark was playing with the waist band and gradually pulling it down to expose more of my tummy and pubic area. Meanwhile Nick began fiddling with my bra clasp. He got it undone unusually quickly on this occasion. Sometimes I have to help him. And so it was that he was pulling the straps down over my shoulders and tossing my bra onto the back shelf. I felt amazing lying there exposed like that with the two guys being fully clothed in my power. Having seen Nick haul off my bra without any apparent protest from me Mark felt empowered to complete the job. I was not helping or encouraging them; just lying there compliant and subservient. So without anything being said Mark just went for it and started pulling my panties down to get them off me. At that point I do admit to raising my knees up and lifting my bottom so they flowed down easily. Whilst my panties were being pulled down and sliding down my legs I was giggling with the thought of how badly I was behaving and the outrageousness of the situation. I had made it I thought. Butt naked with the two of them in a car on a public road. Delicious! I could not help but think if my Mum could see me now.

So for the remainder of the journey they fiddled with me and generally abused me and I loved it. Gradually I let my legs drift further apart and Mark inserted his fingers into my pussy and slowly, very slowly he played with me getting me more and more aroused. He was in no hurry and he was a master craftsman at knowing how to pleasure a girl with his hands and fingers. I had to put one foot down on the floor to give him enough access. Every so often Nick was kissing and sucking my nipples just to keep me on the boil. Not that I needed it. As Mark worked his magic and I became more and more aroused, involuntary moans started to emerge from my mouth. I could see Paul smiling at the front but he knew better than to pass comment.

I started writhe around and both Nick and Mark were trying to restrain me from thrashing around too much. I was in Heaven and to be fair Mark was deliberately torturing me. I just found the whole situation so erotic. I wondered if anyone could possibly see in but I doubted they could. Not that I would have minded. I was too far gone. Mark had complete control over me and eventually decided he would bring me to the boil. He was using two fingers on me faster and faster and I was heaving up and down pushing my pussy at him. I shouted, "Oh God!" over and over as I reached orgasm, and , "Yes, Yes, Yes, yes. Don't stop. Yes, Yes, Yes. Oh Jesus! That's it!" And then a sort of scream that went on for ever as he brought me to paradise. The three boys were laughing at me. I could not blame them really.

After I came I realised that Mark was mopping up a bit with my panties. I had squirted a little apparently. It was a wonder that there was not more as I realised that I was pretty desperate for a pee what with all the beer and champagne. We were quite near a service station as it happened and they asked Paul to go in as the others wanted a wee break as well. I realised that it is all very well travelling stark naked but it has its drawbacks when you want to go to a service station. You can't exactly run into one with nothing on, can you, so I started to try to retrieve my dress from the rear shelf. It was surprisingly difficult to get back into it in the confines of the back seat and I asked Paul to park in a quiet spot in the car park away from the facilities. When he had stopped Nick got out first and I checked no one was around, and wriggled out of the car without a stitch on giggling like a school girl. I was laughing as the cold night air hit my skin. I felt extremely naked. Paul came around and held the door open with a big smile on his face to provide a bit of a screen for me to get my dress back on and buttoned up. I did not bother with my panties which were damp anyway or my bra. After what had gone on, there did not seem much point in being modest, and off we all strode into the service station. We had a much needed coffee there before we drove on back to Bristol. By the time we had got back to our house it was well after midnight and Paul and Mark dropped us off in a bit of a hurry so nothing else happened that night.

I had enjoyed the evening very much and really loved them playing with me and being the centre of their attention. I even thought it had been a reaffirming experience in some ways because it had showed that I could have a sexual erotic experience that was satisfying and fun, but without having full sex especially with someone other than Nick. I kind of thought that I had this thing under control and looked forward to more similar experiences. This was particularly as experiences, like the one I had just had, would not be a threat to my marriage and in any case Nick seemed to have really enjoyed it as well. I could not have been more wrong.

Chapter 6 Round Three

Nick and I never spoke about what had happened in the car. For some reason we were both inhibited and unable to communicate our feelings about it. Another month or so went by and I did not know how I would satisfy my desire for a repeat experience and then out of the blue Nick casually announced that Mark was coming round on Friday night. Just like that. Of course my mind was racing ahead-what did Nick mean or expect would happen? What was he saying or not saying? I wished he'd added, "And of course I expect you guys will be fucking like rabbits again no doubt!"

But he did not say anything else. I had no idea what Nick expected to happen or wanted to happen. I had two nights to wait to find out how it was going to develop and both nights I slept so badly with the anticipation of seeing Mark again that by the time Friday night arrived I was shattered. The night before Mark was coming I meticulously shaved my pussy. A bit of a giveaway as to what I was hoping would happen I suppose. On Friday at work in the estate agents all I could think about was the excitement of imagining what might happen that night. I just kept day dreaming imagining Mark slowly pulling down my panties whilst Nick was watching. I was planning what I would be wearing and what underwear I would choose. I was wet all day with the contemplation of just being totally naked again in front of them both. Some of my colleagues even commented on whether I had something on my mind and was everything alright as I seemed distracted.

When Mark did arrive he seemed remarkably at ease and unfazed by the situation and did not look like he had been thinking about little else like I had! He gave me a nice welcome squeeze with his arms around me and a quick peck, and just said, "You're looking as gorgeous as ever." I had not been home from work long and was still dressed in my work skirt and jacket.

To be honest this third night was all surprisingly matter of fact really but I need to tell you about it so you better understand what happened after it. We walked down the pub and had too much to drink like last time and then wandered back home. Yes we had a laugh but it wasn't that great an evening. And all the time there was the elephant in the room about which no one spoke. Were Mark and I going to fuck again and what did Nick want to happen? When we got back to our house again it was not like before in that there was no great sexual tension-more a silent and unsaid recognition that everything was now in place for a repetition to be highly likely. I was getting quite irritated by now at the lack of openness and communication. If these boys wanted this to happen why don't they just say so? It was getting later and later and I began to fear that I had built up all this expectation in my head and that nothing was going to happen. After all that anticipation what an anti-climax.

I decided to shake things up a little as I suspected the situation was stale mated by the boys not knowing whether I was up for it. So I told them I was going upstairs to change out of my work clothes. I then went up to my bedroom and stripped down to my underwear, took of my tights, and put on a thin light blue cotton dressing gown. I gave myself some generous squirts of perfume. I then took off the dressing gown and removed my bra and then put the dressing gown on again. That should do it I thought and went downstairs again.

As I entered the sitting room I was wearing a very broad guilty and self conscious smile. The boys immediately noticed my new seductive attire and silently digested the implications. Nick had been refilling our glasses again while I had been away and I settled down between them on the sofa with Nick on my right and sipped my glass of Baileys. Still nothing was said but they could see I had a lot less on and was showing acres of leg and a lot of cleavage so they took that as a green light. It was all remarkably low key really. Nick put his left arm around me and I leaned against him and snuggled into him sort of turning a little such that my legs were stretched out in front of Mark. Mark took this as an invitation to put his hands on my knees and start stroking my thighs. And that was it really. All very matter of fact. Mark undid the belt on my dressing gown and opened it to reveal my bare breasts and panties and was immediately leaning over me kissing my breasts and nipples. We sort of carried on from where we left off in the car really. Unfinished business! In many ways because it all seemed so routine and normal -not at all like the first time-I was able to just let it happen and go with it. Just soak it up and enjoy it. I briefly stood up to enable Nick to remove my dressing gown completely and plonked down again on the sofa in just my panties.

I realised then that I had been stupid to worry whether this was going to happen again. I realised that the opposite was true and that Mark fucking me again was inevitable-almost like of course that is going to happen-whatever gave you the idea it wouldn't! I felt then that for Nick and Mark it had been bloody obvious that this was going to happen. Then Mark was on all fours in front of me with his thumbs in the sides of my panties slowly pulling them down. I lifted my bum up and then my legs one at a time so he could easily pull them over my knees and feet. He held one ankle at a time as he took them off. This was the moment I had been imagining over and over again-the moment when he slid my panties down, and I loved it. I cannot tell you how different it was from the first time. It is so strange that after you have had sex with someone already how it can seem so normal for them to undress you again, with no formalities almost whenever they fancy. And of course he had taken my panties off in the car as well so it was becoming positively routine! I had been worrying all evening that nothing was going to happen and then from the moment I had leant into Nick it had probably taken less than a minute for me to get naked! I wondered if they were now going to screw me only because I had given them the signals that I was up for it, wanted it, expected it even, as if they had no choice!
I was very aware of the smell from my damp pussy. It was a warm in the house and I was aroused and the feminine aroma was unmistakable. I was hoping the boys were OK with it. I slumped backwards into the sofa with my thighs wide apart giggling. So there I was stark naked again and kissing Nick passionately. I had my eyes closed and was just soaking up the experience rather like when I go for a full body massage at my health spa really. Nick tasted lovely from the red Shiraz wine he was drinking. I decided I just wanted to be ravaged and consumed by them and I did not want the complications or embarrassment of eye contact. I said to Nick, "Darling I think it would be fun to be blindfolded just for a laugh. Can you get those eye masks that are in the airline pack that we got coming back from the Maldives?"

Nick replied, "Ooh kinky!" and laughed a little nervously. "That could be a bit dangerous mightn't it? One of us could take advantage of you!"

I did not want to make a naff reply like, "That is what I am hoping". I was fed up of playing games to be honest. I just smiled at Nick and he knew to just get on with it and get the eyes masks from the down stairs cloakroom. At that stage I was able to request anything really. I was the centre of attention and in big demand! With guys before they have had you, you call the shots and hold all the power. After they have had sex with you then your power and rights evaporate quickly, at least for half an hour or so anyway!

Nick was soon back and putting the mask over my eyes. I knew straight away that no longer needing to maintain eye contact would release me to just soak up whatever was my destiny and just enjoy-again a bit like when I go for a massage.

I was being kissed intensely and I eagerly responded. We both immediately vigorously inserted our tongues into each other's mouths. Who was kissing me? It took me a couple of seconds to guess that it was Mark. This being blindfolded lark was going to be fun I thought. I inhaled Mark's scent which was a combination of male perspiration and strong expensive aftershave and I found it extremely arousing. His breath smelt of the red wine he was drinking and he was breathing against my neck and kissing my neck sending shivers down my spine.

I was lying out on our sofa high with the anticipation of what was going to happen. With me being blind folded it was as if I was no longer part of the decision making process. The boys suddenly started talking directly to each other as if I was just the obedient slave -which I suppose I was. Or as if they were surgeons about to operated on the anesthetised patient. I heard Mark say, "Where shall we ravish her tonight Nick?"

I could not believe how matter of fact it all was.

Nick replied, "I think upstairs on our bed would be more comfortable."

Mark said, "OK then -lead on!"

With that I felt myself being scooped up by Mark. I knew it was Mark as he is so strong. Nick would struggle to pick me up in his arms. But Mark just put one arm round my back under my left shoulder, one arm under my knees and scooped me up like he was putting a sleepy child to bed. It felt delicious to be so naked and just be man handled like that. I hung on to him with my arms around his neck giggling.

I was laid down on our bed on my back and I waited for the fun to start. Mark said something crude like, "Who's going first tonight then mate?"

Nick replied, "You can if you like. No wait a minute I had your sloppy seconds last time. I think I will if you don't mind."

It was strange how my being blindfolded had made it that the boys no longer felt that I needed to be consulted about what I wanted. It was like they had formed this unholy alliance. Nick would not normally have spoken crudely like that. It was like he was trying to copy Mark.

Mark replied, "Fine by me. What about I warm her up for you while you go and refill the glasses?"

With that I felt Mark positioning himself between my legs and pulling them wide apart holding on to my ankles. He then began licking my pussy with his tongue. I was immediately squirming. God he must think I am so easy. Mark had not gone down on me on that first night so I wondered if he would be good at it but I soon got my answer.

I heard Nick come back into the bedroom with the drinks and he would have seen me pushing my hips and pussy up at Mark enjoying myself. He said to Mark, "Blimey I can see you haven't wasted any time. "

Mark replied, "Yep she's definitely up for it. I'll have her ready for you very soon."

Mark had found my clitoris and was stimulating me more and more with his tongue and if that wasn't enough he started to work two fingers into me. My whole body began to tingle and I was so hot and aching down there. I was now past the point of no return and squirming and gasping and moaning. I did not know how Nick was reacting so I said, "Nick are you still here? Can you kiss me Darling?"

Nick did not say anything but did sit on the side of the bed and give me a passionate full tongues kiss.

Yet again I needed his assurance. I whispered, "Is this alright?"

Nick did not say anything but took my hand and squeezed it and then kissed the back of my hand.

I stroked my hands over Nick's front and I realised that he had not undressed yet. I was determined that this time he would be part of it and that both boys would fuck me. I also suspected that Nick lacked confidence alongside Mark so I was keen to encourage him. I said, "Come on then Nick. Time to get your kit off. You've got matrimonial duties to fulfil."

Mark endorsed my request, "Yep come on mate. Get yourself ready. She's nearly warmed up!"

I thought that was a bloody understatement; I was absolutely desperate to be entered.

I heard Nick undoing his belt and his zip, and then various grunts as he stripped off.

I said, "That includes you too Mark. You've got me naked, so come on let's be having you guys. I want you both naked as well or I'm getting dressed."

So there was more activity as both boys quickly stripped everything off.

I said, "That includes socks. I'm not letting anybody fuck me in their socks."

Very soon Mark and Nick were back lying on each side of me and sucking my nipples and stroking my tummy and mound and inner thighs. I put my hands on their tummies and moved downwards to check that they weren't cheating. Mark was already erect and hard but Nick still felt only semi erect. However he never takes long to rise to the occasion with a bit of fondling and very soon I had a stiff erect cock in each hand and that really was a first for me. I knew that once I was holding and stroking Nick's stiff cock he would have to fuck me there and then whether he wanted to do it with Mark present or not.

Mark was soon back in position between my legs getting me more and more aroused. Mark was sucking my swollen clitoris and finger fucking me. I was convulsing and bucking my hips wildly and was worried that I was getting too worked up. It was getting stupid with my thrashing around so much and loud moaning.

I thought the time had come. I said to Nick, "Right then Darling. You're going first I believe. In you come. Come in number one!"

