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Playing with Fire Pt. 03

This is the 3rd part of the story that hinges on your knowledge of the 1st two stories. It is a story revolving around a want-to-be cuckold who loses control of his urges, and has minor bi activity for control elements. There is a level of blackmail to this story arc. If you are not a fan of any of the themes mentioned, this story is not for you.


It was a long night and I hardly slept. I laid there at times considering what I have done to turn my life into someone else's match maker. I felt excitement and a level of achievement for being so close to being a cuckold, but I figured this was more then I asked for. As these thoughts ran through my mind my wife covertly began to masturbate beside me supposing that I was asleep. She couldn't make it through the night without touching herself after my confession that I wanted to share her with my best friend. I remained quiet and pretended to sleep because her breathing and motions gave suggestion that she wanted to be alone with her thoughts.

It was only yesterday that I accidentally confessed to a friend about my desire to be a cuckold online. He was anonymous until after he gathered pictures and video from me in my aroused state, he told me who he was later to inform me of his reasons. I was shocked to find out the friend I knew for 25 years had his own confession; he wanted my wife. I was so aroused at the time realizing he was the bull I was looking for, but being horny can make you blind. He intends to not stop at confessions and has decided to blackmail me to get at my wife. I had at first given approval of his idea, but now wish I could take it all back.

My confession to my wife came easy as it was common for us to role play in the bedroom, but it was unknown to me she carried a flame for him. She was his ex-girlfriend from high school and the wife of his best friend. Her attitude towards cuckolding me was always of concern and reluctance, but with the news that I might accept her ex-boyfriend as a candidate she has made her opinion clear. She wanted to pursue being shared with him.

The morning came and she rose from bed and rushed to get ready for work. I was still on my time off today, but I straggled out of bed behind her. We were uncharacteristically quiet that morning until a few minutes before she left. She apologized for last night and admitted to losing control. He was her long time crush and keeping the secret was hard, but once I suggested to role play with his name she lost control. Her need to be with him increased as we talked about cuckolding me. She looked remorseful trying to express how long it took for his name to come into the picture, and it was something she wanted to discuss for a long time. The ultimatum she made regarding wanting him was because as much as I liked being a cuckold in fantasy she liked the idea of him being our bull. It would have to be him.

I asked her if it was too late to put the fantasy away and go back to normal. I would give up my fetish and seek counseling for it, and agree to see counseling for us. I explained to her that seeing her with him isn't what I planned, and that she would only be a conquest for him.

She was not impressed, "I thought you wanted me to be a conquest? "She agreed we could begin to put these fantasies behind us, but it would take HER time. She claimed that her fetish to have him take her grew stronger each time I pressured her to cuckold me. He was someone always around and someone she was comfortable with. She began to put his face on every man I described her being with, and like myself fell completely obsessed with us having a bull. "It will take time and we need to find help," she dowered.

We kissed and hugged and she left for work.

I was brewing my second cup of coffee when I heard the doorbell. It rang once and the door started to open. It was him, the man that knew more about me than anyone else. The person I called a best friend for decades entered with no apologies.

"How ya feeling, "was his first words.

"Like a wreck no thanks to you."

"Common it's not that bad you know you want it to happen, and besides I have plans to at least look out for your best interests," he said with a smile.

"How can blackmailing me to get at my wife be in my interest?"

"When I am done you will have at least learned your lesson, and at least this way you know that pretty wife of yours ends up with the right guy. Honestly dude you could have set her up with someone dangerous or sick. You can thank me when I am done," He said while trailing off with a laugh.

I changed the subject and inquired why he is visiting so early into a work day? We normally work at the same business, but today was my day off. I knew his schedule and he must of made a special allowance to be here and not in the office.

He ignored my question and asked if I spoke to my wife about him, but made no illusion that he didn't think that I did. He said it likely would have been hard to talk erotic when I was forbidden to have sex with her, and asked to see if his name was still readable on my ass.

"Yes I couldn't get it all off," I said dryly.

"Let me see for myself, "he said while stepping towards me. He was always larger and stronger than me. He was a practiced athlete and wrestling with him as kids was futile. He shoved me playfully against a counter but his size and strength didn't require more effort than that to pin me; he then pulled my pajama pants to the floor. He inspected his fading name written across my ass and slapped it in approval and suggested a new coat of paint with a laugh.

