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Playing with Fire Pt. 05

***This is the final chapter of a man tortured by the things he created, and later deeply regrets his choices. It tries to describe the nature of his sexual obsession, and how it became fatal to a personal life. If you are not a fan of strong cuckold content this story is not for you. It has blackmail elements that are hinged on his obsession, and if that isn't what your into move along. This story is heavily related to the content of the previous chapters***


I was unsure if I should stand up when I heard the door open, or if I should have remained seated in fear of falling back down in shame. My wife strode straight out of the room with a completely flushed face, and looked like she might have stepped out of a sauna. As she walked past me in the waiting room I traced her movements and noticed for the first time exactly how many other people were in the store. Each of her limping steps would have made someone think she had a sports injury if it weren't for the sounds of her body being properly fucked against the wall for us all to hear just minutes ago.

A female store clerk was smiling in my direction and giving me her approval with a thumb up, and other customers looked half confused and half amused. As the artist strode out of the room he wore a look of satisfaction on his face. He motioned for me to join him at the cash with the smiling clerk.

"Ring him up for one male chastity device, and a special rate tattoo," he said while considering the math. "What did we agree about the price of that tattoo before we started; it's kinda rare and more delicate then most of my work, "he questioned while glaring right into my eyes.

"We didn't agree on a price, but I am pretty sure with our history and recent cooperation you could strike us a deal," I whispered in levels to be heard over the amusement of the store clerks giggles.

"I just gave you a complete pubic tattoo, and fucked your wife twice and let you watch once. You want a deal?" He looked amused but remained business orientated. "It's normal for us to take pictures and list our customers when permission is granted. Do you want to make absolute sure that your discretion is kept? It wouldn't exactly be abnormal for me to mention that I ran into my dad's good friend at work today," he said in a leading voice.

"If I pay you a thousand would you keep all of this to yourself and never speak of this again," I begged.

"I fucked her twice so I would think that it would be fair to make it 2 thousand and consider the cage and tag free this time," he said with a side way smirk.

I paid the man in credit and tried to thank him as honestly as I could, but knew that the feeling of thanks had worn off after leaving the room where he fucked my wife in minutes ago. I walked to the car and found my wife sitting in the passenger seat and looking out the window on her side.

I entered the car and looked at her for some kind of reading or suggestion of how she was feeling. I wanted to scream and start a fight after how easily she gave herself to him, but her defensive wall was her inability to look at me. I drove home and tried to make small talk by remarking on how fast things happened and how my tattoo is sore. Her silence continued.

As we arrived home she headed straight for the shower and locked the door behind her. She later went to lie down and was quiet for the rest of the day. I tried to make conversation and express concern how we needed to talk about what just happened, but her only remarks were how she needed time to think about what we just did.

I spent the remainder of the weekend cooking and trying to console her. I would have been irate, but I had the overwhelming impression that what had transpired in two days has taken a toll on her. She didn't look powerful or happy, but she looked unmistakably depressed. As the weekend continued I realized that if I wanted to salvage things between us I had to approach her so that whatever was on her mind was something we could work out.

Our first conversation was late on Sunday evening as we were preparing to go to bed for an early day of work. Her opening words were "I am so ashamed and how could you let me do that?"

"You pushed for most of what happened, and if I remember it correctly you actually became the person pushing for an opportunity to fuck the first guy," I answered in a tone that I wish I could of made more understanding. "I was more scared then you in the end but you know exactly how worked up I get. You used that to create a second situation that will have me looking at my decision for the rest of my life," I said while lowering my pajamas and showing my caged cock and view of my recent cuckold tattoo.

She laughed a bit at the view of my cock, because in our recent silence we never even discussed that she had the key to the cage. Her quick smile disappeared with another brooding look on her face. "Do you know why I lost control this weekend? "She asked not waiting for an answer. "I am guessing it has everything to do with the hormone pills I was taking for the last month; yes the ones the fertility clinic prescribed," as she finished speaking she buried her face into her hands and sobbed. "Yes I wanted your friend, but I wasn't prepared to go so far so fast."

"Did they both cum in you, and do you think there is a chance you might be pregnant," I asked looking for an honest answer to the most important question in my mind.