Although blindfolded I found his prick again and would not let go of it. I held onto him by his prick whilst he took Mark's place between my legs and pulled him towards my desperate aching pussy. I was glad of the brief opportunity to cool down a little. Once I had his prick touching my lips nature took over and he pushed in as far as he could. I held my lips apart with my hands to help him in. It's so incredible when a cock first enters you isn't it. It's a magical sensation that you never get tired of and never disappoints.

While Nick was fucking me I cradled his head and stroked his hair in a loving way. I wanted to encourage him as much as I could and carried on moaning and sighing but really it was not that different to our usual familiar lovemaking. I love Nick dearly but secretly it was Mark who I was excited about fucking and so was glad that he was on second.

I could tell that Nick was trying to last a bit longer than usual to compete with Mark I suppose. But he had little chance as I was encouraging him by vigorously pushing my pussy up towards him as he came in each time and I knew he would find it impossible to resist just going for it. And so it was that soon he was silently emptying his load of sperm into me.

After Nick had cum he rolled off me and laid down on the bed next to me breathing heavily. He said, "OK Mark-she's all yours. Do your worst mate."

I laughed with the absurdness of the situation.

I said, "Hold on a minute Team-I'd like another drink please."

Mark laughed and said, "Certainly M'lady. The red wine still OK?"

I still had the eye blindfold on but sat up and moved back to lean against the headboard, "That's great."

I was feeling very elated and rubbed my hands over my breasts and tummy and said, "Ummmmm, Yum," like I had just eaten a nice dessert.

Mark guided my hand to take hold of what felt like a very full glass of wine. I carefully put it to my lips and glugged away. I love the taste of Australian dry red wine. With the general outrageousness of the situation I was not too bothered about adding to my sins by drinking too much. I fairly swiftly downed the whole glass and one of the boys took it from my hand.

I figured out that Nick was actually still in our bed also leaning up against the headboard next to me. I slid back down the bed and moved over between Nick's legs such that I was lying on my back but with my head resting on Nick's tummy. Nick put his hands on my shoulders and then my face and said, "I love you Jane even though you do seem to becoming a bit of a slut!"

I did not like that and said, "Please don't call me that. You're enjoying it too aren't you? I'm doing all this for you," which was true on that first night but not tonight really. Tonight I was doing this for me.

Nick replied after a second or too with a not too convincing, "Ye-eah."

I did not have time to worry about it. I could feel Mark getting himself in position. I could feel his stiff cock nudging at the gates. He was presenting the tip of his penis to my vaginal lips. I pictured my sloppy vagina already leaking from my husband's cum. I could picture Mark rising up on his forearms like some bloody Greek Adonis. Cocky sod. And sure enough true to form he said, "How would you like it today Madam?"

I hated the way Mark has this cocky way of being God's gift to women. He's the one who should be grateful, for Christ's sake, to me for letting him fuck me.

I said, "My usual please! Just get on with it."

He did not need any further encouragement. He pushed the head of his penis in between the lips of my vagina. When he was just inside me he stopped and said, "Is that enough Madam?"

I screamed at him, "Oh God Mark! Please don't tease me."

As I felt the sublime pleasure of feeling his hard penis entering me I cried out, "Oh God!" I have never been someone who has been that interested in size but there was no mistaking the difference between Mark and Nick especially given that Nick had only just fucked me. There was no mistaking that Mark was invading me with a penis that was stretching and filling me in a way that Nick doesn't. I had noticed that the first time.

As Mark began to slowly move in and out he asked, " How's that my Lady?"

I unashamedly gasped, "Oh God Mark, that is so fucking good." I spread my legs as wide as I could and lifted my knees up to get him as deep as possible. I lifted my feet off the bed so they were hovering around in the air each side of Mark. Nick loves my feet and always says there is something very erotic about seeing a woman's bare feet when she is having sex.

I cannot describe how lovely it felt being fucked while lying between Nick's legs and with my head on Nick's tummy. I was in the middle of the sandwich of my two naked favourite boys. One below me and one above, and this was another first for me. For any woman who has never done that you do not know what you are missing. I was so taken with this situation of being in the middle of this hot sexy sweaty sandwich that I shuffled up the bed a bit so I was lying fully on Nick's chest. I could now feel the warm naked flesh of both my boys pressing against me on both sides.

This was what I had been waiting for. This was what I had been dreaming about since the first time that Mark had fucked me. Would it be as good the second time? Mark was so strong and fit. His thrusting became more powerful. I was moving and bucking my hips to match his thrusts. I could hear the squelching of his prick in my already freshly fucked cum filled sopping vagina. I was moaning and urging him on. My eye mask was still on allowing me to behave completely shamelessly and with total abandon. I said, "Yes that's it. Give it to me. Fuck me. Do it like before."

I immediately regretted saying the 'like before' bit because of how Nick might feel about that. It revealed just what an impression Mark had made.

Mark was quite rough and I could feel my breasts rolling and bouncing around. I chuckled to myself that when I'm being fucked by Mark I should wear my sports bra that I wear at the gym! I knew that Nick lying beneath me would be able to feel me arching my pussy up to Mark's cock in time with his thrusts. As things were getting faster and more turbulent Nick began holding onto me with his arms around me and a hand on each of my breasts. What a sight the three of us must have been-a heaving sweating mountain of flesh. I even noticed that Nick's prick was recovering a little and nestling into my bum cheeks from below. In between me moaning and grunting with each thrust I was giggling at the absurdity of being fucked whilst lying on my husband and the increasing difficulties of staying on top of Nick and not rolling off. Mark was equally struggling to stay on top of the pile of bodies and his prick kept coming out of me and I think he was getting a bit irritated. Nick took the hint and slid out from underneath us and stood up by the bed and announced, "I'm going to leave you two rabbits in peace."

I took from that that he was starting to tire of seeing me fucked by another man and that the novelty was wearing off. I also think he was now realising that the reality was that this 'other man' was a far better lover who could satisfy me in a way that he never had. He would also have seen just how much desire I had for my new lover. I started to panic a little that Nick was still alright about the situation and ripped off my eye mask but Nick was not there; he had already left the bedroom.

I suddenly felt much less comfortable about the whole deal and if I had had a choice I probably would have jumped off the bed and gone looking for Nick. But Mark was having none of that. He took control and said, "Right Jane my lovely the time has come. It's time for your roasting. Shall we go for it?"

I did not like him being crude about me like that but at the same time I liked it when he was masterful and dominant. He had that look of concentration on his face of a man who is serious about his work. He needed to concentrate now on the serious business of fucking my brains out. He wasn't making a joke of it any more. I had forgotten just how muscular and toned he was; what a fantastic athletic lean body he had.

He started to man handle me. I had become a piece of meat again. My body now belonged totally to Mark. I completely submitted myself to him. For a woman it is an amazing feeling to be completely dominated like that. He roughly turned me over, put a hand firmly on each hip and lifted my arse in the air to suit him. Then he plunged his entire cock back in to my pussy up to the hilt.

This was it I thought; I was panting with excitement and anticipation. Without Nick there Mark went up a couple of gears and plunged into me as hard as he could. He was going to enjoy this. I had my face buried into a pillow. I was trying to smother my moans and groans so that Nick would not hear them. Being taken from behind like this has always been my favourite position and within half a minute I could feel that magical feeling starting to build in my pussy. I did not want to come straight away and pleaded with Mark, "Come out a second, slow down, I am coming already!"

But Mark was in a world of his own saying, "Oh Jane you're just so fantastic. You are so fucking sexy. You are so fucking hot."

I thought what a fool Nick had been to allow Mark to possess me like this. I felt I belonged to Mark as much as Nick now.

I had my face in a pillow trying to make less noise. I had a bundle of sheet in each hand. I wondered if I could endure this onslaught. I started to shout, "Oh God! Oh Jesus! Oh fucking hell! You are so fucking good you bastard. I hate you! Please stop for a second I beg you!"

I knew Nick would be hearing this somewhere in the house but I didn't care any anymore.

Mark slammed into me again and again. His balls slapped against me. His grip on my hips was getting ever more firm and intense. I thought this is pure animalistic sex; two people who have an intense sexual attraction satisfying one another. I screamed at Mark, "Fuck me, Oh Fuck Me. Oh Jesus Christ!"

My pussy was on fire and I was moaning uncontrollably and then I was hit by my first orgasm. I felt shivers and spasms going down my legs. I was making so much noise that Mark was laughing and going, "Shhhhhh, Shhhhhhh."

In between my helpless moaning I giggled a little with embarrassment at Mark's attempts to quieten me down.

I was now glad actually that Nick was not watching anymore. I was so overwhelmed by lust that I did not want Nick to see me like this. I was enjoying it way too much. I adored having sex with Mark.

I have never had more than one orgasm with Nick and usually I find it uncomfortable to continue afterwards but Mark just kept ploughing on and took no notice of my pleas for him to stop. However Mark was very skilful and did slow down the pace and continued with slower, more deliberate strokes. He knew exactly what to do because very soon I was experiencing another wave of an orgasm rippling through me. All the energy had drained out of my legs and they felt completely numb. I have to be honest that I now had no control of my body and I let out a couple of farts. I did not even know they were coming.

I immediately apologised to Mark but I suspect he was used to having that effect on women.

Mark just laughed and whispered, "Don't worry about it gorgeous. It just means you're enjoying yourself."

I did not think I could take much more and pleaded with Mark, "Please Mark, no more. I can't stand it." With that I felt my body, over which I had no control whatsoever, squirting profusely. I was so embarrassed but Mark seemed oblivious. I felt my situation was hopeless and I was powerless to prevent it. What will be will be. I will just have to change the sheets.

Mark suddenly stopped and flipped me over again onto my back and plunged into me from above. I put my arms around his back and dug my nails into him. I could tell that he was now going for his big finale and I was relieved to think the end was in sight. I was going to survive! My legs were too numb to wrap around him and I just lay with them wide apart in full submission.

I laid my head back on my pillow and just closed my eyes then and let him do his worst. He was quite rough and I was groaning and grunting from the onslaught. He was treating me like a piece of meat like he did the first time. He pounded me with strong deliberate thrusts that were actually pushing me up the bed. With each plunge Mark was grunting like it was a workout and he was giving it his all. I was also groaning in time with Mark as I was on the receiving end of each athletic thrust. The noise we were making was quite amusing. Nick would have heard us wherever he was. I was so hot and sweaty and so was Mark. Eventually, thank the Lord, I could tell Mark was getting very near as he was getting faster and more urgent and then he thrust extra deep into me with a massive groan and gushed into me. His whole body went rigid. His head was thrown back; his eyes were closed and his mouth opened wide as he pumped his sperm into me. Unbelievably this provoked my third orgasm and we came together and I felt my vagina tighten around Mark's prick. "Oh God", I screamed as his cum poured into my belly "Oh God!"
Mark was completely spent. His body went limp and he collapsed down onto me panting very fast. I cradled his head and he smiled at me. He said, "Did you enjoy that then? I know I did."

I said, "Mark that was unbelievable. Absolutely incredible. You are fucking amazing."

And looking back that was the first intimate exchange that Mark and I had really. I had been conquered by another man.

We cuddled and kissed for about ten minutes and then I put my dressing gown on and sheepishly and guiltily went downstairs to look for Nick. I found Nick sitting in the sitting room with a glass of wine staring out into the garden. I could tell that he was regretting ever encouraging Mark to have me. We both knew that I had enjoyed it much too much and the genie was out of the bottle.

That night Mark slept in our guest room and when Nick and I went to bed soon after neither of us said anything about what had happened. It was very awkward having to change the soaking wet sheet before we could get into our bed. I don't think either of us had the first idea what to say about it.

Chapter 7. No Going Back

After that second time Mark had made love to me I just became obsessed with thinking and day dreaming about him. I kept thinking about how it feels when he first enters me with his big prick, about his rough physical technique, and how long he lasts and most of all the unreal fantastic orgasms the like of which I have never experienced before. Oh what have I been missing? I did not want Nick to worry so I played it all down but secretly I was thinking about being fucked my Mark all the time. Mark had made me feel so desirable, so hot, and sexy.

Until that point I had had sex with Mark only twice and both times as you know Nick was present at least at the beginning. Nick knowing and condoning it, encouraging it even, made it alright in my head. Anyway it was just too exciting to resist. I knew I wanted to have sex with Mark again but I was entirely resolved that I would never do anything with Mark without my husband Nick being present. I would never do anything behind his back. Or would I?

Chapter 8. A Quickie Lunch

I think it was about a week after the third encounter when I got a phone call on my mobile during the day from Mark asking me if I fancied meeting up for a quick lunch. My immediate reaction was that we should not as that would be cheating on Nick and would take our relationship to a new level. He was very persuasive though and would not take no for an answer. He kept saying it would just be a quick bistro meal and maybe a glass of wine and then we would go back to our work. He was always very busy himself and would also need to get back to work reasonably quickly. He said that he just thought it would be nice for us to get together and have a glass of wine and a chat and that was all. What could be the harm in that? Even if Nick did find out it would hardly be that big a crime. He said, "You do take lunch, don't you? You do have to eat so why not just once we grab a bite together?"

I reconciled it in my mind as it was just lunch. Not sex just lunch. That did not count as cheating. But I still was not going to tell Nick that we were meeting up.

Put like that I thought maybe I was being a bit paranoid and over cautious. And anyway I felt it was nice to be asked and thought it would be pleasant. So I agreed that Mark would pick me the next day at lunchtime at a meeting point just down the street from my estate agency branch.

Even though we were just going for a quick lunch and that was all I still spent an inordinate amount of time deciding what to wear and getting ready that morning. I chose a smart dark blue two piece suit with a white blouse under the jacket. I planned to open an extra button on the blouse when I met Mark so he would be able to enjoy my sexy silk bra. The skirt was above the knee and I was wearing dark hold up stockings with very sexy red lace tops. I had taken to wearing hold up stockings recently instead of tights and I think this was all part of me feeling more desirable and sexy on account of what was happening with Mark. While I was waiting for Mark I put on lashings of my favourite perfume.

