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Wife Enslaved Ch. 02

Recovering his wife

As Riana expected, her husband phoned Jimmy that morning. Adrian would sort out this dire problem and take her home, before Jimmy found out she wasn't a household slave. It would cause all kinds of unpleasantness, if he found out she was Adrian's wife. He could use it to re-negotiate the loan Adrian arranged for him. Much worse for her, would be the social indignity of being a slave, even for just a day.

The gossip and sniggers from social acquaintances would be intolerable. A person only signed up as a slave out of desperation, and therefore it was a social and personal disgrace.

A global collapse of world economies in twenty-one-fifty, left a lot of people without work, and the government couldn't afford to even feed them all. Those with skills were lucky to find employment, with a corporation, or as a household servant.

The rest had to sign on with the government as a slave. In return, their debts were written off. In addition they had the purchase price to start a new life, once freed. A major problem was the government didn't have enough inspectors, so checking a master was keeping a slave within the regulations, was hardly ever done. This led to a general acceptance that slaves could be miss-used.

Riana new this, and was worried. She listened to the conversation between her husband and Jimmy, becoming angrier as her husband stalled, and the deal didn't progress very far.

Her husband couldn't take the chance of upsetting Jimmy, while she was held as a slave. The situation was extremely delicate. Jimmy wanted to borrow the household slave a couple of days ago, and her husband agreed. The guy had mistakenly taken Riana, instead of the slave.

'We made a deal. I borrow the slave for a week, and accept the business loan offer. Then you turn up and tell me to keep the slave. I sent the agreed purchase price to the government account, so the deal is done. Now you want the slave back. What's happened?' Jimmy asked.

'It was a mistake reacting without consideration. Look, I'll give you twenty percent more than you paid for her. It will recompense you for any inconvenience,' Adrian offered.

'I still need the slave for a week, to fulfil the government regulations. Why don't we take time to consider the situation, and settle this at the end of the week?' Jimmy pushed the point.

He was sure a lot more could be squeezed out of the man, if he tried. His plans precluded that, and would be far more profitable than a few percent extra. Also, there would be a great deal of satisfaction to be had, by keeping the slave for a while.

'If you think the offer is too low, just tell me,' Adrian said, sounding rattled.

'It's not that. I really do need to keep it until the end of the week. We can talk then. I don't think I'll need anything extra, just the credits back,' Jimmy said, and smiled at the screen.

'Well, if you change your mind, let me know,' Adrian said.

Adrian rang off and sat holding his face in both hands. Mistakenly thinking Riana had sex with a couple of Jimmy's friends, he'd angrily told him to keep her. Now he had to negotiate with a selfish young man, for the return of his wife. Damn! Damn! Damn! It wasn't his fault for getting into this impossible position. It was Riana's fault for going off with the arrogant young man.

It was unbearable knowing another man owned his wife as a slave. The infuriating situation was that his hands were tied from not being able to reveal who she was. Obviously she was alright, otherwise she would have simply come home. Didn't she know how difficult this was for him?

Jimmy thought the man looked tired and strained. Well that served him right. Adrian had lost his father a lot of credits, and expected him to continue investing. Adrian had also refused to invest in Jimmy's project. The man was heartless. Jimmy couldn't inflict financial pain, so this was the only way to kick him where it hurt.

Riana listened to their conversation, which on the surface sounded civilised and ordinary. The stupid bastard hadn't tried hard enough to get her back! What did he think he was doing, leaving her with this young man, as a slave? This was no way to treat a wife!

As soon as her husband took her home, she would find a way to remove the tattoo's, and micro-chips. The ring piercing her nether lips would be the first to go. Why that had been done, she had no idea.

'Did you hear that, slave? Your old master wants you back. Let's have a look at what I've bought, slave,' Jimmy demanded.

Riana looked at him, wondering what he meant, until it struck her. He was waiting for her to strip!

'Master, may your slave speak?' she quietly asked.

The only way to deal with this arrogant young man was to be self-effacing. He enjoyed putting her in place, so she determined not to give him an excuse. He'd made it clear, that behaving herself would avoid a punishment.

'Go ahead, slave,' he said.

'Your slave is a mature woman, and it will be hurtful being naked in her master's presence. Please, master, may your respectful slave keep her clothes on,' she demurely asked.

Only after speaking did she realised the words had an effect upon her, as well as him. She felt lowly, as though she really were nothing more than his humble slave. Waiting for a decision, whether to strip or not, was deepening that lowly position.

'If you don't undress, I'll cut the clothes off, and leave you naked. Get them off now, slave,' he fiercely ordered.

The strength of purpose, and anger directed at her, moved her hands. As though on automatic, she quickly pulled off the apron and cap, then unzipped the dress. When it dropped to the floor she stepped out of it, picked it up, and neatly folded it. Her panties had already been cut off, so there was no protection to her private place.

She struggled with the bra, wriggling around while he looked on. She bent to the stockings, carefully smoothing them down her legs, so as not to damage them. Pulling the garter belt around her waist, she unhooked it, and laid it on the pile of clothes. They weren't even her clothes, they were her master's possessions, just as she had become.

The significance of this pushed heavily upon her, and she swayed a little. What if he denied her clothes? She was his to do with as he wished, and he was looking her over. A strong realisation that she needed to please him, swamped her mind. She stood before him, almost at attention, with arms to her sides.

She still wore the slave chains, connected to a slave collar. Having a slave number branded upon her body, affected her profoundly. Her confidence and self-esteem had shrunk to nothing. Her head hung low, with a feeling of deep shame. She stood with thighs pressed together, trying to hide her sex.

'If you displease me, you will be punished, slave,' he heavily stated.

'Yes, master,' she breathed.

For the first time since being there, those words came naturally, and were full of meaning. She kept reminding herself this was no fantasy, conjured up to satisfy sexual needs. Being naked before this young man was demeaning, and it was unaccountably exciting. At that moment there was little of the haughty, sophisticated woman left to degrade.

A deep feeling overcame her, that this was no longer just a silly mistake. She was dependent upon this young man for absolutely everything. Her whole wellbeing would depend upon his whims. She felt lightheaded.

