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What to Do with a Full Nest Pt. 01

Well here is a continuation of my second offering for Literotica. It will contain once again incest and cuckolding although the cuckolding will not appear till later in the story and will not be as extreme as in last story. It involves two families and will change the way they both live.

All of the characters are over 18 and there is no sex with anyone under the age of 18.

Hey everyone it's highly suggested reading 'How to fill an empty nest pts 1 and 2' before picking this up.


While his wife was destroying the concept of fidelity in the arms of their daughter Jack was tossing and turning in his father's house. He had driven out to spend the weekend with his dad since Donna wasn't going to be around. Since he never traveled for his job like other people it was his first night since being married that he wasn't sleeping next to his wife.

His dreams were nightmare filled visions of Donna screaming in ecstasy in the arms of multiple lovers. He kept waking up in a sweat with the images from his dreams still fresh in his head. One of the reasons he had come to see his dad was to talk about the relationship with his mother.

When he was eighteen Jack had accidently been exposed to the darker side of his parent's relationship. He had discovered that his father was a willing cuckold even though he had no idea of the term for it back then. He had accidently come home early when his parents thought he was staying at his friends house. He had seen his mother fucking a man that wasn't his father while she verbally berated her husband of eighteen years.

What had confused him was why his father want upset by the whole experience and instead was actually aroused. He didn't know it and never found out but was he was slightly lucky that he hadn't actually shown up 10 minutes later. If he had he would have been treated to the sight of his father licking his mother clean of her lover's semen. What he witnessed had devastated him and had forever changed his relationship with his mom.

Because of his fear of Donna possibly having an affair Jack felt the need to bring up the past with his father tonight. It hadn't been easy because it was obvious that his dad still missed her terribly and trying to talk about intimate issues like this was not easy to begin with. At first his father didn't want to discuss it at all then when Jack told him of his fears about Donna he opened up some.

Jack had been reminded of the earlier years of his childhood and the fights he would witness between his parents. It was never a physical disagreement just a lot of screaming and shouting. His father then asked if he remembered how the fighting had all but stopped at one point. He had to agree that it just seemed to change overnight and he had always been happy about that.

He asked his dad why it happened, how all the fighting just went away. His father took a deep breath and told him because he had made a choice. It had been the toughest choice of his whole life. He had to choose whether to accept that his mother had needs physically that he just couldn't satisfy or to choose a divorce. It was the time when divorces were becoming popular escapes from marriages that had problems.

He explained to Jack that it would have been easy to pick divorce and he would have had every right, after all his wife was cheating on him. Instead he took stock of his whole relationship with Jack's mom and found that in every other way she had been a wonderful wife. She was a wonderful housekeeper, she was an excellent cook and with him had done a wonderful job of raising him. It had been the hardest thing to do in his whole life putting his ego aside in the bedroom. He had even gone as far as making a chart documenting the percentage of their life together that really involved sex. It was such a smaller percentage than all the rest of the things that she had excelled at. So he made the only choice he could make with the evidence in front of him.

He chose to stay married and accept that his wife was going to periodically need to be with other men. At first it had just been an agreement that she could go out and do what she needed to do as long as he knew. She would tell him she was going to visit her sister and he knew it was their code. At first when it was happening he would sit and seethe at home doubting his decision to allow this.

Then she started coming home and letting little details slip about her lovers, about how big they were. How they could go for hours and hours and she would cum over and over again. Then the two of them discovered something, her telling him these things actually got him excited. He found himself in bed with his wife with a raging hard on from hearing about her exploits.

Some people might think that she took advantage of his father then when she suggested that she could bring her men home with her. Then he could actually see what she was talking about and maybe even join in from time to time. The first few times he had tried to join but soon realized that she hadn't been lying about the size difference. It intimidated him as well as excited him. So it had eventually worked its way into him sitting and watching which left everyone happy. He still didn't share the part about cleaning her cream pies with Jack because he had never witnessed it and it still confused him why he would always do it.

Jack sat and listened while his father finally spilled all the dirt on his unconventional sex life with his mother. Some people might have looked at their father with less respect but Jack could never do that. He was a rational man and reason told him that his father had made the right choice for the whole family. He sat there and once again was grateful that his parents didn't divorce like so many of his friend's parents had.

That of course brought him back to Donna and the resolution he had come to even before hearing his father's whole story. He would do whatever was necessary to keep his family together even if it came to accepting Donna having an affair. He doubted that he could go as far as his father and actually watch but had to admit that because Donna was so sexy seeing her having sex would be a turn on.

Then he had gone to bed which brought him to this moment, waking from another nightmare vision of Donna fucking someone else in his dream. Yes he had woken up from each one sweating and shaking but he had also woken up from each one with a huge erection.

While her husband was waking up in a cold sweat over the fear of her fucking someone else Donna kept waking up to make his nightmares come true. However if he could see who she was having sex with his nightmare would have been worse. It was their twenty year old daughter Katie.

After they had fallen asleep Donna had woken up and realized that for the first time since she had been married she was in a different bed than Jack and someone else was in it with her. She was naked in bed with her naked daughter and they had fallen asleep after taking the plunge into an incestuous lesbian affair.

She had immediately reached for her new lover and started making moves on her while she slept. Instead of reaching for her husband's hard cock she found herself reaching for her daughter's leaking pussy. It was still so wet and open from everything they had done the night before. She shuddered from the erotic memory of seeing Katie filed up with a fourteen inch cock, hearing her begging to be fucked right before lowering her face into her mother's pussy for the first time.

Then she had returned the favor to Katie while lying on her back and allowing Scott's cum to run out of the young pussy above her and right into her mouth. Then she had pulled it down and hoovered it out with her mouth until there wasn't a drop left and her daughter was screaming out her orgasm. Then she remembered how she had squirted pussy cum for the first time in her life and how Katie had drank up every drop.

After she woke up they made a soft slow love to each other and had fallen back asleep. This happened three other times during the night with Donna being the instigator twice and Katie twice. It just felt like they couldn't get enough of each other. She was already hooked on the taste of her daughter's pussy and even though it was the first one she had ever tasted she doubted there could be a better one. She knew that she was of course biased with Katie being her daughter but it would have to be proven to her before she believed otherwise.

She lay there in the bed and looked over the deep breathing gorgeous naked body next to her and noticed the time, it was almost one o clock in the afternoon. She laughed softly to herself because the last time she could ever remember getting up this late had to have been when she and Jack had lived here before Katie was born.

Here of course was the lower east side of Manhattan, a neighborhood that in the past had helped Donna come out of the ultra conservative shell she had been encased in when she met Jack. Now it was serving the same effect for her all these years later, she felt like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. A cocoon of boredom and depression she had found herself in when her daughter left home to start school. Some people call it the empty nest syndrome and the empty part was definitely true. But that had all passed yesterday as soon as she had emerged from the downtown number 4 train into Astor Place.

She had immediately felt renewed and excited to be spending the weekend in this part of the city. Of course the fact that she had come to town already committed to giving in to anything her daughter wanted helped her build level of excitement. Now in hindsight and after they had both talked yesterday and confessed to having an unorthodox attraction each other it seemed inevitable that she would wake up hungry for more of her daughter's delicious pussy.

She heard a sound from outside and then she stretched and yawned noisily. As soon as she did a bright red head peeked itself from around the corner of the door jamb. She smiled at the young woman, her daughter's best friend Trish. She had been as important a part to the night before as either her or her daughter in a strange way. She had filmed the entire night including all the sex that had happened in the apartment. It was all going to be a part of Katie's planned film project for her next semester. Donna didn't even feel the least bit nervous or guilty about agreeing to allow what ever happened with them to be captured on video.

It seemed that she had raised a definite exhibitionist for a daughter and she wondered if she was always a closet one herself after last night. She hadn't felt the least bit self conscious about being filmed having sex with Katie instead it had turned her on even more.

She smiled wickedly to herself as she remembered how they finished the night off. They had taken a ritual that had bonded her and Katie over the years and turned it into a filthy perversion of itself. Donnas' ritual of brushing Katie's hair every night before she went to sleep had turned into her fucking her daughter with the handle of that very same brush till she came all over Donnas' hand.

That moment had also been Trish's first naked moment in the working film a she planted the camera and masturbated while watching Donna fuck Katie. Her earlier thought of needing proof that Katie's pussy wasn't the best tasting in the world would definitely be put to the test in the future. She could already see Trish crouching over her face in her imagination along with Naomi, one of Katie's ex lovers. Who knows how many other's there would be, she wasn't going to say no to anything her daughter wanted her to experience.

They might have even started with Trish last night but hearing Katie's desire to be with Donna had awakened a similar desire in Trish. After Donna had mentioned talking to her mother, Joanna, Trish had decided that she wanted her first girl- girl experience to be with her own mom. That had eliminated any chance of her joining Katie and Donna in the bed this weekend. However after Donna had shared some rather shocking information with Trish the night before all three of them were in agreement that it would only be a matter of time till Trish also got her wish.

"Morning Donna, from what I heard from here last night I guess there wasn't much sleeping going on?" Trish said while sheepishly entering the room.

"Sleep is overrated sweetie when you are sharing a bed with someone who looks like this," she said. Katie was sprawled out with her legs half open and her bald pussy winking at anyone who could see. She had a contented smile on her face that Trish couldn't ever remember seeing when she slept with anyone.

"She looks really happy and so do you! No regrets or morning after jitters on your part?" Trish asked curiously. She doubted there would be any by the way both Donna and Katie had spent the whole day kissing and flirting then finishing it off with a literal bang.

"Nope not a single one, if anything I'm more eager now to see what my obviously slutty daughter has in store for her equally slutty mom," she added.

"Hey who you calling slutty?" Katie said in a half awake groggy voice. The conversation had wakened her up and she was not a morning girl.

"Uh oh watch out Donna the beast awakens," Trish teased. She had learned over the six months they had roomed together that the best way to have a happy Katie in the morning was to have coffee ready. She had appointed herself the keeper of the first cup as she liked to call herself. She always tried to be up before Katie and have the coffee brewed and ready. If she didn't have an overnighter in her room she almost always brought in a cup to help her friend wake up. She never looked at it as being taken advantage of because Katie never expected it of her.

"You don't have to tell me, although I've never had the pleasure to wake up next to her I know Katie's beast well. There were many mornings growing up where I'm sure she wished she had a lock on her door to keep me out in the mornings," Donna said with a giggle.

"Mom!!" Katie whined, "I was never a pain in the ass to get up in the morning!"

"Oh gods now I think you are suffering some early memory loss sweetie." Donna said.

"I was always the most pleasant and happy soul in the morning and you know it!" Katie said while sitting up against the headboard. When she did her gorgeous breasts hung naturally and begged to have someone touch them. Her legs were still splayed wide open too and there was obviously pussy dew on her lips.

Donna was mesmerized once again by the sight of her daughter's naked body. She was sure she would never get tired of looking at it or touching and tasting it. In fact it was taking all her self control to not just ravage her right now. She knew there would be plenty of playing today and tomorrow so she didn't feel desperate.

"Oh yeah you were always the easiest person to wake up in the morning. Hey Trish do you want to know how I got Katie out of bed more mornings than not?" Donna asked while wickedly looking at her daughter.

Katie knew what was coming, "Oh god noooooo...please mommy not that! I'm too old for that!"

Trish loved being a part of the whole interaction between Katie and Donna; she really did feel like family with them. "Show me Donna, how did you get her out of bed?"

Donna quickly turned on the bed and deftly started tickling Katie. It resulted in loud screams of laughter from her daughter and she kept going. Over the years she had discovered all of Katie's ticklish spots and had to avoid some of them as she got older. Now there was no restraint as she reached in between Katie's wide spread thighs and found the spot right near her crotch that made her insane.

It eventually turned into a laughter filled wrestling match with Katie the winner on top.

"So my evil mommy, you think it's funny to tickle me still? Well I'm a grown woman now and tickling comes with punishment so you know what you have to do don't you?" she asked as she sat prone on top of her mother's chest.

Donna knew the answer obviously since what they both wanted was inches from her mouth. She just wanted to hear the words come out of Katie's mouth. She needed to hear her command so it took all the responsibility from her.

"Tell me honey; remember I NEED you to tell me baby!" Donna asked licking her lips.

Trish had picked up the camera she left behind the night before right before Donna started tickling Katie. Now she zoomed in on Donnas' face and the hunger was so evident, the hunger for her own daughter's pussy.

"Eat me, eat my pussy mom and make it cum, make it cum in your mouth!" Katie demanded.

After she had said the words that Donna needed to hear she felt her hands pulling her up towards the waiting mouth. When she got even with her mother's mouth and could just feel the tongue start to touch her she lifted up slightly.

"Oh no mommy, prove to me how hungry you are, how much you want me for breakfast!" Katie chuckled keeping her cunt just out of reach of Donnas' searching tongue.

Donna grabbed Katie's hips and forcefully pulled her down until her pussy was flush with her face. As she did she speared her tongue all the way up into her young pussy letting her taste buds savor the flavor once again. She felt her mouth fill with her daughter's natural secretions and she swallowed every drop.

Katie let out a loud moan as she felt Donnas' tongue reach further in her cunt than any tongue had ever gotten before. It almost felt as if she was trying to push her whole face inside there. She could hear the sounds of sucking coming from her crotch and looking over at a mirror she could see their reflection. It almost made her faint how hot they looked together. She hadn't had a chance to see any of the video Trish had shot the night before so this was the first image she had of them together.

While looking in the mirror she reached down and pulled her mother's face even tighter into her now inflamed cunt. She needed to cum and she wanted to see it happen so she kept looking at the mirror. Donna was sucking and eating Katie's pussy like she was possessed, as if her life depended on getting sustenance from in between her daughter's legs.

She noticed that Katie wasn't looking at her while she was working so hard to give her little girl a first thing in the morning (or in this case afternoon) orgasm. She looked over to see what Katie was staring at and she got overwhelmed with what she could see. She could hardly turn her head but she didn't need to for her to see the reflection of her sucking her daughter's pussy. She wondered if they looked that hot together on the video Trish had gotten so far.

Then she went back to making her daughter scream again, this would be the fifth or sixth orgasm that Katie was having from her eating her pussy. She loved the feel of her daughter's thighs each time she came because they would lock on to his head and squeeze with every pulse of Katie's orgasm.

Sex with Katie was so different than with Jack and not just because it was girl on girl. There was an intensity to their coupling that has been missing from her marriage for many years. It was new and exciting making her feel so young and vibrant again. It made every nerve in her body tingle with lust.

As they were both looking at their naked bodies in the mirror Katie threw her head back and instead of screaming she started grunting. Then her hips started spasming like never before and as they did she just started flopping on her mother's face in a convulsive movement.

Donna had her thighs in a death grip and wasn't going to stop sucking her daughter's clit till her orgasm passed all the way through her body. She felt empowered by her ability to make her daughter feel the way she was but it wasn't just the incestuous part of it, it was also the age thing. She was a 42 year old woman who was making a girl half her age have a huge orgasm on her face, it did wonders for her ego.
"UGHHHH...UGGHHHHHH...UGHHHHHH...OOOOOOOOOOOO!!" was all that was coming out of her daughter's mouth. Then all of a sudden it all stopped and Katie collapsed on her face. She literally fell forward on the bed almost smothering her mom in the process.

Trish was taping but was in shock, she had seen Katie orgasm many times over recent months and nothing even came close to what she just witnessed. If she wasn't seeing her chest rising and falling she would think that Donna had killed her with her mouth.

Donna pulled herself out from under her daughter's unconscious body with a mix of amusement and concern. She had never heard of anyone blacking out during an orgasm and the mother in her was rearing its concerned head. The lover in her was amused that she was able to do that for her young partner.

After a few moments Katie came to suddenly, she was disoriented and at first didn't realize where she was. Then she saw her mom next to her and she flung herself into her arms crushing her lips to Donnas'.

"Oh my god mommy, please promise you'll never stop doing that. That was the greatest orgasm of my whole life! Did I pass out, oh my god I couldn't even talk when I was cumming? Seriously mom, promise me that your magic mouth will always take care of your little girl!" Katie begged.

"Hmmm magic mouth huh...well since you put it that way how can I say no! I promise you sweetie I will always be willing to do that for you. How could any mother say no to such a heartfelt request from her daughter?" Donna said as her and Katie swapped tongues again.

"Oh my god, you guys are amazing! I can't even tell you how hot it was to just watch that whole thing! You do know that if your professors turn down your project you will have the hottest porn ever shot on your hands. I even have the title after hearing all that, 'Mom's Magic Mouth!" Trish said letting the awe for Katie and Donna come through clearly in her voice.

After she said it they all laughed at Trish's overly cheesy title. However it clearly registered with both Katie and Donna that Trish was right, this was some of the hottest porn ever made.

"How about it mommy you ready to become the first ever mother daughter porn duo?" Katie teased. She was only partially teasing but she knew that if it came down to it she would have no problem getting into porn since she loved showing off. She was still very confident that her professor would see the artistic merit in the relationship side of their film.

"Honey, I know I shouldn't say this but I will follow you wherever you want. If you want us to make movies like that my head will be between your beautiful legs while you smile for the camera. I came to you this weekend to broaden my sexual horizons and I don't just want it to be for this weekend," Donna told her firmly.

"Don't you worry about that mom, this weekend is the first weekend of the rest of your life and it will never be the same again!" Katie gushed.

Trish put the camera down and asked Donna how she took her coffee. Then she went into the kitchen and returned with two steaming cups for the incestuous duo. She was only gone two minutes but when she returned Katie was already in between her mother's legs returning the favor of waking up with such a wonderful orgasm.