I nervously stood on the pavement waiting for Mark hoping and praying that no one from my branch would walk by. Mark picked me up in a convertible noisy yellow sports car. I think it was a Porsche. As Mark owns a second hand car dealership which specialises in high performance cars so he tends to have a different flash car every week. Quite recently he was even prancing around in a Ferrari. He really does fancy himself but as you have deduced by now there was something compelling and irresistible about him. On this day he looked so handsome in a smart crisp dark suit. He was his usual self -very funny and self confident. I just felt I was 12 and was bunking off school or meeting a boy behind the bike sheds -I felt so guilty. When I sat in his car on the sticky leather seat my short skirt rode up such that it exposed my red lace stocking tops and my pale white thighs. I noticed Mark glancing down at them in appreciation and every time he said something he kept emphasising his point by tapping his left hand on my bare thighs proprietarily.

I wondered where Mark would take me but he roared off out of town to a lovely pub on the side of the River Avon out in the country. He had been before and knew the food in the bistro was good. They seemed to know him there and he got us a table in a dark corner of the room with a candle. I told him that I did not want to be a party pooper but I must get back to work for 3:00 as I had a client booked then for a house viewing. It was only 12:30 now so we agreed that should be loads of time. Straight away Mark ordered up a bottle of white wine and the waiter poured us two large glasses. I settled back into my chair and Mark toasted my glass and said, "It's lovely to see you Jane. You're looking as gorgeous as ever."

Mark has always told me how beautiful I was and how men admired me. Over the years and he has always made me feel pretty and sexy and today was going to be no exception. He made me remember how I had so many admirers before I married Nick.

I felt the need to get Nick into the conversation as often as possible to remind Mark that I was a married woman if not a respectable one!

I know you are not going to believe this but I consider myself the kind of woman who would only normally have sex with a man as part of a loving relationship. So I don't know what I wanted from Mark, but I could have jumped into a hole in the ground when I heard myself asking Mark if he has a girlfriend at the moment. He would have guessed straight away that I was asking this because I was starting to fantasise and romanticise about my relationship with him. Even I knew that I was clearly going mad.

Mark smiled at me, squeezed my hand and said, "No you know Jane you're the one that I love! You're the only one for me!"

Good answer I thought and absolutely the one I deserved. Shut up quickly I thought. Don't want him to think I'm a bunny boiler!

Mark kept my wine glass topped up and needless to say as usual I drank more than I should. As I loosened up we talked about all sorts of things, and this was much better than the periods of silence that Nick and I sometimes encounter as a long term married couple when we go out. Eventually Mark broached the subject of our recent antics.

He held my hand and said, "So have you enjoyed our recent encounters?"

I was so relieved that he did not say 'recent fucks.'

I said, "You know I have Mark. You are amazing. The trouble is you are spoiling me. You are ruining me for anyone else and that includes Nick." I knew straight away that was far too honest and revealing. This playing away is so bloody complicated.

He smiled and said, "Well I aim to please. But it's not just me you know. It's just as much the effect you have on me. You are just such a hot sexy woman-you bring out the beast in me!"

Our lunch continued in much the same vein with lots of light banter, sexual innuendo, and a lot of laughter. It was clear that on our own we really clicked. I wished that had not been the case.

After we left the restaurant Mark slipped his arm around my waist and walked me to his car. He opened my door for me and we exchanged a quick kiss as I got in.

I glanced at my watch and said, "That was very pleasant Mark and I have really enjoyed it. It has been lovely to see you and I really mean that. But would it be OK if you drop me back at my work now please?"

Mark sort of nodded I think and drove off with the car making a lot of noise. Mark was not the sort to worry about drinking and driving. In fact on the way back to Bristol we even passed a police car and the driver waved at Mark. Mark laughed and said he (the police officer) was Terry and was in his team at the tennis club! Mark is one of those people who just seems to have everything organised and gets exactly what he wants.

On the way back to the city I sank back in to the seat as the effect of all the wine made me feel relaxed and woozy. I was enjoying the drive through the country lanes with the hood down. My short skirt rose up again to expose my pale thighs above the dark stockings and red lace stocking tops. Mark kept glancing at them admiringly. You could have cut the sexual tension with a knife. I was now though absolutely desperate for a pee and could never have made it back to the office in town. Mark said we would practically be passing his house and I could nip in there. I said that would be OK but I must literally run in and out as I needed to get back to work.

I love Mark's house-it is all contemporary and ultra modern; all glass and wooden cladding on the edge of a lake. Mark went in first and pointed me to his bedroom en suite which is on the ground floor. I just about made it without wetting myself. I did not have time to ask him why I couldn't just use the cloakroom in the hall. He was waiting for me when I came out. He said, "Look I know you need to get back but surely we must have time for just one kiss."

I was feeling woozy from the wine and mellow and sexy and said, "Alright then-if you must. But then you're taking me back to work." I was feeling squidgy towards him and wanted to kiss him myself anyway.

So we were standing by his bed and he put his arms round my waist and put his lips to mine and we began a deep throat full on tongues passionate snog. I put my arms around his neck and snuggled into his embrace. He tasted delicious and I loved his masculine smell. We broke for a second and then we were back into it and he sort of pulled me down to sit on the edge of his bed without breaking the kiss. I seem to have no resolve where he is concerned and the next thing I know is that he is unbuttoning my blouse. I thought that I should definitely not be letting him do that. But I was enjoying kissing him so much; it felt so lovely and so naughty at the same time. Mark opened up my blouse, pulled it out of my skirt and took it off me. I have to be honest that I helped him by stretching each arm out so he could pull off the sleeves. I cannot explain why I let him do that. So there I am sitting on the edge of his bed in my bra, and said again, "Look Mark you have got to get me back to work. I told you I've got an appointment."

Mark said, "Alright I'll take you in five minutes. Alright? We can't miss the chance to have a little cuddle. This is the first time we have been on our own."

I said, "I know and that is the whole point. We should not be doing this behind Nick's back. I do not want to cheat on him. I love him and he loves me. And you're his mate for God's sake. I would not have met you for lunch if I had thought it would end like this."

Still we started another passionate embrace and kiss and Mark began massaging my breasts through my bra, and then he had his hands under the bra and pushed it up above my boobs. He was fondling my breasts, kissing my nipples and then kissing me on the lips, pulling my hair and generally getting very aroused. I also was getting very worked up and could feel that my pussy was getting very wet. At the same time I was scared that I was losing control and being unfaithful to Nick.

Then very gently he lifted my skirt up around my waist and pushed the palm of his hand against the front of my panties over my mound. It was all I could do to stop myself jumping off the bed like I'd had an electric shock. He said, "You're hot."

I just nodded stupidly. I hated the power he had over me. Why did I not just stand up, pull my skirt down and insist on going back to work? He massaged my mound and pussy through the panty material. I was breathing very heavily and sighing. He put his thumbs into the top of my panty elastic and said, "Shall we have them off then?"

I feebly and pathetically said, "No Mark, please don't. I must go back to work and I really don't want to be unfaithful to Nick. Please Mark. You promised me."

But Mark started to very slowly, very gently slide my panties down and I could see my pale white shaved pussy exposed and then he was sliding them over my thighs. I grabbed one side of my panties and tried to hold onto them shouted at him, "No Mark. We can't. Not now. Please."

But still he pulled on them and I momentarily let go to grab his hand and then they were sliding down over my knees. I said, "For fuck's sake Mark you will not take no for an answer."

He took that as a challenge and laughed and pulled my panties completely off over my feet.

I said as firmly as I could muster, "I am NOT having sex with you now Mark. I HAVE to get back to work NOW. You are spoiling this. You're a bloody animal Mark."

Mark was not deflected. He said, "For Christ's sake Jane. Stop pretending. You know you want to."

And with that he deftly unclipped my bra at the back to completely expose my breasts. I was now completely bloody stripped except that I still had my dark stockings on and my skirt bundled up around my waist. He massaged both breasts and my nipples stood up. And then bold as you like he put his hand over my pussy and pushed two fingers deep into my pussy. I was so wet that my body offered no resistance to him at all. It was like it had all been a challenge to him to get my clothes off when I had said no. He looked at me disdainfully and said, "Don't worry Jane- I wouldn't do that to Nick." And then he stood up by the bed and I sighed with relief.

I thought I had resisted him and for a fleeting moment I was congratulating myself for having some control over my behaviour. Mark is honourable after all I thought. He would not fuck his mate's wife behind her back.

And then he sat down next to me again on the edge of his bed, looked into my eyes, and said, "But you want me to don't you love?"

I feebly said, "No."

But he put one hand back on my hot sopping crotch, one on my right breast, and started kissing and nibbling my neck. I melted into him. I hated myself. I hated my pathetic lack of self control and dignity.

Mark had left his suit jacket and tie in his car but was otherwise fully dressed. He stood up and started undoing his trouser belt. I had the opportunity to get up and call a halt now but I was weak and just sat on the edge of his bed while he got undressed. I started to talk very slowly at him through clenched teeth in a stern way, "I do not want to do this Mark .I do not want you to get undressed." While I was speaking I was looking at the floor rather than Mark. I was getting very annoyed at his insensitive persistence.

He took his trousers and shoes and socks off and stood briefly in his boxers. He had an obvious semi- erection. With his toned physique and six pack he looked just like the bloody models that you get on the front of men's designer pants boxes.

He then pulled down his boxers and played with his cock for a couple of seconds and it sprang to attention.

He climbed onto the bed, laid me down on my back, and started pushing my legs apart quite roughly. I just felt feeble and weak. I looked down to see his stiff cock hovering just in front of my spread vagina lips. I do not understand what happened to me. He grabbed my hands and put them around his cock.

He said, "Go on feel it. You want me to fuck you, don't you?"

I was starting to cry. I said, "Please Mark-don't treat me like this."

My skirt was still bundled up around my waist but I was completely exposed. He rose up on his forearms the way I had seen him do before. His erect prick was 2 centimetres from my lips searching for its prey. He said, "Go on say it. Say I want you to fuck me. Say it!"

I think he was in a bad mood that day. Maybe stressed from work. But I also wondered if he was becoming irritated by my holding back on him out of conscience and trying to maintain some standards of decorum. He could not see why I could not just throw myself into behaving as a total 24/7 slut for his pleasure and gratification. I think he thought I was a cock teaser. Either I was going to have an affair with him or I wasn't but I should stop pissing him about.

Mark shouted at me aggressively again, "Say it."

I was crying. I hated him. Nothing seemed to matter anymore. I screamed, "All right, fuck me. If you're so fucking clever, go on and do it. Fuck me. Fuck me you bastard."

He said, "All right then I will. I will fuck you."

I was shaking and scared at what I was doing and what would happen if Nick ever found out. I cried out in pain as Mark just rammed his cock into me up to the hilt like he was annoyed with me. I knew it was just animal with Mark. Just sex. What the hell was I doing there?

And then he started to move the way he does and I was reminded why I was there.

I wanted to express my anger and indignation but my body betrayed me. My pussy was welcoming and eager.

I accepted my fate. Why did he have such power over me? From the outset I was not sure I could take it. I was begging him, "Please Mark. No more. Please stop for a second."

But he wouldn't. It was a power thing for him. I could feel an orgasm starting to build. I was going wild pushing my pussy up at him in time with his powerful athletic thrusts. I was panting and gasping for air.

Suddenly I heard my bloody mobile start ringing. I was absolutely mortified as it started blaring out 'Everything I do -I do it for You' -you know the Bryan Adams love song. Mark chuckled as he correctly guessed that Nick would have romantically put it on my phone to remember him. It had fallen out of my hand bag and was lying on the floor by the bed and the screen was flashing brightly in the dim light of the bedroom. It was flashing Nick. My husband Nick was calling me in the middle of me being fucked by Mark. The first time that I had ever been unfaithful and cheated behind Nick's back and right in the middle of it I can see Nick's name flashing on my phone. Jesus did I feel rotten.

Mark could see who it was too and laughed and said, "Do you want to take it?"

I said, "No I don't want to take it you bastard."

Mark would not drop it. He said, "Sorry Jane. I just thought you might want to tell him what a nice lunch you're having. How delicious the dessert is."

Nick has been friends with Mark for a very long time and it was dawning on me that he really doesn't know what he is really like at all. Oh how I wished he didn't have such power over me. I was considering calling a halt and jumping out of bed when Mark grabbed hold of my ankles and lifted my legs up high till my thighs were flat back against the sides of my chest and my feet were up in the air so he could plunge deeper and I was more constrained. He also went up a gear and started to plunge harder, and faster. I was bent over double. This is not a loving love making position; just pure animal. It was like he was punishing me. Like he held me in contempt and wanted to humiliate me. But it just felt fantastic -even better than our two previous fucks. The phone stopped ringing thank God. I think Mark felt without Nick watching he could give me both barrels without any restraint. I reached forward and put my own hands round the back of my thighs to hold my legs fully back. I had never been fucked like that before. It felt so crude and base. I could see from above my perfectly shaved vagina now completely horizontal and Mark's tool plunging in and out of me in triumph. To say I had never experienced anything like it before would be an understatement. I honestly thought I was going to die in a giant orgasmic oblivion. I couldn't think straight with what he was doing to me. Needless to say for the time being I could no longer worry about Nick ringing.
I started to scream at Mark, "Oh Yes! Oh Yes! That's it! Fuck me you bastard! I hate you! Enjoy it because you are never fucking me again. Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder! Oh Jesus Christ! Oh my God!"

I was moaning uncontrollably and shivers were going down my spine and legs. Mark is a truly spectacular lover and in his own home he just fucked me to an orgasmic oblivion. I thought I was going to die when I came but as usual Mark was not finished yet and turned me over for his pleasure. He put a couple of pillows under my tummy to lift my arse up higher so he could plunge in and out without having to hold my arse in the air. He started slapping my arse cheeks and saying, "You are such a whore aren't you Jane? Such a fucking whore. You love it don't you? One day soon I am going to fuck you up this lovely sweet arse," and with that he put his fore finger into my arse hole and started working it.

My second orgasm was building and Mark started slapping me harder and shouting, "Come on admit it. Admit you're a whore. Say it Jane. Say I am a whore and I love you fucking me. Say it! Say I am nothing but a whore!"

I was totally concentrating on the fire in my red hot aching pussy that had taken over my body but I obediently started to repeat between moans and grunts, "I am nothing but a whore. I love you fucking me."