It must have only been a brief moment when her consciousness flickered out. He saw her swaying, and grabbed a hold before she fell. Her eyes flickered open, to see him studying her. He was sitting on a chair, on top of her folded clothes. She was sitting on his lap, naked.

'You all right? You fainted,' he said.

'Think so,' she said, and moved to slip off his lap.

He strengthened his grip, and said, 'Sit for a moment. I'll get you a drink in a moment. It must be all the excitement,' he smiled.

Her bare bottom was on his lap, and her breasts were pressed against his shirt. A look of embarrassment crossed her face, and she quickly pulled her legs together. She'd been too relaxed, showing off everything while out of it. It didn't feel as though he'd taken advantage.

'How long was I out?' she asked.

'Seconds, maybe only one. Saw you ready to drop, so I grabbed you, and sat down,' he said.

'I'm alright now,' she whispered.

'You sure? I don't mind holding you for a little while,' he grinned.

'Oh. Well, yes, I'll try and stand,' she said.

'If you're well, you had better call me master, or be punished,' he stated.

'Sorry, master,' she quietly spoke.

The last time she sat on someone's lap, was being comforted on her father's knee. Since then she hadn't sat on a man's knee, not even with her husband. Being held close brought back warm memories of being cared for. He was a young man, and she was naked, so the feeling was absurd. He had his arms around her, asking if she was alright, so maybe that brought on the feeling of being wanted.

Riana leant her head on his chest, and sighed.

'Open your legs, I want to see if you're healing,' he told her.

The sentimental mood turned to embarrassment as she complied. She felt a finger gently run across her lips. He prodded the ring through her lips, turning it into an ordeal. They still throbbed, but not so painfully now. It was an awful way to treat her naughty bits.

'You look alright. If there are signs of infection or swelling, let me know,' he calmly told her.

'Thank you, master,' she quietly spoke.

Thanking him for examining her private place was so very wrong! No one should be doing that! More telling than anything, was calling him master. Thanking him for touching her down there and calling him master, was a sign of how she was beginning to think of him. It was a bad sign.

'I'd better get you some panties. There's sure to be something suitable upstairs,' he smiled at her.

'Thank you, master,' she said.

This time the words were said while trying not to feel so humble. Just saying them without meaning would help keep her mind straight. He wasn't making a move, and neither did she. She turned her head toward him, to ask permission to stand.

Their faces were close, and the request faltered. He kissed her gently on the lips. She opened her mouth to protest, and he kissed her deeply. For a moment she froze, not wanting this. He was kissing her, but she refused to respond.

A mature married woman couldn't let a young boy kiss her. Sitting on his lap, naked, it was no wonder he wanted her. He wanted her! The feeling of being wanted had been lacking in her life for such a long time. An ache formed within her mind and body.

Opening her mouth, she willingly let him in. Hardly aware of it, a hand cupped a breast, and began to gently caress it. Ever so slightly, she parted her legs. Fingers stroked her thighs, while she let him take her with his tongue. Their tongues intertwined, exploring and teasing. His hands were exploring her body, with meaningful strokes. The message was that he wanted her!

Her eyes were clamped shut, as they sank to the floor, with him holding her tight. The movement couldn't be denied, though purposely avoiding what it meant was just possible. She felt his hand slipping between her thighs. Only then did she realise how available and wet she had become.

Her master wanted her, and as a slave it was impossible to deny him her body. At that moment it was a valid excuse, and not a thought was given to the next moment, for she was living for the second. With every touch, every caress of lips and hands, was engulfing her in the fantasy of being nothing more than a helpless slave. Too far gone, she was helpless to resist. Her master was taking her, and she wanted to submit.

'Yes, master, oh, yes!' she heavily breathed, on feeling him enter.

The sensation of him slowly pushing into her, was wonderful. He was young, handsome, strong, and virile. She felt the power of his thrust reaching deep inside. As his penis touched the entrance to her womb, she whimpered. Pulling back left her vagina sensitive, and wanting more.

The strokes came faster. They were deep and powerful, from strong thigh muscles pushing hard. Her face screwed up as though in agony, and she bit her lip. There was nothing she could do to hold back.

'Fuck your slave, master! Fuck your slave hard!' she yelped.

Her master pushed deep, and held still. Already into an orgasm, on feeling his cock stiffen and jerk, another orgasm overtook her. Imagining his red hot young cum spurting deep into her body, pushed along the orgasm into a deeper more satisfying climax. As she was about to slip into a comfortable afterglow, it unexpectedly continued. A third orgasm rippled through her body, tingling her fingers and toes.

She stretched her limbs out, spread-eagled on the floor, with a smile spreading across her face. Completely sated, she lay back next to him, feeling weak and happy. He scooped her into his arms, to balance her on his chest. He pulled her up to his face, and kissed her. She languidly kissed him back, enjoying his every touch. She was his, now completely won over.

Knowing her mood was dominated by the afterglow of a powerful orgasm, didn't negate the idea that she was his slave. It cut sharply through her being, imprinted upon her soul, as permanently as the tattoos. She was a slave, and had to serve him with all her ability. She pulled her lips away from his face, to look closely at the man who bought her.

'Thank you for the orgasms, master,' she whispered.

These were the words she whispered on a lonely night, pleasuring herself, and at that moment they seemed so right. This was a powerful statement describing what she sincerely felt. He was her master. He'd bought and paid for her, marked her with a slave number, inserted a slave chip, and taken her. She was his slave, body and soul.

'Do you promise to serve me as a dutiful slave?' he asked.

'Yes, master, your slave promises to server her master in all things, as a dutiful slave should,' she quietly and earnestly spoke.

'Good slave girl. In return your master promises to dominate you, and direct you in all things. You will do as you are told, or be punished. Do you understand, slave?' he asked.

'Your slave girl understands, master. Slave girl will be punished for disobedience,' she acknowledged.

He kissed her lips, and playfully slapped a bare cheek.

His deep voice penetrated her being, overawing her. It wasn't surprising that she found herself thoroughly believing she was his slave. Not just the sex had her reeling, it was the accumulation of events. A slave fantasy, tattooed with a number, being treated like a possession, and mounted like a slut, left her thinking like a slave.

