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Sister Gets Banged Pt. 03

Pls read earlier parts for better understanding of the character and the story... My story continues...


For the first time I slept all nude and that too sandwiched between to naked sexy women. Whole night while turning my dick would pork into either Neha or Angelina ass, I slept keeping my nude legs all wrapped with the naked smooth legs. AT times I also groped there boobs while in sleep. This was wildest fantasy that have come alive.

I woke up little late and could immediately feel that someone was massaging my dick it was my sweet sister Angelina. Both of them have just woken up and were licking my cock like hungry cats.

One was sucking my dick while other was sucking my ball. I could not control and came with globes of semen in their mouth and face and both of them swallowed there drop tastefully.

We all hugged a good morning wish and starting discussing day's schedule. I told them let's all remain naked till the time we are at home and let's make this a rule that we live naked at home so that I can completely enjoy there sexy bodies.

We decided that first we will go for shopping and will have lunch outside and then will discuss what's next.

While we went for shopping both my sisters told me that fastest and best way would be to take underground Tube to travel but it will be crowded. I immediately had a naughty idea but kept quiet.

I told them to wear some sexy clothing so that it's fun to go out. Both wore short skirts with top that showed ample cleavage for people to leach along with high heels. Both wore dark lipsticks and looked hot. We went out and reached station. I chose the line which had maximum crowd and was expected that crowd will be jam-packed inside the train.

Both looked at me with surprise that why did I stood in this que that is already crowded, with a smile I whispered in their ears that let my slut sisters give pleasure to some strangers also.

I told them that I would like to see them groped and molested. Neha immediately understood and could refer to my old experience in the pub of being a cuckold and watching while she fucked black studs. She told Angelina that I love to watch them getting fucked and that give me a turn on and I have confessed of being a cuckold.

I could sense that as we were standing there in the que there were some wearied guys gathering around both the ladies and positioning them to feel them. As the train approached platform people started pushing to position them to enter in that train.

I could see lot of men forcing themselves on my two sexy sisters who were a treat served on the platter by their brother to them.

As we were entering I could see couple of hands inside the mini skirt of Angelina and she struggling to push these hands away while on the other hand Neha too had guys groping her and she jumped when someone groped her big boobs as well.

I got an instant hard on watching both of my sexy sisters being groped by strangers and they don't know whose hand is groping there ass cheeks who is pressing there boobs. With difficulty we entered the train. I was pushed at a distance while entering the train by the crowd but could clearly see the activity going on.

I could see a hunk pushing his dick into the ass of Angelina while she was pushing him back. Train started moving now we were supposed to exit on 5th station from now and this would take at least 20 min of so.

Two guys standing next to me started talking that what a sexy ladies were they and they should also look for opportunity to feel them up. Now both the ladies were standing facing each other but I could easily see different hands groping there ass from the back.

Next station arrived and some people exited and few entered. I also pushed and stood next to both of them like a stranger. With a hadron I also started groping Angelina first and could feel that there were so many hands under her dress there were fighting to feel her bare ass. What a feeling of groping soft ass cheeks of my sister along with bunch of strangers.

I looked at both of them and smiled a little they also looked at me and with a seductive look communicated that are you happy now looking your sisters being groped. Neha closed her eyes and I could sense that someone has pushed his finger in her pussy.

In a min I could see a middle aged man licking his fingers and smiling liking at me. Then same got repeated with Angelina. Ohhhh man what a fleeing, I could see another guys licking his fingers.

Now both the ladies have submitted to this wild crowd and were enjoying. I also tried my luck and pushed my fingers into Angelina pussy but to my surprise there were some fingers already which were fingering her and with struggle I could enter her. She was completely wet. If someone could have tried to put his dick into her, it would have dis appeared instantly. Enjoying this pleasure I also liked my fingers with sweet nectar of my sisters. Hmmmm what a taste... hmmm

We reached our stations and with lot of difficulty we got out, there skirts were all messed up and they have to push them down, while lot of guys grinning at them as they have been forcefully groped we went out of the station.

Once out Angelina pulled me a smooched me in openly and told me that her pussy is on fire she never ever has such a wild sex and felling of whose hand is fingering her pussy. She said ohhh Rocky!! you have shown me a new level of sex with strangers. Neha was also very horny.

We went for some shopping. I wanted them to buy some sexy exclusive lingerie for the night. So we went to a store full of sexy bra / panties and gowns. I selected a pair of push up bra with tong panties and a short honeymoon gown of red and satin black colour for them.

I told them to try and show me. Neha went inside the trail room and after some time called us at the door of the trail room. She was looking like a sex goddess with her boobs spilling out of her bra and her gown ending at the mere starting of her panties covered pussy.