"Say, I am nothing but a worthless whore. I am only here to me fucked by you." Mark was now on a roll enjoying himself.

"I am nothing-but a - worthless -whore. I am only here to be fucked by you."

"Say, you can fuck me anytime you want sir."

I repeated what he had commanded one word in time with each thrust. "You-can-fuck-me anytime-you-want-sir."

Mark was loving dominating me. He carried on, "Say, I am nothing without your glorious prick inside me."

I groaned again in time with his thrusts, "I-am-nothing-without-your-fucking-prick-inside-me you-smug-self-satisfied-bastard."

It was humiliating but Mark knew me well enough by now to know that I would be turned on by being dominated and submissive. In fact he seemed to know me better than I knew myself.

I came again so strongly that I really did not think I could cope. I was screaming for Mark to fuck me over and over again. I was relieved when the intense over powering waves emanating from my pussy started to subside. A little after thankfully Mark satisfied his lust by plunging into me as hard as he could several times shooting his load and grunting with pleasure.

When I started to return to Planet Earth I noticed with horror that the time was a quarter to three-15 minutes before my appointment. I screamed, "Oh Jesus I should never have come back with you. You promised me you would not do this. I was covered in sweat and cum was leaking from my pussy and running down my leg. My skirt was still up around my waist. I pulled it off as quickly as I could. I whipped off my stockings and jumped into Mark's shower and looked at my watch again. I had the quickest shower ever and then Mark gave me a towel.

I started to get dressed as quickly as I could but then noticed with horror that my skirt has some mess on it-some bodily fluid or other. I was getting more hysterical. I could not go back to work with cum all over me. I started to cry. One of my stockings had a ladder in it from top to bottom. My hair was a total fucking mess. I started to panic. I felt so hysterical with the situation, emotional and guilty about cheating on Nick, I knew I was in no fit state to go back. I was crying and Mark said, "Look Jane. Don't worry so much. Just ring in sick. Tell them you're not well."

I said, "That is easy for you to say. You have your own business."

But he was right, and I really was in no fit state to return to work. I had to call my branch Manager and apologise and said I had a migraine and asked if she could she cover my appointment? She was very nice about it and even asked me if I wanted her to call Nick. I thought, 'Bloody Hell. No!' and lied that I already had.

After I put the phone down I hoped to God that Nick had not been trying to reach me at the office. I hated this deviousness and deception towards my work and Nick. This was so not me I thought.

I realised that I could not go home yet either because Nick was working at home that day. There was nothing for it but to ask Mark if I could lie down and have a rest at his place for an hour before I called a taxi.

He said, "Even better than that -I will stay and nurse you."

I said that I didn't want him to do that. He should go back to his work. But he didn't -he made a quick call on his mobile himself and the made me a cup of coffee and came back and cuddled me and kissed me. I love the cuddling after sex; the intimacy and closeness. At least I started to see a softer side to Mark-not just the sex crazed animal that keeps ravaging me. He knew I was upset. Mark had behaved like a total 'arse' towards me and fucking me the way he had , but at least now he was being nice and loving again. I felt for the first time that I was on a slippery slope. An inexorable slide down into I wasn't sure where. Mark kept cuddling me and kissing me until I couldn't help but respond to his tenderness. My enormous resentment started to wane and I put my arms around him and kissed him back. I thought again, 'What the hell am I doing here?'

Mark then said to me, "Look Jane I want to be honest with you. You are a very sexy beautiful woman and I love making love with you. You know I cannot resist you. But the thing is this all started when Nick wanted to watch me fucking you. Nick obviously gets off by watching other men fucking his wife..."

I butted in, "It's only you Mark. It has only happened with you."

"Well whatever. But if you were mine I would not share you. And I've got to say I am not prepared to perform like a performing seal in front of Nick again just because it turns him on. I went along with it at first as a chance to have you. But I'm not doing that again and if you want to make love with me from now onwards it is going to be just the two of us I'm afraid."

At that moment I was so confused I did not know what I wanted. Yes I found Mark to be supremely dishy, and hot, and sex with him was off the scale amazing, but at the same time I had loved being the centre of attention with two guys at the same time. I had discovered I had a real desire for threesomes with two guys. I did not want to admit that though to Mark then; I would have to find out how he felt about that later when I knew him better. I suspected that he would not need that much persuading when the time comes again.

I said, "I can understand how you feel but that will mean that we are doing it behind Nick's back. Having an affair in fact."

"Well Jane that is your choice now. You must decide what you want to do. But Nick does not need to know or find out does he?"

I said, "You know Mark I can't resist you at the moment you bastard. I don't have any choice but to keep seeing you. "

Mark was encouraged by that and went for broke, "Yes but I feel the same you know. Christ I'm hoping next time Nick is away for a night that we can go out to dinner again proper and spend a night together. I would love to have you in my bed all night."

Before long Mark was again removing what little clothing I had managed to put on and I was naked again in his bed. There was a certain inevitability about my situation now. I was too tired to fight it. I was too weak to resist him and he knew it. We lay there kissing and cuddling and caressing each other's bodies. I loved Mark's body-his broad shoulders, his flat stomach, his hairy chest, his muscular legs, and yes his hairy balls and well proportioned cock. I remember playing with his flaccid manhood and chuckling that that was the first time I had seen it when it had not been erect! I sort of wondered what he saw in me. I thought it was probably my innocence and his desire to conquer me and control me, but I also feared he got a kick out of screwing his mate's wife. I felt like I had graduated to a new level- like I was in a new club for hot sexy women. For the first time in 25 years I had had sex with another man without my husband knowing and here I was lying naked in his arms in his bed.

I started to drift away in an out of sleep. But I was vaguely aware of Mark rising up again between my legs which I parted with no resistance and then he fucked me again very gently and very slowly. He probably took half an hour over it just taking his pleasure. He was even stroking my hair and face and breasts and kissing me on the lips while he did it and I thought at least he is capable of gentle lovemaking rather than just animal sex. Maybe he likes me a little after all. I was in big trouble and I knew it. I was starting an affair with Mark and there was nothing I could do about it.

When Mark ran me home and dropped me around the corner I was not surprised when he asked when he would next see me. I knew resistance was pointless. I laughed and joked that I would have thought he'd seen plenty of me, that is everything, already. But I knew it would be soon -possibly even tomorrow. I just grabbed his hand in fear and panic and said, "Oh Christ Mark. Oh Jesus Christ. What the hell am I doing? You'd better text me tomorrow and I'll see how my diary looks. Right now I need to go and rescue my fucking marriage."

When I got in, Nick was in but thank God he had not phoned the office and was unaware that I had not been there all afternoon. Later he said that he was leaving very early the next day to drive to Manchester. My devious mind was already racing ahead at the opportunity that this presented. I went to the bathroom and sent a text to Mark. I told him I would be at his place for breakfast in bed. I ordered smoked salmon, and poached eggs! He text back, 'Would I like that on a bed of spinach on or some other bed?' Very witty I thought. I deleted the texts and went back to make a fuss of Nick. And the next morning as soon as Nick left I jumped in my car and less than 30 minutes after Nick had driven off I was in Mark's warm and cosy bed again as naked as the day I was born ready for more of Mark's magical touches.

Chapter 9. A Full Blown Affair

I had heard it said that the problem with threesomes within a marriage are that it often happens that the shared wife will start an affair with her new sex partner and that whatever the mutual intentions and ground rules are at the outset the husband often loses control of the situation with or without his knowledge. I realised that is exactly what is happening to me. Most women cannot have sex without forming an emotional attachment and I sure as hell was starting to fall in love with Mark. I knew he would never make a good faithful husband and I would not have wanted to be married to him, but I saw him as a sort of loveable rogue and that is, I suspect a persona that some men successfully employ to be popular with women and have lots of affairs. By now you're be thinking I'm a mixed up screwball, and yes I probably am-but aren't we all? I'm me and I wish life had not dealt me this turn of events.

Poor Nick -I feel so sorry for him and so guilty. I know he loves me so much and I so regret what he has started for me. It had been a very bad decision when he manipulated the situation that led to Mark having me just so he could watch. He wouldn't have been so keen if he'd known that this was going to happen that is for sure. Woman are more naturally disposed to be monogamous, faithful and loyal but once smitten by someone else they are more sexual, active and adventurous than most guys as I was finding out. Nick had broken the sanctity of the wall that I had cherished around our world and nothing would ever be the same again

After the clandestine lunch that I had had with Mark and the afternoon in his bed at his house I started seeing Mark behind my husband's back in secret. I had not wanted to be unfaithful to my husband but at the same time had become addicted to the fantastic sex with Mark. And Mark had pulled the rug and refused to engage in any more threesomes with my husband and had given me an ultimatum that if I wanted more sex with Mark then it would have to be on the basis of an affair with him. But I did also think that at the end of the day Nick had started this by egging me and Mark on to fuck each other and I thought what a fool Nick had been to allow Mark to possess me like this.

I was at that time completely under Mark's spell. He had so much power over me; I just could not resist him and seemed to have no choice over my actions. This is a story about real life and I am not proud of what happened to me and wish I could put the clock back. I find it hard to keep secrets and could not help confiding in close girlfriends especially over a drink after work. I know this has not been wise. Some friends were kind and empathetic to me but a couple were hostile and cruel calling me a slut and a whore, and we have fallen out. Thank God that, so far, none of them has told Nick. To be honest I sometimes wished someone would, to bring an end to this situation which I am finding so stressful that I just want it to be over.

Well those that condemned me as a slut then would definitely have that opinion if they heard what has happened since. Many of you readers will also be very critical about my subsequent behaviour and I probably deserve it. Believe me I am critical of myself, but I also hope some of you will be sympathetic towards me and how hard it can be to resist temptation and the complexities of being a woman. I have paid a high price for my obsession with Mark.

But do not think I found this deceit easy. When I was not with Mark I felt so scared about what I was doing, and Nick finding out, that I felt physically sick most of the time. I found it easier to cope with the stress by drinking so much wine-typically a bottle every evening. Although I was drinking a lot I had lost about twelve pounds through the stress of it all and did look good for my age even if I say so myself. During that period I was on such a high. Mark made me feel so desirable and attractive that I was walking on air. I started wearing shorter skirts above the knee and leather boots even to work just because Mark liked me to dress like that. I was always drenched in sexy perfume, and took to keeping the top two buttons of my blouse undone to reveal my lacy bra and really felt I was the 'Cat's pyjamas'. I persuaded Nick to let me get a small red convertible Mazda sports car, which unbelievably at Nick's suggestion, we actually bought from Mark's garage. I really couldn't believe that Nick didn't know what was going on and what Mark and I were up to. As I say I used to wish that Nick would find out to take the pressure off me and bring this whole situation to an end one way or another.

I used to roar around really thinking I had life organised-a loving husband and a hot sexy lover. Mark and I were always at it. We used to meet about twice a week at his house at lunchtime for a steamy session. For a real treat we would both book an afternoon off from work and spend it at his house in bed which was wonderful. Occasionally we might just park up after I had finished work or at lunchtime at some remote spot in the country when there was not enough time to go to his home. On one such occasion I remember he brought me with his fingers and then refused to give me my panties back. So I went back to work looking flushed and did the viewings in the afternoon without them which ensured I had a cheeky smile on my face all afternoon.

The worst thing we did was going away on a business trip together. My estate agency are agents for some overseas holiday villas in Spain and I had to go to a three day conference and inspection visit for the marketing agents somewhere near Alicante. Anyway as I was on my own I could not resist seeing if Mark could join me down there and he did and so we were able to spend three whole nights sleeping together. I was so tired during the days it was a joke. On the last day the work only went on in the morning so we were able to spend some time lying by the pool before going back to our room for some more action. I could not cope with taking calls from Nick during that trip-I just felt too guilty and was concerned that I would sound guilty so I had my phone switched off a lot of the time. So I was even more worried when I got home about him saying that he could not get hold of me.

I felt so utterly conflicted, completely loving my husband but also not being sure how to reconcile these new powerful feelings for this person, Mark, that I was now intimate with... was I in love with him or was it just infatuation or did I just love the thrill of the illicit affair and the sex? I was also very aware of feeling a certain amount of disdain for my husband Nick, not understanding why he would have wanted to share me with another man. The more I dwelt on that the more I felt worthless and cheap as if being used as a mistress was all I was good for.

Chapter 10. My Nemesis

I am now going to relate to you an event that occurred towards the end of my journey of sexual exploration when I met my nemesis. But whilst this has ultimately been my downfall it was by any standard an extremely erotic event and probably the greatest sexual experience I will ever have. So whilst I wish it had not happened and wish I had had more self control hopefully this account of my experience will at least provide some enjoyment to those of you who enjoy reading about such real life encounters.

This took place in the following spring after Mark and I had been having an affair for over six months. During those six months Nick had suggested a few times having Mark round no doubt hoping for another threesome session. On each occasion Mark had made an excuse or bailed at the last minute much to my relief. Neither Mark nor me could possibly have endured another threesome session with Nick and kept up pretences and not given the game way. Nick had hardly seen Mark during this period and did think it strange but Mark could not face him.

It was a Friday night and Mark had arranged for four of his mates and their partners to come round for a BBQ at his house. I was able to go because Nick was away on a walking weekend with two of his mates. Actually the truth was that Mark had actually chosen that weekend specifically because he knew that Nick would be away and I would be able to come and stay the night. I was flattered that he wanted me to meet more of his friends in a social situation but obviously did not really know what they thought our relationship was, or even whether there was one. I hoped that he had been discrete and that they would assume that I was just a friend. I enjoyed organising the evening with Mark and after I got back from work prepared the salads and nibbles etc. It was fun to be doing something with Mark other than just sex.

As I mentioned before I had always liked Mark's house. It is an ultra modern contemporary design; all glass and wooden cladding on the edge of a lake near Bristol. It has decking around the edge of the water and a small pontoon. There is only the ground floor, that is it is not a house at all really but a bungalow. It faces west and enjoys fabulous sunsets across the lake but there I go starting to sound like an estate agent! I did not keep many clothes at Mark's house for obvious reasons so I stayed dressed in my work clothes which were a cream two piece suit with skirt above the knee and a white cotton blouse. It was a warm balmy evening so I removed my tights and did not need the jacket.