She didn't pick up the camera this time but instead she put the coffee on their nightstand and sat in her chair. She watched Katie's mouth working over Donnas' pussy making the older woman squirm. Once again while watching the two of them she allowed herself to be transported in her head so that it was her face in between her won mother's thighs. She was even able to change Donnas' cries of ecstasy into her own mother's voice.

She rubbed her naturally red-haired pussy till she herself was shuddering in orgasm along with Donna. Afterwards they all just lay there recovering before Katie picked up the one cup and handed it to her mother before picking her own up.

"Trish makes the best coffee in the world mom!"

Donna looked at the recovering young woman and smiled. Even though she was as different looking as could be then her own daughter she had spent enough time with Trish while she was growing up that she was like a second daughter.

In fact the three of them were all beautiful but in different ways. Katie and Donna could almost be twins but with one being older than the other. The only true difference between Katie and Donna was the color of their hair, Donnas' being jet black while Katie's was a rich chestnut brown.

Their bodies however were made in the same mold with each of them proudly displaying their 34 dd tits to Trish. They weren't tall so their legs weren't the type that went on forever they did however stop at amazing bubble asses on each of them. Donnas' Italian roots were very evident in both of their body types and their light olive complexion. Voluptuous and curvy was the best way to describe the both of them. If they were to be compared favorably to any porn stars it would be Ava Adams or Rayveness with Katie being the younger version of both.

Trish was at the opposite end of them in body types, she was fair skinned with small freckles everywhere. She could almost be a twin of Faye Reagan the nubile porn star of recent years. She proudly wore her Irish heritage in her naturally flaming red hair both upstairs and downstairs. Her breasts while not as large as either Katie or Donna were gorgeously pear shaped 34bs capped with bright pink cherry sized nipples. She was taller than both Katie and Donna so the legs they didn't have were taken by Trish and her ass was a perfect heart shape that begged to be grabbed and squeezed.

Donna looked over at the dreamy look on Trish's face and knew what she was dreaming about. She didn't even have to ask but she wanted to anyway because she liked hearing Trish admit what she wanted.

"Honey, you look like you're lost in thought what's going through that pretty head of yours?"

"Ummm well I think you know, it's just that watching you and Katie is making me even hotter for a chance to get with my own mom," she said shyly.

"Just have a little patience sweetie, I think me and Katie are proof that good things come to those who wait," Donna reassured her.

"Katie will tell you, patience has never been something I've been good at. You don't know it but I can be a spoiled little brat sometimes if I don't get what I want!" she said with a playful pout.

"Oh god mom you've never seen that side of her but it's so true. I can't tell you how many times I've had to see that very same pout through the years. Oddly enough it was almost always Joanna that would tell her no and bring it on, there's some definite irony there!" Katie said while sipping her coffee.

Donna was enjoying her coffee also and silently agreed with Katie that Trish made a wonderful cup of coffee. She couldn't wait to hook her up with Joanna so she could see what other talents she might have; she knew Katie felt the same way just by the way she looked at her best friend.

She could see the hunger in Katie's eyes when she looked at Trish and she couldn't blame her. She was feeling the same way herself and Trish had even admitted that she was planning on playing with them this weekend till her desire for Joanna struck her. Then she came up with the romantic idea of letting her mother take her lesbian cherry so now she was just an observer.

Looking at the clock and noticing it was already after two on a Saturday afternoon Donna asked, "So what do two gorgeous young women like you do normally on a Saturday afternoon?"

Katie and Trish looked at each other and while giggling shouted, "Brunch baby, Brunch!"

"Well then I guess we should get our asses in gear and hit a place, I'm sure you have someplace in mind." Donna mentioned while getting out of her daughter's bed.

Both young women were just staring at her as she stood there naked and glowing from her early morning sex with Katie. They both were amazed that it was really happening Katie more so than Trish. Katie nudged Trish and motioned towards the camera.

Trish picked it up and filmed Donna stretching and getting ready to head in to the shower.

"Do you mind if I film you taking your shower Donna?" Trish asked softly.

"No sweetie, not at all I have to get comfortable being on camera if my daughter's perverted plans are going to happen. I mean do you think she was serious about us having our own website last night," she asked Trish when they were alone in the bathroom.

"Very serious, that's one thing about Katie is she never plays about things she wants to happen. She's a very determined young woman and I just love her dedication when she sets her sights on something," Trish told her.

"I don't know Trish do you think people would really pay to see me and her play live on the internet?" Donna asked even though she was now confident the answer was yes. She was more asking to tease Trish again about her own incestuous desires.

"I know I would pay!" she said softly.

"Would you be willing to play with Joanna on the internet too sweetie?" Donna teased.

"Right now I would give myself to her as her own personal sex slave and slut, I would do whatever she asked me too!" Trish confessed.

"Well I think we will just have to test that statement sometime in the future baby. Yes I think I would enjoy seeing Joanna put you under her spell. Your mom has a feeling of sensuality about her that gets her pretty much anything she wants you know. I'm curious but are you even sure you know what she does for a living?" Donna hinted. She had more secrets about Trish's mom but she wouldn't reveal them just use them to titillate Trish's curiosity even more.

"Ummm yeah she's a negotiator in her firm, she is the one that goes in and gets deals done when the client is being difficult." Trish told her.

"And just exactly how do you think your mother gets all those clients who don't want to deal to agree to a contract?" she hinted again.

"Ummm I don't really know...oh wait are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"Baby I'm not SAYING anything; I'm just asking that's all. Don't worry about it though it's nothing you ever needed to know before so just let it go for now." Donna said as she put her head under the spray of water.

Trish sat there with the camera filming feeling shocked by what Donna had implied. She had clearly hinted at the possibility that her mother used her body to get her job done. The whole thing about using her sensuality and getting deals done that appeared dead. She had always known her mother was her firms closer but she had never even dreamed how she went about it. Now armed with Donnas' hints and all the other things she had found out about her she was sure that Donna was telling her that her mom slept with men to get her job done.

She was torn in thinking that and she was surprised that she felt that way. She already knew that her parent's had a very unorthodox sex life with her father being a willing cuckold in their marriage. As she sat there thinking about it she realized even if it were true it wouldn't bother her. If anything it made her admire her mother even more because it made her look even stronger in Trish's eyes. She was a woman who would use whatever was necessary to get the job done.

She envisioned herself being a strong woman someday but she still had a long way to go. She wondered if she could ever have the strength to do what she now suspected her mother did for a living. She smiled and actually though how great it would be to get paid outrageous amounts of money to give her body to someone.

The word prostitute never even entered her mind, instead she just thought that getting paid on that level to have sex was a win win for her mother if it was true. To her a prostitute was some dirty woman on a corner not her gorgeous elegant mother. She realized as she filmed Donna rinsing the soap off of her body how much her attitude towards sex had changed since living with Katie, and how much it had changed just this weekend. She was becoming more and more open minded to things that only two weeks ago would have made her shake her head in wonder. Incest, getting paid for sex, making a sex film, multiple sex partners, and the list was growing and growing and her involvement was growing too, much to her ever expanding delight.

Donna finished her shower and was tempted to run right back to Katie's room and get sweaty all over again. She held herself in check because as great as she felt about becoming Katie's lover she wanted to nurture their friendship even more. She had no idea how far this new found relationship with Katie would go but she wanted it to 'be a relationship' and not just sex.

So to help her do that she wanted to spend time with the girls learning what they liked to do on a typical day. Brunch was their choice and brunch it would be, her stomach grumbled in agreement.

Trish took her turn in the shower next so Donna did go back to her daughter's room but to get dressed not to fuck. Katie was still lazing on the bed and looked up at her through drowsy eyes.

"You are so beautiful mom, in all my fantasies I always imagined doing this too. Just sitting back and watching you as you walk around naked. At some point this weekend I'm going to have to pinch myself to make sure this is all real," she purred seductively.

"Honey this is as real as it gets and like you told me earlier, it's just the beginning!" Donna told her as she opened her bag and pulled out some clothes. She pulled on a pair of panties only to hear Katie tell her how yummy her ass looked in them. They weren't anything fancy but they were Victoria Secrets, all her underwear she brought this weekend was from there. She had wanted to bring sexy things in case her wish came true.

Just as Donna was about to put her bra on, a very sheer light blue lace that barely hid even her nipples Katie stopped her.

"No mom, no bra this weekend, I want the pleasure of seeing you hang free and bounce naturally. I've waited so long to see your beautiful boobs I don't want any bra holding them in!"

"Whatever you want baby, I want to make you happy. I have to admit though I have never gone without a bra even when I was younger," she said as she tossed the unused garment on the bed.

"You're gonna love it, especially all the attention it's gonna get you. I'm gonna feel like the guy who walks down the street with the hottest girl. I'll know everyone's eyes will be on you but they can't have you can they Donna?" she said on her hands and knees while she gazed into her mom's eyes.

"Oh baby, no they can't have me, unless you give me to them. Do you want to do that honey, do you want to share your slut mom with all of your friends baby. If you do I'll do it you know, anything you ask I'll do it I promise!" she said as if in a trance.

She felt like she was hypnotized by her daughter's eyes, as if she had no will of her own right then. She meant what she was saying too, she would spread her legs for anyone her daughter offered her to. She knew it was going to happen it was just a matter of when and who the first person would be.

"Oh god mommy we're going to be so wonderful together. I think we're going to be a perfect couple, I'll lead you into such debauchery and you will be my eager follower wont you Donna?" she whispered in her mother's ear.

"Yes baby, yes, I will follow you anywhere but right now I think I want to follow you to brunch because my belly's grumbling," she said playfully breaking Katie's spell for the moment.

Just then they heard Trish shout out that the shower was free so Katie jumped off the bed and as she was about to leave the room turned and blew her mother a kiss.

Donna pretended to catch it and smiled widely at her daughter then watched her do a quick pirouette and leave the room. She felt so alive and free right now nothing could spoil her mood that was until she looked over at her phone. She had turned the ringer off when she got to Katie's apartment so she hadn't heard it go off. She had four missed calls all from this morning, every one of them from Jack.

She cursed him under her breath for trying to interfere with her time with Katie even after she asked him not too. She had tried to explain to him that she didn't want anything disturbing them over the weekend. She had even refused his offer to come and have dinner with them on Monday when he had learned of her plan to stay over Sunday night too.

She had shut him down because she didn't want him anywhere near what was happening here. She was making new memories this weekend and he wasn't supposed to be a part of these new ones. She had plenty of memories with him down here but this was new and different, this was Donna version 2.0. She had always loved this part of the city more than any other but hadn't visited it in so many years. Now she was back again and it was part of why she felt so alive and free.

After they were all dressed Donna let herself be led to a smallish restaurant on Avenue B called the Cornerstone Café. She almost couldn't keep up with the chatter going on but it didn't matter to her because she was right at home on her daughter's arm. She had already adopted the role of the girlfriend in her new relationship with Katie. She held her arm and put her head on her daughter's shoulder as they walked down the street. Because it was the east village it appeared as normal as anything else so no one gave them a second glance because of it.

They did attract looks though but they were looks of envy from both young men and women. None of them were wearing a bra and it was fairly obvious especially from Donna. She was so turned on by allowing her daughter to stake her claim over her in the street that her nipples were hard as rocks.

When they got to the restaurant the hostess knew both Katie and Trish and sat them at a table in the outdoor café part of the restaurant. It was a beautiful spring day outside and even though it was the middle of the afternoon the place was packed. Donna was amazed at the amount of activity in this part of the city and once again found herself impressed and saddened by all the changes.

As they were being sat Donna couldn't help but notice the cute hostess whisper into Katie's ear. She saw Katie whisper back to her and the young girl gave Donna a once over that made her wonder what had transpired between them.

"Donna, I'd like you to meet a friend of mine Michelle! Me and Michelle used to...well I guess you know!" Katie told her. Her curiosity must have been written all over her face so Katie had taken the bull by the horns.

Donna knew exactly what she meant; this young punk girl was another of Katie's conquests. She would have to ask her just how many conquests she actually had since living here. Donna was taken with the young woman too because there was something very erotic about her. She wasn't by any means sleazy but there was a hunger in her eyes that Donna could see, it made her curious what it would feel like to let this young tigress feast upon her.

She was shorter than even Katie which put her at about five foot three inches tall. She had an almost elvish appearance about her and it took a moment for Donna to put her finger on it. If her hair hadn't been dyed purple and had been blonde she could easily pass for a young Cate Blanchett. It was hard to tell what kind of body she had because she wasn't dressed to let anyone know. Donna wondered if the young woman was a fully fledged lesbian and it made her blush slightly.

"Well Donna is it; I have to admit I'm a little shocked!"

Donna recovered and before answering her leaned over and gave Katie a smoldering kiss that had other's looking on. Then she looked at the girl and asked, "What shocked you, maybe our age difference. You shouldn't let it; I mean if you really are Katie's friend you must know she has a thing for older women? I keep trying to convince her she has mommy issues but she won't admit it!"
Trish was trying to stifle her laughter at the way Donna had thrown Michelle off. She knew that Michelle was fiery and had no problem speaking her mind. Katie had taken her to the maximum four visits before cutting her loose too. She remembered it took Michelle a while to get over it.

Katie's attraction to Michelle had always baffled her because she was nowhere near the type of girl that Katie targeted when looking for a woman lover. It was always as Donna just said, an older more mature woman.

Michelle stared down for a second at Donna sizing her up once again. Then she smiled and held her hand out, "No actually the age thing didn't surprise me, trust me I know firsthand about her mommy thing. You're right though she's as stubborn as they come and she won't ever admit it. No, what surprised me was when she whispered to me she referred to you as her girlfriend. Katie's always been unreachable on that level so you must be pretty special. It's so nice to meet you Donna."

Donna looked over at Katie who was squirming in her seat at the whole interaction, "Did she really, well it's always good to hear these things second hand. Girlfriend, Hmmmm I kind of like the sound of that. I think it's something I could easily get used to! Yes Michelle it's very nice to meet you too!"

Instead of just taking the girls hand she stood up and pulled her into a hug making sure to press her braless breasts into the girl's chest too. When she did she was surprised to feel a set of boobs that probably wasn't much smaller than hers or Katie's. When she let the girl go and sat back down she caught Michelle giving Katie two thumbs up.

As they all sat and checked out the menu Katie kept catching a look of curiosity from her mom. She had forgotten that Michelle was still hosting here and found it amusing that in two days her mother had already met two of her former lovers. Before this weekend she might have been embarrassed or afraid that her mother would judge her and think that she was some kind of slut. However after last night there had to be no doubt in her mom's eyes that she was definitely a slut. The best part of that was that Donna seemed eager to follow right in her footsteps.

"Very cute honey, should I be looking forward to some quality naked time with her too like we promised Naomi?" Donna teased.

"I don't know mom, I seriously doubt she would refuse a romp in the bed with us!" Katie said with a laugh.

Trish looked up from her menu and asked Katie what was so funny. She had already made up her mind what she wanted.

"Listen to me and my mother, we're sitting here talking about whether we will hook up with another of my ex-lovers. It's so surreal and crazy, I feel like I've died and gone to heaven and got my most heartfelt wish!" she said reaching for her lover's hand.

"I guess I just want to make up for lots of lost time honey, both with you and with myself. I've wanted to become more open sexually for quite some time now but your dad just couldn't see it. He wouldn't even hear it when I suggested maybe playing with others and he even threatened to file for divorce if I kept bringing it up." Donna explained.

"Wow mom, do you think he would do that, what about us if he finds out? Do you think daddy will divorce you if he finds out what we want to do with each other?" Katie asked with concern. She never wanted to break her parents up with her desires for her mom. She felt like it could be a separate thing from her life in Connecticut but if she thought deeper on the subject she knew he would find out eventually.

In fact ever since Trish had explained her own parents cuckold style relationship she was intrigued at what it would take to make her dad accept the same thing. She wickedly envisioned her and her mom in her parent's bed with Scott fucking them while her father sat passively in a chair watching. The thought made her shiver and her pussy leak at the sheer depravity of it.

"No honey I don't think he would do it, but right now I don't care if he would. I feel alive again for the first time in years and I refuse to let go of the excitement of yesterday. I will tell you though that I'm sure he will find out about us, it might even come right from me one day if he pisses me off. I love your father but I need to have a life that is full and exciting so when he does find out I will hope for the best." Donna told her sincerely.

Katie was overjoyed to hear that her mom would continue to be her lover even if her dad found out. She felt the inspiration to throw her wicked little idea out there to get her mother's reaction.

"Mom, I want you to think about something, it's really dirty and really wicked so close your eyes and picture everything I'm going to say. I want you to picture you on your hands and knees on your bed back at home, and then I want you to imagine yourself getting fucked. A raw deep emotionless fuck, just sport sex primal and raw. Then I want you to also picture your face in between my thighs. My legs are spread wide and it's obvious that I was fucked right before you because there is cum dripping down my thighs. Then I want you to picture your face eating that very same cum out of my cunt while I hold you in place. After a few minutes the person fucking you fills your pussy with his seed and you immediately turn around and plant yourself on my face. You eagerly feed me, your own daughter that warm cum right from your cunt and as you do I eat you to another massive orgasm on the same bed you sleep with your husband every night. Can you see that, I mean can you really picture what I'm asking you?"

Both Donna and Trish were visibly affected by Katie's graphic description of a threesome with her mother. Trish's fair skin was red with desire after hearing Katie ask her mother to put that in her head.

Donna was breathing heavily as she answered, "Oh god yes I can picture that, you are such a wicked little slut turning me on like that here in public. Now I have to sit here with my pussy dripping on this chair."