"YES! They both came in me and I felt horrible enough after your best friend did. I lied about it because I didn't want you to know how far we went, and l left for a morning after pill before you arrived home. Your acceptance had me wanting to go farther with the role play mostly out of guilt, and I truly thought I wanted the lifestyle we talked about. Then you had to push the thought of the second guy in my mind as well, and at first you were giving me too him. I then lost control and did exactly what you wanted, but when he came in me it's because I asked him too," she said looking angry. "I don't think I am pregnant because of the pill, and I have felt horrible all weekend because of it. You gave me away twice this weekend and it hurts to think how destructive this is."

"Why didn't you tell me, and how was I supposed to know that the hormones would have that kind of effect," I countered. "You basically told me you wanted my friend so badly that I was left feeling like my best option was controlling it, until I realized sitting in a waiting room listening to you bouncing on our friends sons cock I had no control," I said while my cage strangled my cock in place. "Is it too late for us to try? I would love to fuck you right now if you would let me show you how much I desire you."

"I don't think it will work after taking that morning after pill, and I am far too sore after allowing your friends to have me several times," she said shyly. She explained that the drug had other side effects she doesn't understand. It made her hyper-sexual, but she claimed it was over now. She explained that during the height of her arousal all she could think about was attractive men taking her bare. She tried to allow me to breed her the night of my admission, but when I talked about her with my friend it permentently turned her attention to him. When she was with him it was her that took his condom off, but it was because she expected him to pull out of her. He instead pushed deeper inside of her without knowing he was about to finish inside her that first time. After he did it once it didn't matter anymore and they both lost control. She explained that most of what happened was her fault and that it was her seducing that led him into our bed. The hormones made her see exactly why my fantasy was so hot to me, and she felt only attraction for other men at that time.

I felt like everything made more sense now. Her extreme mood swings towards my long term fantasy, and how quickly she became the aggressor. I felt safe knowing that even though she really went all the way with both of the men that she had the sense to protect herself afterwards from pregnancy. "What to do now," I questioned?

"I want to explain to him what happened, and make sure he understands why I did it," She said. "I would prefer if you at least admit to him the reason I chose him was because of our kinky game, but I would prefer if you told him you were in on the encounter from the start. You need to tell him why I am still your wife, and how we need to stop."

Her not knowing I set the entire thing up by wanting him to blackmail me into leaving him alone with her. Him not knowing from the start I knew she wanted to fuck him was too much of a lie for me to bear.

"I will tell him tomorrow that I know what happened. I will leave out the parts were you tried to get pregnant, but that you had prescribed pills that made you act on the first guy you had around," I said in a soothing voice. I wanted her to get beyond the guilt so that the deed of what happened would be less powerful. "I will explain to him that I am not mad, and that I know you encouraged him into the bed room. I will convey that you feel very guilty for coming between us." I was suddenly feeling very sexually excited while discussing my coming confession. "Am I allowed to ask him how good you were in bed," I said jokingly.

She reached out for my cage and said, "That's why the cage is staying on for a while." She then gave it a few teasing twists in her fingers and motioned me to cuddle with her. As I laid there with my straggled cock rested against her ass in big spoon position I was tormented by the thoughts of the coming conversation and how to handle it. She broke the silence once more, "If you discuss what happened with him don't look at the pictures he took if you're not prepared. Please tell him to keep everything secret, and ask him to delete those pictures."

The next day was a normal day. I dropped my wife off at work and then proceeded to my own place of employment. The day was like all others until lunch; I entered the cafeteria and approached the same corner my closer workmates usually use. As I approached the friend who had tasted my wife's infidelity, and saw he was currently the center of attention. I quietly took position behind the huddled mass to see what the commotion was. They were looking at pictures on his phone, and the pictures were unmistakably my wife. The pictures were not like her erotic pictures she gave me; it was her presenting herself to a lover. There was a picture of her bent over spreading and another with her legs up with a pillow on her face while masturbating. He didn't show a picture with a clear view of her face, but each picture was her in our bed. The other guys at the table quickly lost interest in his weekend conquests, but the phone remained out for me to inspect. I knew he allowed only me to handle the phone because there was more he wanted me to see. As I carefully flipped through the pictures I saw others with her face intact. I saw pictures with her mouth full of his cock, and others with his dick buried inside her. He interrupted my browsing and motioned to allow him to show me his favorite picture. He explained that the women was married and really got off on this picture. Nobody at the table was offered to see it; it was reasonable considering the type of relationship he and I had. As he showed me the picture I noticed it was a video and it had my wife's face in plain view. I wanted to see the video, but with the people around me I had to wait.