I was naturally interested in who was coming and Mark told me that two of the men were his business partners who had invested in his garage business but left him to run it. They were Alan and Pete apparently. The other two were friends of his and one was Terry, the bloke from the police, who was in Mark's tennis team and who we had driven by in his sports car that day he first took me out to lunch. The last guy was someone I did not know called Trevor who was also in his tennis team. The first to arrive was Terry and his wife Carol. I was feeling a little nervous as I felt a bit under pressure at being Mark's 'friend' and sort of joint host. I did not know how much his mates knew but clearly I hoped that Mark had been discrete about us and knew nothing. It was nice for me to have the camaraderie of another woman to talk to so I quickly cornered Carol and she was really lovely and we were soon having a great laugh. Carol and I were soon sharing a bottle of chilled white wine and exchanging the usual jokes about men and barbeques. We got on really well and were giggling away out on the decking at the back of Mark's house and only vaguely aware of Alan and Pete arriving with their partners at the front.
Eventually Mark came out of the house with Alan and Pete and came over to us with a big smile saying, "Well you too seem to have wasted no time in getting into the party mood," and then introduced us all, "My friend Jane and Terry's wife Carol, Alan and Pete."

When I meet people for the first time I'm never sure whether to kiss them on the cheek or just shake their hands but Alan and Pete seemed keen to be friendly and in any case Carol who had met them before was greeted with a kiss from them so I also offered my cheek for the two of them to kiss me.

I then asked, " Are your wives still in the house? Shall we go in and say hello to them as well?"

Alan and Pete both then explained that they were on their own. Apparently Alan had been let down by their babysitter at the last minute and Pete's wife was ill with something or other.

I said, " That's a shame -I was looking forward to meeting them. I hope you guys are hungry as Mark and I have catered for ten! I will only let you off if you promise to eat what you and your wives would have eaten!"

Alan chuckled, "Well I don't know about that but I can at least promise to drink for two!"

Pete chimed in, "Yeh -I'll drink to that!"

But I was genuinely disappointed. It is nice for us girls to meet up and have some girlie talk whilst the guys drone on about sport and their work and property prices etc.

The guys were all quickly in a huddle each holding a can or bottle of beer and I resumed having a giggle with Carol.

I asked Carol if she knew the other guy -Trevor - and his wife / girlfriend. She said she had heard of him as he played in the tennis team with Terry but had not met him or his girlfriend. He was not married apparently.

We were getting noisier and the drinks were flowing when another guy appeared on the decking holding a couple of bottles and had apparently let himself in and wandered through the house. Mark quickly went over and there was much man hugging as he welcomed the last guest-Trevor. Trevor looked older than the first two guys and was more like my age I thought.

I was already getting a bit merry so did not spot the obvious until Carol said to me, "Don't say his girlfriend has not come either. I am glad you are here Jane as us girls are a bit out numbered."

We were soon introduced to Trevor and yes apparently his girlfriend had had to go and visit her mother in hospital after she had had an operation. He seemed to have a perfectly valid excuse and I felt a bit guilty for being fed up that he had come alone as well.

So there were five guys and two girls for our Friday night BBQ.

Mark got some music going, and I went around with a tray of h'oderves. Before long Mark was doing his man the hunter stuff at the barbie. Predictably it was one of those stainless steel jobs the size of a piano. Mark does nothing by halves. It was both interesting and fun to watch Mark with his friends holding forth. He was as I would have predicted obviously very popular but also very witty and confident. He always seemed to me to be someone who found everything so easy-life was such a breeze for him. I think he had no idea what it was like for others especially me always wondering if they are doing or saying the right thing, how we look etc. I kept looking at Mark and how sexy and attractive he looked that evening. He was dressed in some multi -coloured shorts that looked like he'd just been surfing on a Californian beach and had a tight short sleeved polo shirt on that showed all his muscles and no socks. He had that permanent boyish laddish smile and I could have just gone over to him and shagged him there and then. I was so hot for him that evening and I could not wait for everyone to go and to jump into bed with him. We did not get that many nights when we could sleep together all night. I imagined him naked and erect and taking me and I smiled to myself that no one there would know what was going on between us and that I was more than just a 'friend'. As I say at that time I just thought I had life sorted and was having my cake and eating it.

Mark served up the meat from his humongous barbeque and I uncovered all the salad stuff that I had prepared before they all arrived. Everyone was having a real laugh and Mark was well satisfied with how it was going. I kept checking my mobile because I knew that Nick would phone me at some point and I just wanted to get that over with without him suspecting anything so I could just relax and was worried I was getting too drunk before I had got that done. As it happened Nick phoned just after I had finished serving everyone else and got my own plate of food. I went straight into the house to find some quiet and privacy before I started talking to him. I told him I was in a pub. He seemed to be happy enough and was actually in a pub himself and sounded like he had had a few beers himself with his two mates. I said I was looking forward to seeing him on Sunday and that was that. It was done. I was glad to get that over with and left the phone in Mark's bedroom but I still felt guilty and uneasy about it as I always did but as I have said I just felt so drawn to Mark that I was unable to resist. I wondered how much longer this double life and deceit could go on. When I remerged to the party outside no one knew what I had been doing and I felt a weight had been lifted and I could fully relax and enjoy myself.

After we had eaten we were standing around in groups as you do and then on came a track that I love to dance to and I asked Carol if she fancied a bop. Carol and I started dancing together and Mark immediately went and turned the volume up a bit. The house is sufficiently isolated and private that there were no neighbours to worry about. It was not long before Alan and Pete joined in with us. After a couple more tracks I think Terry replaced Pete and I carried on with Alan but it was all innocent at that stage. In fact over the next couple of hours all the guys were dancing with us girls at some time or other and sometimes it was just Carol with them while I was having a breather and sometimes it was just me dancing with them. I carried on drinking chilled white wine and the occasional Vodka and Orange and the guys all kept consuming copious amounts of beer. This all carried on until I suppose about 11 o'clock when Terry and Carol announced they had to go. I was sorry they had to leave so early but they had something or other early the next morning; in fact I think Terry had an early shift.

So there I was left with Mark and three of his friends. I was still in the mood for dancing but was staggering about a bit because of the amount of drink I had consumed and I did notice the guys pointing at me from time to time and laughing at me. I would have been happy to go to bed by then, with Mark of course, which was what I was really looking forward to. I was also very hot and sweaty from all the dancing that I had done and have to be honest that by then I had pulled my blouse out of my skirt and unbuttoned all but two buttons to try and get more air and ventilation. But I suppose if I am honest the guys would have had a good view of my lacy bra whilst I was dancing but that was absolutely not why I was in that slightly revealing state of dress. I was just hot.

After a while Mark came over and took my hand and said time for a smooch. He had already put on some slow romantic music. I loved it when at last he put his arms around me firmly and kissed me on the cheeks. I then remembered of course that we still had company so I said to Mark quietly, "What about your friends seeing? Don't get too carried away. Aren't you worried about Alan and Pete and Trevor seeing us? I thought that nobody knew?"

Mark squeezed me a bit tighter and said, "Don't worry about them. They are harmless. They won't even remember in the morning."

I said, "Well I am worried. I don't want Nick finding out. Are you sure you have not told them?"

Mark said, "Of course not", but I was not sure I believed him. But what could I do? By now Mark was stroking my hair and running his hands up and down my back. I was enjoying Mark publicly showing how much he fancied me and the cat was out of the bag. I knew I should not be letting him do that in public but for now I thought it felt so nice being cuddled by Mark again and was flattered that he felt comfortable to exhibit our by now obvious relationship with his friends.

When I had had a couple of dances with Mark I needed to pop to the loo in Mark's bedroom. I sat on the loo and felt both tired but elated at being paraded in front of Mark's friends, but I knew, drunk as I was, that I should keep it at that and go no further with him in front of the others. As I came out of the en-suite I was suddenly met by Mark in his bedroom who closed the door behind him. He immediately put his arms around me again and started kissing me passionately. I started to melt as ever and he had his hands under my skirt lifting it up. He then had both his hands in the back of my panties and was squeezing my bum. I could have gladly screwed him there and then but instead I tried to pull away at bit from him and said, "You were a very naughty boy out there letting your friends see us."

But he just laughed and said not to worry about it and concentrated on making as much as he could from having his hands in my pants. Before long he had one hand over my crotch and then a finger in my pussy. I was so under his spell and powerless to resist.

He immediately said, "Christ Jane, you're so fucking wet. Going to have to do something about that later."

I could not deny that I was aroused and just did my little girl lost look acknowledging the power he had over me. I felt so fucking horny that evening; I had not had sex for two weeks and that had only been with Nick.

I did pull away then before he had me ripping his clothes off. I said, "Come on-we have got to go back outside. They'll wonder where we have got to. They're your friends for Christ's sake."

Mark reluctantly gave up the assault sort of acknowledging the situation. I adjusted my underwear back into place and we went back outside.

When I went back outside the music was still romantic smooch stuff and I stood for a couple of seconds pouring myself another glass of white wine when Alan came over and said , "You look lonely. Will you give me the pleasure?" And with that he took my hand and started a slow dance with me.

I'm not sure he actually waited for me to say yes, but I let him off. He put his arms around me a bit tighter than I would have wished but I suppose that Mark had set the tone! I asked Alan how old his kids were as he had said when he arrived that he had had babysitter problems. He said that they were early teens and hardly needed a sitter anymore but his wife still did not like to leave them alone. I said to Alan, "That must make you late thirties then I reckon?"

Alan said, "Yes well done. Thirty eight actually. How about you? About the same I would guess?"

I laughed and said, "Flattery will get you everywhere!" I immediately regretted saying such a thing because it would have only confirmed what he was already suspecting that I was some loose woman -which I am not. I have only ever been unfaithful with Mark and that was my husband Nick's fault. But it was enough to encourage Alan to embrace me a bit tighter and for his hands to drop to just on the top edge of my bottom. But I still felt in control and I have to say that Alan smelt really nice and was as good looking and well toned as Mark if I am honest. I know I'm needy but I was enjoying all this attention. I did notice with some horror though that with my blouse only having two buttons done up, from this position Alan had a great view of my breasts.

After a couple more smooches Pete came over and butted in and said he felt a bit left out like a wall flower. I thought it might be just as nice to dance with him and it was a way of bringing Alan's rather over intense cuddling to a halt so I said, "Pete's turn now." But as Alan pulled away he did plant a kiss right on my lips and said, "Thank you that was lovely."

Pete of course was just as forward having been watching Alan carefully and in fact seemed keen to go one better and very quickly I was in his clutches and he was sliding his hands right onto my bottom cheeks. I think Mark must make all his friends in the gym because Pete was just as fit and toned as Alan and I suppose about the same age-late thirties. I think Pete had the hots for me from the beginning. I have to admit that I was enjoying being the only female with four guys and the centre of attention. You have to try to understand that although it does not excuse my behaviour, at this time the affair with Mark, and all this new unfamiliar attention from guys had gone to my head. I was absolutely 'cruising for a bruising.'

Trevor looked much less sure of himself than the others so it was me who asked him if he wanted to dance and he seemed grateful that I had involved him. He was not as fit as the other guys and was just average really but he did have a nice smile. He was much more polite and proper and he did not allow his hands to wander anywhere naughty like my bum for instance.

Mark then came back and had a dance with me but carried on where he had left off and did not hold back with fondling my bottom and at one point he put his hands under my skirt but I quickly grabbed them and told him, "No!" I asked him what time he thought the other guys would be going home but he said that looking at the state of them he thought they might crash at his house. I felt a little disappointed that we would not have the house to ourselves but I could understand that none of them was in any state to drive.

It was getting too late to make too much noise outside so we went inside and collapsed on the sofas around Mark's sitting room. Mark came round topping up glasses of wine and handing out more chilled beer. I decided to change to Malibu, which is a favourite of mine, and it took Mark a little time to find a bottle but I enjoyed it when it arrived. For a while there was more laughing and joking but then it went a bit quiet. There was still some sexual tension in the air after all the smooching I had been doing with the boys. I was hoping that would now evaporate and everyone might go to bed especially Mark and I.

I could have killed Mark when he suddenly said to his mates, "Jane does a great sexy striptease you know. You should ask her to see it."

I looked daggers at Mark and immediately replied shocked, "That is supposed to be private between us-in fact, private between my husband and me-not even you!" I was really disappointed with him. Is that how he sees me? Is that what I am good for? I was stupidly thinking he actually loved me in his own way. I was coming to find that this was his way. He was a bit wild and liked living life at the edge. That was Mark. And I wished to God that I had not stupidly mentioned having a husband.

You could see from the look on the guys faces that suddenly they had been exposed to something very intriguing and they were not about to let it pass. Alan was the first to say, "Well this sounds extremely interesting. We could do with some entertainment by a gorgeous woman like you Jane. You can be our cabaret. What a great way to round off a great evening. I for one would love to see your striptease and promise we will all be good. I am assuming you have already had the pleasure of seeing this Mark?"

Mark had had too much to drink like the rest of us and to my further embarrassment blabbered on with a big smirk on his face, "Well yes I have to admit that I have been lucky enough. Actually Jane's husband wanted her to do a striptease one night and I'm very pleased to say she did."

This was going from bad to worse. I did not know where to look. I wanted the ground to open up.

Mark had not actually said anything that was untrue of course but he would not have said it if he had been sober. Mark then turned to me and put his hand on my knee and said, "Well why not. It will be a bit of fun and you look a bit hot in all those clothes anyway!"

I was, of course, acutely embarrassed and not at all sure how best to react. I said laughing along with them, "Well I'm sorry to disappoint you guys but I am a respectable married woman and I don't think I should be taking my clothes off in front of four blokes, three of whom I have just met -do you? You could get the wrong idea. It's not happening!"

But that had come out all wrong. Whatever I had said then would have been wrong. That sounded like I would not have minded taking my clothes off in front of Mark. But the truth was that I had loved doing that first striptease in front of Mark and Nick on that first night when I first had sex with Mark. I had thought about it so often and wondered if it would ever happen again. It is hard being a woman because it is so much fun when you are getting all that appreciation from guys and so exciting being the centre of attention, but you risk paying the price by them automatically thinking you are easy and up for something more. I was very clear in my mind that I was absolutely not up for sex with them and only wanted to go to bed with Mark later. But the more I thought about it the idea of stripping off for these guys beforehand did seem like it would be a laugh and fun.