"Whoa, one second mom I'm not done yet, there's one more part of that picture that I want you to see. This is the thing that takes it from perverse to depraved and I can't even believe I'm suggesting it but...the last thing I want to picture is daddy sitting in a chair watching all of that while we all fuck!"

Both Donna and Trish moaned out loud as the sight of Steve sitting docilely watching his wife and daughter fucking each other and another man exploded in their heads. Trish of course had some experience with these thoughts but Donna was taken totally by surprise. The picture that Katie had painted in her head had made her leak before adding that last bit. Now she almost felt like the slightest touch would make her pussy explode. It was so perversely wrong but so damn erotic. Of course it would always be a fantasy now that Katie had put it in her head but she had no faith that Steve would ever do that.

Of course up until this week she had always believed her fantasies involving Katie would never come true. She wanted to curse her daughter for planting the seed of that scenario in her head because it would now grow and germinate just like her thoughts about Katie had done.

"Honey, I am speechless but so fucking turned on right now. Why would you even think that the same man I just described to you would ever do something like that? I mean I told you what his reaction was when I just suggested us playing with others and he would have been involved in that."

"I don't know mom, it's just that after Trish revealed how her mother and father live together I thought...I guess I thought that maybe we could lead daddy down that path together once you said you were sure he would find out about us." Katie said softly. She was no different than her roommate of mother, the idea had her juices flowing freely and she found herself wishing they had skipped the dam brunch.

Just then Michelle returned to take their order and it broke the spell for a few minutes.

Trish ordered the Texas French toast because it was her absolute favorite. They would take the huge pieces of bread and after cooking them split them and fill them with strawberries and mascarpone cheese. Katie had always shrugged her head as she watched her eat it wondering how she kept the weight off.

Donna let Katie order for her for two reasons, first was she honestly felt like she was out on a date and when her and Jack had first started seeing each other he would do that for her too. Second of course was she had never been here and Katie knew the menu, so she wound up baked eggs with Italian sausage, tomato sauce and basil. It was kind of like a frittata but served in a casserole dish. Donna moaned with every bite loving the whole thing, not just the eggs but the whole experience.

It was a beautiful Saturday and she was eating at an outdoor café with her lover and her young friend. Life couldn't get any better, and then her phone rang again.

Katie who was having a specialty burger called a Tuscan fontina burger looked at the cloud that came over her mother's face when the phone rang.

"Mom it must be dad aren't you going to pick it up?" she asked playfully. She felt wicked encouraging her new lover to pick up the phone and talk to her husband while they sat in the café.

"No damn him, I told him yesterday not to call this weekend. I told him I wanted this to be strictly a girl's weekend together and that he could handle not talking with me for a few days," Donna said making no effort to hide her exasperation.

'Here give it to me; I'll fix it all right now!" Katie said taking the phone from her mom.


"Relax mommy, I think I have little bit of influence with my daddy too don't you?"

Jack of course was once again about to hang up, he had tried Donna four times the day before and gotten nothing. Now still nothing and he was starting to get nervous and his fears and suspicions were eating away at him even more. He hadn't slept more than 3 hours the night before because of the lust filled nightmares he had experienced.

He not only had woken up numerous times but had furiously masturbated each time he did. It seemed to be the only thing he could do to get the images of Donna getting fucked to go away briefly. He felt sickened at his own reactions to the nightmares and for the first time ever wondered if his father had been right about loving someone enough to give them more freedom than a conventional marriage allowed.

Just as he was about to hang up he heard a voice, it wasn't Donnas' but it was just as good to him.

"Katie, honey I've been trying to get your mom is she there with you right now?" he said with just a slight edge of anxiety in his voice.

"Oh and hello to you too daddy!" Katie giggled while looking at Donna. Her mother had a seriously pissed off look on her face. Katie needed to handle this because she wanted her mom to stay relaxed and happy.

"Honey I'm sorry, hi how are you doing?"

"I'm fine daddy and so is mommy. She's out with Trish at the moment I think Trish took her to a clothes store nearby to get something for tonight. I'm taking mom out to a club for the first time in years for her. Is everything okay with you, I mean you almost sound frantic?"

"No honey, everything's okay it's just that I tried calling yesterday to make sure your mom made it to your house safe but I never heard back. Going to a club huh, I guess she's having a good time then," he answered trying to tone down his nervousness.

"Daddy just listen to yourself, mom's a big girl and I think she can handle riding a few trains on her own. Anyway she got her safe as a bug in a yesterday and we wound up eating at an Indian restaurant that you and her used to have dinner at all the time. She even knew the manager and it was tons of fun. Remember dad the whole point of this weekend is for mom to have fun and loosen up some so just trust me that I have her best interests in heart. Let her go till Monday okay and then I promise your wife will come home to you a happier woman than when she left okay?"

He had really hoped to talk with Donna because on top of his worries it was the first time they had been apart overnight ever. He was missing her and felt lost in some way but he would try and accept it after all it was just one weekend.

"You're right honey, I'm glad she's having fun with you it'll be good for her. I mean it's only this one weekend and maybe a couple more right?"

Katie saw the moment and pounced even though she knew by the sound in her father's voice it would be a hardship for him. Unfortunately for him she was thinking selfishly and not considering the effect on him that her request would have.

"Ummmmm well I was going to call you and talk with you about that daddy. I mean once mom showed up yesterday I had a sudden brainstorm. I've been drawing a complete blank about my huge film project that I need to have for the fall semester. Then I was sitting with mom and listening to her talk about how she felt after I came to live here and how it affected her. Suddenly it came to me that she must not be alone in this feeling and my project came to mind, I suggested it to her and she was thrilled. The only part she wasn't thrilled with was how it would affect you..." Katie left the hook dangling waiting for her father to bite.

Jack just couldn't escape a gut feeling that this conversation was one that would change his life. He shrugged it off because it was his sweet innocent little Katie talking with him, how could anything she asked for be a threat to him.

"What is it honey, tell me?" Jack bit.

Katie pulled the hook and set it in her father, "It involves mom directly and she will be one of the subjects of the film. It will examine the effects of the so called 'empty nest syndrome' on woman her age. It will also show how we help her come around and get past the depression and feeling of loss she was living with."

Jack didn't see how this could be so bad; it would give Donna a feeling of being involved with something important. It was definitely important too because he knew other couples must be living through the same nightmare he had for the last few months. So much for his feeling of dread, he was proud of his daughter for wanting to get her mother involved.

"Honey that sounds like a great idea, I'm all for it. I can't help but believe it will be great for your mom to be involved in something so important too. So what do you need to make it happen, how much will she have to be involved?" Jack swallowed, hook line and sinker.

"Well that's the rub daddy and it's where mom's concern came into play. I told her you would be fine with it because you would see how important it could be for her and for lots of other people too. I need mom to be here every weekend for the next six months, form Friday morning till Monday afternoon. I know it sounds like a lot but it's going to be a very intense film with a lot of emotional exposure. Mom's going to have to be exposing herself in ways you wouldn't imagine to let the audience feel what she is feeling." Katie pulled at her fish on the hook.

Jack for sure felt like that fish too, his gut felt the effect of the hook being lodged in there. He couldn't believe his ears, every weekend for six months! His marriage was in trouble before this weekend and he wondered how they could work on it if Donna wasn't going to be there for the majority of time he wasn't working.

"Honey, I don't know...I mean it sounds like a great idea but six months, every weekend? I, well, when would me and your mother have time together. I understand how important this could be for her and for others but..."

The strength of her line was now about to be put to the test. Could she reel him in or would he break away and decide she was crazy for asking what she did.

"Daddy don't you remember how when I was young you would always tell me that not enough people in the world put other's before themselves. That there weren't enough altruistic acts being done and that the world was getting more and more selfish? Mom knows it will be tough for you but let me ask you a personal question, did things get better for you the last few days before this weekend?"

"Ummm what do you mean honey?" Jack said back. He knew what she was asking but wasn't really comfortable with talking about it with his daughter.

"Dad, I'm going to be twenty years old and I'm not a virgin, did your sex life get better this week. Was mommy a better wife to you when she had something to look forward to?" Katie reeled him in a little more.

"Well yes I guess you can say they did get better, but honey it had been months before that since...well you know."

"Daddy believe it or not but me and mommy have a pretty open relationship. She told me all about her loss of desire and lack of passion. She also told me that once she knew she was coming to see me that it was like a fog lifted from her and she couldn't get enough of you the last few nights. Well she wanted me to promise you that if you let her be in my film every week when she comes home it will be just the same. She wanted me to tell you that she promises to make you feel like you are twenty one all over again. Do this for her daddy, please do it for me and do it for other people who might find what we do helpful and stimulating!"

Jack hadn't ever been able to really deny his daughter anything and after hearing her impassioned plea he knew he would agree. Hey if Donna lived up to what she said to Katie he might just need his weekends to recover from the weeknights.

"Okay kitten, you are going to owe me a huge favor someday though. Tell your mom to enjoy the rest of the weekend, oh and tell her that her twenty one year old husband will be waiting for her with open arms on Monday night!"

"Oh thank you daddy, thank you so much. I can't begin to tell you how happy this will make both me and mommy. Don't you worry either I will be taking care of mommy every weekend she is here too, it will be as if she was here with you! I love you so much and thank you again!" Katie gushed. She couldn't believe her father had gone for it so easily. She was sure it would take more than one phone call.

"I love you too honey, tell your mom I love her too!" Jack said and hung up. There was one last thing that Katie had said that had made him uneasy. She had said that whenever Donna was with her it would be as if he was there with her. He let it rattle in his brain and then let it go after all it couldn't mean anything because it was his daughter saying it. Then he briefly remembered his jealousies over the close relationship the two of them had and he quickly squashed that thought.

His paranoia had him thinking things that were so ridiculous and absurd that he went into her father's study and poured himself a double shot of scotch. He sat there and let all his fears pass for now instead focusing on what Donna had told Katie, he remembered there was lots of sex when he was twenty one.

After she hung up with her father Katie handed her mother back her phone. She pulled her into an embrace and kissed her deeply.

"Hmmm hmmm," she heard as Michelle appeared, "Katie please keep in mind that this is a family restaurant!"

"It never seemed to bother you when it was you on the receiving end, my girlfriend here is curious as to how you might taste on the receiving end. Would you care to set something up to let her get her own taste?" Katie motioned to Donna.

Donna was speechless both from Katie's conversation with Jack and the kiss right after it. Now on top of that Katie was offering her ex lover an opportunity to join the growing list of people that wanted in with them.

"Is that true Donna, do you think you might like to compare my taste with your girlfriend's?"

Donna tried to recover and seem witty about the whole thing but Jack's conversation with Katie was the biggest thing on her mind.
"I told her it thought you were kind of hot in a punk sort of way. There's only one thing though I don't play without Katie would that be a problem, oh and I'm only in the city on weekends!" Donna teased.

"Well since I've already enjoyed the fruits of Katie's loins and wouldn't mind another taste I don't see that being an issue," Michelle said as she scribbled something on a guest check and handed it to Donna.

"That's my number; if you are serious you need to call me not Katie. By the way Katie I have to commend you, I've never seen a picture of your mom but you sure picked one who could pass for her. It seems those mommy issues are still running strong in that gorgeous little head of yours, enjoy your food!"

After she left both Trish who had been silent while devouring her French toast just looked up wide eyed at both mother and daughter. She was wondering how wild things could or would get just by being in their proximity.

"Katie, was I hearing things, did you really get Jack to agree to me spending all my weekends here for six months?" Donna asked excitedly.

"Mine for six months mom, my film is going to be very important and it will be a huge help to you and others! I never even lied about what it was going to be about, I told him that you would be exposing yourself in ways he couldn't imagine. It's not my fault if he can't imagine you with your face plastered to my pretty pussy!"

Donna felt jubilant inside, this weekend would be followed by so many more to be spent in an erotic wonderland orchestrated by her oversexed daughter. Of course there was the other thing she heard, that might not be so easily pulled off.

"But you told him I would basically screw him like we were twenty one again during the week. I was able to do that this week because my head was filled with fantasies about you. How on earth will I be able to keep that level of intensity all the time?" she worried.

"Geezus mom, trust me when you go home on Monday's your mind is going to be chock full of new memories, not fantasies. The memories we make should be able to keep you hot every week until you come back to make more the following week." Katie told her with confidence.

Donna thought about it for a while as she ate her eggs, savoring each delicious bite. It would seem that both Trish and Katie had developed a sense of taste when it came to eating out; it was just one more thing that made Donna feel at home.

"Well we have at least six months of freedom, maybe in that time I can get Joanna to give some advice on how to get Jack into a chair like Steve," Donna joked with a wink at both Trish and Katie.

She had let Katie plant the seed of Jack's cuckolding now, she knew it would sprout and grow. It would fill her mind with the desire to make it real just like her becoming Katie's lover was now real. She replayed the scene Katie had put in her head and it once again caused her pussy to drip. There was one difference though, in her scene Jack was actually made to share the man's semen with Katie. Joanna had once described how hot it made her to have Steve suck her lover's cum from her pussy and a small part of Donna was now curious about that too.

"Ooooo mom would you really do that, would you get daddy to give his acceptance by watching? I have to tell you that just the possibility fills my already perverted mind with even more dirty thoughts. I hope Joanna can coach you in the right direction!" Katie said excitedly.

Donna noticed that at every mention of her mother's name Trish would look at her with a hopeful gaze. Since Katie had been able to establish a slight miracle by already getting Jack to agree to giving up his weekends with her she was in a very generous mood too.

She leaned over and whispered something to Katie and her daughter looked at her best friend. She looked happy but sad at the same time. She smiled and nodded yes at her mother's suggestion then she picked up her mother's phone.

Donna leaned over and pulled Trish's ear close enough so she could whisper to her, "Remember what we did on the dance floor last night when I told you to close your eyes and think of Joanna?"

Trish smiled and nodded her head yes.

"Do the same thing right now sweetie!" she whispered again.

Trish closed her eyes and pictured her mother's face and then she felt lips press against her own. She instinctively knew it was Donna kissing her again but she was able to fall into the fantasy. She responded as if she was starved for her mother's touch and attention throwing herself entirely into the kiss.

Donna was swept away by the intensity of Trish's kiss in return. The girl was a ticking time bomb right now but she was going to do something right now to help her out.

"Oh wow, I'm sorry Donna I didn't mean to lose it like that," Trish said while blushing as much as possible.

"Honey don't you dare ever apologize for giving someone a kiss like that! I will tell you one thing and I think I can speak for Katie too, if you weren't determined to let your mom be your first woman we would be ripping your clothes off you and sharing you between us tonight!" Donna said softly enough so no one but the three of them could hear.

Trish blushed even brighter, "Really you guys would share me if I let you?"

"You better count on that happening someday sis, you've wanted me for months and I know it! Now that I've brought out the latent girl lover in my mom I can see how she looks at you too!" Katie told her sincerely.

"So you know I've wanted to ...well with you too?" Trish asked shyly.

"You were easy to read as a book girlfriend, all it would have taken is one move on your part. I'm kind of glad it hasn't happened yet because I find it both romantic and filthy that you want to save yourself for your mom!"

"Mmmmm yeah I really do, I think it will help build a certain closeness that's been missing from our relationship while I grew up!"

"You know what since she seems to be the topic of discussion I think we should get her involved right now, did you get what I wanted Katie?" Donna asked taking her phone back.

"Both video and pictures mom, you guys looked hot!"

"What are you talking about Katie, what did you do?" Trish asked.

"Don't worry about it honey, it's only something to help get you what you want the most in the world right now. I'm going to get you into your mother's bed just as naked as you want to be!" Donna told her.

She dialed a number and sat and smiled at Trish and Katie, after a few seconds someone on the other end picked up.

"Jo! How good to hear your voice. Yeah I know it's been a while I kind if was under the weather for some time. Listen I need a favor from you this week; I would love to have lunch with you maybe on Tuesday if you can take the day. Yeah it's kind of important, it has to do with where I am right now and something you said you are afraid of happening! Listen; hold on, I want you to guess where I am right now? Nope not even close, I'm sitting in Alphabet City having brunch with two beautiful young women both of whom you know. Yep both of them, and I have so much to fill you in on why I'm here. Check your messages in a minute or two because I think you will be interested in what you get! Oh and before you want to kill me don't worry what you are going to see is all that happened, well at least with one of them. Listen too much to tell now just meet me Tuesday you won't be sorry!" Donna finished before putting the phone down.

"Oh Lord Donna, what did you send my mom!" Trish asked anxiously.

"Well honey I just outed you to the woman you want get naked with. She just got video and picture of you making out with me! I hope you are ready because I am willing to bet that your life will be even more interesting after Tuesday. You need to do me a favor though, as hard as it will be you have to avoid any calls from your mom till Tuesday afternoon. Let me set the stage for her please!"

Trish just sat there in shock; in one phone call Donna had just changed her life. She was going to have to put up or shut up now and she knew which one she wanted to do! She was more than ready to put up and out for her mom, if Donna was telling her the truth about her mom's secrets.

"Donna, I don't even know what to say right now, I've been thinking about nothing but my mom since I watched you and Katie. I just hope if it happens I can be good for her, I mean ...well I just hope it happens!" Trish said with a tear falling down her cheek.

"Oh don't cry sweetie and trust me after that phone call and what I sent will happen. I hope you're going to be ready for her because your mom's sexual appetite makes my horny little daughter look like a beginner. If you guys click and I have no doubt you will don't be surprised if you ...Well I'm not going to say anymore. Oh look my phone is ringing I can't guess who that will be!" Donna told her.

She picked up her phone and sure enough it was Joanna calling her back. She didn't answer it but instead sent her friend a text.

"Hey sis looks like someone wants you! Mom what did you text her?" Katie asked.