I tried to pull my pants up, but he stood on the hem forcing them to the ground. I asked him if he was seriously going to try to enforce this blackmail, and how long it would have to go on before he let it go.

"We just started" he answered, but assured me that after I helped him out a few times he would call it off and release me from my servitude. He insisted that for the time being if I trusted my wife it would be best to just play along. With a small push he had me walk out of my pinned pajama pants. "Now where did you leave that marker?" he questioned.

As he followed me to my computer room to find the marker he jeered at the view of my branded ass. We reached the computer room and he snatched the marker from my hand and heavily applied a new coat of black, but now adding the words, "property of".

As he inspected his work with a satisfied smile and noticed something I was trying to hide. My cock was erect.

"I see you're coming around again. THAT should make this easier for you," he teased while looking at my cock. He asked if all my wife's erotic pictures were saved on this computer.

"Yes they are all on this computer and copies would appear in my email that I used to send you them from."

"I want you to show me the pictures in person. Open the folder they are stored in and let me see your open email account," He demanded in a voice that encouraged me to be aroused.

I went to type my password and it was comedic how my hard cock had me reach out for the keyboard to prevent it touching the keys. I opened the folders holding the pictures of my wife that had got me into this trouble to begin with, and opened the email account showing a history of them being delivered. He asked me to leave the room and to satisfy myself if needed, but not to come in till he tells me too.

Minutes pass and I barely have enough time to finish stroking my cock to completion; my arousal had my resistance collapse but it was returning now. Instead of calling me into his room he entered the room I was finishing myself off in. The shame of being caught masturbating in front of a guy would have been different two days ago, but now it was done to his design.

"It's done," he said.

"What's done? What did you do?"

"I don't trust you with your wife's pictures and deleted them, and I took control over your email account. I made a slave for your old account and I will keep the primary. The slave will allow you to function without problems but won't allow you to access its history. Unlike you I won't be showing you pictures of her, or at least not just yet." He gloated over his victory as he explained how it was necessary to enforce that she was not my wife while this test of her virtue is being conducted.

"I have also been thinking and came up with a plan. You are going to cook me dinner and have me over for drinks tonight." He paused for my reaction, but I was slow with a rebuttal why it was a bad time.

He described what he expected of me, and that he wanted no lack of effort to make it look special. He wanted ample wine and food to his liking. He even made demands that the bed sheets be changed just in case this ends up easier then he thought. The food had to be ready exactly at 7pm, but that he would be over earlier. He wanted me dressed at my absolute best and suggested something I should wear.

I tried to detour his plan by feigning her confusion if anything were to look out of place. She will suspect something if he were to just come onto her so sudden like that. In truth I knew she would welcome the opportunity.

"You will do it," is all he had to say to convince me of what the fall out would be. He then left the house after discussing what he expected to be done before his arrival.

I was cursing my luck. My wife will surely get the wrong idea if he comes over after last night's episode of honesty. She will question if I changed my mind and accepted her desires. How can he be here, and they be kept apart so that they don't feel so intimate? If I play this dinner date as a coincidence and make it look like I expect nothing to happen I am sure I can make it difficult for her to respond to his actions. I will explain that this isn't what it we discussed and he is still just a very good friend needing to talk to me about something urgent. She has never flirted with him before when I was around so I doubt she will even know how to start.

Later that day my wife arrived home from work. Her entrance sounded similar to her collapsing at the door with the removal of her shoes and purse. She enters the room to see the house completely tidy, and me busy in the kitchen. She asked if I was trying to out due yesterday's dinner. My answer that we had HIM coming over nearly dropped her to the floor.

"Did you change your mind, "she asked with a smile she was fighting to hide?

"No, he contacted me and wanted to get together and made it sound very important. He is still a friend and I don't think this should be too awkward if we remember that," but who was I kidding it was awkward. He had been over dozens of times in a year, but this visit wouldn't feel the same.

She looked me up and down inspecting my answer and my appearance, "you look dressy for someone just having a friend over for dinner and drinks," she questioned.

"I was out today and wanted to get out of my holiday funk," I lied.