Mark had that pleading little boy look of his. He said, "Oh come on Jane -It'll be fun. Just go down to your panties if you like." Then he turned to the guys and said, "That would be alright wouldn't it guys?"

Of course they all were very happy to agree to anything.

I so wanted to please Mark and not seem like a party pooper to his friends but I decided to protest a bit more. I said, "Well sorry again to disappoint but it's not going to happen."

Mark would not give up. He said, "Alright then pussycat- how about just down to your undies? Keep you bra on. That would not be too bad would it? I promise to dim the lights and have a duvet ready to put around you."

Mark looked so desperate, and the stupid thing was I actually wanted to do it really. I just did not want to come across as a tart. I smiled at them around the room and said, "Well alright then you pervs, but no touching and only down to my undies. It's not going to take long-I'm only wearing a skirt and blouse."

They actually appeared surprised that I had agreed. I do not think they were expecting it. They had just been idly trying their luck. So that made me wonder if I should have agreed at all! But then Mark was already fiddling with his IPOD and sound system and said, "Simply the Best alright? You like that one don't you?"

I nodded approval and said, "Need a pee first though." I ran out to the loo and sat down and contemplated what I was about to do. I was surprised how nervous I felt." This was starting to feel like a rerun of that first night with Mark, and that was fine with me as long as it did not go beyond me taking my kit off, which it was NOT going to.

When I came back in all four of them looked so excited like their boat had really come in. I had them eating out of my hand. Mark started the music and straight away I felt aroused by the beat and started dancing around in front of them. I felt so good. They were all cheering me on and clapping. I knew I had to go through with it.

I was bending over in front of them and squeezing my breasts and wiggling my butt at them and doing all the things that strippers do and they absolutely loved it. And so was I if I'm honest. I did think for a moment though, 'If Nick could see me now!'

Inevitably they started chanting, "Off, Off, Off!" I think Mark was the first and the others followed. They were eager for some action.

I laughed and said, "Be patient!", but thought now was as good a time as any to start so started undoing the two remaining buttons on my blouse. They loved it. I took one arm out through the sleeve very slowly and then the other and then whirled the blouse around my head and threw it at them.
I got a clap from them all and then they were chanting, "More, more, more!"

I did that sexy thing where you put your hand down your panties and then put your fingers in your mouth and licked them and they all cheered. And then I slowly unzipped my skirt and turned away from them and let it drop to the floor and stepped out of it. This was met by more enthusiastic cheering and I turned around and did some my gyrating in front of them all in my undies. I was wearing one of my nicest favourite cream lacy bra and pants sets. I was a bit shocked at how much my nipples were standing up though and, even worse by the unmistakable wet patch on my panties. I felt very aroused and was breathing very heavily with the sexual tension.

But I had gone as far as I said I would go and said, "That's your lot guys. That is the end of the show."

But really I would have loved to carry on and needed them to legitimise it a bit so that I did not look too easy or keen. Mark came to my rescue by standing up and coming over and putting his arms around me in both a loving but predatory way. He gave me a full on tongues kiss right in front of them and ran his hands up and down my back and then briefly slid his hands down the back of my panties and squeezed my bottom. I was so aroused and high with the situation I could not think straight. I then felt Mark fiddling around with clasp on my bra and I protested, "No Mark. Get off!"

He did stop and instead stroked my hair and face and the back of my neck and smiled at his friends. It felt nice and the other guys were all sitting open mouthed and staring all agog wondering what would happen next. The music had changed to some other slower Tina Turner number -'Missing You'- I think. That song is more of a semi-fast tune that you can do that kind of in between dancing to. What I mean is that Mark still had his arms around me but I was still doing a sexy dance in front of the other boys, but sort of in Mark's arms, if that makes any sense. This went on for a bit until we were joined by Alan who came and put his arms around me from behind. So now I was dancing in the middle of a sandwich between them. But Alan was pushing himself against me and I could definitely feel an erection in between the cheeks of my bum.

Predictably I started to feel Mark fiddling around behind my back with the clasp on my bra again and I tried to wriggle out of his arms and escape but I was laughing so much he knew he could get away with continuing. Secretly I wanted to carry on stripping but did not want them to think it was my free will. If they wanted me naked they were going to have to take the rest of my clothes off themselves. So I said, "Help me guys. Mark is trying to take my bra off. I need protecting. Can you get him off me?"

But I was laughing so much and feigning protest that they knew then that they could get the rest of my clothes off me and get away with it. Alan responded by gently grabbing hold of both my wrists down against my sides still from behind. So I was sandwiched between Mark and Alan with them both restraining me.

I shouted at Pete, "Please Pete you're my only hope! Please rescue me!"

And so Pete joined them but again helped Alan restrain me by putting another pair of arms around my waist. I was still wriggling as much as I could but Mark had succeeded in undoing my bra and that was falling down my arms. Mark tugged it down so my breasts were fully exposed but of course with all these arms around me it could not fall away completely. Pete then knelt down on the floor and I felt him putting his thumbs in each side of my panties. Mark and Alan continued to restrain me firmly. I shouted mock outrage as he slowly pulled them down over my arse to expose my pussy, over my thighs, and then over my knees. He lifted each of my legs one at a time to get them off and then went over and dropped them out of the window to everyone's delight. I love that initial feeling of coolness that you get around your crotch and nether regions when you first take your panties off. I was very hot but could feel the cool draft from the open windows. I felt deliciously sexy and appreciated.

I joked, "You bastards. You cannot be trusted. That's the last strip I'm doing for you!"

But really I had loved them forcibly stripping me off and said, "It's alright Alan. You can let me go now. I've got nothing left to take off!"

Alan did let go of my arms and my bra fell to the floor as well and there I was completely butt naked standing in front of them all. I said, "I think I deserve a drink after that. Can someone get me something strong please?" As if it was necessary Pete picked up my bra and went and put that out of the window as well much to everyone's amusement. He wanted to make sure that I did not get dressed again but I had no intention of doing that. I thought I looked very sexy with my very pale white skin, freshly shaved pussy, chubby breasts and thighs, and silver ankle chain.

Alan said, "My God Mark-she's absolutely gorgeous. Where did you find her Mark?"

I was laughing too but then Alan starting fondling both my breasts firmly from behind and then he put a hand between my thighs and I thought that is the trouble with guys-they never know when to stop do they? I was not there to be pawed and mauled by all of them. I pulled away from Alan as pleasantly as I could.

Mark could see that I did not want to go any further and I said to him, "Where is that duvet then?"

He dashed to the bedroom and came back with a double duvet that I wrapped around me and collapsed down in the middle of the sofa.

Trevor came back with my drink and said, "Thought you could do with a long one to cool down. Bacardi and Coke with ice OK?"

I thanked him and I started to cool down a bit sipping away at the drink, and at the same time gathering the duvet up around my body to cover my boobs. It was probably a bit late for modesty and I am sure they thought that as well but that is all part of the complex conundrum of being a female. It seemed logical to me to cover myself up now and revert to being a proper married woman!

Mark sat next to me on my left and Alan sat on my other side. After I had finished my drink I started to feel tired and turned sideways leaning back against Mark with my feet on Alan's lap. Mark was stroking my head and cradling it and before long Alan was caressing my feet.

I said, "That is nice, Alan. Thank you. I love having my feet rubbed" I wanted to say something reassuring to him as did not want him to resent me not letting him fondle my breasts.

I was sort of purring and clearly enjoying the massage that Mark felt confident enough to start rubbing my shoulders and then my chest above my boobs. Alan widened his massaging to start exploring up my calves. I closed my eyes and let them work their magic. I was absolutely not having sex with them but felt I had control of the situation and could risk some of this lovely attention and spoiling. Before long Mark graduated to actually fondling my breasts with both hands around my chest and I kept pulling the duvet up so he could work in private without the other guys seeing. But it was a lost cause and the duvet just kept falling down to reveal my breasts and Mark's hands all over them.

Pete laughed and said, "Don't worry Jane. It's alright. We're not looking and we've seen them already anyway. Just relax and enjoy yourself." Trevor's eyes were out on stalks.

I agreed it probably was a bit silly to keep worrying about them seeing my breasts so I let the duvet fall away and stay down around my waist and covering my lower body. But before long, Alan had moved up to my thighs under the duvet and I had to push his hand away saying quietly so as not to make too much fuss, "Not above the knee please." Alan had made it clear where he hoped this was going and I made it clear that it was not. You have to believe me that I had no intention of having sex with anyone other than Mark.

But it was very pleasant just being stroked and massaged by Mark and Alan within those restrictions. At some point Pete went to bed and we should have given him some guidance but instead just told him to crash in the bedroom opposite and he stumbled off looking distinctly the worse for wear. We could hear him crashing around getting his clothes off and then soon we heard him snoring very loudly which we all laughed about.

The rest of us chatted and the stories became more and more risqué as they do at that time of night. I was not saying much at all except purring like a cat from the massage treatment as I was very sleepy. Mark got a bit bored with just massaging my breasts and began the occasional foray down under the duvet to find my tummy at first but then I shuddered as he moved his hand down and slid one finger into my pussy. No one could see. I put my hand over his but it was just too nice to try to remove his hand and he is too strong anyway. I started to squirm a little and let out the odd sigh and Alan knew immediately what was going on and figured correctly this would distract me sufficiently to now enable him to explore further up my inner thighs again which he did. I gave in thinking that there is not much I can do about it and may as well let them have their play. Alan gently separated my legs a little more to give him more access and soon he had the palm of his hand on my hot mound whilst Mark had his finger inside me working his magic. Trevor just could not believe what he was seeing. This was not what I intended and thought, 'I Wish Mark would just take me to bed now.'

It was all very casual and relaxed and Mark was not trying to bring me to orgasm in front of the other guys. Thankfully I did not have to wait much longer and the party broke up and we all kissed each other and cuddled a bit and thanked each other for a great evening. I stood up holding the duvet wrapped around me as best I could to say my goodnights. Yes I was still naked above the waist when I was kissing the boys goodnight so they all put their arms around me to hold me tight. I received a great deal of appreciation of course for my 'cabaret'. The guys went to crash in the other two bedrooms and Mark led me into his bedroom.

Once in Mark's bedroom I dropped the duvet, had a gigantic piss and then just collapsed on top of his bed. We didn't even bother to put the light on. Mark stripped off in about 10 seconds and joined me. After my strip and playing with me on the sofa he was horny as hell and immediately put his hand back over my crotch and inserted two fingers into my sopping wet pussy. Oh God how I had been waiting for this moment.

He started to man handle me in his usual way. I had become a piece of meat again. My body now belonged totally to Mark. I love the way he dominates me and just uses me and although that would not suit every woman I had discovered with him that that is just the way I like it. I completely submitted myself to him. For a woman it is an amazing feeling to be completely dominated like that. He roughly turned me over, put a hand firmly on each hip and lifted my arse in the air to suit him. Then he plunged his entire cock into my pussy up to the hilt.

This was it I thought; I was panting with excitement and anticipation. Mark plunged into me as hard as he could. He was going to enjoy this and so was I. We had been looking forward to this all evening. I had my face buried into a pillow. I was trying to smother my moans and groans so that the other guys would not hear me. Being taken from behind like this has always been my favourite position and within half a minute I could feel that magical feeling starting to build in my pussy. I did not want to come straight away and pleaded with Mark, "Come out a second, slow down, I am coming already!"

But Mark was in a world of his own saying, "Oh Jane you're just so fantastic. You are so fucking sexy. You are so fucking hot. You are such a slut. You were letting Alan touch your pussy on the sofa weren't you?"

Sharing me like that was clearly a massive turn on for Mark. I thought, 'That was not how he told me he felt about Nick.'

Mark slammed into me again and again. His balls slapped against me. His grip on my hips was getting ever more firm and intense. I thought this is pure animalistic sex; two people who have an intense sexual attraction satisfying one another. I said to Mark as quietly as I could, "Fuck me, Oh Fuck Me. Oh Jesus Christ!"

My pussy was on fire and I was moaning uncontrollably desperately trying to not make too much noise. With each thrust I was moving gradually across Mark's king size bed until my left arm started to dangle over the edge. I was right on the edge of his bed now in danger of sliding off!. I was in heaven and losing control. Mark then took hold of my left hand and squeezed it in a loving and gentle way and then intertwined his fingers with mine. He then started to stroke and massage my left arm as it hung over the side of the bed. I lifted my head from the pillow and turned it to the left to see how on earth he was doing that given he was holding both my hips in the air. I screamed when I realised that it was not Mark's hand at all but Pete's who had crashed out on the floor of the wrong bedroom in Mark's bedroom between the bed and the wall..

Pete then sat up on the floor still holding my arm smiling. He said, "Christ you guys, can you keep the noise down. I am trying to sleep down here!"

I think Mark was just as surprised to discover we had an audience but did not seem fazed by it. He laughed and said, "Do you mind, I'm trying to concentrate here. Go back to sleep! What the hell are you doing in here anyway? Piss off!"

Mark took this as a good time to pull me back to the centre of his bed by my ankles and resume his position. He immediately started plundering me as roughly as he usually does especially as now he had to impress Pete. Pete by now was sitting on the side of the bed next to me in just his underpants with a grandstand view. Pete then started squeezing my bum cheeks and saying stuff like, "Go on girl, push that bum up. Don't mind me. Christ you fucking love it don't you?"

He then repeated to Mark, "Christ what a goer! She fucking loves it! Where the fuck did you find her Mark?"

I was by now bucking and thrashing like a mad woman turned on by the outrageousness of the situation of being watched and handled by one of Mark's mates. I had not wanted any form of group sex to happen all evening and now it was by accident. I felt my arousal building up again and then I was hit by my first orgasm. I felt shivers and spasms going down my legs. I was making so much noise that Mark was laughing and going, "Shhhhhh, Shhhhhhh."

In between my helpless moaning I giggled a little with embarrassment at Mark's attempts to quieten me down.