I again had a naughty idea, I called for a sales guy, I specifically call a male attendant and told him that to check if her boobs are fitting properly in the bra or does it has a better size. He was little surprised. I whispered him in his ear that both of them are my slut sisters and I want him to feel her and enjoy.

He looked with a surprise that they were my sisters with a smile he went onto Neha inside the trail room and pushed his hands inside the bra. Her big soft boobs were in his hands and he was softly caressing them. He took good sweet time adjusting he naked soft flesh while both me and Angelia watched the show. Neha closed her eyes and I could see a wet spot on her skimpy panties.

After a brief feel sales man said it's perfectly fitting and asked if we need assistance for her gown and panties as well. I said sure, though Neha was not comfortable in getting felt publically and we enjoying the show but it was late, he immediately bowed down and started feeling her cunt lips and moving his hands to her perfect shaped round and soft ass.

He grabbed it a bit and then pushed his finger in her pussy from side of the panties... My dick was hard rock and Angelina came next to me and started caressing my dick while I started caressing her ass and pussy.

Neha was on fire her pussy flooding wet. Mr Assistant took his fingers deep in her pussy and took it to his mouth and licked it. I could see my slut sisters enjoying strangers since morning and could imagine what a fuck sluts they would be during those orgies which they have mentioned earlier.

Since few more customers arrived near trail rooms we have to stops our sexual adventure and Neha came out of the trail room with her newly spoiled panties / bra and gown, we made the purchase and went ahead.

We shopped some more sexy dresses and few high heels for my sexy sisters. We had lunch and came back home.

It was a hectic day with very interesting sexy adventures. The moment we entered our home I was on to both the women hungrily deep kissing and groping there boobs and ass. I literally tore off their clothes and same was done to my clothes by these two horny slut sisters.

Neha pushed me onto the couch and told me to fuck her deep. Angelina started sucking my cock with deep throating it. She sucked it for few strokes and then presented it at the cunt lips of Neha and seductively told me to fuck my elder sister as she is horny because of being fingered by the strangers.

With a hard push my cock entered deep into her wet pussy and I started bumping long strokes. She was wet and warm in her pussy, she started mourning ahhh ,, fuck me my brother fuck me harrrd ... push your dick into my pusshyyyyy you fucck you slut sister who has been groped and fingered by so many strangers ... ahhh ahh fuck me hard ... I was pumping with full force and she held me very tightly and we deep kissed and pressed her boobs . We fucked like lovers, she shouted that she us cumming ahhh ahhh ahhh ohh ohh ahhh...

She came with a wild orgasm but I was still on. I kept stroking her smoothly and within sec again she was horny and bumping hard onto my dick to get fucked harder... I started fucking her hard again with my cum leaking from her pussy and making it completely lubricated.

We fucked fucked and fucked like horny teenagers ... and then with a louuuud mourn ahhh ahhh ahh ohhh fuck you my sexy slut Air Hostess sisters i again shoot my cum in her pussy , I said this is your brothers cock and this will give service to my sisters pussy , pls milk this cock with your pussy my sexxy nehhhhaaa ... ahhh ahh and I came with my hot semen hitting deep corners of her pussy.

I collapsed on her and started licking her boobs, then I shifted onto the side. Angelina got onto her knees and started licking cum dipping pussy of Neha and started eating my cum. She said let me clean my sweet sister and enjoy cum of my brother.

This was a true erotic feeling, younger sis eating pussy to clean it from cum of her brother. Once she was through she got onto my dick and started sucking it like there was no tomorrow, cum mixed with Neha's pussy juices were cleaned and licked. She took my balls in her mouth and started playing with them and sucking them like a true whore.

I was hard again, I told Angelina to be on her knees as I want to fuck her in doggy style. She stood up and her ass in the air. Inviting my dick to be pushed in. I started stroking my dick in her pussy and inserted my finger in her ass hole. She was mourning ahhhh ahhh fuck me my little brother fuck you hot sis. I have never been fucked like this oohhh ye ye ... keep fucking me keep fingering my ass... aghhh ahh oh my gwad ... ahh ... Neha came in front of her and spread her legs indicating Angelina to start eating her pussy again. She was down eating cunt of Neha while I was fucking her sexy pussy.

Both of them were mourning loudly in ecstasy ... ah ah aha ooooo ahhh fuck meeeee . We all had a very hot / steamy sex session. Neha came first followed by Angelina. She turned around with Neha and started sucking and stroking my dick. I came with globes of semen showering on both of their mouth and face. Both like sluts didn't wasted even a drop of it emmmmm .