"I just asked her the same thing I asked Trish to be patient till Tuesday. I asked her not to call you either till then. I told her that I'm going to make her dirtiest fantasy come true but she had to trust me. So again Trish, I hope you are gonna be happy as I am in getting what you want!" Donna said.

"Thank you Donna, I can't begin to thank you enough. I promise you this though for both you and Katie, if me and my mom happen you will both get what you wanted before. I will give myself to the both of you for twenty fours to do anything you want with, I'll be your toy to play with for one whole day!" Trish gushed happily. She could feel her fantasy getting closer to being reality and her pussy reflected it by dripping freely.

"Ooooooo you hear that mommy a Trish toy to play with, do you think we can figure out something to do with her?" Katie teased.

"I know we can baby but speaking of toys, I think it's time to pay the check here and go shopping don't you!" she said seductively.

"Ooooo yeah baby, I already know just what I want to buy for us!" Katie said with a filthy smile.

"Honey remember, we have your dad's black card, we should but lots of things! Oh and don't worry about him seeing the bill who do you think pays them for him?" Donna said while whipping out the very same card to pay for brunch.

As she was putting the tip on the check she included another piece of paper for Michelle.

When she returned with the card Michelle leaned into Donnas' ear and whispered something to her. As she did she discretely placed her hand on Donnas' braless breast and played with her nipple. As she did it she stared right into Katie's eyes invitingly.

After she left Katie couldn't wait, "What the hell was that all about mom? She just felt you up right here!"

"Ooooooo yes she did sweetie and it was so deliciously wicked too. I had told her in the check that you said her pussy tastes like fresh strawberries. When she came back she told me that I would have to taste it for myself and she reminded me to call her!" Donna said mischievously.

"I see lots of sluttiness in our future together mom; you're fitting right in right away!" Katie said while hugging her lover.

"Let's go now girls I can't wait to see all the dirty things we can get! Oh my god I just realized that the last time I went toy shopping with you honey was for Barbie dolls!" Donna said laughing.

"You won't find any Barbies where I'm taking us mommy; we're heading to the Pink Pussycat boutique on the west side! Maybe we should let Trish use daddy's card to get some presents for her mom too!" Katie volunteered.

"Hmmm would you like that honey, would you like to buy some presents for you and Joanna?" Donna asked as they hailed a cab.

"Wow yeah, definitely! I have to share this with you guys though, my pussy is soaked and I need to cum something fierce!" Trish said softly as they settled into the back of the cab with Donna in the middle.

Both Katie and Donna laughed and said at the same time, "Join the club sweetie, join the club!"

While the three women laughed and chattered away in the back of a cab on the short ride to the Pink Pussycat there was different scene being played out in Connecticut.

In the Edwards house Joanna was sitting on the bed in the master bedroom contemplating everything that had just occurred in the last few minutes. She had just received an extremely unusual phone call from her friend Donna Calloway the mother of her daughter's best friend Katie.

The phone call had left her confused and shaking but it had been the attachments to the text she received that had her fingers jammed in her pussy. In them it clearly showed Donna making out with Trish, her daughter. The very same daughter that last year Joanna had confessed to Donna she was afraid to be around. The very same daughter she had masturbated about numerous times in the last year.

Joanna was a very highly sexed woman and was very confident and aggressive in that part of her life. She had been that way right after taking a job with the company she currently worked for. They were one of the top negotiating firms in the country; they were the ones you brought in to finalize a deal if your own people seemed unable to do it. Joanna was at this point in her career one of the top people in her company.

Early on in her career she had learned that being willing to do anything it took to get a deal done was the key to success in this field. It was only two months into her job that she used the warm place between her legs to sweeten the pot in what was an especially harrowing negotiation. After it was done and she had realized that she had cheated on her husband she felt slightly guilty but it wasn't enough to wash away the feeling of success at having gotten the deal done. A light went off in her head then; she realized she could get fucked and use her pussy to get to the top of her firm.

At first she struggled with the moral dilemma of getting paid for sex, she briefly thought of herself as a prostitute. Then she realized that while they may have shared the same basic nature of their jobs Joanna was at the elite level of people who got paid to fuck. A prostitute generally had no pick of her clients and spent day after day on her back for hours, Joanna only serviced some of the top level clients in her company and only if she chose to.

She didn't spend hours on her back day after day, in reality it was only one or two times a month that she was called upon to put a negotiation over the top with her outstanding bedroom skills. It wasn't however a big leap from committing adultery for money to committing adultery just for the sheer pleasure of the sex for her either. In doing what she was doing for the company Joanna had discovered something about herself that she immediately grasped enthusiastically, she loved sex and needed lots of it. So much more than her husband Steve could ever provide. She also found out that she loved having a variety of lovers with their different shaped cocks and different sizes. While some women might consider themselves size queens Joanna was what she considered an angle queen. She would gladly take a 6 inch cock that had a great curve to it over a twelve inch cock that just filled her up.

After doing what she wanted for five years she started to get sloppy in her caution. Now looking back she wondered if she was purposely setting up the confrontation that was to come. At first she had always made sure she showered and cleaned her lover's deposits out of her pussy before returning home to Steve. Then she had gotten careless, not bothering to shower till she got home each time. She was even allowing some of her lovers to leave little marks on her body which she always explained as bruises from bumping into something.

Well Steve was not a stupid man and he started to wonder, he let his suspicions build up till one day while Trish was staying overnight at Katie's house he confronted her. She walked in the house after ten at night and started to head to the bathroom, just briefly stopping to kiss him on the cheek. Unlike other times though he followed her upstairs and waited till she started undressing. She saw him watching and without any care casually continued to remove her clothes.

Of course there was no mistaking the stream of cum that ran down her legs as she removed her panties. She looked at Steve smirked arrogantly and just shrugged her shoulders. She waited for the explosion to come but it never did. Instead her husband just walked over to her and fell to his knees in front of her and did something that shocked her to her core. It was a single act that redefined their entire sexual relationship and led it down the path to where it was today. He leaned forward and licked her lover's cum form his own wife's adulterous legs. He licked it all off then moved his head to her pussy and eagerly cleaned her out with his tongue.

After he was done and Joanna had one of the largest orgasms of her life they sat on the bed together and talked. She told him the whole story of how everything had led to this day. As she was telling him she couldn't help but notice the tent in his underwear. Joanna loved Steve's cock; it was one of those with just the right curve to it that always made her cum. She reassured him that it had nothing to do with his cock or the size of it. She just was honest with him and told him she needed so much more than he could provide.

As they lay there and Joanna was reliving the lovers she had enjoyed in the last years she watched Steve grasp himself and start stroking. When he did she asked his if the idea of her fucking other people excited him. He couldn't very well lie because of the evidence in his own hands. Then she asked him if she should continue doing what she was doing, should she keep fucking outside their marriage. Once again Steve just kept stroking his cock enthusiastically answering her question without using words. Then she asked him the question that had started them down the road to his being where he was today. She asked him if he wanted to watch her get pleased by someone else. She asked him if he would like to hear her scream in orgasm because of another man's cock. It was those last two questions that sent Steve over the edge and as he was shooting cum all over his stomach and hand he shouted, "Yes, Yes, Yes" to all of her questions.

That had led to them exploring and researching what a cuckold lifestyle was like. Joanna had led the way in pushing Steve further and further into his new adopted role in their marriage. It had been pretty tame while their daughter lived at home because of obvious reasons but since she had moved in with Katie it had exploded in kinkiness.

In the last months it had gotten pretty wild in the Edwards household to the point where right now Joanna was laying on her bed with her fingers in her pussy while her current lover was sucking her nipples. While he was doing that Steve was sitting in the chair by the side of the bed that had his name engraved on it. He wanted desperately to jerk his cock but he couldn't because of the new introduction into their cuckold life, his cock cage.

As he looked at Joanna's face that was a study in lust her lover George looked down at the phone that had dropped out of her hand. He instantly recognized the young woman in the photo as Joanna's daughter. Other people might have found it odd that she was sitting there fingering herself after seeing a picture of her daughter making out with another woman. Not George, he knew how kinky and wild Joanna could get. He wouldn't put it past this hot cougar he was fucking to have slutty thoughts towards her own little girl.

"Does that turn you on my pretty little slut? I see the picture, hey Steve you should see what someone just sent my slut. It's a hot picture of your sweet little daughter; she has her tongue down the throat of an older woman!" George gloated, "Answer me slut, does it turn you on? I bet you wish it was your mouth kissing her!"
Just as her husband had answered her questions years ago she gave the same answer, "Yes, oh god yes, I do wish it was me sucking her tongue. I wish it was me with her right now!"

It was only two years ago that Joanna had finally succumbed to having her first bi-sexual experience. Usually one of the other women negotiators that enjoyed being with women would take that role. It wasn't until one client in particular had insisted on Joanna being the lead negotiator on her account. She understood that Joanna had never done anything like that before and that made her even more determined to have her. Of course being the team player she always was Joanna had eventually agreed.

After it was all over she was kicking herself in her own ass for waiting so long to try it. She and the client had actually enjoyed a three month affair afterwards before she had to return to her home in England. Of course there was one side effect of her affair; she started looking at other women in a sexual way. That of course had led her to seeing her own daughter Trish through different eyes, seeing her for the beautiful young woman she had grown to be.

All of a sudden whenever she was around her she would feel her heartbeat increase and she started getting sweaty. She would feel her nipples harden and her pussy start to juice up, this was wreaking havoc with her head. It had all come to a head about one week before Trish was set to move out when she had accidently walked in on her while she was drying off in the bathroom. She didn't think Trish knew it but she stood outside the bathroom and shoved her hand into her shorts and rubbed herself while watching. She knew then that it wasn't safe for her to be around Trish because she knew she would try seducing her.

That had led to some serious distance between them since Trish had started school and she deeply regretted it. They had never been the bosom buddy type of mother daughter like Donna and Katie but she loved her daughter deeply. She had always known that he job was responsible for some distance between them but she tried to always show she loved her when the opportunities arose.

There were very few people she was close enough to even talk to about what she was feeling. The one she chose was Donna, her daughter's best friend's mom and a good friend to her over the years. Donna was the only one other than Steve who knew about what she did for a living. She had forever earned Joanna's trust when she had seen her bringing a client home into her own bed one night while Steve was out.

Donna had discretely spoken to her and for some reason Joanna told her everything including Steve's growing fetish. So it was only natural that she turned to Donna with this new found desire and obsession. While she was telling her she had even thought about seducing Donna but had backed off in her mind. She had no doubt that the gorgeous olive skinned friend of hers would be a great bed partner but she didn't want to complicate their friendship.

She had gone on to confess her attraction to her own daughter and wasn't surprised to find that Donna had not judged her at all. In fact when she was talking about Trish she mentioned how having a beautiful daughter was tough for someone as highly sexed as her. She mentioned Katie and Donnas' closeness and Donna had gotten a strange dreamy look on her face.

Now after her phone call and the shock it had sent into her system she kept replaying one of the things Donna had said to her in her mind.

She had said, "Oh and before you want to kill me don't worry what you are going to see is all that happened, well at least with one of them."

It was clear she was telling her that all she had done with Trish was kiss her; it was the other half of that statement that was playing with her head. Did it mean that Donna was playing with Katie? Could that be possible and if so was she responsible for putting the idea in her head after talking to her about her and Trish. It didn't really matter though because it sounded like Donna was getting ready to serve Trish up to her on a silver platter.

She thought briefly on the subject and wondered if she would take advantage of the situation if it was truly placed in her lap. She didn't hesitate a second to decide that not only would she take advantage of it but she would become her daughter's tutor and mentor in the art of sexual adventuring. She would make her not only her lover but her protégé and she would enjoy that sweet young body over and over again.

Joanna finished herself off with her fingers bringing herself to an even larger climax than even George had given her since he arrived the night before. Of course his mouth on her tits did help some except she was imagining it was her sweet daughter's mouth nursing at her breast.

All of a sudden she wanted George gone and just wanted to focus on her thoughts about Trish. She broke the bad news to him and waited while he dressed and left. When she returned to the bedroom she looked at Steven who had sat there silently through everything that had just happened. He had learned his place as cuckold well and part of that was to never say anything in the bedroom if she had a lover over unless he was addressed first.

She looked at him after escorting George out and wondered how he would react to the news she had for him. She wasn't one to beat around the bush so she told him he could speak freely now.

"Honey I'm a little confused I thought you were going to keep George for the whole weekend?" he asked trying to hide the disappointment in his voice.

As much as he tried it still showed on his face. Joanna noticed it and felt just a touch of her respect for her husband die in seeing that.

"Oh are you sad honey, did I make the real man leave only to keep my little wimp here?" she asked making no effort of hiding the scorn she felt at that moment for him.

"No it's not that, not at all...what was he talking about before he left honey? Why was he saying those things about Trish?"

"Why honey, would you like to know why he was saying those things? I'll tell you why, because it was true, someone we know sent me a picture and video of our sweet daughter making out with a woman my age. Do you want to know something else my sweet little cuckold, something that might shock even you?" Joanna teased. As she did she played with his caged cock lifting it and moving it around.

"Uhhh...what...please Jo...unlock me so I can cum please!" he begged.

"I'm sorry my darling but you aren't scheduled for release until tomorrow night! It wouldn't be right for me to make a habit of unlocking you just because you asked," she said cruelly.

"But that was because George was going to be here till then, remember our agreement. I agreed to the cage but only when you had a lover over. So please unlock me and tell me what you were going to say a minute ago," he pleaded.

"Honey I don't know if you can handle what I'm going to tell you but I will unlock you. You are right our agreement is to only keep you caged while I have a lover here. Well let me tell you what is on my mind right now," she said pulling the key from around her neck and freeing his cock.

Looking at it she had to admit that Steve's cock was still one of her favorites even if it was attached to a man who loved to see his wife get fucked by others.

"It's been awhile since I took on a regular lover Steve and I think I'm way overdue. So I think I've decided in who it's going to be. Just remember before I tell you who it is going to be that my lovers are totally my choice. It doesn't matter if you agree or not I take whomever I want into my body because it is my body right cucky?"

"Yes honey, it's your body. I'm just lucky enough to enjoy it sometimes."

"Well baby that phone call was definitely about our little girl Trish who it would seem isn't such a little girl anymore," she casually said.

She could immediately see the horror on his face, the look of denial that she knew would come.

"Please honey you can't be saying...please no...she's our little girl..." he whined.

"No Steve she's not a little girl anymore, she's a grown woman with great tits and an amazing ass. She even shaves her pussy, do you know how I know all that. It's because I walked in on her in the shower one day. Since then she's always been in the back of my mind, I can't stop thinking and wondering how sweet her pussy would be. So yes, now I'm going to find out, I am almost sure that Trish will be my next full time lover!" she said with a laugh.

It was then that her cuckold husband let loose a low moan and his now released cock just erupted on its own without even being touched. He had shot a huge load of cum all over himself and the bed sheets two feet away.

Joanna giggled and told her husband playfully, "Well it sure seems like a certain part of you thinks me and Trish belong together!"

It hadn't been a very long cab ride from the restaurant to the Pink Pussycat and each of the women emerging from the cab were grateful. If it had been a longer ride the cab driver would have been treated to an exhibition that would have been permanently implanted in his head.

Donna and the two young women with her were all riding a sexual high that was threatening to explode at any moment. As it was Katie had planted herself on her mother's lap facing her. She had spent the entire ride making out with Donna and feeling her tits through her shirt. She had even grabbed Trish's hand and made her best friend feel her up while Katie was lost in the passion of her kiss.

Katie had just slipped her hand into Donnas' shorts when they heard the sound of a throat clearing from the driver. When Katie looked up she noticed they were at their destination. She turned and paid the driver attempting to also tip him but he refused the money. He was leering at all three of them and said the ride was worth the price of the free show. He had then sheepishly asked if any of them were porn stars.

Donna had looked him in the eye and giggled when she told him, "Not yet but maybe soon"

With that all three of them piled out of the cab and into an adults version of the candy store.

Donna of course was familiar with some degree of sex toys because she had two vibrators at home and it was she who had bought Katie her first toy. The very same egg that they had played with the night before. Even with her prior experience with buying toys she wasn't fully ready for the smorgasbord of product that was in front of her face right now.

Katie on the other hand had been here numerous times in recent months and was well known by the staff. Strangely enough she had never hooked up with any of them but had come close on a couple of occasions. She loved coming here and she definitely had the feeling of being a kid in a candy store.

Katie just seemed to love sex and anything to do with it; she approached it with a different set of morals then most people. She believed fully that anything that two adults did to give each other pleasure could never be wrong. She had exhibited a hunger for sexual experience that seemed to be insatiable and relished in having new lovers. Last night however something had changed in her and she hadn't even mentioned it to either Trish or Donna. For the first time in all her experiences she had sex with someone she had true feelings for. All the others before last night were wonderful and fun but being naked with her mother and enjoying her body had blown every experience she ever had out of the water. For the first time she realized how much better sex is with love how much deeper the experience felt.

Even with that new found knowledge it didn't diminish her desire to keep exploring her sexuality to the utmost, the only difference now was she wanted her lover along for the ride. She had found it refreshing to refer to Donna as her girlfriend to Michelle earlier and Donna hadn't seemed to have a problem with it. She even smiled warmly at Katie when Michelle had mentioned it. As she thought of it her heart exploded with warmth at the thought of Donna actually being her first real girlfriend or relationship since she had moved here.

It was such a deliciously perverse feeling she got from knowing that her mother wanted her just as bad as she wanted Donna. The idea that she was the first person in her life since she married her father to have sex with her heightened the feeling too. Then when she realized that she was also only the second person ever to have sex with Donna she was bursting with an erotic need to let the whole world know their closeness. She wanted to fuck Donna over and over again, she wanted Donna to take every hole she had to offer and hammer her own daughter's pussy with any and all of the wickedly delightful toys in front of them.