During lunch he made several comments about his weekend and the married women he recently slept with. He told the table that he knew the women for a long time and it was her that wanted him. He reveled that during sex she admitted to wanting him again so badly that she would tell her husband about him if it made him feel better. He explained it so that her husband sounded powerless to satisfy her sexually, and that she was able to do whatever she liked. They all joked about how good of thing he found in finding a married woman with no strings attached. He agreed and admitted to wanting to see her again, and also thought she already told her husband about him. The table laughed at the idea of a husband so weak as to be forced to accept his wife's adultery.

As lunch finished people started to head back to their stations. I followed my friend from the cafeteria and asked to see the video, and if we could find some time to talk. "Are you sure," was his answer. With a yes he invited me over to his place after work. I tried to explain that I had to pick up the wife after work, but he was wiser then me and knew it would be bad to discuss what happened while at work. I told him I would make arrangements.

I called the wife during my mid afternoon break and told her that because I had a long talk with our friend about what happened I was very behind on my work. It was a lie and many of the things I told her were lies, but I still had to properly talk to him and see that video. I told her I had to stay late tonight so that I could make the time up. She pressured for information on how the conversation went, but I left it short and said I would discuss it with her when I got home. I said that we are on good terms and that he understood what we did, and that it would remain discrete. She then asked if he deleted the pictures he took of her. I admitted to seeing her pictures, but in the process a few of the guys also seen a few without her face or identity given. She asked if I thought anyone recognized her and if anyone said anything that was bad. I told her that my work friends now think he is a total stud for doing that with a hot married women, and nobody had a clue it was her when talking about how lucky he was in front of me. "Did he delete the pictures yet," was all she could say in a gasping voice. I told her he hadn't yet, but I could try to persuade him in private later. She explained that she would prefer if he deleted them before I saw them all, but if I didn't mind he could keep a few safe pictures. She explained that she would also need to stay slightly late, and if I am not too late I could still pick her up. We hung up after saying how much we loved each other, and I think we both felt like something very hot just happened.

After work I followed my friend back to his place and parked in his driveway. We both entered his home and entered his living room. He turned on one heel and asked me what I wanted to discuss exactly? I should have just told him what my wife told me from the start. I was supposed to admit to her telling me about him, and how we wanted his interference to end. I still wanted to see the video first. I told him that I would like to see the video before I made a confession.

"You know your confession will mean nothing after seeing that video. I am holding exactly what you have been dying to see and you know it," he looked dismissive. "I will show it to you because you deserve to know, and you should know this wasn't my entire fault," he said with a comforting voice. He handed me the phone with the video prepared. As I watched he stood watching me, and studying my reaction.

The video started with him speaking to her. He was asking her if she was sure about something, and she was begging for him to do it. I then heard him grunt and the phone shift in his hands and I could see his cock slide in and out of her with glistening cum appearing around his shaft. As he was cumming inside her she was moaning for him to not pull out, and how she wanted this for so long. He asked if she was concerned that he came inside her, and she answered by placing her legs up high on his shoulders. She continued to moan his name while masturbating with his cum safe inside her. Her eyes were closed and rolled back as she pleasured herself as the camera focused on her fingers playing with herself. Her fingers were wet and laced with his cum. He asked if she was trying to get pregnant. He was honestly surprised, because he must not of known she wanted that. She answered yes to his question, and begged for his permission. She told him not to feel guilty and lied that I was completely sterile, and we were going to use a discrete sperm donor anyway. She was partially lying to sooth him, but he didn't need soothing. He took her by the hand and slid her wedding ring off and slipped the ring into her wet pussy, and asked for her to continue pleasuring herself. She went ecstatic playing with herself until her pussy swallowed his cum to places deep inside her.

As I finished he stood watching me with clearly a huge hard on in his pants. He enjoyed watching my reaction as he took my wife. It excited him having me hear her beg for him, and it was clear how much of her she was willing to give him. He caught my eyes looking at his proud moment beaming between his legs. Viewing his hard on was not a problem for him, but his studying gaze noticed something was wrong with me.

"Does this not excite you anymore," he questioned. "This is the first time you didn't lose control, and I wonder if it's because it's real now?"

My cock could of broke its cage it was strained so hard, but it remained limp inside its confines. I explained to him that I enjoyed what I saw, but that I already knew he fucked her with no condom.

"Did she actually tell you about this? Oh my god you two are freaks," as he laughed. "Does she know how you helped me yet? Did you show her my name on your ass," he said while moving towards me. Like before he wrestled me till he had my back and started pulling my pants down around my ankles.