In the afterglow of multiple orgasms, her life as a rich married woman became a blur. The life of an unhappy wife, was replaced by a happy slave, peacefully accepting her position. There was no longer a pressure to conform with a privileged societies mores. All she had to do was obey her master, and all would be well in this new world.

Riana found it difficult to shake off the idea of being owned. It was so comforting being this caring man's object of desire, she embraced the warm feeling. After all, her husband had sold her, enslaving her, and so he would have to undo the mistake. Her husband had rejected her for so long, a week of happiness was deserved. Clearing her mind of these thoughts later, would be soon enough.

He stood up towering over her. She looked up, feeling small and vulnerable, as though she were a little girl again, needing to be looked after by a big strong man.

'On hands and knees,' Jimmy ordered.

She struggled up, wondering what he was going to do with her next. He grabbed the chain dangling from the collar.

Having sex with her just happened on the spur of the moment. It wasn't part of his plans. The warm feelings developing for her had to be checked, or he might not be able to go through with the training.

'Come on, slave,' he said.

She crawled naked across the soft carpet, with his hand grasping the chains, guiding her. He sat behind the desk, and looked her over.

'Slave will practice different positions, and learn to take them up when ordered. When your master says crawl, this is the position. Remember it, or be punished, slave,' he firmly stated, and smiled down at her.

Riana couldn't help glancing at him with a look of admiration. She was contentedly kneeling at his feet, awaiting his pleasure. She knew this was all wrong, though what could she do? A feeling of belonging to him was overpowering her common sense. After having sex, she knew what the rest of the week held in store for her. It should have been a dire prospect, yet she was vibrating with anticipation.

She kneeled with both heels under bottom, head bowed, and hands on her thighs, palm upwards. Keeping her back straight, to push out her breasts was difficult. She had to keep this position, squatting at his feet, while he worked.

Eventually he lifted her chin, forcing her to look at him. He smiled, and stroked her hair.

'When I tell you to squat, this is the position you must take. Now learn to present. Turn around. Neal, and lean forward with both hands flat on the floor. Spread your feet and hands wide. Push your bottom up, that's it,' he congratulated her.

Displaying her naked body was all very humbling, yet he had a way of making her feel it was an achievement. He went back to work, shuffling papers around on his desk. At least this position was easier to hold without trembling. All he had to do is glance at her, to see everything between her legs, but he didn't. The idea of taking up a slave position, helped push her further into a fantasy world of her own making.

In her fantasy, she had been kidnapped from home by a powerful slave-master, and sold on to a master. Her master had taken her, despite her protestations. She was in chains, being trained to be an obedient slave girl. Trying to resist was hopeless. She was completely his, to do with as he saw fit.

After awhile he directed her again. She turned around to face him on her knees, spread wide. She dipped her head forward, until her forehead touched the carpet. She would have to take up this position if her master said, kowtow.

Two hours practising slave positions, being still, not daring to move, reinforced an acceptance of her slavery. She was being trained to submit, and couldn't, or didn't want to fight it.

'You're a patient pet. A very beautiful slave and valuable indeed. Worth looking after with great care. You're voluptuous, and so very gorgeous, slave. Your master will keep you happy, my pet,' he softly spoke.

'Squat!' he ordered.

Riana squatted before him, as an obedient slave girl. He lifted her chin to gain her attention. She had a dreamy faraway look in her eyes. Her eyes opened wide showing she was back in the here and now, to find she really was a slave girl.

They locked eyes, transmitting an understanding. Her master's voice was full of meaning, and brought tears to her eyes. She felt a droplet roll down a cheek, and splash onto a knee. After being cruelly neglected for so long, the idea of being valued reached into her soul.

'Get under the desk, slave,' he ordered. 'Hurry up!' he cajoled her, and slapped her bottom.

It was playful, not intended to hurt. A need to please him had her scurrying as ordered. She looked up between his legs, where he was looking down at her. Again she had the feeling of being a small thing, like a frail little bird, needing his protection.

'Take out my cock, and suck it while I work,' he said.

At that moment she felt foolish for not guessing why she was there. She hesitated, wondering if she could carry out such a demeaning task. Never before had she sucked on a man's penis. To avoid upsetting her master, she quickly undid his fly. Delving into his trousers was easier that doing nothing. Pulling out his penis, she found it shrivelled, and therefore less threatening.
He looked down, and coaxed her, 'Come on, slave, get on with your duty.'

'Yes, master,' she murmured.

Sucking it into her mouth was easier than she thought. Rolling it around in her mouth wasn't the unpleasant chore she thought it would be. She pushed a hand into his trousers to feel his sack. Gentle strokes were called for, she knew that much. Not having performed this for anyone, not even for her husband, it should have been disgusting with a stranger. Instead she felt proud to be useful to her master.

Jimmy was pleased with the way things were going. A continuous onslaught of reinforcement had her bowing to the inevitable. She'd accepted her position as slave, and acknowledged him as her master. Adrian wanted her back, but now she was registered as a slave, he couldn't just take her home.

In her kitchen he'd recognised her, just before Adrian phoned. It was just a bit of fun telling Adrian he wanted to borrow a slave, yet she went along with it. Why she had was still a mystery. It probably had something to do with the fantasy slave outfit she'd been wearing. The plan had come together on the drive home, and it seemed to be working.

Watching Adrian's wife sucking his hardening cock, brought on a feeling of power. He felt very pleased with himself, and was tempted to reveal he knew who she was. Not much technique, but she was thorough. It was impossible to ignore and hold back.

'Can you swallow it, slave?' he gasped.

Riana wondered what to do. She'd heard about taking it down the throat, but didn't know if that was possible. How could she swallow such a large object? Its head would choke her. It was bulging out a cheek when she sucked half of it into her mouth.

Riana stopped sucking to look up at him. She let go of his cock, though still holding onto his scrotum.

'Sorry, master. Your slave will practice later, to please her master,' she promised.

She was on her knees, sucking his cock. She was rolling his balls in one hand, while stroking his cock with the other. The position should have been humiliating, instead, she felt ashamed for letting her master down. She was there to pleasure her master, and was found wanting.

Knowing he was about to cum, she pulled back, knocking her head on the underside of the desk. Unable to manoeuvre in the cramped space, she clamped her eyes shut, while streams of sticky goo spattered her face. Her eyes flickered open to see her master looking down at her, with a look of disdain. This young man certainly had a potent weapon, as his sperm had exploded everywhere.