It was with this frame of mind that Katie stood there with her hand firmly planted on Donnas' ass proudly letting everyone who was watching that she owned that butt. Donna helped the image along by molding herself to Katie's side and laying her head on her daughter's shoulder clearly adding to the signal that they were together.

All eyes were on them as they floated around the store and also on the other young woman with them. Trish thinking on her feet decided to take out her phone and start getting some more footage as Katie led Donna from display cast to display case. As they stopped at each case Katie would softly ask her mother if she wanted anything from inside.

The roles were now completely reversed in their lives with Katie taking total charge of her mother. It wasn't even anything forceful but it was as Donna had told her on Friday, she needed to be led sometimes. Her adopting the quiet girlfriend posture had signaled to Katie that this was one of those times.

Katie was just a little surprised with how easily they each slid into this role but in her mind she felt proud to have been correct about her mom. For a while she had suspected that Donna had a slight submissive side and it was totally on display while they selected their new toys from the wealth of options in front of them.

For her part Katie picked out a medium sized double headed dildo, an assortment of different sized butt plugs, and a couple of different sized dildoes. That was the conventional items out of the way she then introduced her mother to some of the more modern devices, first and foremost was the OhMiBod, a remote controlled vibrator that could be controlled through an app from your smart phone, the next was the Jimmyjane Hello Touch X, it was an electro stimulator with a finger pad delivery. It could deliver tiny electric stimuli to pinpoint areas of a lover's body.

Then Katie got a little extravagant and bought three Crave Vespers, thin line ultra vibrators disguised as necklaces. She went the extra step for them too and got each of them in the 24k gold option. Then to finish off her purchases she bought two other things that had grabbed her attention the last time she had visited, the Womanizer and the Sqweel Go each designed for direct clitoral play.

When her turn to pick came up Katie directed Donnas' attention to the large selection of harnesses and strap-ons.

"I want you to pick out all the different sized cocks you want me to fuck you with mom," she whispered seductively in Donnas' ear.

Donna just moaned at the suggestion and what it made her see in her head. She picked out three different sizes each one larger than Jack's cock. A seven inch that was fairly normal in girth, a 9 incher that was half as wide as a soda can, and the one thing that had grabbed all three of their attention, the Dick Rambone a fifteen inch long five inch wide monster that made them all giggle when Donna asked for it.

The salesgirl that was waiting on the three of them stood there rubbing her thighs together as they chatted. She was dripping wet down her legs as she pictured these three women in front of her playing with all these toys together. There was no doubt that they were going to be playing with each other because she could plainly see that the older one was all over one of the younger women. They were both beautiful as was the redhead who seemed to be filming the whole experience. There was however something that stood out about seeing the older woman with her obvious lover; it was their resemblance to each other.

As she handed the Rambone over to Donna she jokingly told her to make sure they didn't all hurt themselves. They all shared a laugh over that comment and then they asked her for the special harness for it too.

Donna also picked out two really pretty looking harnesses for the other dildoes and then she pointed into the case next door to the strap-ons. She asked the salesgirl what she was looking at and it was a Hitachi Wand, after hearing the salesgirl's pitch she added that to her growing pile also.

After Donna was done both her and Katie pushed Trish into picking out five toys to use for when she possibly hooked up with Joanna. They said possibly but Trish was hoping with all her heart that it would be definitely especially after hearing what Donna had told her mom and the pictures she had sent.

Trish picked out a more modern version of the Rabbit, the classic vibrator that played with the pussy and the clit at the same time. Then she went for duplicates on the Womanizer the OhMIBod and the Hitachi. She added one thing that neither of the other two had noticed a beautiful set of glass anal beads. Her choice on that brought a smirk from Katie because Trish had always shaken her head when she would tell her how great anal sex was.

Then at the last minute Donna added another OhMiBod to her selections so that each of them would have a remote controlled vibrator. While she might look submissive in her demeanor it didn't mean she was shy in her imagination as evidenced by who she was in the store with. It occurred to her that the three of them could have lots of fun if Katie dragged them out again tonight if they each had a vibrator and a controller. Of course they would swap controllers as the night went along to make it even more interesting.

After all was said and done the bill for their toy shopping expedition was well over fifteen hundred dollars and not one of them cared that it was Jack's money that was going to making their pussies so happy. Katie was about to suggest a side trip to Victoria's Secrets, but remembered the two bags Naomi had given Donna and her yesterday. She had given them to the two of them hoping it would just add a little sexiness to their first shared night as lovers. Katie smiled at the memory of their trip to Naomi's boutique yesterday and to what it was bound to lead to for Donna and her.

There was already a growing list of people in her head that she planned on sharing her mother with and it just seemed to be growing. Trish was of course at the very top of the list closely followed now by Joanna, Trish's mom, then Naomi and her young lover Trina. Of course after last night it was a given that they would be sharing Scott at a future date and then running into Michelle at the café just seemed to expanding so fast. Then of course as she looked in her hand at the card she was holding there was another new addition.

As they were leaving the store the salesgirl that had helped them handed Katie a card with a hand written note.

The note read, 'I couldn't help but overhear you talking to your older partner. I love mommy role playing and if you ever need an extra 'sibling' give me a call. The three of you were so hot but especially you and your 'mommy'.

It was signed Kaycee and the card was a store business card that she had written her number on. Katie was thinking about how much attention her and Donna were getting and how they seemed to be falling into sexual situations so easily and comfortably. She definitely wouldn't mind wrapping her lips around Kaycee's clit and making her scream while at the same time Donna could be riding her face.
Trish was still videoing them all on her phone when Katie just smiled and passed the card first to Donna then to her. She wasn't surprised to see it though because whether Katie knew it or not everyone in the boutique was staring at Donna and her. It was fairly obvious that they all wished they were in place of Donna or Katie.

"Wow you guys just keep lining up the dates huh? I could see it in her eyes when she spoke to you. I think the two of you just might have to hire a personal assistant to keep a schedule of all your potential playmates!" Trish teased.

"Well if we do sweetie I want whoever it is to make sure to put you and Joanna at the top of the list, that is if you're interested!" Donna teased right back.

Trish actually blushed at that comment, "You both know I'm interested it's just that you're helping to create something very special for me. I already told you that I will eagerly be a toy for both of you after my first time with my mom."

Katie smiled wickedly, "I hope you realize how much we are going to love playing with our own little girl. We might have to make sure that your mom is there to watch us use you till our hearts content."

Even though the three of them were beyond all definition of horny they decided it would be fun to walk back to the apartment. It was a beautiful spring day and Donna was loving being on the arm of her daughter. She knew that there would be plenty of fucking going on in the bed she woke up in this morning but she wanted this too.

She wanted the softer moments of just being with someone you loved, enjoying the day being around them. She realized now that all those hours every night that she shared with Katie had built a very special bond with her little girl. That bond was at the heart of why they both felt comfortable with taking their otherwise normal relationship into the realm of incest.

She thought of the word as the three of them walked along, it was such a dirty and illicit word. It filled most people with loathing and disgust but she realized that it was because they couldn't understand it. She would be the first to agree that it wasn't a normal thing to have sex with a relative but it does happen. She wondered about how people perceived the idea of incest initially in their minds. She was willing to bet that they probably thought of forced sex with minors when they did. What she and Katie were sharing was so far from that situation that she wished she could share it with more people. She thought that if they could just see the two of them right now they might even see how beautiful their feelings were for each other.

After Katie mentioned her film project to her and had her agree to be the main focus of it she had explained that it was the story of a woman who finds herself feeling empty after her child goes to college. She wanted this issue to be explored and in doing so also explore the new found relationship that both mother and daughter find with each other.

She wondered if her project might do more good as an attempt to take the dirtiness and disgust away from the concept of incest. To show how deep she felt for Katie and vice versa, to show how it was a mutual interest. There was no difference between their relationship and any other couple walking down the street other than their blood relations. Then she thought how it was probably the case at least with her and Katie that they stood a better chance at having a successful relationship than two strangers who meet and get involved.

Wouldn't the knowledge they shared about each other already eliminate so many pitfalls that sunk other couples. Wouldn't the lack of secrets about past relationships eliminate any skeletons coming out from their closet? The more she thought as she walked with Katie's arm around her shoulder the more natural and comfortable she was coming to feel about what she was sharing with her daughter, her new lover.

They were definitely deep thoughts that were running through Donnas' head as the three of them walked back to the girl's apartment. However they were reflective of how seriously she was taking this change in her life. She wasn't the type to involve herself in a cheap affair with some stranger; she needed the emotional bond that went along with great sex.

She would allow Katie to guide her into enjoying other people in their new relationship but her daughter would always be there so the emotional need would still be fulfilled. She was overjoyed with how the weekend was playing out so far and again had to wonder if she would just wake up soon and realize it was just one wild erotic dream.

Even though Katie was carrying the bulk of the conversation on the return trip with telling Donna the details about all her classes and pointing out favorite spots of hers and Trish her mind wasn't idle either.

She was an ambitious young woman and had been raised to believe that the world was hers for the taking. What had started with her mother yesterday had her scoping out what it would mean for her future. Because of the tight bond they had built over the years she wasn't surprised that once things had crossed over into a physical involvement with Donna she was now thinking of her as a partner. For the first time since she had dated the guy who had crushed her spirit after taking her virginity she was involved with someone she wanted a relationship with.

She thought she made that clear to her mom a little while back when she took the bull by the horns and arranged for them to have every weekend together for the next six months. During that time she intended to strengthen the emotional bond she shared with her mom and to make their new physical bond something that Donna couldn't live without. She had no desire to break up her parents' marriage but she wasn't foolish either and new that it would have to change to accommodate Donnas' new relationship with her.

Ideally in her mind the whole concept of cuckolding would be perfect. It was a new idea to her and she was still a little shocked that Trish's parents lived like that and she had never known. She thought that Trish and she shared everything but then she remembered that before last week her attraction to Donna had been a closely guarded secret too. No, she couldn't find fault in her friend for not sharing her parent's kinky lifestyle but she now wanted her own father to mimic it with Donna.

It was something she would have to do a lot of planning around over the upcoming weeks. She would make a point of having some long talks with Joanna once she was brought into the fold. That was another thing that she found pleasantly shocking, Joanna's secret lifestyle. For want of a better phrase Donna had pretty much outed Joanna as someone who got paid to play. She didn't have all the information because her mom wouldn't share it all but it was obvious that sex played a major part in Joanna's career.

She had expected Trish to be shocked by Donnas' partial revelation but instead it just seemed to fuel the desire and lust her friend felt emerging for her own mother. She reflected momentarily on how quickly life can change, both for her and her best friend. She could see the raging fire Trish had behind her eyes when Joanna's name was mentioned and couldn't wait to see them together.

Then she thought of her immediate plans for playing with her new lover, immediate meaning in the next month or so. They had gotten a very good start on her film, she was still doubtful that she could get her advisors to accept her theme and what it would involve. The idea of a woman living through an empty nest syndrome being the subject was not even controversial. It was how she and her daughter were going about eliminating that feeling of emptiness that was the rub.

Her film would be the first ever on camera to deal with and examine a real life incestuous relationship. In fact she even wondered if that should be the focus of the film and not the empty nest idea. Yes the feeling of being left behind that her mother suffered through was the catalyst that pushed them together but a real emphasis on the new relationship between the two of them would push the controversial aspect to the limits of acceptance.

She had dreamed of making movies that would have impact on the world and be remembered and this could easily be the one that starts it all. She could present a case that while maybe not making the idea of incest accepted to the mainstream world it might humanize it more. If she could show on film that her relationship with her mother was a natural evolution of how close they had always been it might take some of the disgust out of people's minds.

She of course was an adult that was past the age of consent and so was her mother, why should any love they found with each other be vilified and looked down upon. Just then as they were passing the landmark Stonewall Tavern where gay rights had burst onto the scene so many years ago she thought of her relationship with her mother as being just as groundbreaking.

She would try through the medium of film to show that incest when it involved two consenting adults was not disgusting and unnatural in fact it was the complete opposite. Fifty years ago gays were bashed regularly throughout the country now people's attitudes had evolved to realize that love is love no matter who the two sharing it were. In that idea it was no different than her love for her mother.

As she thought these things she would have patted herself on the back and thought of the old cliché, 'great minds think alike' if she could see Donnas' similar ideas. Instead she just hugged her lover tighter to her side and guided them down Bleeker Street and across sixth avenue back towards their beloved lower east side.

It was Trish that broke her out of her thoughts when she asked a question about another idea that had been mentioned yesterday.

"So guys were you serious yesterday when you asked me to setup a live streaming site for the two of you? Are you both going to play for an audience?" she asked while still recording on her phone.

Donna answered first, "I don't know why I'm so eager to agree Trish but I find the idea of numerous faceless people watching me have sex with my daughter to be a huge turn on. That's why the idea of this film that you're recording for Katie doesn't bother me it just makes me hotter. I told my lover here yesterday that I would never use the word no with her in our relationship, that gives her the last choice on any matter like this. If she's comfortable commercializing our play time then I'm fine with it too!"

"Geezuz mom, you make it all sound so clinical. Why don't you just say that the idea of fucking in front of people gets you hot the same as me! I think us fucking while people we don't know or will never meet pay us to watch is a huge turn on! So yeah Trish I would have to say we're both pretty serious about it! How long do you think it would take to set it up?" Katie grinned at her lover.

"The setup will be easy; I guess we can use your bedroom as the setting. The thing that will take more time will be getting some clientele, do you have any ideas on how to get the word out?" she asked.

"I think that we just might be able to get the ball rolling with Naomi, Michelle and Scott. All I have to do is mention to them what we have planned and they can help get the word out too! Mom, how would you feel if we had our internet debut next Saturday night?" Katie asked letting her hand drop down to Donnas' ass as they walked.

"Mmmmmm it will just give me one more thing to fantasize about while I keep your father happy this week. Baby, you are truly determined to pull my inner slut out of me no matter what aren't you?" she moaned as she felt Katie's finger run up and down the crack of her ass through her shorts.

"You betcha baby, the best part of it is that you're going to be my slut aren't you mommy? You'll fuck and suck anyone I tell you to wont you lover?" she teased while sliding her hand into the back of Donnas' shorts.

"Yes baby but only if you're there with me, that's my only thing. I need my lover there with me all the time okay?" she said softly as Katie was making her squirm again.

"Always mommy, you're my girlfriend and I will always be by your side. Speaking of which I'm getting pretty damn hungry for sure!" she said heavily.

"We just ate a little while sis, how the hell can you be..." Trish stopped short.

"Oh okay...yeah I get it, well I guess we should all walk a little faster so we can get home and get you a snack...of your mom's pussy!" Trish added.

They all laughed at Trish's enlightened reply and did as she suggested. They picked up the pace because the truth was they all were so turned on that they needed to get naked and get the edge off. Katie had plans to take them to a gay club tonight and she wanted to show Donna off as her new love interest. She knew though that none of them would be able to sit still if they didn't have some fun when they got home. She could almost taste her mother's juice running down her chin again.

When they got to the apartment they each raced up the stairs to get to the door. Katie unlocked the door and once inside immediately took Donna in her arms and shoved her tongue down the other woman's throat. She couldn't ever remember being so hungry and horny for anyone in her life as she was for her mother right now.

Ever since they left the apartment to go for brunch everything about the afternoon had been charged with sexual tension. It was now at the bursting point in her and she needed release right away. She let out a huge sigh of frustration as Donna [pushed herself away from their embrace.

"Cool down for 30 seconds sweetie, I need it as much as you do but let me make it special for you. Let me show you how a girlfriend should greet a lover when they come through the door. Just you wait here for two minutes sweetie then come into our bedroom." Donna said seductively.

The 'our bedroom' wasn't lost at all on both Katie and Trish and they just stood grinning at each other.

"Katie you got it girl, you have everything you wanted. Your own mother is in that room getting ready for you to fuck her again. It's what she used to do for your father but now she's doing it for you!" Trish said excitedly.

"Ohhhhh god yes! Trish I can't even thank you enough for helping me. I don't think I would have had the courage enough to see this through on my own! I only hope that we can make the same thing happen for you too! You do know the same deal holds true for you as it did for me don't you?" Katie teased.

"Huh what deal was that?" Trish asked.

"Well since my mom is the one who's going to be brokering this change in your life I think it only just that me and her get to watch your first time too. The same as I promised you that you would watch me and Donnas' first time I want the same promise from you!" Katie requested firmly.

Trish thought to herself how much she would love to give her roommate that promise but she wasn't sure how her mother would react to it. She knew it in her heart that if something was to happen for her and Joanna that she would be the submissive one in that relationship. She had no desire to be dominating her mother the way Katie was doing gently with Donna. She wanted to keep the natural subservience of being the daughter who would love to worship her mother.

"Katie, I promise I'll try I think that's the best I can do. I mean if I'm even lucky enough to get to talk with my mom about this I think she would probably like to lead the way forward, especially if she's as experienced as Donna hinted at. I will promise that I will tell her I would like it to happen though. I mean I'm not you and don't necessarily have the exhibitionist streak in me you do but I think it would be hot to have you and Donna watch us, it would be the first time anyone has watched me have sex!" she said shyly.

"Ummm no that's not exactly true sis, I mean...well I spied on you and your last boyfriend a few times. Let me tell you that it was so fucking hot watching you with him! Don't be mad I just thought it was fair because of all the times you came into my room and sat in your chair while I was fucking someone!" Katie said sheepishly.