I had my face in a pillow trying to make less noise and muffle my moaning. I wondered how long I could endure this assault. I started to shout, "Oh God! Oh Jesus! Oh fucking Hell! You are so fucking good. Please stop for a second Mark I beg you! Mark I'm not joking please give me a moment to get my breath."

As I said before I never had more than one orgasm with Nick and used to find it uncomfortable to continue afterwards but when Mark screws me he just keeps ploughing on and takes no notice of my pleas for him to stop. However Mark was very skilful and did slow down the pace and continued with slower, more deliberate strokes. He knew exactly what to do because very soon I was experiencing another wave of an orgasm rippling through me. All the energy had drained out of my legs and they felt completely numb. Mark always has this effect on me.

I did not think I could take much more and pleaded with Mark, "Please Mark, no more. I can't stand it."

He said, "Hang on in there Girl. Nearly there. You can do it!"

He did briefly stop and turn me over onto my back again and plunged into me from above. I put my arms around his back and held him close. I could tell that he was now going for his big finale and I was relieved to think the end was in sight. I was going to survive! My legs were too numb to wrap around him and I just lay with them wide apart in full submission. Pete was now fondling and squeezing my tits in time with Mark's thrusts. I knew Pete was sitting there watching everything but could do nothing about it. Mark did not seem bothered.

I laid my head back on my pillow and just closed my eyes then and let him do his worst. He was quite rough and I was groaning and grunting from the onslaught. He pounded me with strong deliberate thrusts that were pushing me up the bed. With each plunge I uttered a resigned grunt. Eventually he started crying out himself for a few thrusts and then he came into me. His whole body went rigid; his eyes were closed and his mouth opened wide as he pumped his sperm into me. Unbelievably this provoked another orgasm for me and we came together and I felt my vagina tighten around Mark's prick. "Oh God", I screamed as his cum squirted into my pussy, "Oh God!"

Mark was completely spent. His body went limp and he collapsed down onto me panting very fast. I cradled his head and he smiled at me. He gasped, "Oh God you're so gorgeous Jane. I could eat you!"

I laid there with my eyes shut exhausted for a few seconds and Mark lifted his weight off me and rolled off. I had my eyes shut recovering when I suddenly felt the unmistakable feeling of a stiff cock probing the lips of my pussy. I opened my eyes and to my horror it was Pete smiling hovering above me completely fucking naked with a rock hard erection. I shouted, "No! No Pete, get off, I don't want you to do this. Mark? Help!"

Pete said, "Of course you do-you love it. Don't try and pretend. I'm much better than Mark!" He did not try to push his prick in but he did hold it firmly just between the lips of my fanny. He then laid down on me and started to kiss me. It was not that I found him unattractive-quite the opposite in fact- but I was not about to fuck him. Or was I?

I was learning about myself all the time and mainly that in that situation I have no will power. Pete kissed me passionately and intently so I could no longer argue or speak. He had his tongue down my throat. Pete is a very good looking guy and with a fit and amazing body but that was not the point. As he kept kissing me he put his hand on my breasts and all the time his prick was gradually inexorably pushing further into me.

Mark had sat down again next to me on the bed and was smiling at me. I looked into his eyes and said, "Is this OK with you Mark? Is this what you want to happen?" I think I had tears in my eyes from the shock of the situation and the recognition of what a totally cheap and depraved woman I had become.

At the same time did Pete's fresh hot stiff prick feel gorgeous? Yes absolutely. I was still trying to protest, "No!", whilst wriggling and lifting my hips to accept him. I wanted to express my anger and indignation but my body betrayed me. My pussy was welcoming and eager. By the time I had made the decision to let Pete have his way with me he had already worked his prick right into me anyway!

Mark replied, "Don't mind Pete Jane. He's harmless. It's only a bit of fun. He won't even remember in the morning!"

That's the reply you always get from Mark. He takes nothing seriously. Everything is just a bit of fun to him. It was clear that he thought this was all OK. I remembering thinking that I wanted to please him (Mark that is) so that he would think I was hot stuff, and a good sport, and he would look good in front of his mates having such a raver for his girlfriend. Whether I let Pete have me or not depended on Mark's reaction and that had been positive and encouraging. I accepted my fate. Why did Mark have such power over me? In a funny sort of way it wasn't Pete I was letting fuck me but Mark again as it was him that I wanted to impress and I was doing it for him.
From the outset I was not sure I could take it again. It soon became apparent that Pete was indeed just as good a lover as Mark. I was soon begging him, "Please Pete. No more. Please stop for a second." Why are guys always in such a hurry when they are screwing you? Why does it always have to be so frantic and rushed?

But he wouldn't. It was a power thing for him. I could feel an orgasm starting to build. I was going wild pushing my pussy up at him in time with his powerful athletic thrusts. I was panting and gasping for air. Mark lifted my left leg up in the air, like he was reminding me like my personal trainer that I should do that. I responded by lifting my other leg up the same. I put my hands behind my thighs to hold my legs up high and apart. My feet were swinging around pointing at the ceiling. To be honest I never used to do that with Nick and Mark had taught me to do that over the last few weeks to deepen the penetration and increase the intensity of the stimulation when fucking. What a sight I must have looked!

It was then that the bedroom door suddenly swung open and Alan and Trevor came in smiling and looking very curious. Alan said, "We wondered what all the commotion was about, but now we see it's you guys having an orgy! Are you enjoying yourselves? It looks like you are Jane!" What a sight I must have been with my arse held up high above the bed so Pete could have deeper access.

We had been making a lot of noise, I suppose, so I reflected I had been very naive to think I could have sex with Pete without Alan and Trevor knowing. What a night this was turning out to be.

I said, "Oh yeh-come on in then and join the bloody audience. Don't mind me you bastards. Have a good fucking stare why don't you. Don't get any ideas you two; I am not fucking the whole lot of you. Pete has practically raped me."

But my body was on fire and I was playing to the gallery now. Alan and Trevor both found a space on the left hand side of the bed and sat down in their underpants. Unbelievably Alan pulled his pants down and got out his cock and started masturbating. I thought I don't fucking believe this; this is not happening to me! I started to scream at Pete, "Oh Yes! Oh Yes! That's it! Fuck me you bastard! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder! Oh Jesus Christ! Oh my God!"

I remember thinking angrily about Nick. I thought you wanted another man to fuck me so what would you think about this then? Here's a second man fucking my brains out. I wonder if you'd like that Nick. Drunk as I was I did think this is only the fourth man in my entire life that has had his prick inside me. I think I might have said in an earlier chapter that I had sex with only one other man before I met and married Nick.

I was moaning uncontrollably and shivers were going down my spine and legs. Pete was a truly spectacular lover and he just fucked me to an orgasmic oblivion. I thought I was going to die when I came but Pete was not finished yet and turned me over for his pleasure. He put a couple of pillows under my tummy to lift my arse up higher so he could plunge in and out without having to hold my arse in the air. He started slapping my arse cheeks and saying, "You are such a whore aren't you Jane? Such a fucking whore. You really love it don't you? "

I was completely drunk of course to be behaving like this but whilst Pete was fucking me and the guys were all loving every minute of seeing me used and humiliated a troubling thought suddenly entered my mind. I began to fear that I had been 'had' in more ways than one and that the other wives and girlfriends were never coming that evening and the whole thing had been planned. The guys, or Mark, Pete and Alan at least if not Trevor, seemed to be up for this gang bang a little too readily for my liking and I smelt a rat. It was of course far too late now but I feared that this had been planned all along and that Mark's friends knew all about Mark and me. I then dismissed the idea as Mark had seemed as surprised as me when Pete turned up in our bedroom. I convinced myself that Mark was not that devious.

After Pete had cum he rolled off me and I laid there for a couple of minutes exhausted. Pete and Mark were both still sitting and laying on the bed each side of me still naked and running their hands over me. I was covered in sweat and cum was leaking from my pussy and running down my leg. Alan had been wanking the whole time and was looking very aroused. I knew I needed to do something decisive otherwise I was going to get fucked by Alan and Trevor as well. I started to sit up but Mark pushed me down flat onto the bed, not in a rough way but just using enough strength to overcome me which was very little. I was already spent, numb and exhausted. He said, "Grab hold of her legs Guys."

Alan and Trevor took one of my lower legs each and held them flat on the bed. I said, "No; that's not fair. Let me go!" I was thrashing around rolling from one side to the other. Mark and Pete firmly took hold of an arm each and held me still. It was hopeless; they were all so strong. I stopped struggling. I was so exhausted and numb that I hardly needed restraining anyway.

I said, "This is fucking rape!"

Mark said, "Come on Darling. You are having so much fun. Just relax and close your eyes. Nothing bad is going to happen. No one is going to hurt you. Just relax and enjoy it."

Mark then relented and said, "Oh alright then. If you really don't want to we'll stop. I thought you were enjoying it. It's up to you."

Pete and Alan took their lead from Mark and they all let go of me. They had only been playing at restraining me really. Just pretending. It was just a game; they would not have forced me really; I could see that now. I was completely unrestrained. I was released and free to go!

I looked at all the guys' faces in turn. They were all like they were in a manic trance. They were all so hyped up and excited like this was the most intensely erotic and sexual experience of their lives. It certainly was mine. I knew I should stop, and wanted to but just had no willpower. They all looked like they had been possessed and there was no resisting them. I felt so weary and I accepted my fate and surrendered.

I whispered the most feeble barely audible, "Oh go on then. If you must." That was it. That was all I managed to say. I then just closed my eyes in tired resignation.

I stopped struggling and offered no further resistance. My complete and utter ravishing was now certain. Alan was already getting himself in position and his prick was at the entrance to my pussy. I became totally compliant. I had got myself into this situation and knew now I had to accept the inevitable consequences. I was so wet and stretched now that Alan entered me with complete ease. I briefly took a glimpse and he was even more muscular than Mark and Pete and I remember noticing the prominent veins in his arms. I kept my eyes closed as Alan pumped roughly into me. I just lay on the bed in utter submission for Alan to use me exactly as he wished.

Whilst I was lying there with eyes closed I suddenly felt a cock touching my lips. I opened my eyes and Mark was trying to get me to open my lips and take it in his mouth. I absolutely never did this with Nick but since I had been having all this adventurous sex with Mark he had been trying to encourage me to do it for him. I cannot say that I really enjoy it but I know it pleases him. I thought this is starting to look more and more like a porno movie with one guy fucking me and another with his cock in my mouth. I had to sit up a bit more and Pete helpfully put a couple of pillows behind my back to help me get the angle right. Mark cradled my head and I started to suck on Mark's cock as enthusiastically as I could but as I say I don't really enjoy that.

When Alan came he did lots of grunting and arrghing but I did not cum again. I was worn out really and just passive. I don't think Mark was close to cumming in my mouth, and I don't think I am that good at it anyway, and knowing him he was probably ready to fuck me again properly.

But Trevor was sitting on the end of the bed in his underpants. The elephant in the room was of course whether he was now going to have me as well. He was still staring with disbelief at what was happening. He was though too much of a gentleman to just assertively take his pleasure. Mark decided to help him by saying, "Well then Trevor. Your turn. Don't you want to enjoy this lovely lady? She will think you don't like her!"

Trevor looked acutely embarrassed but looked at me and said in a little boy voice, "Would you mind Jane? "

That is all he said. 'Would you mind?' Not a great seduction was it. This was all getting very surreal. But I was so worn down and submissive by then that I just said passively and with no resistance, "No, It's OK Trevor. I don't mind. Come and have a go. Everyone else has. Get your kit off!"

He grinned like all his Christmases had come all at once. His pants came off like they were five sizes too large. Mark and Pete moved out of the way briefly to let Trevor in to climb on top of me. He was nervous and I put my hands on his bum to give him more confidence and make us both feel more intimate. I couldn't believe that I was now worrying about him being nervous. I thought I am the one who should be bloody nervous. Mark and Alan went back alongside me and now for the first time in my life I was surrounded by four naked men, one trying to enter me, and four pairs of hands caressing my body all over. It was fantastic. But I am not going to say that any woman who has never tried it should because I know that that I shouldn't have done it and let them all use me like they did.

Trevor was still not fully erect and I was trying to help him by pushing my hips up at him and rubbing my hands up and down his back and bum. I then put my hands around his prick and played with him for a few seconds and then sort of gently pulled his prick towards my pussy. I was so wet and full of cum that I knew I he would meet no resistance and sure enough he started to go in semi erect. Meanwhile the others continued to rub and caress me everywhere. One of them had worked a finger into my arse from below which was very nice. I was hoping he'd leave it there while I fucked Trevor. Trevor did start to move in and out slowly and I could feel his penis getting fully hard. I could just leave him to it now. I didn't particularly fancy him but I was enjoying having Pete's finger right up my arse whilst I was thrusting up at Trevor. (I had worked out whose finger it was by now!).

While I was lying there being fucked by Trevor I couldn't help but do the maths again. I was a married woman who had now been fucked by four other men and I wondered what Nick would think about that if he knew. And in just one night I had doubled the total number of men I have ever had full sex with from three to six! Would Nick think he'd shared me enough now? I suspect he would think four other men was probably enough. Serves him bloody well right I thought. I just kept thinking he could have saved me and treasured me just for himself but he didn't want to, so being a gang banged slut was probably all I was good for. I remember starting to think though that come tomorrow I needed to start sorting my life out. I couldn't carry on like this.

Trevor came quite meekly and with no fuss as I would have predicted. He then said, "Thank you Jane; that was really nice."

I have just given him my married body to fuck and all he could say was, 'It was very nice!'. For Christ's sake!

I just said matter of factly, "That's fine. No Problem. Anytime!"

Sure enough Mark then entered me and fucked me again. Alan and Trevor got bored and went back to their beds but Pete stayed lying next to us in our bed. I started to drift off to sleep myself tired and exhausted. During the night I woke up once to find Pete on top of me gently fucking me again. It is astonishing to me how men think that is OK. Just because they have had had you once they think they can just use you after that whenever they like. But I didn't mind. I didn't make a fuss. In fact I did cuddle him whilst he was doing it so he would not have known I was a little affronted. I hardly woke up while he was taking his pleasure.