We collapsed in each other arms with both of them on each side of me. Both started moving their hands on my naked body and started taking that this was one of the best sex session of all and was a pure pleasure.

We were completely exhausted and then all of slept for some time with naked bodies in arms. It was evening when we woke up with Mobile ringing of Angelina. She picked the phone, after the brief chat she told Neha that Rob is hosting a party today and inviting them there. Neha instantly jumped like a kid and said that will be fun.

Angelina said she has said NO to Rob as they can't go leaving me home. Neha said no way this will be so much fun and she will talk to Rob so that I can accompany them.

Neha started talking to Rob , while I asked Angelina that what is this fuss all about. She told me that this is one of those orgies which they have talked about. This have a closed group of Air Hostess / pilots and very few regular outsiders.

It's basically a pool party where in all are free to have sex amongst the group. I started praying in my heart that Rob should agree as this is my wildest fantasy to see my sisters getting fucked in front of me like sluts.

Neha came and told us that Rob has agreed, she said he and all other guys have a hot on for Angelina and hence they did not wanted to miss her in the act.

I was very excited, they told me there nothing in getting ready as there are some basic party rules like you are allowed to only wear on cloth on the body, you can't force any one for sex and there has to be no jealousy feeling for any one basically it is for enjoyment and only for sex and sex and sex.

They told me to be around them they will introduce to some of their close friends and I can enjoy some steamy sex with them.

They asked me what one clothing I would like to wear, I told them since its 1st time I am feeling bit shy and hence would prefer my boxer shorts. I asked them both of them smiled naughtily and told me it's a surprise.

We all get ready for a big evening fun and reached the venue, it was a private mansion with private pool inside. We were received by Rob at the entrance he warmly welcomed us with shaking hands with me and deeply kissing both Neha and Angeliana.

He referred Neha as big booby babe and Angelina as sexy pussy chick. He told girls to go to the changing room and escorted me to the male changing room. He asked my so how will I feel being cuckold by my sisters and see them taking cocks of different guys , I told him this is my wildest fantasy to come alive. He also was exited and told me that both of them are real sexy and hot pussies that every guys in the party wants to fuck.

I took my clothes off with only boxer shorts left and Rob that I am ready , he said just go outside and wait for your sisters to come, he will have to go back and receive few more guest.

I went outside the changing room from there I could see the interior of the mansion, I could see some 12-15 people hanging around in different style of nakedness.

Then door of women changing room opened and emerged my slut sisters. Neha wearing only her scarf around her neck with her big boobies swinging and jumping with her every step and Angelina wearing only a waste chain and all Nude with he shaved pussy.

They asked me with a sexy grin, so how do we look. I said both of you are born to be fucked that too by different dicks.

We headed towards the pool area now I could see lot of people with clarity, most of the women were in there panties OR short gowns, it was only Neha and Angelina who were completely Naked.

Most of the men were in Underwear, expect for gang of 3 black men who were wearing only socks in on foot. There dicks were very large and thick, they were all very black and were hanging around displaying their dicks.

I could see few blonds and many Indian girls as well. Both my sisters introduced to me to their close friend Pallavi and Nandni both were hotties.

Pallavi was very fair, tall and having right flesh everywhere , while Nandni was fair , short with a big fat ass . Both were in there tong panties. Neha told them to take good care of me in case they get busy, she introduced me to them as there horny brother.

All the girls laughed and Pallavi pulled me and started caressing my dick with her hand and told them not to feel shy and enjoy sex tonight. Neha and Angelina got busy meeting other guest, all of them were complementing them for their idea of wearing nothing still following 1 cloth rule.

They were open in meeting the guys with deep smooch and guys groping there tits and butts . This was a hell of erotic moment where in my slut sisters were roaming naked with different guys pilling them and groping there private parts, this evening will be very interesting and erotic.

I saw Angelina moving towards those black men, they greeted her and stood in a circle. She was in the centre, there was a rick contrast of fair and black which was very erotic. All the hunks were kissing her and groping her sexy boobs and ass while she was stroking long and thick dicks of these big black men. She was looking like a sexy fuck toy in the hands of big black hunks she closed her eyes in ecstasy and was clearly enjoying each and every moment of being a black slut.

I was told that these 3 guys were friends of Rob and were basketball players who have in past by accident landed to meet him on the day one suck party was on and became a part of the group. Particularly my Slut sisters were most loudly recommend them to be retained in this group.

Rob came inside with the last group of guest. Now there was a clear mixture of blondes, Indian girls and White and Black guys.