Trish tried to pretend to get angry but couldn't pull it off. She was in fact flattered that Katie had felt the desire to see her fucking. She also wondered if it would have made her nervous if she had known she had an audience of one sometimes. Well if her mom agreed to Katie's request, if she agreed to let them explore each other physically she might find out if it would make her nervous.

"You sneaky little bitch, I hope you enjoyed the show!" she told her trying to keep the smirk off her face.

Katie knew she was okay with it and just jabbed back at her, "Damn straight I did, and I only had one fucking complaint!"

"Oh and what was that, didn't my boyfriend have a long enough cock to turn you on?"

"No sweetie in fact I actually spent more time focused on your gorgeous body than him. Your face looks so hot when you cum and you make the cutest little squeeks and squeals as you do it!"

"Oh really so then what was your one complaint," Trish answered trying desperately not to blush at Katie's compliment and observation.

"I just wish there had been more shows!" she teased her best friend.

"Katie sweetie, I'm ready for you any time you are!" Donna said loudly from what had now been christened their bedroom.

Trish had Katie wait one minute while she retrieved the main camera that had been charging in the house. She had lots of stuff on her smart phone from today but the real stuff was being shot on the handheld video camera that Katie had gotten from campus.

She signaled to Katie she was ready and she followed her best friend into the bedroom where Donna was waiting.

The sight that greeted the both of them almost made her drop the camera. Lying there on the bed was the same woman she had grown up around all her life. She always thought of Donna as a second mother. Now that same second mother was on Katie's bed with her pussy on full display and her arms outstretched reaching towards her daughter.

Katie felt like all of her dreams had come true when she walked into what used to just be her bedroom. When she saw her mother lying there offering herself freely and boldly to her she secretly acknowledged the idea that it was now officially their bedroom. She thought briefly on how lucky a man her father must have been all those years ago when he came home to this body every day.

She quickly dismissed all thoughts of Jack though from her mind because she needed to focus on the parent in front of her, her naked mother.

She looked down at the amazing sight of Donna laying there offering herself up to her so willingly and wantonly. She took a mental picture that she would carry in her head until the day she passed away.

Her mother's shorter black hair was framing her gorgeous face on the pillow. She had purposely taken one side of it and covered one eye creating a perfect image of a slut hungrily waiting for her lover. Her mother had a gorgeous face too with high cheekbones and full kissable lips. She felt the hunger inside of her to kiss those lips that looked so inviting to her.

She let her eyes wander down to her mother's tits and her mouth openly watered. She had sucked them last night and it had helped her have one of if not in fact greatest orgasm of her life. She loved how they spread themselves on her mother's chest in a way that only perfect natural tits would do. They just looked so delicious and full, she just wished they could be full of milk. She knew that Donna at age 42 could still have a baby but that idea was a whole nother train of thought maybe for their future.

It wasn't unusual for same sex couples to have children together nowadays and she wondered how far Donnas' vow to never say no would go. She shook off the thought even though it was probably as wicked as she could ever get and instead focused on the gorgeous woman offering herself up to be ravished.
She continued looking over Donnas' body and let her eyes slowly make their way down over her mother's hips. They were a little wider than when she was younger but that was part of the appeal for her, she wanted to be with a woman not a young girl.

She loved the way her mother's skin looked naked, it seemed to glisten and shine in the lamplight in her room, no not her room it was now their room. Finally she let her eyes take in the treasure she had sought for some time before yesterday, her mother's pussy. She smiled slightly as she remembered Donnas' words from the day before telling her how she had shaved it for her. How she had hoped to have it ready to be eaten by her and that she hoped it met with her approval.

After taking in the sight she looked back up towards her mother's face and she could see the same hunger she was feeling reflected in her eyes. She could see the uninhibited lust that her mother was feeling for her right at this moment and she smiled.

"What does my mommy want her little girl to do for her; you look so delicious laying there naked for me and Trish to see. I want to hear it come from your mouth though mommy, tell me what you want?" Katie said as she was removing her own clothes.

"Oh baby, I want you to get on our bed and eat me. I want you to eat my fucking pussy till I did what I did yesterday!" she told her referring to her first time ever squirting during an orgasm.

"That was wild mom, do you think you can do that again, I mean you did say it never happened before?" Katie teased as she joined her mother on the bed. She took her fingertips and ran them lightly up and down the outside of Donnas' wide spread legs.

"Should we open some of our new toys and play mommy or do you just want me to suck that sweet juice from your naked pussy?" Katie continued teasing.

"Hey guys do you mind if I get naked too?" Trish asked softly.

Almost in unison both Katie and Donna shouted, "Please do!"

"Oh baby please I need you so bad, leave the toys for now and just please put your mouth on me again. Let me feel your mouth sucking the inside of my pussy, let me feel your tongue fucking its way up inside of me!" Donna begged.

Trish put down the camera while she quickly stripped her own clothes off. Katie and Donna were going to hold off playing with their new toys but there was no reason she had to do the same. She pulled her modernized rabbit out of the bag and lay comfortably back in the chair that was hers. She picked up the camera with one hand with the other she unabashedly turned her new bunny on and started running it around the outside of her pussy.

She of course was totally mesmerized by what was happening on the bed in front of her. She watched as Katie climbed over her mother and straddled her putting her face right in front of Donnas'. She watched as her roommate lowered her lips till they were barely touching her mother's making Donna lift her head to meet the kiss. As she watched she teased her pussy with the toy the same way Katie was teasing her mother.

Katie loved the feel of her mother's naked skin against her own; it was electric and sent shivers throughout her body every time it made contact. She was hovering over Donna purposely taking her time before giving her what they both wanted so desperately. Last night had been frantic and almost desperate in the way they had shared their first experience together. Now Katie wanted to make love to her mother. She wanted to take the time to enjoy every little sensation that went along with it.

The time to appreciate the way their lips felt when they first made contact. The minute to enjoy the sensuality and illicitness of that forbidden touch before their tongues left their mouths and started to dance. She was savoring the first taste of her mother's saliva as it entered her own mouth, the feel of her teeth on her tongue as she explored with her kiss.

She used her tongue to caress and get familiar with every inch inside her mother's beautiful mouth, then she sucked Donnas' tongue into her own mouth and let her do the same. As she was doing all of this her hands were moving gently over Donnas' curves. She was feeling the hills and valleys that made up her more mature body while their kiss deepened, she felt the breast she had nursed from as a baby in her hands and she squeezed them gently.

She squeezed them and reveled in the soft give that they had in her hands which contrasted to the turgid nipples that capped each one. She let her fingers gently pluck and pull each of those cherry tips until Donna was moaning into their kiss. She felt her mother break the kiss to whisper one thing to her, "Please baby suck them; suck them like when you were my baby!"

Both Katie's lips and eyes smiled at her mother's request and she let her lips trail down from her mother's mouth to the soft inside of her neck. She licked and sucked the valley in between her shoulder and her face causing Donna to tremble and shake with each touch of her tongue and lips.

Donna was almost incoherent in her lust right now, the level of her bodies arousal was so far above anything she had ever experienced in her life. Last night she had crossed the line in having sex with her daughter and she had loved it. It was hot, wild and extremely physical; they had essentially fucked each other without a cock. It had been so desperate on both their parts that they hadn't taken a moment to savor what was happening.

This was so different and Donna was in heaven, this was her own flesh and blood making love to and worshipping her body. It reminded her of the earliest days of her being with Jack but it was so much more profound and powerful then even that. It was in her mind the natural culmination of all the love she and Katie had shared throughout the years. In her mind no physical act of love or sex could ever feel more natural then what her daughter was doing for her right now.

Katie's lips had made their way from the inner part of Donnas' neck leaving her mother a squirming mess of desperate flesh. She could feel Donnas' hips undulating upward wanting and needing to be paid attention to. Every time Donna lifted her hips she could feel the heat emanating from her mother's pussy. It wasn't the only clue to how hot Donna was, the aroma of her arousal was filling the whole room. It was the aroma of need and it was filling all three women's nostrils telling everyone there how much she needed to be made love to.

Katie hesitated above her mother's breast and took both hands and wrapped them around one of them. She cupped her hands together and pressed the breast so the big brownish nipple looked even more desperate in its need for attention. She then let her tongue flick out and make initial contact causing Donna to moan softly and reach up to place her hand on the back of Katie's head. She pulled her own daughter's mouth down so that her nipple passed the lips and was sucked hungrily into her offspring's mouth.

Katie did just as she had been asked, she suckled her mother's tit just like she when she was an infant. She suckled it hungrily wishing that it was able to supply the same wonderfully warm liquid she had fed upon as a baby. She knew that there would be none of that right now so the reward she got for her efforts was of a different nature. Her reward was the almost steady moaning coming from the lips of her mother. She was almost wailing with lust as she watched her daughter suck her tit, she watched with her eyes wide open as the obscene act being played out kept moving along.

Never in her most private and perverse fantasies had she ever felt like she did right now. Her fantasies paled in comparison to the true feel of Katie's mouth sucking her tits. She knew then right at that moment that she would never want this to stop. No matter what happened down the road her daughter would always have access to her body whenever she wanted it. She was crossing the line now in her head permanently from mother to lover.

Katie continued her loving assault on her mother's breasts, she would switch from one to the other and back again every few minutes. She was in no rush to leave them and make her way even further down south because they felt so lovely in her mouth. Her mother's tits filled her mouth as naturally as they did when she was a baby. She was dealing with a duo of sensations as she continued to suckle. On one hand every second she spent paying attention to the tit in her mouth it made her wetter and wetter. She was almost in a state of erotic bliss as she nursed on Donna. The second was a deep sense of natural comfort that she was getting from nursing at her mother's breasts; it was evidently causing her to flash back to being a baby. She was getting the same feeling of warmth and safety she got when she was a crying infant and was offered Donnas' tit for comfort. This was why she was in no rush to let them go, but she finally reluctantly did only because she knew in her heart that what was being started this weekend between her and Donna would continue endlessly. It would only end if one of them decided to stop it. She was fairly confident that meant that she and Donna would be lovers far into the future if not for the rest of their lives.

As she started to descend further south along Donnas' body she kept getting more and more encouragement from the woman she was worshipping with her mouth. It varied from small grunts or moans accompanied by attempts to push her head down faster, to outright pleas to put her mouth on the pussy that had given birth to her.

She wasn't purposely teasing Donna but the end result was still the same, her mother was a writhing undulating mass of erotic energy. She was lost in the lust that she was feeling towards her daughter and she had no guilt or shame over what was about to happen. It had happened last night and the only thing she felt afterwards was the desire for it to happen even more so now she was getting that more she had wanted last night.

Katie knew that Donna was aware of the differences between last night and now. She had to be able to tell the difference between fucked and being made love to. Katie was doing her damndest right now to make love to the woman she had worshipped all her life. She was trying to let all of her feelings flow through her mouth and tongue directly into the body of her gorgeous mother.

She savored the taste of every inch of Donnas' glistening skin as she got closer and closer to the juncture between her legs. The smell of Donnas' leaking pussy kept getting stronger by the minute and when she leaned up to take in the view of what was awaiting her she noticed a visible pool of her mother's juice soaking the sheets of their bed. She smiled inside and out because she was the one giving her mother this pleasure; she was making her pussy leak continuously and profusely. She also giggled to herself thinking that her father hadn't made Donna feel like this for so long if even ever.

She felt Donnas' hands gently grasp her head and lift it up so they were both staring into each other's eyes. She saw the desperate need in her mother's eyes, the need for release, and the need for satisfaction. She knew the time for going slow was over and she didn't even need to hear the words that Donna stuttered out next although hearing them encouraged her even more.

"P...p...p...please love me with that beautiful mouth of yours. my pussy for's pussy pleeeeeaaasseeee!!" Donna begged.

"Your wish is my command lover," Katie said before lowering her face till it hovered over her mother's secret place. The prize she had dreamt about for so long and now it was all hers for the moment, no sharing it with anyone right now.

She lowered her mouth and just started lightly blowing on her mother's clit. Even that little stimulation was felt by Donna and she moaned at the feel of Katie's breath on the most sensitive part of her body. When Katie let her tongue slowly emerge from her mouth and made the lightest of contact with Donnas' clit the reaction she got should have forewarned her what was going to happen in a matter of minutes.

She let her tongue reach out to savor the taste of Donnas' pink pearl that was soaked with her love juice. As soon as she touched it Donnas' hips exploded upwards and she grabbed Katie by the back of the head. She forcefully shoved her pussy up into her daughter's mouth impaling herself on Katie's still outstretched tongue. She found herself literally fucking herself up into her daughter's hungry mouth.

She thought she heard herself saying something through the fog of lust she was living through but she couldn't be sure what it was. Every nerve ending in her body was focused on her daughter's mouth that was melded to her pussy. She felt it this time and she knew what was about to happen. The first time she felt this she had no idea but now she knew...

She pulled Katie's face off her pussy for the briefest of seconds to try and warn her, "Baby...I'm going...going to do it again...I can feel's getting close. Do you want me to...want your..."

Katie knew immediately what her mom was referring to and she told her,"Oh god yes mom, do it, give me the cum from your pussy. Give your little girl something you've never given your husband...let me drink down the juice from inside you!"

That was all Donna needed to hear, Katie emphasizing how Jack had never made her shoot or squirt.


Katie felt her mouth filled with the same juice she had tasted briefly last night but this time she was used to it. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and made a seal over Donnas' pussy. She swallowed over and over again enjoying the reward for making love to this beautiful woman underneath her. None of her lovers had ever squirted for her and she found the taste of Donnas' squirt to be intoxicating.

After screaming out her oncoming orgasm Donna started moaning gibberish as her body just started spasming. Katie kept her mouth attached to her mother's pussy determined to drain every drop of the luscious fluid she had produced. It became a challenge as Donnas' hips seemed to involuntarily buck up and down. To an outside observer it might appear that she was having convulsions but in this case every thrust of the hips brought more and more pleasure to the sex crazed mother.

Finally she just saw black and passed out; when she did her hips fell softly to the bed and her moaning stopped abruptly. Trish who was in her own world from teasing her pussy with her rabbit got momentarily concerned thinking Donna had a heart attack. Katie also lifter her head expecting to see her mother staring down at her but instead was met by closed eyes and a mouth open and dripping saliva.

Then as if she had been shocked Donna came awake with a start, she quickly caught Katie's eyes and dragged her up. She smashed her mouth against her little girl's and gave her a soul searing passionate kiss. It was a kiss from the heart and soul of her mother and she returned it with equal enthusiasm. Both of the women were sharing in a first and it just underscored how attracted they were to each other. Donna had never passed out from an orgasm and Katie had never made anyone pass out.

"Oh Katie, oh my god, that was by far the greatest orgasm I've ever had. Anything your father has ever done isn't even in the same country as what you just did to my pussy, thank you so much my love!" she gushed not caring that she had just inadvertently proclaimed her love for her daughter. That she loved her was a given they were mother and daughter, calling her 'her love' took on a much deeper meaning.

Both Katie and Trish heard what Donna had just said and it wasn't lost on either of them. Trish seemed to be floating on the edge of an orgasm all day and she desperately needed one too. Hearing Donna call Katie 'her love' just kept the intensity building. She was sure she had just witnessed one of the most intense sessions of love making that anyone had ever seen.

She had openly watched Katie have sex with a fairly diverse number of people and nothing she had seen had ever come close to what she just saw. She could easily see that even though Donna had been the first one to use the love word that Katie would probably not be far behind. It was evident how deeply Katie felt for Donna by the way she had made love to her. That wasn't fucking by any means it was two people allowing the love they shared to be translated into a physical expression of the emotion.

She had never seen Katie so focused on the needs of her partner as she had just seen now. She could see the love shining in both women's eyes as they had just put on a show for her and her cameras. She was absolutely sure that the special relationship they shared was a factor in how over the top Donnas' orgasm was, how could it not be. Katie was a very talented lover she had learned over recent months but this hadn't been talent it had been love.

"Mom, I don't know if you know what you just called me but I hope you mean it because I feel the same way," Katie said shyly. She had just put herself and her new relationship out on a limb with Donna.

It took a second for Donna to replay what she had just said and when she did she just smiled.

"Of course I meant it baby, we've moved beyond a simple mother daughter relationship sweetie. I called you my love because I do love you, now I love you like I used to love your father. I guess if I had to say it I can feel myself falling I love with you baby. I hope it doesn't shock you hearing those words from your mom!" Donna said feeling her skin blush.

Katie molded her naked body as tightly as she possibly could against her mother's equally naked body. She hugged her desperately and confirmed that she felt the same as Donna had just confessed to feeling.

"Oh yes mommy, oh yes I feel the same way! I think I've always felt like I was in love with you but I just couldn't figure it out. You've always been my best friend, but it always felt like there was something more. I've always felt a closeness to you that I've never felt for anyone except maybe Teddy," she gushed referring to the creep that had taken her virginity.

"Hey what am I chopped liver over here! I thought I was your best friend!" Trish said trying to sound like her feelings were hurt. Of course the huge smile on her face after seeing these two women proclaim their new emotional attachment gave away any attempt at fooling them.

Donna and Katie hugged and whispered 'I love you' to each other, then they turned to Trish and held their arms out. It was clear they wanted her to join them on the bed but she just couldn't. She knew that if she was to get on that bed she would never be able to stop herself from attacking both of them.

She played it off masterfully, "Uh uh you two, I ain't getting on that bed with you guys! Since the both of you are so sexed up you would both probably rape me! I need to save my cherry for my own mom and you both just want to steal it!"

Donna smiled wickedly and so did Katie, she didn't know it but Trish hadn't been far from the mark in what she had said. Both Katie and Donna would be happy to prove that Trish was important to them by including her in their games but they had to wait.