'You made a mess, dirty slave girl,' he intoned.

'Sorry, master,' she automatically responded.

The bitter taste of his sperm was on her lips, and up her nose. Afraid to touch it, she let it dribble down her chin, onto her breasts. He sat back watching her crawl from the desk-well. When she tried to stand, he put a hand to her head, holding her down.

'You've made a mess. Turn around and lick it up. Don't touch your face or tits, dirty little slave,' he ordered.

Feeling incredibly small and insignificant, she didn't have the temerity to complain. It wasn't ill treatment for someone as lowly as she had become. Her master towered over her, watching her, while she licked under the desk. She'd never tasted cum before, and wondered if it all tasted the same. Though, this certainly wasn't something she wanted to trial.

'Now my shoes,' he pointed out.

Riana looked up at him from the floor, where he seemed ten feet tall, emphasising her lowly status. There was no need for tears, as this is what a slave must expect for disobedience. It was no good explaining this poor slave had never sucked a man's penis, and was frightened when it spurted hot cum over her.

'Now get a sponge and a cloth for your master's trousers. Don't forget, don't wipe your body! Crawl, don't walk!' he crossly spoke.

Crawling back as quickly as she could, his trousers were soon sponged and dried. Fortunately there was only a little around the cuffs, and it was soon removed. She felt happier now, having cleaned up her mistake, and forborne a just punishment. On her knees she pressed her forehead into the carpet, hoping for forgiveness.

The rattle of a chain frightened her from a fantasy, where she was in a harem before a fierce sultan. She had transgressed his rules, and faced a dire punishment.

'Stand up,' Jimmy told her. 'Legs a part,' he ordered, and slapped her bottom.

Feeling him fiddling with the now healed ring, she guessed what was happening. Why though? Was this to be a further punishment?

Jimmy stood up, and pulled on the chain. Riana felt it pull on her pierced lips, and yelped from the unexpected sensation. He said nothing, but obviously she had to follow him, or painfully damage her nether lips. In the kitchen he attached the chain to a weight sitting on the floor. There she had to stand, like it or not. On the counter next to her, he dumped some carrots.

'Get practising with these, until I get back with something more suitable,' he told her.

Riana had seen carrots before, in pictures. He must be one of those fad eaters, who wanted organic vegetables. Real ones grown in the ground rather than in nutrient pods. Picking one up, turning it around, she wondered what was to be done with it.

'Oh!' she exclaimed.

Not wanting to be caught slacking, she sucked on the carrot. After awhile she managed to get it to the back of her throat without choking. A little further and it felt as though her stomach was ready to heave. While spluttering and coughing, it was decided to try more gradually. Spit and snot slid down onto her chest, accumulating with her master's cum.

She was just a dirty little slave girl, and needed to learn her master's whims, or suffer the consequences. The carrot became soft, and she managed to get it a little way down her throat. Reluctantly using a larger one, she started again. While on the third one her master arrived.

'Here's something more realistic to try. Carry on with the carrots, until you can manage them,' he said. 'Well done, so far,' he conceded.

Riana stared at the three rubber phalluses with a worried look on her face. They built up in size, with the last one as large as her master's penis. Comparing the carrot to the largest, she wondered how long it would take to manage the big brute. With greater urgency she pushed the smaller dildo into her mouth, and gently pushed at the back of her throat. The secret was to relax, and swallow. Not a natural action, but she was learning.

Her master walked in while she had the smaller phallus down her throat.

'How are you progressing? Very good, slave,' Jimmy smiled at her. 'Here's a bucket in case you need to pee,' he chuckled.

The bucket was just within reach, but the prospect of urinating in a bucket was unpleasant. Knowing the inevitable would happen before the task was completed, made her feel worse, and added urgency to the assignment. The weight was impossible to lift, so she was stuck there until she completed her master's orders.

With her whole body complaining from standing so long, she managed to push the big flexible dildo down her throat without retching. At last she allowed herself to squat over the bucket. The relief was satisfying. From emptying her bladder, as much as from fulfilling her master's order.

While waiting for him to return, she practiced holding it in her throat as long as possible. Even knowing what this meant, she was still proud of the achievement. If her husband could see her now, he would be dumbfounded. The last time she had been so pleased with herself, was when she raised an enormous amount for a favourite charity. Now she was acting out a fantasy, as a slave slut, preparing herself to deep-throat a master.

Burying herself into a fantasy world, as though none of this was real, enabled her to survive the ordeal. It also made her highly aroused all the time. Even now, tethered in the kitchen by a ring through her pussy lips, she was wet.

Jimmy casually strolled in to see his slave's progress. Immediately she proudly demonstrated her new skill by swallowing the big dildo. She held it there for a moment then withdrew it to breath, repeating the process with enthusiasm.

'Good slave girl!' he encouraged her.

He handed her a key, and said, 'Unlock the chain, then thoroughly wash it. It's time for bed, so take a shower, and clean yourself up,' he said.

Suddenly aware of the filth over her breasts and stomach, she felt terrible. She scuttled off to shower, then joined her master in bed. After standing for so long she was tired, and ready for bed, though sleep wasn't on his mind. Her master was ready to try out his slave's new trick.

Riana was reticent over getting into bed with him. It was silly after having sex on the floor earlier, but this seemed more seriously intimate.

'Bend over the bed, slave,' he ordered.

'Oww! Sorry, master. Please master,' she cried.

He only spanker her bare bottom with a few strokes, to have her capitulating.

Unexpectedly Riana became turned on. Having been sexed up all day, this was just a heightening of the sexual tension. Justify getting into his bed, she told herself he was her master, and must be obeyed. As she climbed in, he pushed her head down, guiding her between his legs. She lay there for a moment, at the end of the bed.

Her head was in his crotch, looking at his unready penis. This time there would be no mistakes, she would swallow his sperm. Nervously she sucked his cock into her mouth. Rolling it around in her mouth, it twitched, and began to grow. Carefully she pushed a hand between her legs. It was sad to realise she wasn't going to be ridden by her master.