"You washed my name off! Was that before or after she might have seen it," he said with an accusing voice. It was then during the scuffle that he noticed something hard. He looked at my cock and seen it. I wasn't here to show him my current submission to my wife, but when his eyes locked on the chastity device with my new cuckold tattoo on my shaven pubic region he was floored. He stood up and looked down at me; I was still lying on the floor after tripping with my pants down around my ankles. His next words were like he came to the realization for first time, "You really are a willing cuckold now."

He looked at me differently than he ever did before. "You are my friend, and someone I half regretted doing this with. You gave me your wife, and I was unsure if you really wanted to go all the way. I feel a lot more comfortable knowing how far you want to go now that I see your tattooed confession," he said. He paused and thought, "Our fantasy of me having your wife is complete, but I still feel like there are things I can do to emasculate you further."

He undid his pants and let his long hard cock swing out. He was standing over me looking down and motioning me up towards him. I knew what he wanted and even though my cock was silently held down I considered wanting to give it to him. Because I paused to sit up he stepped towards me and kicked away my pants. He then pretended to reach down and take my hand to lift me from the floor, but instead he lifted my shirt over my head and tossed it on the floor. I laid there like a star fish on the floor with him examining my naked cuckold labeled body, and with my cock caged up I still felt nothing. I thought if I laid there he might change his mind, but nothing he saw told him he needed to stop. He lifted his phone that was already set for his picture gallery and started to take pictures. I tried to hide my face and tell him to stop, but he patiently waited and pushed me back to the floor till I had to use my hands to rise. I sat up on my knees and looked at the cock that recently fucked my wife. I spoke to him while his cock swayed in front of my face and told him that he had it all wrong. I told him that we wanted to go back to the way it was, and that she would like him to delete the pictures and remain discrete.
"Do you really want me to stop trying to fuck her, and do you think she really meant for you to stop us from meeting again," he asked.

I told him about the medication that enhanced her fertility and her libido. I told him about the morning after pill. I told him she felt horrible about what happened, and how it went so far to have me tattooed and caged.

"You are still caged and it's hard to believe she didn't mean everything she said that night. Did she even offer to remove your cage yet," he questioned. He then asked me, "Do you want me to stop, and if so do you want me to listen to you?"

"She wants you to stop, and I think its best we stop before this goes too far," I answered.

"You never answered my question: Do you want me to listen to you, and do you still want me to be in control," he said as a trail of pre cum rolled down his hard shaft.

"She wanted me to be her cuckold when she asked me to get this tattoo, and she would prefer if I listened to her," I begged.

"Do you want to be my cuckold, and do you want me to make her mine? I think you still want me to fuck your wife, and I would prefer you knew I was," he said as his cock dripped on the floor.

The man that I just witnessed completely having my wife from body to womb had built so much authority and power over me as I laid before him that it overpowered all my reason. "Yes I want you to continue to cuckold me, and while I would beg you later to stop I want you to humiliate me. I got this tattoo because I wanted it, and the cage is still on because neither the wife nor I discussed taking it off. My wife asked for you to delete those pictures, but she offered you to keep a few. I want you to take her on your own power," I had never taken my eyes off his throbbing cock as my words grew in furvor.

"Would you convince her that I should be her long term lover, and would you admit why you want me to be your bull, "he asked.

"We both love my wife and I know you're the other man for her, and she admitted to liking you for a while. I forgave her because she did something I wanted her to do, and was too nervous to thank her for doing it. I would stay in my cage and swear that it's what I wanted. She knows I tasted your cum from her pussy the morning after you fucked her, but I would be willing to go much farther for her if it pleased her. I would rather people know I am a cuckold then not live like one."

"My cock fucked your wife; show me how a cuckold thanks his bull;" he said slowly.

I crawled forward and never took my eyes off his cock. I savored it and felt the shame of sucking the dick of a much more dominate man. As I sucked I moaned in passion at my disgrace, and fell entirely in love with my submission. It was only a short time after me passionately giving myself to his pleasure that he pulled my hair back so that I would open my eyes to look up at him. He still had his phone in his hand and he wasn't taking pictures. He was recording again.

"I am going to cum and I want to give you the chance to look away," he said. I could feel his cock starting to pulse and never considered looking away. As he began to fill my mouth with a seed that was starting to became more familiar in taste I held onto his hips and swallowed every drop. After he came he stepped back and asked me another question. "Why did you suck my dick?"

"I wanted to do what you told me," I whispered.