"Well he is always well dressed and you are looking your best, the hell with being the only one dressed down when he arrives." With that she left the room to head to the shower and primp and prune herself. Later returning wearing a tight black dress that had been reserved for warm vacation destinations. It was above the knee, and strapless. Her curves were visible as it hugged her frame, but in memory I recall it easily jacking over her hips before taking her on a distant beach.

I forgot why I should have been upset and told her what she wanted to hear, "you look amazing." She smiled at my answer and came to me with a hug. She admitted that she over did it, but it won't change the fact that nothing will happen. She thanked me for the compliment and wanted me to understand that this game of having him over and denying her has got her excited, so excited that I should expect a great evening when he leaves. I wanted this night to be over so badly.

We were both very high with anticipation before our guest arrived. We could not pass through the same room without kissing and caressing each other. We were both so intimate and alive. I wanted to believe that the love I felt for her was mutual; I could not wait to have her later tonight.

When our guest arrived he was greeted and welcomed with a customary kiss and hug from his wanted conquest. He was quick to compliment her on her appearance and even seemed to brush his hand over the back of her sheer dress. As he held her for that brief moment he looked into my eyes and smiled devilishly.

We weren't prepared to eat as he requested, and had time to sit for a drink before dinner would be ready. As my wife began to prepare a set of drinks for us I was left alone with him. He told me that I would need my phone in a few minutes and that I was to follow the advice of the caller loosely, but to ask him later for further instructions.

"Who is going to call?"

My phone was already in my pocket as I sat and tried to figure what his plan was. My wife returned with the drinks and before I was able to sample mine the phone rang. It was a digitized female voice, the type that was used for automated callers. The voice was requesting my presence at work immediately as there was an emergency. The nature of the emergency wasn't given, but it demanded my attendance immediately. I knew the call was a fake, but I was told I had to comply.

"Who is it," asked the others.

"Its work and I have to...leave."

Everyone looked shocked, but I knew at least some of them were acting. I thought of protesting, but if I did it would instantly turn into questions from my wife.

"I'll drive you to work," my friend offered quicker then I could expand on my last comment. "I just arrived and I never got to tell you why I needed to see you."

All I could say was, "ok."

"Who is going to eat dinner with me? I can't eat this all alone, and what a letdown I thought we were going to have company tonight," she was upset.

I briefly thought I was still dealing with the way things were between us, and didn't consider how my next words would so easily help his plan, "He can return after he drops me off and have dinner with you, and there is lots of wine in the cooler." Hearing myself say those words had me cover my crotch to hide my building erection. I lost control without realizing it was even happening.

They both looked at me surprised and taken back by my sudden support. My wife instantly flushed, and he had a look of thanks for helping him cover up a loose end.

As I prepared to leave I entered my bedroom to change, and my wife followed and shut the door behind her. "Why are you leaving me alone with him tonight," She looked confused and hungry for a different answer then the one she had been receiving.

"He can leave if you like, but it didn't change my mind on anything. I won't even be here and you know how every fantasy had us together. Our fantasy is to have me watch so stick with the fantasy; please keep it friendly. Don't make me regret not wanting to ruin your night my love. " I felt so bad with my lies that I could have sank through the floor. I didn't dare tell her directly not to do anything, because I was able to hear him standing near the door and my cooperation was part of our deal. It never occurred to me she made no attempt to suggest he should leave, but whispered in my ear "I won't do anything without your permission."

I kissed her good bye and walked to my friend's car. "Were we heading because it sure wasn't work on the phone," I said looking forward. He laughed and said that I had a date with his coach. As we drove to his place he thanked me openly for the invitation, because he wasn't aware how she might have accepted him arriving alone after dropping me off. I remained quiet and let him speak. He tried to get me to offer advice on what he could do to break the ice. I wouldn't dare tell him that it was only by my efforts that she will be controlling herself around him.

We arrived at his home and he walked me in. I knew his place well and sat on a section of the coach that I had claimed in previous visits. "I plan on trying to fuck your wife tonight," he told me. "She might not give in, but I will be applying all my best moves to make sure she knows I am interested. If I fail tonight I expect to be trying again, and if I succeed you can be assured that this isn't over for a while."

I busted into tears. "Please don't do it! I love her and this is the women I want children with!"