It didn't take long before he was fully erect. As practised she pushed her head down the full length of his penis. It felt tragically disappointing, having to play with her pussy while he enjoyed this. She began rhythmically bobbing her head up and down. She kissing his crotch with every downward stroke, and felt his balls touch her chin. On the upward stroke, she tightly sucked the head of his cock.

'Stop!' Jimmy exclaimed.

He pulled her up his chest, and told her, 'Ride my cock, slave.'

With an ecstatic look in her eyes, she scrambled to place her knees either side of his thighs, and hovered over his cock. Her master laid back looking up at her. He had a smile of expectation on his lips. She bore down upon his penis, and he thrust up with powerful leg muscles, pushing deep into her.

She'd never been in this position before, and it felt so wonderful, a cry of pleasure couldn't be held back. She bounced around on her master's cock, with her breasts gyrating. Her head was thrown back, gurgling an incompressible message. Up and down he thrust, lifting and dropping her. His penis felt strong and powerful, taking her, filling her with a completeness craved for.

He suddenly stopped moving, and she felt his cock spasm. It was impossible to move, while he filled her vagina with thick potent sperm. She felt his cock pulsing at the entrance to her womb, shooting young virile sperm.

'Oh, yes, master, fill your slave. Fill your slave with cum, master,' she cried out.

Transfixed, unable to move, she imagined his sperm spurting right up inside her body, impregnating her. Her orgasm left her fragile. The afterglow weakened her mind, leaving her vulnerable.

He slid her off to the side, and pulled her close. His heavy breathing in an ear tickled. Her whole body was sensitized, and his touch was electric. Nestled in his arms, tightly embracing her, she felt safe and desired.

'You are my sexy slave girl, what are you?' he teased.

'I'm your sexy slave girl, master,' she gladly agreed.

'What will you do for your master?' he asked.

'Anything my master desires. Slave is your obedient little slave girl, master,' she lovingly whispered.


Next morning Riana worried over what she had done. Pangs of guilt stabbed at her all morning. She was a mature married woman, yet performed like a slut for a young man's pleasure. He was sixteen years younger than her, and he knew her husband. Fortunately he didn't know who she was, or her reputation would be in ruins.

She had slipped from his bed, showered, and made coffee. She couldn't eat anything with a stomach clenching with fear. At least she was free of the madness that overtook her yesterday. In the night he'd woken her to take her mouth again. This time he spurted his sperm down her throat. She rubbed her tummy, imagining it full of sperm.

When he walked in the kitchen she jumped up in surprise. She couldn't find any clothes, and was still naked. As had been instilled in her, she stood to attention, with arms at her sides. The only thing she could do was press her thighs together, to hide her sex.

'Morning, slave. Well? Serve your master breakfast, slave,' he ordered.

Riana needed to talk to him, and convince him to let her return home. This madness had to stop, before her wits were completely subsumed in a fantasy world.

'Come here, slave,' he heavily sighed.

It was important not to sit on his lap again, so she went to sit down on a chair. He grabbed a hand and pulled her close.

Examining her, he said, 'You promised to obediently serve your master.'

'Yes, master. But, I can't. . .' she started, unable to find the right words.

She would have to tell him everything, despite the dire consequences. Maybe he would be kind enough to keep her secret.

'You have no choice, slave,' he said.

Jimmy pulled her over his knee. A familiar feeling of dizziness disorientated her, as the floor came up to meet her head. She felt a slap on her bare bottom. It wasn't until the second slap, that she felt a stinging pain. Her master was spanking her! She'd tried to defy him, and he was teaching her to be an obedient slave.

'Sorry, master. Please don't hurt your slave girl! Please! Your slave promises to be a good little girl, master,' she shrieked.

The years rolled back to when at home, being chastising by a strict father for being naughty. There had only been the one time he spanked her, but it left its mark upon her soul. She had been messing around with one of the servants, so her father dismissed the boy's father, and she never saw the boy again. That hurt more than the spanking.

She stood before her master, rubbing her sore bottom. Tears rolled down her cheeks, from remembering the past, and from letting her master down. It felt just the same as when she had let her father down.

'Please master, I mustn't, I can't,' she tried to say.

'That's right, a slave mustn't disobey her master, and can't do anything without permission. Now, slave, do you understand your position in this house? Must I devise another punishment for this bad slave?' he demanded.

'Sorry, master. Please, master, your slave knows her place. Your slave girl promises to be an obedient slave, honest master,' she blubbered.

'Do you remember the slave positions?' he asked.

'Yes, master,' she quickly answered, hoping she did.

'Crawl,' he said.

She got on hands and knees on the floor, sticking her bottom in the air. Next, she had to kneel, then present. It seemed terrible to be presenting her crotch to a young man in the kitchen. Her legs were spread wide, with her sex presented to him.

Yesterday she had been in the afterglow of an orgasm, ready to serve his every whim. This morning she'd recovered and was painfully aware of what she was doing. She'd tried to tell him, but couldn't bring herself to defy this strong willed man.

'Kowtow,' he said.

She turned around, kneeled with knees parted, and bent her head to the floor.

'Keep that position until your master leaves the room,' he ordered.

He sat drinking a cup of coffee, looking her over. This woman had capitulated far easier than he thought she would, and he'd gone way too far with her last night.

After breakfast in her kitchen that first morning, when sobering up, he recognised her as Adrian's wife. The fantasy slave outfit was worn for obvious reasons, and figured she was too embarrassed to admit who she was. When Adrian phoned, he watched her cringing in the corner, and thought to tease Adrian. When Adrian agreed to lend his slave, he saw the look of fear in Riana's face. Demanding she come with him as his slave, he was surprised, and amused when she did.

On the drive to his house the idea of humiliating Adrian formed. He would treat the man's wife like a slave, and show her off in public. Even selling her to one of Adrian's business rivals was considered.

After last night, he had second thoughts about selling her. Adrian's wife hadn't robbed his father, so why make her suffer. Intently looking over her voluptuous body brought on an idea of keeping her. Was he going soft over her? Of course that was out of the question, he couldn't keep another man's wife as his slave.

They spent a quiet day together, with him honing his project plan, while she was busy in the house. No ornaments were broken as she became used to being a servant. She stopped for a coffee, and wondered at how ordinary all this had become. She was in a young man's house, naked, except for an apron and slave chains. Looking at the clock she realised his coffee break was due.