"Get your phone and call your wife right now," he said. I am picking her up from work for you and you're going to tell her I need to speak to her.

"What! What are you going to say? It might not be a good time to talk with her right now," I panicked.

"You just told me minutes ago that you wanted me to keep forcing the issue and I am doing that right now. I am going to tell your wife that not only do I want to keep the pictures, but I would like to see her again passionately," he said while now holding out my phone for me to take.

"What should I say to her so that she doesn't go completely crazy when I tell her your coming? She sent me here to stop what's going on, and not encourage it."

"You decide for yourself what should be said. If you don't help me right now I swear to god ill make your life a slow nightmare with the pictures I have of you," he said sternly. I was still in my cage and still left in a state of unfinished lust that had me very compliant to his demands.

I took the phone from his hand and called my wife. I explained to her that I was still at work and that I would be a bit longer. I told her about how he didn't want to delete any of the pictures, or the video until he speaks to her. I explained that I saw both the pictures, and the video of events that appeared different then what she described. She gasped when she knew I seen the video, and waited for me to continue. I told her he feels horrible and doesn't like how our friendship will be hurt by what happened, and would like to talk it over with her. She questioned why I would want her alone with him after seeing the video and what happened. I told her I was at work and it was hard to talk, but that I trusted her to do the right thing. She agreed it was best if she told him what was best for all of us.

After I hung up I asked him again what he had planned to say to her. She was not expecting him to come onto her at this point.

He then demanded," You will not leave my house for home for at least one hour, and I am not sure what I will say yet. I want to be able to see how she responds to me before I give up on this," he said as he prepared to walk out the door.

I sat around his house for no longer then one hour after he left. I felt the anxiety of wondering what they might be talking about. I drove directly home and pulled into my drive way with his car still parked in it. I walked into the house and found them sitting together on the living room coach waiting for me to enter.

As I entered the room they asked me to take a seat in the chair across from them. I could see that my wife was flushed and looked confused. He looked serious and could not look up at me, but instead looked at either her or the floor. I had no idea how she reacted to anything he said yet because I had no idea what he may have told her.

I broke the silence. "Should this be awkward or are we getting past that point now," I joked. Neither of their faces changed and neither person laughed.

"He told me, and he showed me," she said interrupting the silence. "He told me how it was you, and always you encouraging him to pursue me. I tried to tell him it was only a fantasy and something we took too far, but he told me I was wrong. I didn't want to believe him that you were so deep into being submissive to him in particular, but he knows everything. At first when he told me about your plan last weekend to have him appear, and then have you leave it sounded forgivable. He knows about your tattoo and cage, but that is forgivable too. When he showed me the video of you sucking his dick and admitting how badly you want to see me with him it was jaw dropping," she said with angry tears. "Only reason why I don't leave you right now is because it isn't any worse then what I have been doing, and what I wanted for myself in that video you seen."

He interrupted defensively, "I have been teased by both of you for far too long. The truth is I have been fucking your wife for over a year now, but wanted her to tell you," he said looking at her sternly. "That night was meant to be a soft beginning to our relationship and make it look like your decision. I checked your internet history after fucking your wife one day and found your online profile. I made the move to blackmail you into your discrete fantasy. We all knew you were sitting in my house when we finally agreed to stop using condoms that night," he said never taking his eyes off her.

"It's true I started sleeping with him after you showed him my pictures. You made it so easy by making him interested in me, and I liked the attention. You would talk about me being with other men and he was the man you setup for me when you invited him into our home after showing him my pictures. Yes he came onto me first, but you made it so easy for him. You only seemed excited when talking about me being with other guys, and I started only getting excited when thinking about being with other guys. I wanted to go back the way it was and possibly stop cheating on you all together, but then he showed me how much influence he made on you in a short time," she said disappointed.

I couldn't speak. I was already a cuckold and I didn't know. The secret was that she didn't want him to tell me what she was doing. She had been cheating all along in a way that would have been a fantasy if it weren't real. I searched for the words, but nothing came.

He slid a comforting hand to her as she looked to be trembling. "You wanted this and begged for it," he said. "I had to prove to her how bad you really wanted it, because even in the end she thought you would change your mind. I also think she doubted how much I wanted her for myself, but I think certain friends of ours are getting a good idea now," he said looking at her to continue.

"I had to tell someone after originally sleeping with him, and I told my best friend. She tried to confront me with other good friends recently, but I told them about the cuckold lifestyle and told them to butt out," she looked annoyed at her lover as if to say it wasn't the time to mention that part.