Chapter 11. The Mourning After

In the morning I felt like I had been hit over the head my hangover was so bad. I also had a totally overwhelming feeling of guilt and regret and could only think what the hell had I done? I shook Mark gently and whispered to him, "Mark we need to talk." I jumped out of bed with my head banging, and had a very long shower trying in vain to wash away the feeling of feeling so dirty and depraved with all their cum and sweat. My vagina felt so sore. I put on my thin cotton dressing gown over my otherwise naked body and made everyone strong coffee which we all much needed. I made no real attempt to stop the dressing gown coming apart and open so they could all see everything as I could see no point in covering myself up. In fact it was on so loosely that they all had a perfect view of my body and I was feeling so cheap and such a slut that I was kind of reinforcing my self- image at that time. I just wandered around with the gown coming completely open as I was feeling so worthless, so cheap, and such a slut.

I was desperate to talk to Mark about what had happened and couldn't wait for the guys to leave which thankfully they did about mid morning. They left separately but when they did all three of them brazenly opened up my dressing gown as if it was their right, and put their hands on the hips of my naked body to kiss me goodbye (on the lips). Men are nothing if not predictable aren't they?

When the guys left I just collapsed into Mark's arms and cried and cried uncontrollably. I am sorry for those readers who do not like sad endings but this is real life and my story was always going to end in tears. I knew I had gone way way too far. Mark kept assuring me that it was only fun and meant nothing but I knew I must never do anything like that again and needed to get back some self respect if that were possible. I also felt suicidal with guilt about Nick. But I knew I couldn't go home. I did not phone Nick until Sunday evening to tell him that I was not coming home anymore. I was not going to ask him to forgive the unforgiveable. He said he knew where I was and had strongly suspected for a while. He knew that Mark and I had been carrying on. He knew he had screwed up with the threesomes and knew that there was no going back. I was crying when I said to him not to beat himself up and that is was my fault not his. I know that many readers will find this outcome very sad and believe me it was. But this is real life and everything has a price. We had played with fire and got burned. That never happens in erotic fiction. There are never any consequences of promiscuous behaviour in erotic fiction.

I had heard it said that the problem with threesomes within a marriage is that it often happens that the shared wife will start an affair with her new sex partner and that whatever the shared intentions and ground rules are at the outset the husband often loses control of the situation with or without his knowledge. That is exactly what had happened to me. Most women cannot have sex with a man without eventually without forming an emotional attachment and I had surely fallen in love with Mark. I had strong feelings for Mark but it was more than that. He had so much power over me. I was completely under his spell. I did not even know whether Mark wanted me to live with him either at that moment. I asked him if I could stay at least for a few days until I had sorted myself out. He told me not to be ridiculous and of course I could live with him. He did not say for how long but you never know that do you?

Chapter 12. Moving On

Living with Mark has been a roller coaster but very exciting. He is just such an interesting guy who loves life and makes the most of every minute. He is undoubtedly supremely hot, handsome and fit. Yes he is wild and unpredictable and I feel I have a tiger by the tail. How long will it last? How long will I last more to the point before he tires of me? But one year on there is no sign of that.

I honestly do not know how he fits everything in. Besides our very active social life and running his car business, he manages to go to the gym most days, play tennis for his club in a league and races an old Jaguar. With his encouragement I have got back into running and we go together a couple of times a week. And one bonus of living with Mark is that I get to live in his fantastic house on the lake!

I always thought Mark would never make a good faithful husband or partner and I would not have wanted to be married to him, but I saw him as a sort of loveable rogue and that is, I suspect a persona that some men successfully employ to be popular with women and have lots of affairs. He is all the things to avoid in a male partner - womaniser, charmer, lothario, but he is just irresistible to me. When he makes a fuss of me he can be absolutely lovely and makes me feel so special. By now you're be thinking I'm a mixed up screwball, and yes I probably am-but aren't we all? I'm me and I wish life had not dealt out this turn of events. However at least a year on Mark and I are still together and I do believe he is being faithful to me. Mark wanted me to stay with him and it is fresh and exciting, and we do have a lot of fun, and he does make me feel desirable, young and sexy.

I have as I say paid a high price for my attraction to Mark. Would I like to turn the clock back to how things were with Nick and just carry on as we were? Yes I would and as I say Nick knows that but in life you cannot do that. Too much has changed, especially me, and I have burnt my boats. In any case Nick now has another woman living with him who he met from work and I hear they are very happy together. I am told she looks just like me! I am pleased for him; he deserves to be happy. He is a thoroughly nice man. We are getting a divorce but that all takes ages and eventually he will pay me out my share of our house. Unfortunately my mother will not talk to me yet. I do not know what version of events she has heard from Nick but she always loved Nick and he could do no wrong in her eyes. She will come round eventually. Mark and I are even going round to dinner with Nick and his new partner soon and that is a big step forward. I can guarantee there will be no wife swopping!

Mark still finds me very attractive and seems to enjoy my occasional forays into threesomes and exhibitionism as much as I do so we are well suited. I do not know why Mark was so adamant about not engaging in any further fun and games with Nick. Or his grand statement that if I was his he would not share me with anyone. All that seems to have gone out of the window. But I suspect that he wanted me for himself and that was a ruse to get me away from Nick. It is though ironic that I became disdainful of Nick and so resented him for sharing me, when now I positively seek out such fun and experiences with another man (Mark) who is content to indulge me acting out these fantasies. In fact I believe that Mark positively likes this part of me and finds it a turn on.

Over the last year there have been a small number of occasions, three so far to be precise, when he has shared me with a mate and appeared to love every minute so he has obviously changed his mind about that. But I too am now addicted to the odd bit of interest and attention from other men than Mark and he knows that as well and I genuinely believe he wants me to be happy. When Mark does share me it somehow seems to happen naturally and gently and not in any way sordid. He does not make a big thing about it; although Mark does not make a big deal about anything. He takes everything in his stride. When it has happened and another man has made love to me it is as if to Mark it is not that big a deal and he may not even say anything about it afterwards. We may just go to bed together and cuddle up as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened. I like that about Mark and it means that I get to have sex with other guys from time to time without there being any question of it threatening our relationship. As I say it has been only three times so far which has been enough to satisfy my desires. Whether this means that behind my back Mark is also seeing other woman I don't know. I hope not. I am not going to worry about that though. If I don't know about it, and it does not affect our relationship then why worry? In any case we are not married, and he is so dishy and such a ladies' man that it is unrealistic to hope that other women will not be chasing him. Frankly though our sex life is so good, and he is so busy, that I doubt he could find the time or the energy to play away.
Two of my sessions involving other men were fun , but one was a bit of a disaster. Let me tell you about the two that I enjoyed. On one occasion we were at a track weekend where Nick was racing his old Jaguar. This is a magnificent machine, an E Type actually that is about fifty years old but looks brand new. He keeps it in the show room at his garage. It is in a beautiful shade of dark green and just looks and sounds amazing. Do you know he even has his name on the driver's door. How cool is that? Mark is such a smoothie. He has a luxurious enormous camper van / RV thing that he can sleep in at track weekends which he also parks at his garage. I am always so proud of him when I see him in all his racing suit and helmet. On this evening he had done well in the race and was feeling happy with life and enjoying a few drinks relaxing in the van with me. We also had Paul (the young guy from his garage that drove us to Birmingham in the Bentley) with us. Paul is also a mechanic who tunes and checks the Jaguar on race days. Paul always had a cheeky grin when he meets me having seen how I behaved in the Bentley and seen me in the raw getting dressed in the motorway car park.

The three of us were all snug and cosy in the van lounging on the sofa watching a film on the TV. I had changed into a linen dressing gown but left my underwear on. Mark had his arm around my back and began to hold my breast inside my dressing gown. His other hand began stroking my thigh higher and higher. I gradually allowed Mark to remove my dressing gown and bra. This was a normal routine for us in the evening. The difference was that Paul was with us. I think Mark's attitude is that if I want to stop then that is fine and if I want it to progress then that is fine with him too. Whatever I am in the mood for. We both knew where it would lead if I wanted it to.

As I say Paul had already seen me in all my glory and seen and heard me having an orgasm so nothing new there. Paul was a good looking young man so what was not to like really? I was lucky to have the chance to be made love to by a good looking young guy half my age. Mark clearly did not have a problem with it and it was up to me. Paul needed some encouragement and persuasion to join in; he was worried about upsetting his boss! It was me who had to assure him saying, "Come on Paul. You look a bit left out. You've earned a bit of a cuddle. Don't worry about Mark; he'll be fine."

I was as I say just wearing some revealing panties by now. Paul looked very unsure about my invitation. I was worried he thought I was too old for him-that he did not fancy someone old enough to be his mother. Although I am in good shape I am conscious of getting older as my 50th birthday is approaching soon. Eventually Paul said, "But Mrs Moreland, I have a girlfriend."

'Moreland' is Mark's surname and Paul had assumed we were married! Either that or he was just being tactful. I chuckled, "For God's sake call me Jane! I'm sitting next to you in my panties. You've seen me naked. I'm Jane!"

Paul looked even more embarrassed. He said, "Sorry Jane."

I said straight away, "There is nothing to be sorry about. It is fine. But what happens in this van stays in this van. Your girlfriend will never know."

He still looked unsure. I put my arm around him and said, "Relax! Don't look so nervous! I don't bite!"

He gave me a more relieved smile. Mark got up and suddenly opened the door and stepped outside for a smoke. He doesn't smoke much but he likes those cigarette sized cigars occasionally. I think he thought it would be easier for me to have some fun with Paul and he would be less inhibited. I leant into Paul's lap and undid his belt. I then started to pull down his shorts and pants. He did not resist. I don't believe any man could. Not because it is me but because it is easy for a woman to seduce a man. I started playing with his cock and held his balls. His cock sprang into life. No man can resist the temptation of having his cock played with. I had a little suck on it and Paul started to make encouraging sounds. He was mine I thought. When he was starting to get pretty aroused I just went over to our bed and laid down on it with my chubby pale white legs wide apart and held my arms up in the air to invite him to join me. I blew him a kiss.

Paul undressed in about five seconds and came over to the bed. He looked so young and handsome. I loved his perfect smooth skin and firm bum and his baby face. He laid down on me and I put my arms around him and then cradled his head. I said softly to him in his ear, "Come to Mummy". He was inside me in seconds.

"There-doesn't that feel better?"

There was no way he could resist. I was squeezing my legs together a bit. He was not going to escape or have any second thoughts now. He was so polite and grateful and kept asking me if I was alright and whether he was hurting me. I kept reassuring him that he was fine and I was enjoying it. Mark came back into the van whilst we were in the middle of a lovely fuck. He just said, "Don't mind me. You guys carry on. Enjoy yourselves." Paul was sufficiently focussed on fucking me by then not to be distracted or put off.

Mark was not worried or threatened by me having sex with Paul at all. He had encouraged it at the beginning. This was I hoped to be the shape of things to come. He knew I liked having these occasional encounters and he was not going to try to prevent it or treat it as a big thing. Paul was soon pumping large quantities of his young sperm into my very happy pussy. Paul laid on me for a minute or two and then withdrew and climbed off me. He said, "Thank you Mrs Moreland. I mean Jane. Sorry! I really enjoyed that."

I felt a bit guilty about cradle snatching. He looked even younger after he had cum. I said, "You're very welcome Paul."

I had not had an orgasm but enjoyed it all the same and knew that Mark would soon be putting that right. Paul was not actually sleeping in our van-there is not room. He was going to sleep in his own estate car nearby which is what he normally did.

When he left Mark did say, "Night Paul. See you in the morning mate. By the way don't say anything to the others (the other mechanics at the garage) about what happened tonight if you don't mind. Let it be our secret."

Paul was only too happy to say, "No Mark. Of course. You can trust me. I'll never mention it."

I thought Paul won't anyway because he will not want it getting back to his girlfriend.

On another evening Pete was round for dinner with us. Mark and Pete discussed some business before dinner and after dinner the three of us were nicely mellow sitting around the log burner chewing the fat and having a night cap. Of course Pete had already had me, twice actually, after the famous BBQ and that always changes your relationship with a guy. They always assume that they now have a season ticket to have you whenever they want. And I think in Mark's head he thought Pete had already had me so if he fucked me again it would be no big deal. And to be honest I kind of thought the same. Also I think Mark feels that if I am going to have sex with other men he would rather it was with one of his mates rather than a stranger. So there it was the three of us slowly drifted into a threesome that just seemed the most natural thing in the world.

Mark went into his usual routine of starting to arouse me and undress me in front of Pete and left it to me as to how far I wanted to go. Pete is a very attractive fit man and a great lover and I was excited by the prospect of him making love to me again. When I started to get too aroused and was starting to breathe very heavily he whispered in my ear, "Do you fancy having a cuddle with Pete then Darling?"

I just replied, "Mmmmmm, that would be nice. Thank you."

Mark got up and went to pour himself another drink and Pete moved closer and began to remove the rest of my clothes. Pete made love to me very gently, and considerately and it just felt cosy, loving and natural. Mark was sitting next to us watching something on the TV. I could not help but smile at how normal and mundane me having sex with another guy in front of Mark had become. Pete gave me a wonderful orgasm and when we had finished I put my arms around his neck, and told him that it had been lovely, and planted a big kiss on his lips. Mark then took me to bed and Pete slept on his own in the guest room. Mark then made love to me just as sweetly as Pete and the fact that I had only just had sex with Pete seemed to make no difference whatsoever. I thought, 'What a lucky girl I am.'

My good friend Andy, who has written my story for me, has often told me about this naturist health spa in Bristol that he and his wife love and have had a lot of fun at. They seem to enjoy some interesting sexual encounters there and this place provides a great outlet for him and his wife. He thinks Mark and I would enjoy it too and has often invited us to go with them. It does sound as if we might like it there and maybe we will be going there too soon. I also wonder if I might do something with Alan again. He also had sex with me after that BBQ and seemed to enjoy me and I'm hopeful that one day when he comes round on his own that Mark will be up for me trying him again. Finally I would love to have a holiday at that naturist resort in the South of France and Mark has said we could maybe drive all the way there in a convertible and that would be lot of fun. So we have some ideas for the future.

Obviously I do not know what the future holds for Mark and me as a couple but one year on things are very good between us and I love living with him.

Thanks for reading my story.

Love Jane xx

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