Riana walked into her master's office balancing a coffee pot, milk, and cup, on a silver tray. The apron had been discarded, leaving her naked. According to her master's wishes, her hair was pinned up to enhance the elegance of her neck.

'Your coffee, master,' she calmly spoke.

Was this humble approach taken so as to avoid a punishment. There was a indication of other motives at play. Pushing her breasts out at him, a feeling of wanting him to notice her, and a tingling in her tummy, all added up to being enamoured of him. After all, he was a handsome young man, and he'd taken her. She'd opened up to him like no other. Not that she had any experience of men, except her husband.

It wasn't love she felt, it was some kind of commitment, a result of being bedded by him.

'Put that on the desk, and come here, slave,' he said.

Riana stood by him, wondering what she had done wrong since breakfast. It was hoped he wouldn't make her perform those humiliating slave positions. He patted his lap and her heart sank, from the thought of being spanked.

'Sit,' he said.

She gingerly parked her bare bottom on his suit trousers, hoping she hadn't started to leak. Receiving a humiliating punishment this morning brought on an unexpectedly arousal, and the thought another spanking made her wet. That in itself was humiliating. He put his arms around her and turned her face to him, with a firm grip upon her chin.

'My slave has performed her duties well today. Your master is very pleased with his slave,' he smiled.

'Thank you, master,' she beamed brightly.

'Good slave. The end of the week is approaching, when you return to your old master. I want you to think about staying here with me, as my slave,' he said.

'Oh!' is all she could say.

Did he really want her? Maybe he felt the same way she did. Do men also become attached to a woman after sex?

He gently kissed her lips, her eyes, her nose, until her whole face was being smothered with kisses. Instead of just having sex, they might make love this time. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. His lips kissed their way down her neck, to her breasts. He carefully sucked on a nipple, while his finger tips stroked her back.

She pushed her breasts into his mouth. Before sitting on his lap she was aching for his touch, and now the need was being fulfilled. One moment they were sitting, the next they were on the floor, writhing with pure pleasure. Heavy breathing was all that broke the silence, as they explored each others' body. Clothes were peeled away exposing skin to caress.
Jimmy kissed and licked his way down her body. Over her tummy, down to her sex, he smoothly caressed her bare flesh. Finger tip touches to her thighs were light and sensitive. He licked her lips, and nipped her engorged bud. When she felt his tongue push into her, she yelped with ecstasy. It flicked inside her, rolling around, exploring.

She arched her back, wanting more, needing more. This time they were making love. At least so far he was making love to her. Her hands grabbed his broad shoulders and pulled. She wanted him and must have him now. The journey up her body was swift. In one steady movement he was on top of her, and his cock penetrated.

She wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled with both heels. The need to be filled was great and urgent. He began to push deeply into her, pushing at the walls of her vagina, filling her entire body with cock.

'Yes, master, oh, yes! Fill your slave, master,' she huffed and puffed.

The slow pumping of powerful leg muscles suddenly stopped. He was pumping her full of hot young sperm. She could almost feel jets of potent sperm hitting the entrance to her womb. She cried out, sounding in pain, only it was from an orgasm hitting her hard. Her entire body shook, her heels drummed on the floor. Just as suddenly, it subsided into a warm feeling of well being. She wanted to hold him, but her limbs seemed so heavy, they fell to the floor. She was exhausted, sated, bathing in glorious feelings of love.

He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly to his chest. They lay there for a long time, wanting to say how they felt, only too afraid to open up.


All good things come to an end, and a week passes so quickly when you're having fun.

It left Jimmy secretly wondering about her. While he was training her to be a slave, was she subtly training him to be the master she wanted him to be. Despite his intensions he'd become fond of her. He no longer just looked at the beautiful voluptuous figure, it was the inner woman that he now saw, and liked.

Riana wondered if being a slave, really meant a freedom to misbehave. A strong handsome young man had been making love to her, giving her so many orgasms her head was in a spin. She would never forget this wonderful week playing out a favourite fantasy.

They were both used to her being naked, wearing just a sirik. The morning of the last day was muted. Both of them were quiet, coming to terms with the end of an interesting experience.

He kept it quiet that he knew who she was, and that he had a mad idea of selling her. Selling Adrian's wife to a business rival, seemed like a cunning retribution, but now he knew her as a person, it was impossible. He examined her while she served coffee. There was so much more to her than being a slave and a sex object. He smiled at her.

'Master?' she said, with a coy look upon her face.

'I know what you're thinking, and the answer is no,' he laughed.

'Was I thinking that, master,' she queried.

Her head was held to one side, trying to be coy. She licked her lips, and looked more sultry than innocent.

'You're to go back to your, err, master,' he reminded her.

'Yes, master,' she acknowledged.

He was pleased to see a lack of enthusiasm. Maybe she was suppressing the emotion, as a well trained slave should. It had only been a week, yet Adrian's wife had succumbed to his training. Though, he couldn't take complete credit for her being so well trained. It soon became obvious he was satisfying a slave and master fantasy of hers. Otherwise, she wouldn't have so readily had sex with him. On this very floor had been the first time, and a few times since.

In bed they had made love, and afterwards murmured incomprehensible affection. He had been near to declaring something, though it wasn't clear in his mind what exactly. A good thing too, as it avoided embarrassment, and after all, she was returning home.

'You all right?' he murmured, and pulled her onto his lap.

'Is he a good master?' he asked.

'A slave shouldn't reveal things about a master,' she hesitantly stated.

He was fiddling with her chains, then absently stroked a nipple.

'You're right of course. None of my business. You had better get dressed. I've laid out something, not much,' he joked.

Neither of them laughed.

Riana felt uncomfortable in clothes, as though they were unnecessary, and in the way. She wore a ballerina tutu, sticking out straight from her hips. Under it, on show, was an insubstantial thong. A spandex boob-tube hugged her breasts. She went bare foot, which was a relief from wearing high heels. The only other item she wore was the sirik chains, connected from the collar to her wrists and ankles.