"I wanted tonight to be the night we told you the truth about what we have been doing, and I want you to know you got your wish to be a cuckold. I want her to make up her mind and bring this cuckold thing out in the open because I don't want to hide it anymore. I have already been your wife's lover for months, but now want more. That cage is still on you because I asked for it to be there. The reason it didn't come off is because I have the key," he said holding a key he lifted from his pocket. "The tattoo you have was your idea, but was told to her by me. You sucking my dick and telling me how you wanted me to humiliate you was for my satisfaction when I would eventually get to break the news to her."

"What does this all mean," I asked. "Why not just tell me and continue to see each other, and why go through all the trouble when I was accepting to you being with her?"

"He wants me to himself, and I was not sure if I could go through with it," she admitted. "I want him as a lover and in truth I feel for him, but I didn't want to end all sexual relations with you."

"This isn't even fair. We discussed having a cuckold experience and you went from cheating to considering leaving. I never asked for this; if we were honest from the start this could have been different," I whined.

"You want a cuckold experience I would be happy to give you one. Unlike you I want to fuck her, and I'll be happy to fuck her with you watching and even crying if you want," he said looking at her. "Give him what he wants. Let him see what he created."

As my wife tried to rebuttal he grabbed her and kissed her deeply. She tried to look at me in a sideways glance, but he reached up and grabbed her by the hair to focus on him. After a long period of kissing he pulled her back but never stopped looking directly into her eyes, "Remove your clothes cuckold. I want her to see the new you." I was in a tortured dream, but removing my clothes and standing in only my cage as I watched them created that burning fever deep down inside of me. I lived for this moment of disgrace and it's finally here.

After removing my clothes he directed there kissing in my direction. She saw me with my strangled 2 inch cock trapped in its cage with its tattooed sign above its short shaft.

"Even now he obeys me, and submits to you wanting me. You want him to be a man, but look how easy I made him into my boy," he cooed into her ear.

The sight of me and his control of the situation had started to seduce her. Her eyes rolled back before closing, and then she slid from the coach and onto the floor. She placed her face down on his lap over his cock still in his pants as he was seated with his legs open wide looking at me with satisfaction. She was feeling his large lump through his pants and looked like she wanted to lower his zipper with her teeth. "Go get my camera and start recording. I want us to have a copy of the night I finally took her from you."

I reached for the phone I came to recognize and tried to start recording. He interrupted and asked for the phone from me. As he started recording he asked me to undress her. She was still enthralled on his lap and looking to be waiting for direction. She was attempting to maintain control, but each additional command drove her farther over the edge. He then demanded, "Help her remove her clothes for me cuckold."

I began to slide her dress up her frame. I undid the buttons at the top, and hiked the dress up over her shoulders. As her white and feminine body was being revealed she moved her head up so that the dress could be torn away. I went to remove her lingerie but only found a bra; her panties were already removed. He laughed and admitted to helping her from her panties earlier on the drive home, and that they are currently on his rear view mirror. He told me he had her ready to fuck him before I arrived, but told her she needed to tell me the truth before he did. I then removed her bra, before he asked me to get the black marker I had previously used on myself when signing his name onto my ass.

"She told you to wash my name off your ass, and to get that tattoo. The name was supposed to stay, but she wanted to keep control of us both. I want you to sign my name on her ass so she knows who is in real control here, "he said. He then grabbed her by the hair and lifted her face from his lap. He then undid his pants too allow his bulging cock to spring loose. It was standing rigid and straight up towards her face. "Sign my name on her ass so that she will know exactly who is in control here. Show her that she no longer needs to feel like she is cheating. Sign her ass over to me." He looked down at her and smiled an evil smile.

"I thought you would never go this far. He is jealous and doesn't want to share me. I have tried to remain in control to protect us, but he wants me as weak and submissive as you. It's dangerous if you want me this way" she panted while staring down onto his shaft.

The touch of the marker on her white backside made her moan in passion, and she would have screamed if his dick was not instantly deep into her mouth. She offered no resistance to scribing his name in large black letters. For the first time I realized my wife was capable of losing control and submitting to his dominance just as easy as I was. I hand delivered her surrender to him.

He then looked down at her and motioned for her to stop sucking before saying, "We are going to live out your fantasies tonight, and we all know our new roles." He then looked to me and asked, "Do you want me to use a condom this time, or are you ready to be dangerous?"

"This is the first time can we start slow, but I admit I would rather no condom as well," I said nervously.