"Oh come on sis we just wanted to show you how far you are from chopped liver! You will always be my best friend outside of my mom; no one else will ever be closer to me than you! I don't think any of us would be discovering these new things about each other if it wasn't partially because of you. If you hadn't jumped down my throat about not wanting to go home to see my mom we might not be here right now!" Katie said sincerely.
"Trish, you'll always be a second daughter for me honey. What I'm starting to realize I feel for Katie takes nothing away from the love I feel for you too. You will forever have special place in my heart too!" Donna gushed.

Trish felt herself blushing from the genuine love and affection she was feeling from both Katie and Donna at the moment. She felt warm all over but she knew it wasn't just the compliments; she was still on the razor's edge of an orgasm.

"Thanks guys, I was just kidding. Go back to each other; forget I'm here for now. I got that whole thing between the two of you on video and it was the hottest thing I've ever seen. So ignore me and love each other, let me make sure your memories are secure!" Trish said reclining once again on her chair, vibrator in one hand camera in the other.

"Mmmmm I think its somebody else's turn to feel good my love," Donna cooed into the ear of her gorgeous young daughter.

"I wonder who that could be, could it be Trish because I'm sure she needs to cum! Poor girl is playing camera person for us and must be a sexual nervous wreck," she teased while giving her other best friend a big wink.

"Wellll... I won't deny that poor pretty little Trish needs to cum but she doesn't want our help with that even thought she knows we would love to give her a helping hand!" Donna teased while also giving the young girl in the chair a wink.

"Or maybe a helping tongue or two!" Katie added.

"Oh god will the two of you forget about me please, just for a little while. Yes I need to cum who the hell wouldn't after watching that display a few minutes ago!" Trish laughed.

"Well if you can hold out long enough to let me make my sweet little Katie feel good I promise we will help you out without breaking your own self imposed rule, is that okay sweetie?" Donna asked while pulling herself out from her daughter.

In her head Trish was on paper thin ice and was so very close to just jumping in the bed with these two beautiful women. She was even starting to rationalize in her head how important would it really be to Joanna that she was her first. She probably wouldn't care anyway but then she remembered that it was something she herself wanted to offer to her mother.

"Welllll... Okay but only if the two of you promise not to try and change my mind!" she said softly with almost zero conviction in her voice.

Looking at each other both Donna and Katie knew it wouldn't take more than an ounce of effort to push Trish into joining them for the rest of the weekend. They also both knew it would be wrong to do that while she was as aroused as she was because they both knew how much she wanted Joanna to be her first. They silently nodded to each other with an equally disappointed look on their faces.

Who wouldn't be disappointed, after all Trish was a gorgeous young creature in her own right. She was the diametric opposite physically of both Katie and Donna and would present a wonderful contrast if she was to be bookended by the two of them. What allowed their disappointment to not overrule their thinking was the true love and respect they both had for Trish. Katie wasn't kidding earlier when she credited this weekend partially to her and her reaction earlier in the week.

Katie had explained it earlier to Donna that her desire to be with her had grown to the point where she was genuinely afraid to be around her. She was deathly afraid that she would let her lust come through and that Donna would have seen her as a freak and pervert. Now she knew how far from being true that was. It was only because of Trish yelling at Katie about not going home to help her mother with the problem that eventually brought her here that Katie had agreed to see her mom.

It had of course also led to the revelation to her roommate of her illicit feelings for Donna. That surprisingly hadn't freaked Trish out either but instead had turned her on too. That seed that had been planted in Trish's mind had over the course of a few days germinated into her wanting her own mother Joanna in the same way. Then Donnas' information about Joanna and her feelings for Trish and her activities on her job left the young woman in the chair highly hopeful that very soon she would be seeing Joanna again, but not as her daughter alone but also as a potential lover.

"Trish I think we both realize how important what you want is to you, we love you and would never take that away from you. Even though I know I speak for my horny little daughter here when I say we are dying to ravish that tight body and feast on that beautiful red bush you have down there!" Donna said with the same smile Trish had grown up with her whole life. She trusted that smile and the woman who bore it as much as she trusted anyone else in her life.

"Thank you both for being so understanding, now for pete's sake I think you have a horny little nymphomaniac of your own to take care of don't you!" she told Donna.

"Thank you Trish, I'm ready to explode here Donna! I mean maybe I should get one of our new toys and just get myself off that way!"

"Patience my dear, so tell me how you want mommy to make you cum. Do you want it dirty and raunchy like last night or do you want me to try and do what you just did, make total love to you and worship this beautiful body?" she asked as started grazing a finger up and down her daughter's naked legs.

"Make love to me mommy, make me feel special. I've had a lot of lovers but no one has ever been able to make love to me because I wouldn't let them. It just didn't seem right unless I loved the person. Show me how much better it can be when you love the person next to you!" Katie said softly. As she told Donna that a small tear drop ran down her cheek and Donna knew she was hearing the truth. It made her both sad and happy at the same time, sad because Katie was still a virgin in a certain way never having experienced sex with love. It made her ecstatic that it would be her honor to show her the difference.

This was one moment of the whole weekend where she was appreciative of her husband Jack. Jack had taught her how to make love when she was finally able to get physical with him. There had never been any real fucking with Jack even over the course of their whole marriage. Maybe that was partially to blame for where she was right now because she had never experienced the raw physicality of getting fucked.

She had seen it last night between Scott and her daughter and she had felt a touch of it when she and Katie finally took the plunge. She had loved it and was instantly hooked on the animalistic side of pure fucking but she still would always want to also be made love to, just like Katie had done with her minutes ago. She was actually in awe of how in tune Katie had been with her body and how she had pushed every button that she knew she had plus some new ones she never knew about.

For someone who claimed that she didn't know what making love was all about Katie had taken to it like a duck to water. In Donnas' mind now that she had seen and experienced both the biggest difference between the two was how much consideration was put into making your partner feel good. She knew from living it that when she and Jack made love his number one concern was always her experience above his own. When he knew she was satisfied then he would focus on himself. It was the same if she was giving him a blowjob or riding him on top, she wanted her man to get his first.

Katie had done just that with her and she had done such an amazing job that Donna was just a touch intimidated right now. She wanted to give back every ounce of pleasure that Katie had just given her but it was definitely a challenge, one she would fully enjoy taking on.

She sat on her haunches just looking down at the 20 year old goddess in front of her. It really was like looking in a mirror from 20 years ago for Donna. There were definitely differences in their look but it was the relation was so obvious to anyone who took the time to notice.

The biggest difference was the color and style of their hair, Donnas' was jet black and shorter where Katie sported deep chestnut colored tresses that came down to her mid back. Donna smiled down at her daughter now lover and got a huge smile back. It was ironic that the one big difference in their appearance was the one thing responsible for the great bond they shared even before this weekend.

Katie's hair was the thing that unified them and made them close; Donna had brushed it every night without exception from when Katie was a little girl up to the very night she left home. She had made Jack understand years ago that it was something she needed to do to bond with her baby and nothing could ever interfere. One night of every day of their lives since the first time had been devoted to hair brushing and girl talk.

The new found physical love they were discovering was directly linked to how close they had become over the years. Now Donna was about to express that love she felt to her daughter in a new and forbidden way.

As she was still looking down at Katie's body lying on the bed she loved the way her hair framed her angelic looking face. She chuckled slightly to herself thinking about how active Katie seemed to be sexually would never be given away by her face. She looked as innocent as the young woman who had come into the bedroom to tell her about the night she was planning on giving her virginity to her current boyfriend.

That night had been a rough one for Katie and it was the main reason she hadn't let anyone get close enough to make love to her until tonight. Until she felt secure and safe in the love that she and Donna shared with each other.

Donna took one hand and lifted it towards her daughter's face gently caressing the cheek reveling in the softness of the skin. She lowered her head into the crook of Katie's neck and inhaled deeply. Even through the smell of sex that was filling the room she could clearly make out her daughter's scent. She smelled ...fresh was the only way Donna could describe it. It was a wonderful scent and one she had missed terribly after Katie had moved here to the city.

Now she breathed it in and thousands of images flashed through her head, images of memories that she and Katie shared. Then she let her tongue extend itself from her lips and started making a trail, a light feather touch of a trail from the crook of Katie's neck to her ears. She stopped briefly at her ear lobes and gently sucked each one into her mouth. As she took a few moments to suckle that soft flesh that drove some people crazy she let her tongue works its way inside her ear. Katie almost screamed from the feel of Donnas' tongue invading her inner ear. It seemed they both shared that very same erogenous zone and Donna had guessed right.

As she was making her way towards the front of her daughter's face and her anxiously waiting lips she was letting her hands wander over Katie's body. She was treating her daughter's body the same way she loved being touched since this was her first ever attempt to make love to a woman. She loved the feel of the luscious curves that made up her Katie. Her hands were constantly moving over every inch of her body from her crotch to her shoulders.

She was sending her love through her fingers as she showed her daughter how wonderful it was to have someone who you love touch you in such an intimate way.

Then she lifted her head and brought her lips back to Katie's ear and whispered just for the two of them, "Honey, I love you so much and I just want you to know you can always have me. I'll never say no to my beautiful baby girl."

Then she brought those very same lips that had just promised herself to her daughter and kissed her. It was the softest of kisses at first with each touch of their lips sending sparks to every nerve ending they had. It was the most delicious of kisses for Katie because it felt so different than any she had ever enjoyed. She could feel the love her mother had just professed passing through her lips. There was a passion there that was at first subtle but was quickly building in intensity as the kiss grew.

Right now the hunger they felt for each other was totally focused on the four lips and two tongues shared by other and daughter. It was a kiss that lasted for almost ten minutes before Donna hesitantly broke it off panting and flush in her face from how it made her feel. When they broke the kiss Katie was also panting heavily and waiting patiently for Donnas' next move.

She didn't have to wait long because her mother attacked to soft spot on her neck once again. This time she attacked it voraciously sucking the soft flesh into her mouth wanting desperately to mark Katie as her lover. As she did this she was pulling the nipples that topped Katie's tits until they were like little rocks in her hands. Each time she did that Katie's hips would push up searching for something that wasn't there yet. They would push up and rotate trying to communicate the need Katie felt throughout her body that was burning up with desire.

Katie let out a series of soft little moans as Donna continued sucking on her neck. Pulling her head back and admiring her work she let her lips move down to the tops of Katie's breasts. She stopped there t worship the two beautiful globes that were the object of many a person's desire. She smiled with pride inside that so many people wanted them but they were hers for the moment. Hers to suck, kiss, knead and caress until Katie begged her to stop. So she proceeded to do just that.

However right before her lips made contact with one of Katie's nipples for the first time she timed it perfectly. As she let her breath cover the hard button on Katie's heaving breast at the very same time she let her fingertip make contact with her clit. Then as she sucked the nipple into her mouth she slowly inserted one finger into Katie's weeping pussy. The effect of the dual sensation was instantaneous on Katie. She humped her hip up to suck the finger as deep into her pussy as she could get it and at the same time grabbed Donnas' head and fastened it to the tit she was lovingly sucking on.

"Ooooooo yes mommy, love my titties, love my pussy they're all yours mommy!" Katie moaned. She was trying to hold back on the orgasm that was building inside her at least until she felt her mother's tongue inside her. She knew that if she came right now it wouldn't stop anything but she wanted to be fully charged when Donna made contact today. She knew that it would result in probably one of the most mind blowing orgasms of her whole life too.

Katie was in ecstasy the feelings running throughout her body were completely new to her. She was no stranger to sex by any means but everything she was feeling felt magnified. Every touch of her clit or her nipples felt more intense than ever before. When her mother's lips made contact with hers minutes ago she felt like she was being kissed for the first time ever.

She was experiencing how being made love to differed from fucking and she loved every nerve jarring second of it. She had no doubt that she would always love to fuck just for the hell of fucking but she also knew that she never wanted to live without the feelings she was getting right now ever again.

Donna felt the same way Katie had a while ago; she was savoring the taste of her daughter's skin. Just the reality of what she was doing right now was setting her pussy on fire once again. This wasn't some fantasy she indulged in while her fingers ran rampant over her pussy. This was her mouth sucking n her own daughter's nipples and leaving little love bites all over her tits. She couldn't even compare the feeling of having her own little girl's nipple in between her lips while her tongue teased the end of it in her mouth.

Nothing she had ever experienced sexually could have ever prepared her for the feeling of her own offspring begging her to keep sucking her tits. She had entered a whole new world of sexual pleasure the moment she entered this apartment yesterday and now she was experiencing it totally. She had come here yesterday wanting adventure and excitement that was missing from her sex life and now she had started to get a taste of just that.

As she felt her lips starting to move downward over Katie's body she was also thinking exactly the same thought that her daughter was having at this very same moment. There was no way she ever wanted to live without this ever again. There was no way she could ever look at Katie ever again and not want to do what she was doing right now. She would always want to enjoy the taste of her skin, the smell of her natural scent and...the taste of her pussy.

Just as she thought that her tongue made its first contact with the most forbidden of places on her daughter's body. Just like all of the other erogenous zones she had tasted on this tour of Katie's body she did so delicately at first. She laid the softest of kisses on Katie's full pussy as she took in its natural scent. She breathed as deep as she could and held it in wanting to savor the natural musk that was naturally exuded from her daughter's aroused sex. She had never smelled anything more attractive than what was in front of her face and nose right now.

She had tasted Katie last night and loved every second of it and then again this morning too. Now it was different though, there was nothing rushed or hurried about her approach to getting ready to eat Katie's cunt! Yes she thought of it as a cunt and a pussy and a chocha and every slang word that could come into her mind. None of those words could ever diminish in their attempts at being vulgar the natural beauty of Katie's vagina in front of her face.

She reached in with both hands and purposely pulled her labia apart holding them away from each other. She did this so she could extend her tongue and gently lick up and down the inner and outer edges of each one separately. Then she took one in between her lips and just sucked lightly but insistently on it letting her tongue tease and inflame it even more.

Now Katie was writhing on the bed, she had her hands lightly pressed against the back of Donnas' head trying to urge her on. She was hesitant to just pull her mother's face flush against her angry pink pussy to seek relief because every little touch form her tongue was lifting her even higher without pushing her over the edge. Donna who had never had sex with a woman before yesterday was playing her body like a maestro in charge of an instrument.

When Donna sucked the second of her pussy lips into her mouth and started nursing on it sparks exploded behind her eyelids. He mother was treating her pussy like it was a god and she was worshipping eagerly at its altar offering up her tongue for its pleasure.

Then Donna finally drove Katie over the edge, she didn't even need to slide her ready and willing tongue into the hungry channel of Katie's pussy. Instead she chose to treat Katie's clit like it was a third nipple. She sucked it lightly into her mouth and then while it was in between her lips she lashed at it furiously with her tongue. It was the straw that broke the camel's back and it sent Katie into a screaming bucking frenzy on their bed.


As she screamed and thrashed on the bed she did just what just moments ago she had tried to hold off on doing, she pulled Donnas' face flush with her pussy. It was then in the middle of her daughter's orgasm that Donna chose to fully invade her sweet pussy with her hungry tongue. Neither of them expected it but it immediately sent Katie into a second round of spasmodic orgasms this time accompanied only by loud grunts and thrusts of her hips into Donnas' eagerly sucking mouth.
"UHHHH...UHHH...UHHHHHH...UHHHHHHH," was all Trish and Donna heard coming from Katie's mouth. As she seemed lost to a seemingly primal orgasm drool was coming out of her mouth and Trish noticed her friend's eyes seemed to try and roll into the back of her head. She had seen plenty of Katie's orgasms and nothing even came close to just how intensely hot this one looked.

As Katie's orgasm crested Donna shifted the focus of her oral ministrations, instead of fucking her tongue deeply into Katie's pulsating pussy she started placing small kisses on its outside. She truly didn't want to remove her mouth from her daughter's sex but she didn't want to keep up the intense focus that had produced her last orgasm.

She could feel Katie settling down and her body relaxing, she looked up and saw her daughter's eyes once again staring down at her. She could see the love and adoration in those eyes and she tried returning the same feelings with her gaze.

Katie just lay there looking down at the one face she had never expected to see between her legs. She had wanted it to be there but never expected it to happen outside of her fantasies. What her mother had just done to her with her mouth was mind boggling to her; it was far and above any and every orgasm she had ever experienced. She had also never had two orgasms so close to each other and wondered if she might actually be multi orgasmic with the right partner.

There was also no doubt in her mind right now that Donna was in fact that right partner. Everything about them being together like this felt just so right to her and she had a hard time remembering that just a week ago she felt ashamed about her attraction to Donna. Now all that shame was a distant memory with only the bliss that came moments ago left in her mind. She had found her first ever person she wanted a relationship with and she couldn't be happier because her mother had said she wanted to have one with her too. It would of course be a very interesting affair for the two of them but in her heart she felt like she was in for the long haul and could care less about anyone who tried to get in their way, including her own father.

She didn't want to split them up, in fact going as far as telling Donna that she would have to make herself fuck Jack senseless every week when she went home. She knew that sometime in the future he would have to be told but everything was just too new right now to even think about how to do that. She allowed herself to once again think about Trish's dad Steven and his cuckold fetish. Maybe with extreme care Jack could be steered in the same direction, the thought of which really turned Katie on for some reason.

She could see herself in her parent's bed taking her mother over and over while her father was made to sit and watch it all. She could even see them making him their personal servant, cooking and cleaning for them while they fucked each other and anyone else they invited in.

"Earth to Katie, Earth to my beautiful little lover," Donna said softly her head still between Katie's wide open thighs.

"Ohhhh sorry mommy, I guess I just got lost because of what you just did to me!" Katie said pulling Donna up to lay next to her.