The slave number tattooed on her arm was visible, and so was the bulge of a ring piercing her lips. It is clear what she is, a slave slut. She guessed the image was meant to humiliate Adrian, her husband. Because he left her with Jimmy as a slave, she didn't mind one little bit getting back at him. She'd overcome her embarrassment over being a slave, and showing off her body. So, why not rub her husband's nose in what he had put her through. She giggled at that. Little did he know she had enjoyed a week of absolute freedom, to play a naughty game. No, it wasn't a naughty game, it was a wonderfully filthy, dirty, game.

In the auto-car she snuggled up to her master.

'Where are we going, master?' Riana asked.

Even with a bad sense of direction, she knew they were heading away from her home.

'We're meeting on neutral ground. A friends place. I don't think there will be anyone you know there,' Jimmy reassured her.

'Whatever you say, master,' she smiled up at him.

A servant took their bags to a room, and they freshened up. Wearing such a flimsy outfit in a stranger's house was a little daunting, but nothing she couldn't handle. She hoped her husband brought some decent clothes with him, for when she travelled home. It would be embarrassing being seen by the servants, while dressed as a slave.

There was a knock at the door. It was then Riana felt awkward over being seen like that. She nevertheless answered the door, as instructed by her master. Knowing this was all coming to an end, she freely submitted to him. It was an attempt to delay the moment, having to return to a life of responsibility and decision making.

A well dressed young woman stood at the door, and looked Riana up and down. The sneer immediately put her back up, against the girl. She couldn't blame the young woman, for they were dressed so far apart in the social order. The dress was obviously by Ricardo of Milan, a recognisable design, as she had three of the expensive outfits by him. A slight jealousy tinged her cheeks, as the girl looked good in it.

'Yes, what do you want?' Riana reacted.

'Where's your master,' Bella imperiously asked.

'Here, what do you want?' Jimmy asserted.

'I'm here to take this slave to Adrian. He wishes to examine it before finalising the purchase,' Bella politely said.

Jimmy chuckled, from knowing this was all a farce. He knew the slave was his wife, though he hadn't admitted that. Seeing his wife in chains might loosen his bank account a little more. He looked at his slave, and wondered if he wanted to sell her. Of course he couldn't keep the man's wife a slave. It just wasn't right. It hadn't been right to screw her either, but he had.

He sighed heavily and said, 'Take her,' and waved a dismissive hand.

Riana hadn't realised it would all end so suddenly. She lingered at the door, wanting to say some last words to her master. What could she possibly say? It was an impossible situation, caught between two different worlds, which were so far apart socially and personally.

Her collar was jerked, and she stumbled into the corridor.

'Come along, slave, hurry up,' Bella criticised.

Bella knocked on a door, and waited for permission to enter. While they waited, Riana heard voices and became aware of her state of undress. It was early in the evening, yet a group of boisterous young men were at the far end of the corridor. Fortunately the door opened before they reached her. Showing off a thong might be too tempting for them to resist. Obviously a slave, they would expect her to defer to them. Riana shuddered at the thought of having to show them respect.

'What in hell are you dressed like that for?' Adrian hollered.

'My master. . .' she began, unable to continue.

The fantasy was broken in her husband's presence. She just stood there as trained to do over the past week. It was automatic, and what else was she to do or say? Being scantily clad wasn't doing anything for either of them. Remembering that distant morning, when dressed like a fantasy slave for him, almost made her laugh.

'Is that how you've been running around in front of that boy!' he demanded.

'No!' she replied.

She wanted to say Jimmy was no boy, he was more of a man than him. Neither could it be said that she was naked all the time.

'What have you got to say for yourself, wife?' he said.

'What do you mean? It was all a mistake. Why didn't you fetch me home?' she morosely complained.

'I tried, but couldn't make a fuss. I guessed you were playing along to protect your identity. I certainly don't want him finding out. Think how it would look, if my business contacts found out my wife is a slave!' he crossly spoke.

'You? You? What about me? I've had to endure being a slave!' Riana exploded.

'I figured you were all right, otherwise you would have come home,' he nonchalantly said.

She glared at him, too angry to speak.

'Why didn't you just walk away? It would have saved me a lot of trouble,' he said.

'A registered slave can't leave without permission,' she retorted.

He sat, and she stood, glaring at each other.

'What were you doing all week, you can't cook, or clean house,' he sneered.

'Nothing,' she defensively said.

'You must have done something. Did you?' began to goad her, then stopped on seeing her face. 'You did! You bitch!' he shouted.

Riana's face was a picture of guilt, quickly resolving back to anger.

'I'll buy you from that boy, and keep you as my slave,' he quietly spoke.

'You can't do that! I'm your wife!' she retorted.

'Not since you became a slave! All relationships become null and void. You'll come back here and serve my slave, that will teach you to obey me. I'll free her of the contract, before you,' he cruelly spoke, pointing at his slave

Riana hadn't noticed the girl was still in the room. So this was the slave he bought! A glance told her all that was necessary to know. One of her designer dresses had been altered to fit the girl, maybe more of them. The sly look on its face, revealed the it had wormed its way into her husband's affections.

'You've been at it with THAT, while I was away! Don't deny it,' she crossly spoke.

'While you were at it with him!' he returned.

'Take this slave back to its master. Now I know how things are with her, I'll offer him nothing above what he paid me,' he told Bella.

Bella took a firm hold of the leash, and dragged Riana from the room, while she was thinking of a retort.

'On your knees, slave,' Bella commanded.

Riana tried to retaliate, but the girl tripped her, and she fell to the floor. While trying to get up the girl pulled an ear, making her squeal with pain. She felt a sharp sting of the leather leash across her bare bottom.

'Do as you're told, slave. You're no longer the haughty rich housewife you once were, so get used to serving me bitch,' Bell warned her.

Riana pulled herself up off the floor onto hands and knees. This was a dreadful shock. Surely her husband didn't mean he would keep her as a slave. When he bought her from Jimmy, she would still be a slave until Adrian signed the government release form. How could she live in her own house as a slave? The thought of serving this girl as a personal slave was appalling!

The girl tugged on the collar choking her, while dragging her along the corridor. A bunch of boisterous guys piled out of a bedroom right in front of them.

'Nice slave, well trained,' one of them commented.

'What's it trained for? Any good for sex?' another asked.

'Of course it is, but not for you,' Bella sharply answered.