"You want this, you helped set it up yourself how can you deny that? I want your wife alone for the first time, but I promise you that in the future you will be watching me take her. You change your mood steady on this subject, but I know you want it enough that I don't have to feel guilty. Would it make you feel better if I handcuffed you and gagged you while I am gone?"

I think he meant to insult me with that last statement although it sounded exciting; I didn't want to be excited right now. My tears stopped and my cock rose in my pants. He seen my change of reaction and my growing bulge, "That's the cuck I know."

He retrieved a pair of restraints from his room and laughed about how good being single was. I positioned myself so I was between two solid points in the room. He placed the cuffs on me and trapped me to my fate. As he moved around me I could see that we were now both rock hard. He clearly liked his dominance as much as I loved my submission. As I was restrained below him he checked me over to make sure I would be ok. He also wanted me to have access to his ipad so that I could receive messages?

He paused before speaking, "Beg me to fuck your wife! Beg me to take her from you!"

"Please make me a cuckold, but don't take her from me," I begged.

"Ahhh yesss I love when you beg. I will fuck her and I will make her mine cuck. This bull is going to take what he wants and you will accept it," his voice rising and getting worked up.

"Screw it forget the blackmail. You can send the video to whomever you want. I will deal with the problems it causes just don't take her from me," my fear had finally overpowered my eroticism.

"What after all this again you act like a pussy and try to walk away! What did you promise me when I showed you this," he pulled his cock from his pants and swung it in my direction. "Who did you promise to make your master?"

It was hard and long and very close to my face. It was how he lured me into pleading with him to cuckold me to begin with and the images of what I promised returned. I needed to feel that shame again, and I wanted to say the things that would make this happen all over again.

"Please master, if you fuck my wife can you leave her for me," I begged with added enthusiasm. As I begged I found tears still welling in my eyes and told him that I can't keep the promise of wanting to lose her, and that I didn't have the strength.

"I will find you the strength!" He said as he shoved his cock into my mouth. I never had a cock in my mouth before and I wasn't sucking on it either; I was choking on it. "Look at me and thank me for what I am about to do," he sneered.

I had a full taste of his cock and he had it buried to back of my throat. I could not move in my restraints and I began to hear the sounds of camera flashes going off. As he backed away he motioned for me to look up and into the camera. It was video and he wasn't talking, and other then his cock I was the only person in the frame. I might of turned away from his cock but it was stuck in my mouth and he was pumping it just enough to let me mumble words.

I gave in and surrendered; it's hopeless at this point to stop it. I am broken and just want this to end. I was convinced the only thing left to do was give him exactly what he wanted. I looked into the camera and confessed "I am here with you as another man is with my wife. He will try to take her from me, and I want him to. Master told me to setup the best man I could and I obey him mmmm. I do this for you master." I didn't remember when I started, but I was stroking my cock as he pumped in my mouth. The image of him holding the camera as I sucked a stranger's cock was a harder blackmail then he already had. I knew this was all wrong and that I was seconds from regretting it as I was preparing to cum. As I stroked and shot my load onto the floor he pulled his cock from my mouth to focus on my face. He only allowed his cock and the small drop of precum to reach my lips; he even tasted better than me.
"You really wanted to dramatize for the camera that it wasn't me, thanks. I think you wanted me to have the additional blackmail I was looking for." He put his cock away as my short lived turn with it was done. He paused and considered before speaking, "I think you are ready to see something I prepared before I leave. I was going to make it a surprise, but I think you earned hearing it from me. It's an email to your wife from your email account, and I am about to send it to her phone. She will be holding it as I told her I would call before returning."

It was an email written as if it was me. A confession that it was my idea to setup this dinner party and leave so that she could be left alone with him. He had purposely added that he didn't know about my plan, but I knew for a long time he was attracted to her. He used all the knowledge he knew of me to work my words into something she wanted me to say, but couldn't. He knew that we shared my cuckold obsession together, and that it was possible to write her with this kind of honesty. He wrote that I wanted her to explore the idea of being with him tonight, and that I would not be home till tomorrow afternoon. He even encouraged her to use our bed, and how I made special care to change the sheets for them. He had it so that I asked her not to tell him I knew, and that it must appear as an affair. I was asking her to make it appear she was cheating on me.

"Do you think I have a chance," he asked?

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