He laughed and didn't mind at all, but being in a hurry he lifted her from the ground and carried her to our room. He lowered her to the bed and went in search of a condom. My wife directed him to a small drawer she hid the remaining unused condoms from before. As he was looking and preparing I laid next to my wife so that I would have a great view. I also noticed he setup his phone to record from the distant dresser. What was happening excited her so much she was gyrating on a pillow in anticipation. My response was to lower my head and offer her some foreplay. I positioned myself between her wet and waiting legs and began to lick. I licked her hot pussy and tasted her need for him again. I was unsure why she ever considered not seeing him again because I never tasted her so ready for cock.

As I was licking her I saw his great white dick approach. It was wrapped in protection, but it didn't hide its powerful look. He motioned her to sit-up and bend over the end of the bed. I was about to back away, but he motioned for me to remain below her. We all knew what he was doing. He wanted me to be below her while he took her from behind. "Smile for the camera cuckold, this kind of stuff goes viral," he laughed. As I looked back I could see his rigid form coming, and the camera looking directly at me has he passed above me.

I was laying there looking up as the tip of his cock was resting just inside the folds of her pussy lips. She was now lost in the moment and bent over and wanting him to push farther. Her hand was resting on my cage and her cheek at times touched it.

As he slowly teased her and gave me the view of what is to come he asked me loudly. "Do you like what you see down there," he asked. "Does she know how much you wanted this moment to happen, and is there anything you would change," he was wanting an answer.

"She knows I wanted to watch you fuck her from here, and in all our fantasies you are bare cocked, but I don't want to go that far tonight," I admitted.

"Are you going to lick her pussy as I fuck her like a good cuckold, or are you going to be scared of her new man's cock so close to your face," he questioned again.

My wife was groaning and impassioned with how he was talking to me. I imagined it was how the two men in her life were positioned around her, and she loved how he was her new dominate man and was in total control of the situation. I got the sense she liked him pressuring me, and wanted to see him bully me.

He spoke to her, "Tell him this isn't his fault and you want this. Tell him how badly you want my cock inside you right now. I want him to know I am not going to share you any longer."

"Ahhh fuck me. I warned him I wanted you and I still do. Honey please lick me as he fucks me," and then she paused. "He gave me to you, and I surrender. Please take me anyway you want."

His large dick swung between our glares, and he looked down into my eyes as he lowered it into my mouth gagging me. "You know I don't want this condom on, but he asked for it to be on. What should I do," he was tempting her. The only moans she heard from me was my attempts to talk with his rigid cock buried in my mouth. I might have fought harder, but I was aroused and captured by the need to know what she was going to say to him in return.

"Take it off! Ple-please take it off I want you to take it off," her gasps could be felt as deep breaths over my ignored caged cock.

As he went to slide his cock from my mouth I didn't dare bite it, but the fear of what was spinning out of control had me suck down on it as hard as I could. He pumped his cock under my suction for a few thrusts before squeezing the condom on its shaft and letting his dick slide free leaving only the condom in my mouth.

"You took that condom off with a fight, but your wife just decided it's my cock she wants," he said to her approval as she tried to push back onto his cock.

She was so ready for his cock it looked frictionless at it slid past her lips and deep inside her. I was listening to their wetness and the sounds of their sex, and before I knew it she lowered herself onto my face. I struggled to have my lips and tongue touch her sweet spot as his balls slid back and forth over my face. I carefully licked her pussy and she came almost immediately, but it did nothing to stop her from wanting more. As they fucked he began to thrust harder, and he pushed her forward so that my mouth was positioned below his balls. He lowered his balls in pause so they rested on my lips. She peered down between her legs and seen his manhood resting on my face and then pulled forward enough to get a better look. He again showed her his dominance, and again she feel deeper under his spell.
"Honey, do you want to open your mouth for him? Please open your mouth for him," she asked now looking down at me. As I opened my mouth I felt his balls enter, and I carefully made room for them while teasing with my tongue. She then turned and positioned herself so that he was again inside her, but this time it was her rocking movements drawing him closer to relief.

As she grinded back on him I could feel his balls begin to rise. I could feel his seed begin to flow. I felt his body tense and her body move faster with the anticipation of his coming storm. He was grunting and was a prisoner of our pleasure as I held him still with his delicate orbs in my mouth, while she greedily seduced his seed from his rod.

He started grunting louder in preparation to his orgasm. "I am going to cum in you this time with my balls in your husband's mouth. Tell him what you're thinking."