"Was it good honey, did mommy make her little girl happy?" Donna teased. She knew she had made Katie happy but her ego needed to hear it.

"Mommy you just showed me, now I know the difference between fucking and making love. I think I want lots more of you making love to me because that was the most amazing orgasm I've ever had. Thank you so much lover, I'm never ever going to forget who the first person to make love to me was!" Katie said pulling Donna into a body hug.

"Ummmmm as a third party observer and kind of an expert on the Katie orgasm just from having seen so many of them...on a scale of one to ten with ten being earth shattering I think that what I saw on that bed is probably in the vicinity of a ...twenty five!" Trish told the two of them.

Donna felt so proud of herself and full of love for her daughter. She was so happy that she had been the one to give Katie the best orgasm of her life and she just wanted to keep on giving more and more. Right now though the two of them had a promise to keep and she intended to make it special for Trish.

"Honey, I can't even begin to understand how you can just sit there and tease your pussy the way you've been doing for the last hour or so. If I was in your place I would have had that toy shoved so far up inside of me already that it would be hard to pull out." Donna told their personal camera girl.

"Well Mrs.C. it's like this, I'm a professional and I have a job to do! How would it look if while I was doing my job I was sitting here fucking myself? I might miss a certain nuance or close-up of one of your faces as you came. No I give myself to my art and after it's done then I can get my own," she told them with a straight face.

All three of them burst into laughter at the seriousness of Trish's comments and how absurd they sounded in the face of the surreal situation in front of her.

Making a space in between her daughter and herself Donna urged Trish to join them on the bed.

"Come on honey and bring that bunny rabbit with you! Get in between us and we will help give you your own as you put it!" Donna said while licking her lips hungrily. She really wanted to ravish this pseudo daughter of hers and she wanted Katie to help her but she wouldn't break Trish's trust like that.

Trish put the camera into a stable position to capture the bed and started to join them but hesitated, "Remember you two you promised me you won't push me, right?"

Katie felt just like her mom and wanted nothing more than to grab Trish throw her down and have both she and Donna show Trish what they could do to her. She also felt like Donna though in that she loved Trish and wouldn't betray her trust in any way.

"Come on up here sweetie, trust me the last thing I would want to hear would be your mom whining to me that I got your pussy before her! Get up here and get comfortable, I don't think this will take long at all." Donna teased.

"Oh god, Donna just hearing you mention my mom and my pussy in the same sentence...oh god it's so dirty and so hot!" Trish said softly as she settled down in between the naked bodies of her best friend and her best friend's mother.

"Okay sweetie, I want you to relax and close your eyes and follow my voice. Me and Katie will be touching you but it will all be above the waist is that okay?" Donna asked softly. She wanted to feel Trish's tits in her hands and mouth so badly and she hoped that it would be acceptable to the nervous young woman on the bed.

Thinking about it for a second Trish decided that it was a fair compromise, "Yes Donna that will be okay, just everything above the waist."

Donna winked at her daughter who was on the other side of Trish salivating. She was of the same mind as Donna again as she stared at Trish's beautiful white tits. They truly did look like they were capped by cherries because of the perfect pink nipples sitting on each one.

"Okay sweetie I want you to close your eyes, just like last night on the dance floor. I want you to picture someone special in your head. Okay do you have her in your head, I think we all know who it is but me and Katie want to hear you say it. Who is inside your head right now sweetie?" Donna asked softly in Trish's ear.

As she was asking the young woman she was letting her fingers trace delicate patterns up and down one of the girl's arms. Katie was doing the same to the other arm following her mother's lead.

Trish giggled lightly finding their touch to be teasingly ticklish but arousing at the same time.

"Oooooo you know who it is Mrs. C. it's my mommy Joanna." Trish purred.

"Of course it is sweetie, I want you to try and hear your mom's voice instead of my own now. I want you to imagine she's the one caressing you and making your nipples so hard. Can you do that for me honey?" Donna asked.

""I'll try, I want her so much now that I' that I've seen you and Katie. I want to do all the things you guys are doing with her," Trish answered.

"That's beautiful honey but I want you to talk to me as if I'm Joanna now, tell me what you would want me to do first," Donna asked hoping to get the answer she wanted.

Sure enough Trish followed suit, "Oh mom, kiss me please. I need to feel your lips on mine momm..."

She was cut off because as soon as she asked to be kissed Donna motioned Katie to do it. Katie looked at her best friend and roommate and lowered her lips to hers. It was their first kiss and Katie felt it had been a long time coming. It still didn't feel like a first kiss though because she knew that in her head Trish was kissing her mother.

It was steamy and hot and Donna watched as Trish attacked Katie's lips with a hunger that they had been fueling since the day before. She was getting aroused again watching the two young women swap their tongues back and forth, with a softly whimpered 'mommy' escaping Trish's lips occasionally.

After about ten minutes Donna pushed Katie back for a bit and took her own turn with Trish's mouth. She had enjoyed kissing Trish the day before and the fact that she knew Trish's mind was on someone else didn't bother her in the least.

She passionately made out with her daughter's best friend for a good five minutes before breaking the kiss. When she did all three women in the bed were panting, it was going to take every ounce of willpower on both Katie and Donnas' side not to go over the edge here.

Katie was watching Donna make out with her best friend and it was one of the most amazing things she'd ever seen. This was beyond her fantasies now and it just made her realize how much her mother truly was a sexual creature that had been caged for too long. She watched Donna make Trish actually believe that she was making out with her mom. She could see from her friend's actions just how hungry she had become for Joanna and she really wanted to be there to see it happen.

Donna finally broke the kiss with Trish and breathing heavily whispered into her ear, "What do you want mommy to do next baby?"

Trish truly had allowed herself to be transformed into a complete fantasy world right now. On the surface it looked like she was fooling around with Donna and Katie but in her mind they weren't even there right now. She was keeping her eyes closed to continue the fantasy she was living but she knew where she wanted to be touched next.

"Mommy will you love my titties please, I know they aren't quite as big as yours but they ache right now. Will you please play with them and make them feel better, please mommy?" Trish begged.

"Okay sweetie, anything you want mommy is here for you honey," she said as she gestured Katie to reach up and start playing with the tits that had tantalized her for the last six months since they had first become roommates.

She let her fingertips graze them teasingly and made small circles over every inch of Trish's 34b breasts. She heard small coos coming from her friend's mouth and wished she was inside her head. She knew no how Trish must have felt all week leading up to yesterday because she wanted desperately to see Trish give herself to Joanna. She was sure that Trish was like her mother, a closet submissive so she knew that Joanna was going to have the time of her life leading her daughter into depravity.

"Honey can mommy kiss your titties, I really want to taste them and suck them. You know, just like when you did for me when you were like a little baby." Donna teased.

Then Trish shocked Donna, "Oh yes please mommy, suck my titties for me. Will you please suck my nipples and bite them too, I like em bit."

"Oh does my naughty little girl like a little pain with her pleasure. You do know that if that's the case mommy might just have to spank that pretty ass of yours till its color matches that beautiful bush you have!" Donna teased some more.

She was having a blast walking the girl she had watched grow up through the most perverse sexual fantasy she had ever imagined. Except for her and Katie it was no longer a fantasy but instead it was their new reality.

As soon as Katie heard Trish give permission to have her tits sucked she dove in for the kill. She assaulted Trish's tits doing everything she could imagine with her mouth. She went from licking the entire breast to trying to suck as much of it into her mouth as she could. She nibbled on the nipples then actually bit into them like she had been asked to do. That had resulted in a moan escaping Trish's mouth that sounded like it had come directly from her soul. She even made an attempt to reach up and pull the mouth that was giving her so much pleasure even more flush with her tit.

Instead Donna stopped her and guided her hand to the forgotten bunny. She helped Trish clasp the dual pleasuring vibrator in her hand and then she whispered one more instruction, "Honey I want to see you fuck yourself. I want to be sure you're going to be able to take my strap on or maybe even a man we can share into that sweet tight little pussy of yours honey. When I suck your other tit into my mouth I want you to push this toy cock into yourself and fuck it in and out. I want to watch your face to see what you look like when you cum, will you do that for mommy Trish?" Donna asked.

"I'll do anything you tell me to do mommy, anything at all. I want you to use me and make me your fucking sex toy mommy. I want you to call me up whenever you need your pussy taken care of and I'll be there in minutes no matter what I'm doing!" Trish pledged only thinking of Joanna at the moment. Donna was smiling with each added commitment that left Trish's mouth.

She herself couldn't wait to have lunch with Joanna like she had arranged this week. She knew that she was going to get hit with hundreds of questions by the girl's mother but she also knew that every question Joanna asked would be skewed by her desire to fuck her twenty year old pussy.

She wondered if maybe she should ask to borrow the video that was being made right now so Joanna could see for herself how anxious Trish was to take their relationship to another level. It would probably leave Joanna ready to orgasm on the spot seeing her little girl pledge to do anything she wants. Then she decided against it, she wanted Joanna to experience Trish's lust first hand not via a video. She was sure though that by this time next week something would be in the works for Trish to enjoy her first taste of taboo sex.

As Katie was voraciously sucking her friends tits Donna let her own hand drift downward till it was covering the hand that Trish was gripping the bunny with. She lifted Trish's hand and positioned it at the pink entrance to her sweet place, the place that was the center of her universe right now.

Trish was lost in her fantasy and she could imagine her own mother helping to position the fake cock at her pussy's entrance. She moaned even deeper when she felt its first contact with her soaked sex. All of a sudden she felt the dildo start vibrating in her hand as Donna had switched it on. The dildo as called a rabbit or bunny because it had an extra part on the outside of the plastic shaft. This extra part looked like little bunny ears and when the dildo was inserted into a pussy the ears surrounded the clit sending vibrations directly to one of a woman's most sensitive spots.

This particular bunny had an extra special design though, it was also designed so it curved upwards to be able to stimulate the g spot when inside. Donna looked lovingly at Katie who truly loved having her best friend's tits in her mouth for the first time. She winked at her daughter and motioned downward with her eyes indicating the position of the fake cock.

"Are you ready honey, are you ready to show mommy how you will fuck your own pussy for me? Do you want mommy to help you guide it into your gorgeous wet cunt honey?" she whispered.

"Please mommy help me, help me put this cock inside my pussy!" Trish begged.

So Donna took Trish's hand and in one motion helped her push the whole seven inches of the fake cock inside her. It was obvious that Trish was no virgin by how easily she took the whole thing but it was the reaction when it was fully inside that caught both Katie and Donna by surprise.

As the bunny was enveloped by Trish's hungry pussy the vibrations it was giving off were more than enough to set Trish off. Then when the ears clasped her clit she started to explode but when the tip of the bunny found her g-spot she went beyond exploding, she lost total control of her body.

It was as if the two massive orgasms that Katie and Donna had enjoyed had been combined and channeled through Trish's body. When the bunny bottomed out and touched her g spot her hips shoved themselves upward in a violent spasming motion. She had her heels planted on the mattress as she repeatedly shoved her cunt up to meet her own thrusts into her pussy. Then all at once just like Donna had done earlier she just passed out and her body went limp. Her hips fell back down to the bed and in doing so dislodged the bunny from her pussy.

"OOOOOOOOOO...OOOOOOOOOO...MOMMMYY...MY...PUSSY...MY...OH FUCK...OH FUCK...CUMMMINNGGGG!!" Trish had screamed while violently fucking herself with the fake cock. She didn't take it out too far each time though because she loved the feel of the bunny ears on her clit. Instead she basically smashed her hips upwards each time successfully searching for her g spot and keeping the cock pressed on it.

As her orgasm grew in its intensity she stopped talking and was just grunting like Katie had down a little while ago. Her body was out of control and she's never imagined an orgasm could feel like this and it was by her own hand. She couldn't wait to have one caused by her own mother, she was sure it would have to be even better.

As she peaked and unintelligible sounds were leaving her mouth along with saliva running down her cheek she could feel herself fading away. She saw spots in front of her eyes and the next thing she knew her head was being cradled in Donnas' generous naked bosom and Katie was rubbing a cool rag over her face.

When Donna saw Trish's eyelids flutter she smiled down at the naked young woman in her arms.

"Welcome back to the world of the living you gorgeous little nymphette, it's nice to see you so relaxed and smiling. I will tell you this sweetie, your mother is going to be one lucky lady if she takes you on as a lover. You are a spitfire just waiting to be released and she's actually gonna have her hands full with you I bet!" Donna told her sincerely.

Both Katie and Donna had been shocked by the power of Trish's orgasm only because at the heart of it all she was still only masturbating. They of course didn't take into account the hours of sexual tension that had been building in Trish plus the fact that nothing had ever touched her g spot before. It had produced an orgasm that had left both mother and daughter in shock.

After Trish passed out and didn't come back around right away Donna had told her to get a cool rag. It was the rag that eventually got through to Trish and she had indeed woken up with a huge smile and a feeling of contentment from what she knew was the greatest orgasm of her life.

Trish lay in between Katie and Donna with all of the built up sexual tension she had been feeling gone. Her orgasm was a memorable one and Donna had been brilliant in helping her get it. Actually she owed both Katie and Donna thanks because it had actually been a team effort. She was happy to that they had both kept their word about not taking advantage of her while she had been so vulnerable.

It would have been so easy for either of them to have taken her pussy or to have guided her mouth to one of their own. In the frame of mind she had been in she would have eagerly licked wither of them till they came while thinking it was her mother. That was how deep into the fantasy she had gotten. Donna's soft words had mesmerized her and taken her to a place where it was only her and Joanna. In her head she had just been with her mother now it was up to them all to make it a reality. Just the idea of it started ratcheting the tension up within her again.
"You two were so amazing thank you both so much for such a wonderful experience!" Trish gushed happily at her gorgeous bookends. She was still sandwiched in between the two of them and she had to admit it felt so sexy and dirty to be laying there with them. She felt safe from anything happening because as happy as she was her orgasm had drained every ounce of strength she had.

"Trish baby, I could see how much you want your mom too! God I can't believe the two of us we're such huge sluts wanting to fuck our mothers! "Katie giggled while reaching over Trish and caressing her mother's breast.

"I guess you might as well include me and Joanna in that list of sluts too honey because if I know my friend at all she wants to fuck her daughter just as much as I want to" she added not realizing the second meaning of what she had said.

"Mmmmm so you're saying you want to fuck me as much as my mother wants to Donna?" Trish teased.

"Wellllll of course baby, but only if it's with all of us together, or at least Katie. You need to have your fun with your mom first but afterwards...well let's just say I'm gonna ask your mom how she would feel about me and Katie enjoying your gorgeous body." Donna laughed.

"You know I bet that if my mom is as big a slut as you've hinted at she might want a taste of Katie too. Just think of it, a complete mother daughter orgy the possibilities are so fucking hot!" Trish cooed.

"Sis, I think you're finally seeing the bigger picture about sex! I'm definitely down for a shot between your mom's legs too. How about it mommy, would you pimp me out to Joanna while you talk to her this week, pretty please?" Katie asked her in her perfect little girl voice.

Donnas' mind was a whirlwind of perverse thoughts once again just from laying here bantering with these two younger women. She had to admit that the concept of pimping Katie out to Joanna was a complete turn on, it was such a forbidden thing for a mother to do.

"If that's what you want darling I'd be more than happy to offer your pussy up on a plate for Trish's mom. You know it's so funny because I might not even be here today if your dad had been willing to do some of the things we're just casually throwing around here!" Donna observed.

"Oh really mom, tell me what you wanted to do with daddy," Katie asked. All of this was so new to her too and she knew that there would be a lot of introspection on her part after Donna left on Monday. She had no doubts about her desire to be her mother's 'girlfriend' but she wanted to get to know her on a complete personal level now too.

"Well I guess it might actually have been after talking with Joanna a few times. I think the seed about sharing or swapping had been planted even though Joanna doesn't actually swap with Steve as you know Trish. So I tried dropping subtle hints about maybe spicing up our sex life by playing with other and Jack just shut me down. He just started throwing out cryptic things about not being like his father and how he wasn't going to end up..." Donna stopped and thought for a second.

"What's up mom why did you stop? What didn't daddy want to wind up as?" Katie asked.

Donna just smiled and told her, "Honey I think your father might have a little predetermined knowledge of exactly what a cuckold is. Thinking about it now your father told me he wasn't going to wind up in a chair by the bed. I had no idea what he was talking about so I just dismissed it. His mother must have cuckolded his father as he was growing up and it never drove the two of them apart. As you know they were together till your grandmother passed away. So...maybe the groundwork is already there to actually get your dad in that chair."

"Oh god that's so fucking hot mom, can you imagine us taking Scott home with us and having daddy watch you take that monster cock in your pussy. Just think how he would react to seeing me eat that entire huge load of cum from inside your inseminated cunt!" Katie said as she started squirming on the bed again.

"Slow down sweetie, I just said the groundwork may be there; remember he did say he didn't want to be that way."

"Oh mom, do I have to point out everything to you. You control the pussy that's why you're here today; it's also why your husband of all these years agreed to let you spend every weekend for the next six months here with me. If you kill him with pussy like I suggested when you are home he would agree to anything, trust me. Then once we get him on board about you and me we gradually guide him into being a happy cuckold for both of us!" Katie said mischievously.

"If you put it like that I could see something happening, and yes the idea of having your dad watching me with you and maybe someone else definitely gets me wet. Actually everything about you gets me wet honey some things just get me even wetter."

It was then they noticed that Trish had passed out and was sleeping soundly with the biggest smile on her face. They looked at her and lay next to her creating a three way hug and soon they had joined Trish in enjoying an early evening nap.

To be continued...

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