'Come on, lend it to us, we won't wear it out,' the first one cajoled her.

'I'll see, maybe later,' Bella smiled at them.

Bella pushed through the bunch of young men. Riana felt hands groping her body, as she crawled among their legs.

Riana followed her tormentor into a bedroom as fast as she could crawl. She recognised one of the guys as a friend's son. Maybe some of the others too were son's of friends. They had groped her bare bottom, and watched her crawling on a leash. If they recognised her they would be sure to tell their parents about her demise! She could hear them outside, discussing what they wanted to do with a well trained sex slave.

'Now then, slave. Do you want me to send you out there, to those young men, or are you going to behave yourself?' Bella asked.

'Please, take me back to my master,' Riana quietly pleaded.

'All in good time. I don't care either way. When those randy guys bring you back, you'll be subdued then. I'm sure you'll co-operate after they've worked you over. So what is it to be, slave?' Riana grinned.

'I, I'll, do, do, as you say,' Riana stammered.

'Good slave girl. First thing, call me mistress,' she ordered.

'Yes, mistress,' Riana said.

Bella put a hand under Riana, pulled the top away and roughly felt her breasts, until satisfied. Pulling the panty crotch away, she felt her pussy and ass.

'Nice tits, slave. You've got a cute little pussy, and a tight asshole. I look forward to using you as my personal slave,' Bella chuckled.

'No protesting,' Bella said, and slapped her bare ass. 'I'll soon have you trained as an obedient slave girl. Inspection over, and the guys have gone, so back to your master.'

'First though, you should show your mistress how grateful you are. I didn't give you to those guys, so, do a good job, otherwise I could change my mind,' Bella warned.

Gripping the leash taught, she pulled the slaves face into her crotch.

'Get licking, slave,' she ordered.

Riana had never contemplated such as this in her life. She was used to the fumbling of her husband down there, and of course knew what she would want. With the aim of getting it over and done with, she tried her hardest. Feeling the girl open up, she licked the hard little clit, and pressed it with her teeth. Everything was opening up and getting wet. She licked, kissed, and pressed with tongue, lips, and teeth. She worked the girls slit hard, wanting her to hurry up and climax.

The girl put a hand to the back of her head, pushing Riana's tongue into her vagina. She wriggled it around, and was pleased to hear the girl moaning. The girl's whole body relaxed and the hand fell away, so she could sit back on the floor. Unintentionally she assumed a slave pose, with hands upward, resting on her splayed knees.

'That was Very nice, slave. You look so cute squatting on your haunches. Such an adorable slave pose, you look so lowly and docile like that. I can't wait to teach you my needs little pet-girl. You shall practice licking me every day,' Bella informed her.

She took Riana's chin in one hand, lifting her head to look into watery eyes.

With a serious tone, she said, 'I'll train you until you're absolutely submissive and deferential, then I'll let the servants have you. One each day will keep you busy and satisfied. Don't you think?'

'Yes, mistress,' Riana reluctantly agreed.

It was worse than she had thought. The girl had no finer feelings and had despicable ideas over how to treat her. The sooner she escaped the witch the better. With a mind sluggish from shock and despair, it was difficult to think of a way out of this trap.

The nasty girl didn't have to drag her this time. She eagerly crawled as fast as she could, at the end of the leash, back to her master. The door opened and she scrambled in. The girl didn't say anything, and the door was quickly shut on that hellish half hour.

Riana had licked and sucked her husband's slave girl! She felt thoroughly depraved, and lost the last shred of self-esteem. Her self-worth slipped through her fingers, with the memory of what she has done.

At her masters feet she burst into tears.

Jimmy got onto the floor next to her, stroking her hair, and wiping away the tears. She tried to tell him what was wrong, but the sobs cut her off. Eventually the tears dried up, and she blew her nose.

'Thank you, master,' she managed to say.

'So you had a fond welcome from Adrian,' he stated.

Riana tried to smile, a wane imitation developed.

'Tell me all about it,' he said.

He propped a pillow under their heads, and nestled close. A gentle kiss was meant to encourage her. She finished telling him everything, except licking that damn girl.

'May I stay with you, master? It's the only thing I can think of, to escape them both,' she said.

'Do you just want to stay, to escape them?' he asked.

'I, I want, I want to stay with you, master,' she sincerely pleaded.

'Are you sure? You're used to all the finery that Adrian can provide,' he said.

'I'd rather be naked and your slave, I really would. Will you be my master, and keep me as your slave? Please,' she begged.

'There is nothing I would like more. Cheer up slave, your master demands it,' he ordered.

'Oh! Thank you, master,' she gladly said, and hugged him.

'We'll leave now. I won't negotiate with Adrian. I don't know what he can do about it. It would be too embarrassing for him, to make fuss over his wife being a slave,' he said.

It took a moment or two for it to sink in.

'You know! When did you find out?' she asked.

'I'm sorry, Riana. It's all my fault, though I'm glad it happened. Maybe you aren't, of course. Mistaking you for a slave was meant as joke, then it got out of hand. I just wanted to get back at Adrian. He cheated my father out of a lot of credits, but that's not your fault,' he said, looking ashamed.

'I'm glad too, master,' she smiled.

They returned home, cuddling in the back seat of an auto-car. Returning to Jimmy's home, she found herself behaving subservient, and obedient. She just couldn't shake off the feeling of being nothing more than his owned object.

He treated her like a precious slave, always considerate, and caring. His care for her lifted all worries from her shoulders. She no longer had to decide anything at all, from what to wear to what to eat, as she deferred to her master in all things. When near him, she was gloriously happy, and when not, she only had to think of him for a wave of happiness to overcome her.

In bed after making love, he turned to her and pushed her away, to study her features.

'I want to set you free, and marry you. I love you so much,' he carefully stated.

He watched the emotions in her face, hoping for the right answer.

'Not yet, let's wait awhile, see what happens,' she said, and kissed him.

'Alright,' he said, but was determined to make her his wife.

They shared loving caresses, and cuddled warmly. She wondered what might happen in the future. A handsome young man with prospects, wasn't someone to be kept waiting. He was much younger, which might prove a problem sooner or later. She didn't want to make another mistake. She was happy being his slave girl, and didn't want to take a chance of spoiling it.

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