"Honey, kiss his balls...oh please so I know you wanted this," she moaned. I began to struggle and resist just as I seen his rod convulse for the first time. He had his full weight down on me, and I was smothered under the pressure of his body. I was not sure if my struggles were intensifying his orgasm, or if it was the pleasure of my choking on his balls. I was sure the neighbors would hear his final roar as he entered his complete orgasm.

She froze her reverse thrusts so that each spurt I felt jet from his sack landed deep inside her. I felt each contraction and looked down his pulsating rod delivering his foreign seed. She waited for him to completely unload inside her before flipping over and raising her legs high once again. I watched as she folded her legs upwards and back while attempting to play with her still hungry clit.

As his cock was again dangling above me I was lost in the moment and was still out of breath. He no longer needed the encouragement and the show of power, but as he drove his wet cock into my mouth for her to see. It pleased her. "Yes suck my lovers cock. Taste the first cock to make me feel that good," she panted.

I lost myself in the moment of sucking his dick because I was only looking at her at this time. "What are you doing? Go pleasure her like a good husband, "he ordered after positioning himself to hold her legs up. His cock fell from my lips and I sheepishly followed his directions. This was all part of a plan I ran through my head in a million fantasies before; I always wanted to lick her well fucked pussy. I looked down at her well fucked pussy lips and tried to see the cum inside, but it was deep and not coming out with her legs up and her back arched. I considered pulling away and not taking part of something I seen her do so many times before when we unsuccessfully tried to breed, but I felt a set of hands on the back of my head. It was her hands pulling my face onto her clit as she begun to kiss him lovingly. As I started to lick her I thought of my own cum now dribbling down my leg, and how he made it so easy to make it impossible to ever be respectable in her eyes again. I never tasted his cum and I never stuck my tongue inside her, but as I drove her to orgasm I did swallow my own tears as her pussy swallowed his cum.

After we were all done we spoke about what we did. She made a confession and explained that it is very much possible that she was still potentially fertile, and what happened tonight has made up her mind. She explained that she struggled to stay on a healthy path with me, but it's clear now that there is no going back now. We would no longer be living in a closed marriage, and saw no more reason to hide her relationship with our friend from me.

He agreed and confessed he wanted to spend more time with her alone. He then told her she was joining him for dinner at a restaurant, and that she would be staying at his place for a few days.

"People will see you together, and start asking questions," I interrupted.

"What kind of cuckold do you want to be? The type that pretends he permits it, or the type that is powerless to control what she is going to do anyway," he asked. "Some people already know I am with her, but everyone else will be finding out soon so how do you want it to be."

She agreed to go with him, and my requests to slow things down feel on deaf ears. As they prepared to leave he made one last request. "Give me your wedding ring," he asked her. She looked confused, and I looked angry. He took the ring from her hand, and placed it on his key chain. Beside the ring was a key I hadn't seen in days. It was the key to my cage.

"I have two options and I will always choose. When I hand you this key back like I am about to do; I will be in possession of both your wife, and her ring. When she is returned to you for any reason she can have her ring back if she wants it, but I must have the key and device back in place," he said pointing at my still caged cock.

She smiled at this extra level of flavor, and his power still excited her. She added to his game by asking him to call her by her maiden name, but he refused unless they were alone. Tonight was the night he was taking my trophy wife for the world to see.

I watched as the car backed out from the driveway, and headed down the street. I removed my cock from its cage and while I should have been upset with myself and the tragedy happening in my life I was instantly aroused after days of teasing. I hadn't cum in days and I had a horny fever. I had to rub my cock, but it could not erase my shame. As I returned to the bedroom room I saw the phone still recording on the dresser. I looked at it, and replayed the video while lightly rubbing myself. I didn't allow myself to cum because this time my humiliation didn't end when the sex scene ended. I was in this video and I still needed more. I needed something that he didn't offer me yet. I went to my computer and returned to one of my favorite websites that harbored the very best amateur cuckold videos and uploaded our sex scene. It was only after the video was completely uploaded, and shared that I allowed myself to cum. My orgasm was the hardest most intense feeling I ever had, and the shame and reality that followed had me in tears before putting my own cage back on. The pain was just too much to bear without living with my arrousal surpressed.

It was the appearance of my wife with her new boyfriend that told friends she cuckolds me, and it was him that proudly announced at work he was the father of her coming child. It was me that told the world about my story when I released a viral video of that night on a website dedicated to other weak cuckolds that wished to follow in my footsteps.

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