Rob welcomed all of us and announced the start of the party with and activity to heat up the scenario. All girls were supposed to choose on guys to whom they will give a blow job. Angelina looked at Mark on of the Black men and Neha choose the other Back guy. Third one was chosen by Kristina another blonde with baby soft skin very fair skin. Pallavi came to me and started playing with my dick. All of the girls were on their knees, there were some 4 guys who were left stags and did not wasted time to go down on the girls while they suck.

Both Angelina and Neha were having dicks in their mouth and men down in their legs. Sluts started sucking the dick of these men. Both were experts with roaming tongue in rotation on the dick and then taking the balls in there mount and sucking them hard. Stroking there dicks like a porn stars.

They started mourning in ecstasy as there pussy were getting eaten up deeply as well. I could see my slut sis having group sex with men whom I have just met some time back...I was also highly aroused with watching my wildest fantasy coming live and getting a blow job from a sexy lady ... ahh ahh what a feeling , I started pressing big boobs of Pallavi.

Katrina left the 3rd black guy and started sucking the guys who was eating Angelina, her pussy was shining with wetness and saliva of that guys. This 3rd Black hunk positioned himself behind her and puller her hair like a cheap whore.

He pushed his big fat dick inside her pussy . She turned and looked directly into my eyes like if asking that are you happy watching your slut sister getting banged by their black men... ahhh ahh I could not hold and came straight into the mount of Pallavi she glopped the entire lot and gave a seductive smile.

I turned towards Angelina, went next to her and started playing with her Boobs and silky hair as if giving her approval for being getting fucked by their black men. Both of her holes were filled with big fat men cocks.

I positioned myself behind Neha who was sucking the 3rd Black guys next to her and pushed my dick into her pussy she turned around and smiled. I started fucking her with a pace ...

We all were started making erotic sounds ahh ahh fuck me ahh ... ye take my pussy my brother ... while fucking Neha parallely I started pressing boobs of Angelina and rubbing her nipples. She was mourning loudly in between sucking the cock spurrrr spurrr spur... There was steamy hot group sex happening and my first experience that to with my slut hot sisters.

Both the men ejaculated on the face of my sisters and they hungrily eat each and every drop of there come then they started cleaning there dicks with their tongue. I was ramming Neha's pussy very fast now and I also could not hold any more ... ahhhhh ahhhh ohhh I came in her pussy... My hot semen het her inner pussy flesh ... she too has a high orgasm and was mourning sounds like yeeeh come in you sisters pussy ... ah ah ah a... ahhhhhh .
We slowed down and came back to the senses. Angelina was still getting fucked while she has come twice but this black hunk was fucking her like a whore who is born to be fucked...

Man in front of her was replaced by Rob who was not getting pleasure of getting sucked, Neha also joined her and now both Neha and Angelina were sucking Rob wildly. Neha also started stroking my dick with her hand and I started groping boobs of both the sluts.

Black hunk fucking her was now high and on the verge of Cumming ... with a big push he came ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... With big globes of semen in her pussy ... Slowly his strokes came down and he took his dick out of her pussy... Being a real sissy cuckold I jumped between the legs of my sister Angelina and started licking her pussy clean of Marks cum,,,,, it was warm and bit salty ... I was in haven ...

Neha came onto me and started sucking my cock ... There was no end to this orgies.. I was sucking Angelina, she was giving a head to Rob and Neha was sucking my cock... Angeline kept caressing my head and pushing it deep into her pussy and started shouting ... ah ahhh my litter brother clean my pussy from cum of a stranger ... I want you to eat me clean ahh ah hog gwad in am cumming iiiiiii aggggg ammmm cumming ... she came again ... I has licked the entire pussy clean ... I and Rob came onto the faces of these Sluts ...

We has sex again and again throughout the night ... It was clear that Neha and Angelina were the favourite whores for all to fuck ... Both have fucked or Sucked all that guys present there and were the last girls available till morning who were fucking ...

When we planned in the morning to call it a day and return back, I asked Angelina and Neha that what was there score in fucks and sucks.. Both has more than 10 guys fucked and more than number who have come in their mouth... They were more than Sluts , and no one can even image when they would be serving on plane as Air Hostess that these women are cock hungry Sluts...

We came back home ... I again like a sissy brother licked clean both the pussies and got enormous blow job... We all had warm water bath in the tub and played with each other naked body.

I thanked both of them for getting me so much pleasure and sex and best was allowing me exploring there sexy bodies which I have dreamt for so long ... We slept all naked in each other's arms

Next episode will be more sex adventures with them and how I managed to fuck Ritu as well.

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